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Akira Morishima

"Psh, You think you can take me on?"

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a character in “Naruto: Broken Union”, as played by Sonicx00



"How about you let me take her off your hands?!"

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 8th
Height: 5'5
Weight: 126
Blood Type: AB

Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Jounin
Classification: "Water Maiden Of The Leaf"

Academy Grad. Age: 9
Chuunin Prom. Age: 13
Jounin Prom. Age: 16

Akira is known among Konoha to be quite aggressive and violent. Although overall she has good intentions. It is often hidden by the her attitude and way of doing things. She is often strict, blunt and straight to the point upon things. It will be seen that her training methods are quite aggressive yet at the same time incredibly extremely sufficient and reliable. Akira enjoys fighting yet is knowledgeable when it comes to fights she may not be able to win. Other then this side when alone or not threatened she can be quite laid back and care free yet when it comes to her comrades and team she tends to tone down and get serious even if its at a minimal.


Age 1-6(Academy Entry)

Akira was born twenty seven years before the present time of our settings. Due to being born as a Morishima, Akira had learned the way of her people and the kenjutsu style to wield the katana. In addition to such ideals at the age of five was when her family due to being water affinity was taught water manipulation. Akira had a enjoyably fun time learning this which when it came to playing with friends she often played pranks on them with this. As her skills progressed, it came at the age of six with these two family styles mastered she would finally join the academy. Entry was simple for her but little did she know she would meet so many people whom she couldn't stand. Mainly her classmates, just due to the fact that she found them all to be “whiny”. This thought and perception rather changed as time went on.

Age 7-9 (Academy Graduation)

Akira found herself to be one of the top students in the academy even though she was young. Yet this was when her personality began developing further towards who she was today. She found herself to at some points be surrounded by rivals who she got into fights with time to time. Her superior knowledge often gave her a incredible edge and by this point in her life. She didn't just have Bushin... but Mizu Bushin which again was a step up compared to others. Although as enjoyable as the fights were and no matter how she could have felt during it. She never did draw her katana and often held her hand out to assist those who lost to her. Mostly as a tease yet in the bottom of her heart she felt slightly bad for them. Years of this continued to happen yet she never managed to fail the classes she was in due to the extent of her skill. An interesting factor that was seen by most of her teachers was that she only needed and used one hand to preform her Jutsus which is rare to even the Morishima's to be so talented. It was seen that once again a younger shinobi rose as graduation hit.

Age 10-13 (Chunin Promotion)

Akira was assigned to team 3 when she graduated and finally was accepted on a team. It was shown even further that her personality continued to grow towards what it was by the fact that she became a little tired towards the life style but enjoyed battles regardless of what it was against. By this point her Morishima Kenjutsu and Water Style expanded even further. Interestingly though she didn't know any wind jutsu's she did develop her own mixing her wind with her blade strikes. In addition she became honed to a familiar attack that we all know from the original series. It wasn't that she met Temari yet she did happen to get a bit of knowledge upon using her element with her weaponry. When it finally came the time, after doing a bit of missions regardless if they were hard or soft, they finally reached the time for the Forest of Death. She and her team easily got what they needed yet her lust for blood did take over to where she did not hold back even when pulling her blade out to cut down a few of her class mates. She only stated that she did what she had to do and there was nothing else to it. When it came to the actual preliminary rounds for the chunin exam. She was put up against her rival which ended up being a decent fight yet it was obviously shown that Akira had the advantage. After finally wrecking the poor rival she was able to enter the chunin exams. This however was of no interest to her which suddenly came to be three years later. Her team in fact were able to go ahead yet she remained training herself as well as with her father who decided it was time to develop even further. She actually came to overpower him and shortly after came home one day a chunin ready for action.

Age 14-16 (Jounin Promotion)

After becoming the rank of chunin, Akira title began to rise as she began to prove herself above even her own clan members with water techniques. In addition it was no secret that her katana kenjutsu were nearly seen as A rank at this point. Although her taijutsu was only B ranked it was rare that she would ever be seen without using her blade which comes down to a notification that in battle everyone came to know the phrase “There will be blood” when it came to even a moderate fight. Training on the other hand was slightly loosened to where she wouldn't actually collide or impact when using her sword. As time went on she was used to do many missions and preform many task for her ranks yet the fated day came upon Naruto's death... Her favored hokage said to catch ill but secretly she did find a little information upon this. Murder... after seeking out the killer away from her team and village yet not too far the before she could catch the killer's face. There had been an explosion in front of her having her collide against a tree knocked out... It was shown before she fell unconcious the Kurama was released. Upon waking up, the assassin was away and by the looks of it became successful as Kurama was going rampant. Akira went back to the village just on time to save her team and... to notice Yuhi doing sealing arts upon their child, Kairi. This in general made her quite curious of the child, a Yuhi out of all clans.. She didn't bring it up but held it in her own mind. Upon the next day and her birthday, Akira was given Jounin rank for her bravery yet curiously a week later the parents of the Yuhi child were murdered which was foreseen by the village itself. Akira went by herself and saved the girl yet didn't show herself afterwords. It was unknown who did this yet the results left answers to be made...

