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Megami Sandā

"It all begins with a spark"

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a character in “Naruto: Broken Union”, as played by Sonicx00



"Do I really have to be serious this time...?"

Age: 36
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 25th
Height: 170 cm (5'6 ft)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: AB +

Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Kage
Classification: Raikage

Academy Grad. Age: 7
Chuunin Prom. Age: 10
Jounin Prom. Age: 14

Megami is shown to be very carefree, free-spirited and laidback when it comes to nothing to serious or when she is bored. Due to this type of persona, some of the elders at times question her position due to this. However, other times she often proves the reasons why she was chosen to be the kage of the village - mostly when it comes to actually needing to be serious or when the village or personal friends are in danger. In the eyes of some, Megami is shown to be quite a cheerful person who cares for others yet to when it comes to her enemies. They only see the sadistic, egoistic and mysterious side of Megami in which she often hides. Megami actually doesn't mind being Kage of the village even if her personality may seem otherwise and when it comes to completing her duties - she often wanders the village or seeks tranquility. It could also be shown that as much respect for the dead as Megami may have - she tends not to try and show it. It can be very seen and known that Megami is a master of Taijutsu and could be found training in it if nothing else.


Megami Sanda, born fourteen years after the Fourth Shinobi War, had a quite a life. The Sanda clan was nearly extinct excluding the parents who bore the child. Among the Sanda clan, A himself was said to be part of this clan along with the previous Kage before himself, yet the last names were stripped when they took the titles. The Sanda's weren't too known, especially when it came to the public. Most forget that the Kages were a part of the Sanda's yet that never truly mattered to them. The Sanda's were always ones to honor and believe in their relatives, Knowing they would be family no matter what. This is what kept their families together.

Megami, in her young age, was always a curious and adventurous person. Often tried to figure out and do things on her own just to have fun as any child of the age of 1-5 would do, however it came at four when she was beginning to be trained as a ninja. Much she did fail being so young but as she neared the age of six, she got better and when her birthday came, days later she joined the academy. She studied hard, even with her laidback and bored attitude that she began to develope when joining the academy to make her parents proud. Her grades were always good and for a good while her life seemed to be going so well until "that" day.

Halfway as Megami continued her training and studies among the Academy word came in immediately as she happily went back to her home of her parents death. It would seem as though Megami's whole life could have shattered then and there. Her attitude from then on in the academy seemed emotionless as the thoughts of being alone and her parents death consumed her mind. Megami herself began to wonder what the point of trying was and the Jonins began to see the effects as well immediately reporting the the Raikage. It came to be immediately that A met up with the poor child. At first the conversation was slow but soon after A mentioned the relationship and blood bond between them. Megami began to heed the words of the Kage and suddenly he mentions something that caught her ear. "Listen, your parents left you with a gift and hope. You will be the ones to watch over the village with the strenght you have, never give up and use the hidden power you have as a Sanda. They will always be watching, so cheer up and stop whining." At first it took awhile for her to take the words in completely but her cheerful, lazy, bored personality came back.

At the age of seven Megami became a genin and upon the advancement began to be personally be trained by the Raikage himself. No one knew of the intentions but it was indeed noticed by many villagers even by Killer Bee before he moved on. During the times of being a genin, Megami's advancement became quite rapid just due to the intense training A gave Megami aside from being genin. During the training, Megami found out about her families Kekkei Genkai only through words and training to mix the two by Raikage himself, never was any Jutsu's taught to her. She taught herself ways to use "Burst" during normal jutsu's even if it were the slightest difference. A often told her to keep practicing for her own knowledge and by reaching Chunnin rank she partially mastered it.

Megami Sanda was promoted to chunnin after overpowering her opponent but also having tons of control in the state of mind, although under her breath... one could see the egoistic and sadistic eyes of one lost. A blames it upon the events of her past yet no one knows the real reason she gets this way. Megami herself doesn't and if asked only says "Its to make sure I don't hold back" with a smile. The Raikage continued watching and training Megami further although at times he'd pull her aside to make her do missions. She was quite lazy about it and often poked fun with the Raikage before setting off with her team. She didn't mind too much in true honesty. Some missions were hard on her but none the less, she made sure she succeeded. It was very much seen at this point that Taijutsu was a main style for her excluding some circumstances, she rarely used any other styles just due to the physical training Raikage was giving her. This however doesn't mean her power in her jutsu's was flawed. The lightning release jutsu's were strong as hell due to how she controlled it. Mainly those she made herself and practiced.