Age 17-27 (Present)

Akira herself watched the girl when she was preforming any duties or missions in curiosity and often wondered why the village treated her so wrong yet... words are said that the Yuhi clan planned this to make themselves the new vessel in attempt to become the stronger clan which wasn't true. At least what Akira knew. Her idea was to protect and do what she could for Kairi even when she noticed. This also meant to find out who the assassin's were and their purpose. Upon these plans many times did Akira visit Kurenai alone yet few information was given and even more so when it came to their intentions which would seem to the public as if they're hiding something yet it probably wasn't the case. Upon the years she noticed later on while just strolling through the village, Kurenai was given a great katana, similar to her own which made her smile yet she herself could do nothing for her at the time. As time went on Akira was finally ready to get a team of her own yet the problem was... She didn't have Kairi! It all comes down to what happens now...

Clan: Morishima

Weapons/Tools: Katana and a Kunai
Chakra Type: Water (Affinity), Wind

Signature Techniques
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique): The Water Clone Technique is similar to the Shadow Clone Technique except it creates clones out of water that have one-tenth of the original person's power. Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can not travel very far from the original body without losing control. Like other clone techniques, if the water clones are injured enough they will revert back to normal water.

Sensatsu Suishō (Water Release: Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death): Akira gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. She then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so she doesn't get caught in the crossfire. While the needles do surround a target from all sides, they don't appear above the target, creating an escape route. Notably this attack was used by Haku if you need a visual.

Mizu Tatsumaki (Water Tornado): This is a technique that utilises water to create a spinning water vortex around the user. The water vortex acts both as a barrier and an attack mechanism. The power of the vortex is enough to knock an opponent unconscious.

Suirō no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique): This technique is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. This technique requires a sufficient amount of water, which can be provided by expelling it from one's mouth. Once trapped the target is unable to move while within it due to the heaviness of the water. Because of the density of the water it can be used, to a limited extent, for defensive purposes if performed on oneself. It can also be stored in scrolls as traps. Water clones can be used in preparation for the technique, which block an opponent's attack and trap the attacker in the prison using the clone's own water.

Water Manipulation: With her affinity being water Akira is able to manipulate her movements by using water often sliding and dodging attacks faster then her feet gripping the ground. She can also use it to surf high areas but this requires a lot of chakra and should only be used when necessary.

Wind Release: Slash: Combining her wind chakra, Akira is able to add some extra power with her sword attacks, Often it adds a strong wind current towards the opponent depending on how much chakra is used may knock the opponent back. If she does use this ability, the blade will never hit the opponent as a slash or pierce as it said yet it will feel more like a blunt hit due to the wind around it.

Wind Release: Sickle Weasel Tornado:: Unlike Temari who uses a fan, Akira uses her sword to create a devastating attack, releasing heavy air currents that collide together to create many vacuum pockets to slash her targets. The problem with using a sword is that it is more of a Line attack unlike Temari's who had a lot of aerial range with her fan.

So begins...

Akira Morishima's Story


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Kairi noticed Suki look back and then even follow her to the room but she didn't mind at all. The girl was nice enough and didn't do much against her so Kairi didn't mind. This didn't mean they hanged and chilled after class. No , it was never like that for the poor girl for anyone and personally on the outside, Kairi tried to show she didn't care and preferred it that way but on the inside was a different story.

As usual everyone came flooding into the classroom after her and sat in their positions making it as far away from Kairi as possible although eventually it just wasn't possible. She noticed Suki deciding to sit near the middle which was a terrible situation for Kairi but couldn't be helped. The girl suddenly heard Suki yell at someone to “shut up” which meant to her that she was defending her again, although to her it didn't mean much and she personally would rather it just be let go. It was only reasonable that the kid interrupted was pissed, yet to only and nearly start a fight with another student (Tsukiya). Kairi only turned when she suddenly heard the sound of a near by seat being pulled out. She turned her head to the girl named Ishida Lee who just sat next to her. Obviously looking annoying and unhappy, her eyes met with Kairi and immediately she spoke up in a rude tone. The girls never liked each other yet it often came down to Ishida starting the fire.

“What are you looking at?!” She said suddenly turning from her and sliding into her chair. Ishida Lee always showed dislike and hatred towards her. At times and often they did get into fights which had to be broken up by the teacher. The girl never enjoyed the fights but they were always started by her. Kairi often was about to make a final blow before a jonin appeared which is usually how it ended. Yet blame always fell on Kairi who was at fault for starting it. The jinchuriki always held that dislike towards her. Kairi's eyes turned away ignoring her comment that the angered genin said to her. She already felt bad enough.. arguing would just add on. She looked around to the students who came in. Kenta, Natsuki, and Sadao.. more people who just showed resentment.. Suki was one of the only one's she could actually call a “friend” and that would be if she were to talk to her... Tsukiya Uchiha. She herself is not sure as to what happened in his past but for whatever reason he gets treated bad as well but not to her extent. Kairi scratched the back of her head and looked forward until suddenly Imura Sensei slammed his hand on the desk. Everyone went silent and looked forward.

The sensei had a smile as he looked across the room.

“First and personally – I'd like to congratulate each and every one of you for becoming a genin. Beyond this point things will not be easy for you. You are all known as ranked Ninjas now and as such you can't have a childish mindset! Beyond this point – You will be doing task that may start easy but only will become fierce... You will experience death, love, betrayal but always remember the Ninja code and follow your Ninja way... Other then such I am now giving you your assigned teams... You may not like it but this is it! So first off... Team 1...” Imura began. Kairi listened in anticipation as names of sensei's and genin were called. It only began to worry her when it came to the last person on the team to be called.

“Team three... Chosu Masaaki, Sadao Hakano and Natsuki Asuma. Your Jonin is Risa Osano... Please head to Class room three when this is over...”

The three kids didn't seem to happy about it but knew there was no change to this. Kairi sighed seeing that those three were taken as a team but this still left Ishida. Anyone but her would've been fine to Kairi. If she were to be placed in the team with each other there would end up being a battle every day. Her eyes moved around the room and only by the corner could see Ishida looking at her rather annoyed but also worried.. seemed they did share the idea. The red eyed girl didn't look back towards her not wanting to start anything and lucky the moment she decided to turn her eyes towards the front the teacher began once more..

He finally reached team five where he listed off Kenta Uzumaki, Hayato Kito ,Ishida Lee. The mean girl gave a “Thank god!” as if she wanted to make Kairi hear it. Kairi formed a fist of annoyance but didn't turn or swing. It was really started to get to her though being targeted like this. It wasn't long before the teacher said to her “Quiet down!”. She muttered as she slouched down in her chair. He finally finished calling the names of others ending up on team eight and nine. her eyes widened knowing there were seven genin's left and any of them could be with her. The chances were she was about to get chosen and yet possibilities actually came to being false.

“Team eight... “ he began only to call out three people's names which didn't include hers which all came down to Kairi being on this one...

“Alright.. Team Nine...” The teacher said a little concerned. As he paused he looked at the three members who were inside but didn't see the inuzuka anywhere but this was no surprise. He didn't know what to make of the situation putting a Uchiha and the girl together. Not because he disliked both of them but due to the drama it may hold. He sighed and continued...

“Team nine... Suki Hyuga,Kentaro Inuzuka ... Uchiha Tsukiya...and.... Kairi Yuhi .Y-” He paused noticing everyone gasping and talking under there breath mainly about Kairi and Tsukiya. There was less attention upon Suki Hyuga yet this was definitely a interesting match up. Kairi looked slightly embarrassed as the commotion started and turned her head slightly to see the Uchiha and Suki yet Kenta was no where in sight...

“Your classroom is nine...and the sensei is Akira Morishima...”

Kairi stood up excusing herself to leave to the classroom.. she wasn't interested in who was being picked anymore and hated the stares. Although it would've died out shortly. The Jinchuriki didn't want to stay much longer. After exiting the doorway she made her way down to the classroom and opened it up only to see the teacher waiting. She looked slightly worried to proceed in but she spoke softly..

“K-Kairi... Yuhi” she said softly.

Akira had a folder in her hand leaning against the wall. She smiled in delight knowing she got everything she wanted, especially being on this girl's team. She snapped her fingers which made Kairi jump.

“Come in and sit down – Where are the others?” she asked.

“They're – on the way” Kairi replied, she really didn't know though. Akira noticed this and sighed.

“We'll start when they're all here”


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Suki Hyuga

Suki ignored the grumbles from the people around her and focused mainly on the sensei. She was so curious and delighted about being in a team- and hopefully her members are just as good as she believes they'll be. But she wasn't going to disappoint herself. No, the chances of her being in a team that she likes would be like.. 'Like when a hyuga from the main house accepts me.' She mused, scoffing at the thought. That'll never happen.
'Never mind.'

Lingering off the negativity, she watched the class and saw the familiar Uchiha Tsukiya, whom always made a ruckus..
Not that it was a bad thing of course. Suki actually thought it was fun to watch, but she had no interest in him. Maybe his past and his Sharigan, but little to nothing else. However, if he were a friend.. her opinions on him may change.
IF she imagined, she saw them being rather close, but who was she to tell? They never made a conversation and only had a few spars in the past for a few classes. Plus, she was a hyuga and he was a uchiha. Her family would be enraged by that, more so, since the uchiha clan gained an infamous rep. and It wasn't just a plain old rivalry anymore it seems.
So as a result, her family warns her to stay away from a list of people, him especially. But On the other hand, however, when did she listen to the main house? Never. So, maybe she'll get to know him, and actually grow interested. Staring for a bit, she peered back at the teacher, and saw the worry in his eyes.

“Team nine... Suki Hyuga-
Her focused completely changed on the teacher and she felt the ends of her lips tip. Finally. Now Who are the 2 going to be~ "Kentaro Inuzuka ... Uchiha Tsukiya...and.... Kairi Yuhi .Y-” Suki blinks and felt her stomach jump.
Though instead of feeling fear, Her grin widened and she swore that her eyes actually flared to color. How interesting! How very interesting. She took it back, maybe it was possible. 'Wow... Destiny really is looking out for me.." She remembered her family always mentioning something about destiny or fate, but she never paid attention. But who thought that this was going to happen. 'How curious~' Suki felt genuinely happy and that was rare feeling.

Getting up quickly, she followed right after Kairi and felt her steps, usually calm and calculated, turn fast and almost anxious. Suki couldn't wait. This was one of the many events that she yearned for. In fact, she would think of it everyday at least, as she looked off into the sky. Which was something she does quiet often.
Even so, she knows of the hardship that will come towards her. Might as well enjoy what she had.

Humming, Suki looked down the hall for class 9. Spotting the sign rather quickly, she slid open the door and stepped in. "Suki Hyuga." She smiled one of her greeting smiles, and directed one to kairi as well. Looking at her, Suki appeared rather ditzy at the moment, but if anyone saw the way she observed and how her eyes changed, they would think differently. "hmm~" Looking around, Suki choice a spot to sit, and did so, while looking at the teacher.