Four years later, Megami is promoted to Jonin. A kept her from becoming a Jonin although she could've been earlier. The reasons were because A held her back for his own training, although most of her comrades upgraded earlier, it was definitely different from what the training she did. A finally reveals the reason he had been training her personally but not too direct mainly saying "To get you ready" and sets his final goals for Megami, learning Lariat and Lightning Release - Armour. She finally found out what she had been training for all those years and practiced night and day to perfect the abilities as A asked. He reminded her what the point of all this was saying that her training had to only progress by herself and in full honesty Megami couldn't agree more from that.

Other then perfecting these moves, as a Jonin, Megami was assigned her own team. She was known to be quite a lazy yet good and caring teacher. Her constant training often progressed among this time. Not only to practice her abilities but to learn more social aspects, leadership skills, and comradery. She even found herself training among her own genin team and even having fun with them. A watched over her smiling at her progression yet at this point in time. A became quite ill of older age. Being Jonin still had caused her to keep with her team and keep training them yet when she could, Megami rushed to see A making sure he was well.

Ten years later, the illness was obviously getting the better of him and A felt as if he could no longer be Raikage. This was when he finally summoned Megami to take over for him. There was quite a bit of resentment among the elders but in the end they gave in yet agreed to keep a close watch on her to see if she was really material. It was quite a confusing time for them seeing that she could be quite serious but have this totally lazy and cheery if not funny personality. In the end they could do nothing but agree and they finally came to an agreement to set her as Raikage. When Megami got word and spoke with A, she honestly tried declining, claiming that she knew she was trained for this but truthfullly she expressed she didn't want to accept A's illness winning. Raikage mentioned its her choice however it is his dying wish. Days later after deep thought she finally took the title and became Raikage. Three years later... the Raikage died proudly in his neices arms. This was when Megami began taking her role and life more seriously having the last of her true family dead.

From then onto now, Megami has trained herself creating her own style of fighting, jutsu's and kekkei training. Not only that but over the years she learned human relation, diplomacy and many other things that came with the responsibility of being a kage. However, this didn't hold Megami from being her normal, adventurous, witty, caring, and laidback self. She happily became respected and loved among her village yet they do honestly find it an odd situation, seeing as she did not choose a "B" throughout these years claiming "I haven't found what I am looking for" with the same smile she gave when one asks of her attitude among battle.

Clan: Sanda

Chakra Type: Lightning (Affinity) and Wind (Affinity)

Weapons/Tools: Kunai and Senbons

Kekkei Genkai: Bāsuto (Burst)
Description Of Your KG: Nature kekkei Genkai allowing Megami to combine Lightning and Wind release chakra and manipulate it as she pleases. Often these attacks tend to be quite costly to the chakra reserve. It can also help her augment her natural Lighning release abilities. She usually tries to not use these abilities in a fight - due to how much Chakra they could take. Naturally the abilities come as a last resort.

Signature Techniques
Kawarimi no Jutsu - With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands.

Henge - The transformation of a skilled shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article, so it will be impossible to tell the two apart. On the other hand, a transformation performed by an inexperienced person will have obvious discrepancies. It will be impossible to deceive anyone with it. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it.

Raiton Kage Bunshin (Lightning Shadow Clone) - This technique allows the user to make a shadow clone infused with lightning. Because it is a shadow clone, it is able to perform techniques and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance; and also evenly distributes the user's chakra to each clone. If the clone is injured, it will revert to its natural lightning-state, at the same time electrocuting whatever it is touching.

Lightning Release - Armour - The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra that, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster, and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed and defense. Often Megami only uses this if she intends to use mostly Taijutsu, had she used the ability while using her Kekkei Genkai techniques she created, this would be rather costly if not completely drain her chakra.

Lariat -The user charges at his opponent, striking them with a Lariat move, which can be coated in chakra. A successful strike can blow away a target's entire chest with a direct hit. The attack is rather straightforward, but very quick and powerful. Like the fourth, A taught Megami to use it along side Armour providing quite a devastating attack.