The hyuga recognized her, and felt a bit admirable. Her clan was always so chatty and gossipy despite rumors saying they were uptight, and she learned many things about many people. Especially her. Akira Morishima. Also known as the Water Maiden Of The Leaf. 'Top marks, intelligent.. and well known.' The day seemed to grow better as it passed. Slowly looking into her eyes, she saw delight and spirit. However as Akira was a jounin, Suki doubted that even her skills of reading emotions can surpass someone of a higher rank. But she can try.

Turning her head towards Kairi, she gave her another smile, this time, an encouraging one before looking at the door. Kentaro Inuzuka and Tsukiya Uchiha should come any moment, hopefully. The uchiha would come no doubt, but She worried about Kentaro, if she remembered correctly, which she did, he was always late to class. and it seemed Today was no different, she mused.


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Tsukiya entered the class still irritated by what had transpired in the corridor. He expected to receive a similar greeting inside the classroom however he had come too late; the Yuhi girl had taken the show.
Relieved to have that nonsense over with at least for the time being Tsukiya took his seat near Hayato who seemed more interested in folding paper Kunai at the moment.

Seeing nothing better to do Tsukiya took out a sheet of paper and also began to fold it creating "precision bullets" for his favorite class duty blowgun. Hayato looked at Tsukiya's work and scoffed obviously considering it beneath his vaunted paper Kunai.

Tsukiya finished a few rounds of ammunition and prepared his blow gun for firing, this little game had fairly simple rules; since Tsukiya and Hayato where normally early for class they got the advantage of having the perfect firing position as the others got in, the goal was to fire off as many rounds as possible without the targets actually seeing who is doing it. The last rule was that the one who got Senesi's attention lost by default as it was he who was responsible for ending the game.

Tsukiya took a steady aim and fired the first round; it appeared that today's target practice would be made at Ishida Lee's expense since it was she who marched through the door.

A sharp "Oye!" gave Tsukiya and Hayato a small giggle which soon into a short laugh as she gazed towards them demanding to know who was responsible for the foul dead. Both boys soon turned to sharpening pencils and reading comic books as if they were the soul of innocence but in truth intentionally antagonizing Ishida even further.

Her majesty soon departed probably on her way to vent her by now considerable fury on the Yuhi girl who was thankfully her headache to deal with and not Tsukiya's. For a moment Tsukiya felt a bit guilty for giving Yuhi the trouble but such was life and annoying Ishida was just too fun to give up.

A few others entered the class and where all greeted with Tsukiya's blow gun, Hayato was busy completing his fancy art piece as the last late member of the class entered… well apart from dogface who's lateness more resembled absence.
Noting the irritated look on Sensei's face Tsukiya decided to play one last game for today.

Tsukiya nudged Hayato and whispered to him carefully;

"last shot, all or nothing… are you on or can't you fancy little art piece handle it?"

Hayato took a steady hold of his paper Kunai as if threatening Tsukiya "Hell yea I am on, come and see the artist do his part and believe me I'll give you a show 100 times more fancy then your Uchiha spit paper"

Tsukiya's smug smile vanished with a moment of outrage at the insult towards his name thus profoundly strengthening Hayato's confidence. As the two took aim at the late arrival Tsukiya waited until Hayato and thrown his paper Kunai and then rapidly hid his blowgun inside his sleeve without firing the shot.

Hayato probably eager to impress aimed and brought down the late arrivals hat however in his earnest he failed to note the fast approaching gaze of an angry sensei on reprimand mode.

"Hayato san can you please get up, pick up and then return Satoshi san's hat to the top of his head?"

said Sensei knowing that tossing a student out of class was not possible today and so instead using alternative means of punishment.
Hayato began to protest however Sensei stopped him in the middle "Hayato san, hats do not lift themselves so do please do something constructive for a change hmm?" Hayato stood up and walked over to the hat picking it up and returning it to Satoshi's head angry at this dishonor.

When he sat back near Tsukiya he cast a dark vengeful look at the young Uchiha.
"Nice shoot but, I win… and you owe me a meal; Rice cake, Ramen, I don't mind just make sure to put extra pork" Tsukiya giggled infuriating Hayato even further, they may be friends but there was a limit to what ether of them could take and both crossed it quite often.

"I won, you didn't even shoot and rice cakes do not go with pork" snapped Hayato.

"Sorry pall you lost by default when Sensei saw you, those are the rules, next time you should try making a proper weapon instead of origami Haya" responded Tsukiya with a grin.

"Shut up you Uchiha son of a…." began Hayato when he was suddenly interrupted by the Sensei's speech.
Tsukiya personally didn't find it quite so interesting; father had given him a similar longer lecture before he had gone away on his mission. Tsukiya tapped the table as he waited for his name to be read out, the first few teams to be read out didn't interest him so much but at least he would not have to tolerate being on a team full of people he loathed.

"Kenta Uzumaki, Hayato Kito ,Ishida Lee" said the Sensei, Tsukiya looked towards Hayato who was clearly displeased with this selection. Tsukiya nudged him again trying to lift his spirits "cheer up Haya, you will get to annoy Ishida for as long as you like from now on" Tsukiya didn't answer but smiled slightly before standing up and walking out of the class with that fool Uzumaki and her "Majesty" Ishida.

"Team nine... Suki Hyuga,Kentaro Inuzuka ... Uchiha Tsukiya...and.... Kairi Yuhi" Tsukiya dropped the pen he had been playing with before he could put his senses back in order. The Hyuga was fine, Dogface he could tolerate but… the Yuhi girl? It was surprise enough that they had got a four manned team ; it did happen now and then but Tsukiya didn’t think it wise when dealing with the Yuhu gurl.

“Your classroom is nine...and the sensei is Akira Morishima...” said Sensei completing the sentence possibly himself doubting the wisdom of this choice. Tsukiya stayed seated for a few moments noticing both Yuhi and Hyuga's departure with a mix of relief and alarm at their next meeting… as a team.

Tsukiya picked up the pen and drew a cartoon on the table, he knew he would have to leave soon enough but he desired to make the soon as late as possible.
"Uchiha san, please do not draw on the table" said Sensei with what appeared to be a friendly smile. The Senesi had never smiled at Tsukiya in the past and so Tsukiya took it coolly.

"Yes sir" said Tsukiya as he stood up and cleared the classroom making his way to number nine.
The door to class nine was open , Tsukiya at first tried to slip in without anybody noticing him but soon failed to do so. Both the Yuhi girl and the Hyuga where here while Dogface was nowhere to be found.

Tsukiya saw that his… new Sensei was looking at him , Tsukiya still alarmed by the day's proceedings chose quite unlike his nature to break eye contact.
"Uchiha Tsukiya" said Tsukiya, he might be at a low point in terms of self-confidence but he would never hesitate for a moment while saying his own name.


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#, as written by Shaodow
Kentaro couldn't tell how long he'd been running but he knew for sure there was no way he wouldn't make it this time, running as hard as he was. The Academy was in view and he could just see it in his head, just as everyone everyone has begun to settle in their seats he would come bursting through the doors like a marathon runner crossing the finish line at long last; he would march triumphantly to an open seat while everyone sat by slack jawed staring, amazed that he'd managed to make on time.

Unfortunately that's not what happened.

" Safe! " he announced as he burst into the Academy classroom, however he was met not by the surprised faces of his peers but by a frustrated teacher with his face buried in the palm of his right hand. The room was completely abandoned save for the special jonin responsible for sending students off to their assigned squad's individual classroom, it was obvious the jonin had no choice but to wait until he arrived, hopefully not just to tell him he wouldn't be allowed a squad this time around for his tardiness. He gulped.

" Why was I even foolish to think you would at least be on time for this, of all things..."

he paused as he brought down his hand in order to retrieve a stack of papers from his desk, arranging them so they all lined up perfectly and tucked into a manila folder before looking up at him with an exasperated smile. " report to Team 9 classroom, your squad mates are probably starting to grow restless, congratulations, you're finally someone else's problem you little animal "

" Yes sir! " he exclaimed gleefully as he backed out and charged down the hall with new zeal, his trusted companions right on his heels. He paused at the doors of the classroom to swallow his excitement and to ponder what would be the coolest way to make an entrance, his lateness was the perfect opportunity since they were no doubt anticipating his arrival. Takamaru had begun to nibble on his ankles impatiently, it was a sensation he had grown accustomed to so it didn't cause him much pain but it let him know they were just as excited as he was to meet their new team.

" alright you guys, I've got just the thing " He put his mouth right up to the doors so they would be able to hear him from the other side.

" Laaadies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, the legendary ( self proclaimed ) Team Cerberus has arrived. Lead by the one and only savage dog of the Hidden Leaf- " He shoved open the doors with enough force for them each to slam against the wall and jumped through " -Inuzuka Kentaro ! ".

He stood at the doors with his arms spread open and a self satisfying smile spread across his face while both Takamaru and Kuroimaru lay at his feet with their snouts buried beneath their palms in embarrassment. "..." he angled his head down towards the two of them and whispered out the side of his mouth. "..was it too much? "


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Akira and Kairi

Akira and Kairi turned her head to the opened door noticing the Hyuga entering the room. It was interesting enough that she had been assigned a team of four then the traditional three. Her eyes looked towards Suki and then down to her lap to check who else was missing. Kairi noticed the smile that Suki gave and only did a gentle grin before letting it fade away shortly after. Kairi crossed her arms turning her head towards her teacher before noticing the Katana similar to hers on her back. Her red eyes blinked at this only to catch Akira looking directly at her with a smile.

“Kairi Yuhi – In summary short, amazing grades in genjutsu, well on your way being decent Taijutsu but I'm going to guess its not your style completely... You're quite scary... The genjutsu properties is probably one of the most feared types considering it can harm someone mentally if not completely scar them... Yet I wont go too far into power until I know you a little more..” Akira said as if she were coming suspicious of Kairi yet it was rather she just had an idea in her mind for her that she couldn't reveal just yet. In addition with the kyuubi in her – Akira knew there would have to be close surveilance on her and now that she was her Jonin she could be there. The jonin's green eyes shifted over to Suki.

“Of course knowing your clan's history you'd have amazing skill in Taijutsu and not just any but the particular style the Hyuugas have... I expect much out of you. However one thing that makes you different is... Medical training, as shown here..” She said tapping her folder with the back of her hand before setting it down on her lap again. Kairi looked over in the corner of her eye never expecting this yet they weren't always together.