Kaminari no bakuhatsu (Lightning Explosion) - Lightning Release - releasing most of her chakra, Megami create a growing barrier around her causing anyone to collide to be shocked until the jutsu stops. Depending on how long Megami holds the jutsu is how far the explosion extends, yet also means how much chakra it takes.

Sandā no haaku - Lightning Release - Manipulates the chakra to be physical lightning forcing it upon the opponent holding, and shocking them. This effect often drains a lot of chakra depending on how long the hold last.

Kaminaridama (Lightning Sphere) - Megami often wondered how rasengan was made but never could master it on her own. Due to this she decided to make her own using her burst Kekkei Genkai - She combined wind and lighting making impact not as powerful as rasengan but it gives a nice shock. How it works is that Megami must concentrate and rotate the chakra in a single hand, like rasengan. Which she must conjure wind which doesn't take too long with her burst KG. The next step was channeling the lightning to rotate along with it making her own creation. Upon impact, she can allow the blast to expand so long as she flows lightning through. This attack can become as large as the Cho Odama Rasengan yet... this will leave Megami is quite a state of exhaustion that could put her to sleep for a few days.

Raitoningutorunēdo - Another move used through her Kekkei Genkai, She conjures a tornado sucking in all that are near it. Around the tornado is burst of lightning that shocks those among it. This move has yet to be perfected and can be hard for Megami to keep it up.

Kaminari no jishin (Quake Of Thunder) - through her Kekkei Genkai sending two fingers quickly to the ground as a huge amount of Wind and Lightning chakra flows, causes a grand burst and shocking force through the ground towards her enemies.

So begins...

Megami Sandā's Story


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We're starting the second chapter/Episode of our RP! Now this is a bit of a short post for me but its basically an Initial post. I'm going to start off by Megami getting the note and sending out the messenger to get Katsumi. Katsumi and the other's will be currently on the training field for their beginning. A messenger is sent out to Katsumi... when she gets the message relies on Dreamer.

Megami Sandā

It was noon when events occurred around Kumogakure, nothing drastic but the usual when people were up and ready. For Megami even through her laziness and uncaring attitude, she stood no different. Through the years of being the kage her personality only took a slight change yet nothing too deep. Everyday Megami got up around twelve which to her was no problem although many people get up before then. Waking up only to hear reports, scheduling, request. Nothing seemed to change. The tanned ninja made her way down the hall towards her quarters stretching and yawning before opening the door to her desk and a stack of papers waiting.

“I should just turn around... right now...” She said beginning to do just that intending to once again skip out the morning paper works until suddenly a Jonin appeared at her window. The raikage didn't bother to turn around but she did acknowledge him by grabbing the door and speaking.

“What is it?”

“Ma'am... Konoha has responded, the hokage has written you a note of approval” The ninja said.

Immediately Megami turned around towards man and closed the door walking over with her hand out.

“Are you serious... this is wonderful. Let me see this...” She said before snatching the letter and reading it. Her eyes skimmed the paper as if she were looking for something specifically said. A sudden grin grew over her mouth before she tossed the letter onto her desk. Megami then passed the man. His eyes followed her as she stopped at the window.

“hmm... go seek out Katsumi Uzumaki... I have a big assignment for her team.” She said turning.

“Ma'am...” He said suddenly disappearing as if it were a flash.

(Dreamer you can control the messenger from that point, I'll be posting with Prishe in the next post – I just wanted to initialize this part)


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In the middle of a forest clearing, a group of four can be seen. The team seemed to be training with the sparring method, one on one.

The taller one of the team, seemed to merely observe the other three in a calculative way and seemed to take mentally notes. 'Prishe.. More thoughtful and observant, not one to jump into the fro without a plan.' She glanced at Benkei. 'However Benkei still remains competitive and quiet the opposite of his opponent. He seems to go for more of a offensive move because of his forward style..' She then watched Nishimaru. 'A powerful opponent, defiantly with the special blood line, he is observant, similar to Prishe.. As well as rational. A nice trait the both had..lazy though." she mused. As she spoke, she started to think of ways and methods to improve the cons and pros, but to also unite their trust. It seems that the Prishe and Benkei have a thing for drawing back from certain people, even Nishimura, but not to the same extent. From what she saw from Daichi was that he was more loyal and enjoyed finding ways to lean or to allow people to lean on him in any way. Nevertheless. They all needed work.