“Medical Training personally and a little class participation in it as well.. Although only the C grade work and it could use some work that is nothing that can't be improved. Perhaps a Haruno or a medical jonin could teach you one day... I myself can't. I doubt though that … the training would come to be as terrifying as our fifth Hokage's though... As from rumors and from what I hear she was brutal...” Akira said with a grin to Suki before turning her head towards the Uchiha. She squinred her eyes slightly before he said his name.

”The last Uchiha...” Akira thought as she examined him. Personally the Jonin never met him like all of the students but was none the less curious of him. She sighed before lifting her folder up and flipped the page to see Tsukiya's profile.

“Yet another – Taijutsu specialist... An interesting specialization... Most Uchiha's are fire affinity – You have the techniques I'm sure being water... It must take some time to master” She said as her eyes skeemed the profile. She closed the folder and sat it on a near by desk and stretched. “Man... It is taking forever... for you guys to appear, especially coming in 1 by--”

“Laaadies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, the legendary ( self proclaimed ) Team Cerberus has arrived. Lead by the one and only savage dog of the Hidden Leaf- " He shoved open the doors with enough force for them each to slam against the wall and jumped through " -Inuzuka Kentaro ! " the voice said. Kairi and Akira covered their ears until the end when Akira ran to the door kicking it completely off screaming.

“You're too loud!! On top of that – you're late!” She wasn't sure if he dodged the door flying off or not but she stood looking as if she had steam coming from her head. IF he was to get hit by the door and be laying on the ground she would grab him by the arm and drag him in. If not she would then say “Get in here!”

Kairi looked wide eyed from seeing the teacher's scary aggressive reaction. It was at this point that she knew Akira wasn't going to be an easy teacher for the most part at least.

When things finally got settled in the classroom she looked at the door frame and sighed before taking the chalk and writing her name.

“My name is Akira Morishima... I will not say my title that some give me just due to the fact that I don't want you to call me by that... Alittle about myself and what you need to know is that I am not an easy going teacher and nor am I a calm one either – Training will be hard but I'll do my best to reward you the best I can. We'll try to have fun as well. Now personally, I usually wouldn't tell you my chakra type and background but to the least I am a water user and being in the Morishima clan – My main style shifts from using water and katana attacks...” She said taking a moment to get a breather. Kairi was listening intently as Akira spoke. In a way she was excited for this but could only wonder how it would all end and what her training methods are... and what kind of missions they would be assigned.

Akira then began to speak again looking over to Kentaro and his two pups...

“Kentaro Inuzuka – You actually have a lot of potential as wild as you can be yet there may be some flaws in this.. Just be careful with your style... Other then that You all can tell me a little about yourself starting with... you Kairi”

Kairi suddenly came embarrassed to be pointed out first and personally didn't want to say anything in front of the others but decided to anyways looking at each othem.

“Hi - I'm Kairi Yuhi... I – Um... I want – ...I want to become a genjutsu master... like my grandmother and I like Fried Rice...” She said making it quick and short as possible. She was afraid of what others would think of her more then what they already know. Akira smirked and clapped guessing that was it. She then turned to the next going in order from how they came in.

(Explain yourselves here doing a small time jump after your explanations)

“Well.. thats nice.. everyone... this is your team and if it makes it any easier... call it family. Look around... these three members are who you are teamed with for nearly the rest of your life.. I suggest you get used to that idea... and with that the introductions said and done but we still have much to do later … we'll start tomorrow! She said lifting herself up from the desk. Don't be late!”

Suddenly Akira's body dissolved into water obviously showing it was a clone.

(After you guys do your next post – Mine will be the start of Kumogakure. On those character's we've been a team for a month already. It is still the same timezone and such as Konoha so don't get confused.)


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Tsukiya sighed to himself resigned to the fact that this would be his team for some years to come. Tsukiya attempted to remain impartial in his expression however his disappointment with the team was obvious.

Tsukiya decided to inspect his new Sensei and wondered what this strange person would do next. The Sensei acknowledged the other two first since they had come first, Tsukiya listened to her words but didn't relish the fact that Sensei was revealing personal information about each of them.

First came the Yuhi's girl's turn ; Tsukiya had never had the "pleasure" of sparring with her and like most didn't know and didn't care so much about her. The revelation of the Yuhi girl's association with Genjutsu alarmed Tsukiya who despised such trickery.
Tsukiya's eyes flashed with suspicion as he cast a cautious stare at the newly revealed Genjutsu prominent.

Tsukiya wondered if perhaps he should view such proficiencies with favor considering the Yuhi girl was on his team but remained suspicious alarmed by the thought of having his senses altered.

The Hyuga Suki seemed to be taking her team assignment rather well which served to slightly humble Tsukiya who wondered if maybe he was being a bit arrogant. Tsukiya knew a bit more about the Hyuga then about Yuhi and was a bit more aware of her abilities. Sensei mentioned the well-known Hyuga taijutsu which Tsukiya privately suspected was defensively at least superior to his own.

Tsukiya was slightly surprised by the revelation of Suki's medical interests as it seemed rather contradictory coming from a person interested in Taijutsu. This doubt was soon extinguished when Tsukiya considered the 5th Hokage and someone else closer to his blood.

Tsukiya knew it would be his turn next, Suki smiled at him apparently looking forward to hearing about his "secrets". Tsukiya hesitated for a moment but returned the smile; he had a few years to spend with these people so he might as well befriend the more tolerable among them.

As the Sensei began reading out her file Tsukiya listened to what the academy after many years of study had to say about him. At first Tsukiya giggled slightly at being called a Taijutsu specialist, "Let's not get carried away" said Tsukiya wondering if the Sensei had meant the words literally or sarcastically.

Tsukiya was fairly proficient with Taijutsu and had defeated several of his academy compatriots however Tsukiya could hardly call himself a specialist… at least not at this time.

Tsukiya thought his file would reveal like to the others material he already knew, well he was in for a surprise. Out of seemingly nowhere the Sensei in a passing comment mentioned that Tsukiya was actually a water affinity! What was this nonsense?
As the Sensei concluded his file Tsukiya began to protest when something completely different happened.

“Laaadies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, the legendary ( self proclaimed ) Team Cerberus has arrived. Lead by the one and only savage dog of the Hidden Leaf-Inuzuka Kentaro ! "

Tsukiya did not turn and look at the upstart and attempted to ignore him despite the growing desire to give Mr. Dogface a taste of knuckle sandwich. As the idiot received his well-deserved reprimand Tsukiya wondered what he had done to deserve this maggot on the team. The Hyuga was fine, Yuhi… well he could tolerate as long as she kept out of his hair but this fool? How was Tsukiya supposed to deal with such a person?

The Sensei continued her previous concerns excluding a brief mention of Dogface's talents which Tsukiya chose to ignore. The Sensei did talk about herself and this proved to be somewhat interesting however upon mentioning that she was a water type Tsukiya suddenly felt an even greater dislike for his new Sensei then before.

The Yuhi girl spoke next however she kept if short and delivered no information worthy of note as far as Tsukiya was concerned.
The Hyuga revealed even less then the Yuhi choosing instead to answer with the common diplomatic "I am glad to work with you all". she might have wanted to say more judging from her lengthily pause however Tsukiya didn't concern himself with that.
"Yes, Uchiha is next" commented Tsukiya sitting down for the first time since entering the classroom.

Tsukiya remembered the words of his father; think, plan and speak. He was not about to disappoint father with some sloppy mish mash of words.

"My name is Uchiha Tsukiya. I can't say I am happy with everyone on this team but that is irrelevant. I like many things; I like my home, my family, Strawberry flavored ice-cream, Tea, walking by the full moon and I also happen to like cats" said Tsukiya carefully and precisely without one moment of hesitation.

"I dislike a number of things and people; I assure you that if I dislike somebody I let him… or her know.
I have a number goals but I would like to keep these to myself for the time being" concluded Tsukiya; in truth Tsukiya didn't have a clue what his goal was but thought admitting such a fact embarrassing and best left alone.


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#, as written by Shaodow
“You're too loud!! On top of that – you're late!”
Kentaro and his pups dove forward in unison to avoid the punishing attack of their new temperamental master’s foot, subsequently avoiding being hit by the door as it flew off its hinges by milliseconds and doing a summersault when he landed and was back on his feet. A good showman’s job was never done. He cracked a large grin in an attempt to quell her anger with his stunning smile.

“Get in here “ she demanded, clearly not fazed by his stunning good looks. He wasn’t surprised; not enough women around the village appreciated him like they should, or so he says. He followed Kuroimaru and Takamaru obediently to a seat next to Kairi, whom they always showed particular interest in since they first started the Academy. Whenever the chance arose they would abandon him to obsessively sniff any surface she recently touched or around her feet for reasons that were far beyond him. They never told and he never asked but today was no exception, he preferred not to sit next to her until he figured out exactly what made them so interested in her, it made him uneasy since they never kept anything from him. However he knew there was no way to persuade them to choose another seat discreetly so he plopped down quietly, choosing instead to revel in the fact that he managed to successfully make a scene and beamed when Akira began to look them over.

“Kentaro Inuzuka – You actually have a lot of potential as wild as you can be, yet there may be some flaws in this… Just be careful with your style... Other than that you all can tell me a little about yourself starting with... you Kairi”

His smile drooped a bit with her underwhelming assessment of his skill.

“Hi - I'm Kairi Yuhi... I – Um... I want – ...I want to become a genjutsu master... like my grandmother and I like Fried Rice...” she stammered her way through that masterfully. He couldn’t really blame her however because she did have to put up with a ton of crap for no reason at all.

Next up was the Hyuga girl who no doubt had already received praise for her taijutsu “skills “. Kentaro was eager to prove once and for all that the Inuzuka’s man-beast taijutsu was superior without the aid of any fancy smancy Byakugan . "Well..then" She looked at the other three. "I guess its my turn." The hyuuga smiled her usual smile. "My name is Suki Hyuga, and I guess my goal is.." long pause "- is to prove that im a great hyuuga, and I’m glad to work with you all."

Upon Suki completing her introduction Kentaro turned his attention to Tsukiya, his longstanding rival, and glared. He could tell just by reading the expression on his face that the words “Mr. Dogface “had come up in his mind at least three times by now.”Yes, Uchiha is next" he said as he chose right then to finally take his seat.
Kentaro grunted resentfully. ‘Here we go. No, let me guess, he already hates everyone ‘ he thought to himself.

"My name is Uchiha Tsukiya. I can't say I am happy with everyone on this team-” what a shocker “but that is irrelevant. I like many things; I like my home, my family, Strawberry flavored ice-cream, Tea, walking by the full moon and I also happen to like cats" said Tsukiya carefully and precisely without one moment of hesitation.

"I dislike a number of things and people; I assure you that if I dislike somebody I let him… or her know.
I have a number goals but I would like to keep these to myself for the time being" concluded Tsukiya; in truth Tsukiya didn't have a clue what his goal was but thought admitting such a fact embarrassing and best left alone.

The second Tsukiya finished Kentaro wasted no time, standing up straight and proud as he jabbed a thumb against his bare chest “I’m Kentaro Inuzuka! “ He then held a hand out to the right and left, giving the floor to the pups that sat at either side of him. “And these are my friends and partners Kuroimaru “he yipped and hopped up and down as if on cue; visibly excited to be formally introduced. “ And this bundle of attitude Takamaru “ no reaction.

“I like pretty much everything, and I’m willing to try anything; except for shirts. They’re uncomfortable and they just get in the way so don’t even bother trying to get me to wear one. I won’t do it no way no how so just save us both the headache “He spoke with a natural familiarity that some adults considered disrespectful, but he knew it was just because they liked to be in control so the only way he could make them understand that there was no compromising on this matter was to speak as frankly as possible on the matter.

“Let’s see, what else…oh yeah “he snapped “My goal is to make my father proud, and when I’m old enough and the times is right, I’ll defeat him and take my place as head of the clan. Heck, while I’m at it I might just become the Hokage! “
There was a fire in his eye when he spoke those words, one that could not be ignored especially when he spoke of his father. It was clear earning his recognition was above all else.

“Well.. thats nice.. everyone... this is your team and if it makes it any easier... call it family. Look around... these three members are who you are teamed with for nearly the rest of your life.. I suggest you get used to that idea... and with that the introductions said and done but we still have much to do later … we'll start tomorrow! She said lifting herself up from the desk. Don't be late!”

Suddenly Akira's body dissolved into water obviously showing it was a clone.
“allllllright! “We are official the new and improved team Cerberus! “He blared as he hopped down from behind his desk right into the puddle that used to be their master “ Let’s move ou- “ just as he took his first step towards the permanently open door frame he slipped on the puddle and hit the ground with a splash and an audible thump. Out cold. This was their beginning of their lives as Hidden Leaf ninja.


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Present day

"I do thank you for taking some interest in my proposal of taking Kairi. So far she is still in her shell but eventually she'll come out. As for the rest of the team, Interesting to the least I have four members as whole but the other three are incredible for what they can do from the files. There is no need to worry to the least, I'll be sure things are civil among the four, especially towards Kairi. They may even end up hating me after this hehe."

Akira grinned towards the Hokage with a thumbs up. She knew her being there wasn't needed for such types of reports but she did want to give her thanks before she headed off and as far as she having the nine-tails in her group this was a little more dangerous then other groups. Her head tilted towards the window where the sun seemed to come through as her hands lowered back down to her hips. She could feel the warm heat through the open window and in this moment she could only think about the first day but that soon ended when her eyes shifted back down to the Kage.


Previous day...

After their first meeting yesterday, Kairi had went back to grandma Kurenai's home. She had explained to her how the meeting went and how obviously nervous she had felt. It was only a surprised expression when Kurenai found her grand daughter had been placed in the same team as the Uchiha. It reminded her of when back then it was just coincidence that Naruto was placed in the same team as Sasuke Uchiha. It was only then that the grandma had smirked but never explained the expression.

That very night when it was time for bed, Kairi couldn't sleep. She was worried mostly of how cruel her team mates would be to her that very morning she would arrive. The girl had stepped outside and went on top of her home's roof before sitting down to look upon the stars and the village at night. It was apparent by the atmosphere of worries that she had no idea what would happen and what they would do. Were they going to hurt her? It only took a short amount of time before she shook it off. Kairi rose her hand into the sky and moved her fingers as if she were trying to close and pinch the star. It was something she had alway done. She only smiled when in her perception she was able to get one. Looking at her hand when she then formed a fist made her determined to get through the day as fast as possible and deal with whatever came to her.

Present Day...

That morning finally came when Kairi lifted herself up, showered and got dressed. She looked over to her sword and blinked. She wasn't quite sure if she really needed it at this point but then thought to herself "If I'm going to make it part of my style, then I definitely will take it!". With that said she strapped the blade, making sure the sheathed was fastened on her back and leaped out from her window.

She could feel the wind rush among her face as she continued dashing rooftops and streets to reach the training grounds. The kunoichi herself was rather surprised by how eager she was to start her actual training regardless of what the others thought of her. This only being until she was suddenly she was surprised kicked from the right side by Ishida lee! Luckily there she was in an alley way and only hit the wall. Her eyes widened suddenly shocked out of her excited moment as she fell upon the ground. She could hear her sheathed blade slide against the bricked building behind as she descended to the ground.

"We're ninja's now, come on! Get some awareness! You shouldn't even be in our ranks like that!"

The words echo'd as Ishida spoke to Kairi, her strapped and bandaged hand rose to hold her head as she winked looking up to Ishida but not saying anything. She didn't want to fight, she had to get to her team. Who knows what would happen if she were late. The jinchuriki shook her head and Ishida smirked.

"Weakling… You'll probably fail your first test…" She said walking off. Kairi only sat there obviously dirtied by the dirt of the ground. Her fist were formed as her body shook from being upset. She was now torn between going back home and going to her team. Was this the treatment she would get with her team there? Certainly not with her Jonin but… what if she wasn't there… what if she were the first? was she just getting into a trap. Kairi shook her head before lifting herself from the ground.

"No..way, I'm going to just go…"