'I can't deny though that they progress so quickly however..' She mused, pleased. 'Very talented.' Yes, Its only been a month or so, and they have achieved skills that most average genin didn't get till they were a bit older. Katsumi assumed it was the motivation of the three that got them to where they were- but she knew it didnt end there. IF anything, they could do things for both the good and bad in an amazing way. 'Its only time that sto..'- Katsumi abruptly stopped.

A sudden vibrate hit her strings and she turned quickly-a natural reaction for her, But instead of attacking, the uzumaki scanned the messenger calm;y and nodded as a greeting. Silent as always. Giving the team a quick look, the messagner stepped foreward towards the red headed sensei. "Katsumi, you must report to the tower quickly, the raikage has something to inform you."
'How sudden' Katsumi blinks. 'A mission perhaps?' Something about her team? was only a week ago that they had their examination.' Strange..

But she couldn't leave the order unattended, so she turned to Prishe, Benkei and Nishimaru. "As you heard, I need to report to the tower..but that doesn't stop you from training.." She said with a small smile, looking at every one of them. "However you may take a break, Ill be back." And with that, she walked off before disappearing in the shadowed trees in a flurry. It left the genin alone to do their bidding however unknown to them, she left a few things to make sure they were not out of hand. Though, she doubt that she had to use any of them. They were good after all.
Running on the roofs, she poofed away after a few hand seals and appeared at the door of Megami's office. Surely, the raikage knew of her presence, but she stood quietly anyways. "Im here Raikage." Her voice naturally hushed. "May I enter..?"


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Prishe Umira

Prishe had been quite mellow only thinking to herself for the most part. It was as if she wasn't even putting an effort into including her team mates or trying to train at the moment but too much was on her mind and some of the pain from two weeks ago had recently kicked in.. Nothing to harsh but it did make her stop. The girl leaned against the tree only to have her eyes examined her surroundings and then team mates. She didn't really mind them except Benkei's persona. It's not bad to be competitive yet, he takes it to another level. She smirked to him knowing he didn't become a chunin like she yet she did wonder what his full potential was. After a quick stretch she suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice speaking to Uzumaki sensei.

“Must be a message...” she said quietly to herself only to suddenly hear her sensei's words to confirm it. Prishe's bright yellow eyes followed her sensei's movement as she went off. It was a little peaceful until Benkei opened his mouth as if he placed himself as leader.

"I am personally quite supportive of this arrangement; you can go ahead and bash dummies if you want to, I trust that you will emerge victorious against those vicious terrors." said Daichi. a more pleasant member of the group.

“Heh – I'm gonna have to agree, we have came a long ways in just a month and I'm sure we all know we won't just drop training for the day and go about doing whatever. I myself am probably going to sit for awhile before practicing a little harder before Uzumaki sensei comes back, which makes me wonder – What do you think she was called away for? You know its been awhile as a team since we've done a good mission together. In a way I think our progression was a bit too quick...”

Megami Sandā

“Yes … yes, I know you're here. Come on in..” Megami said a little loud so she could hear outside of the door. She busied her hands filing some of the papers mainly the document file for the mission. She waited for Katsumi to enter and when she did she immediately tossed the file onto her desk lightly and then placed her finger upon it before speaking.

“Do you know what this is...?” Megami asked obviously knowing she had no idea other then knowing it was a mission. Megami's eyes went to hers with only a 2 second pause before speaking again.

“Of course not.. other then knowing its a mission file.. however this is one of quite importance.” Megami paused with her finger still upon the file. Her purple eyes moved up to Katsumi before asking her a quest that may have seemed off topic yet to her it made perfect sense.

“It must be or feel quite nice being the Jonin of quite a splendid team... How are they? Particularly even more so how is Prishe... her injuries were quite something when she came back two weeks ago... I've been so busy I was only able to see her two days of the week and it brief” She waited for the answer and had she answered she the nodded.

“Listen, me and Konoha have been plotting for months for a union and we've finally come to a proposal of an exchange. Your citizenship, loyalty and honor lies in our beloved village yet you will live there for a time being. Arrangements have been made more information will be given once WE arrive in Konoha... thats right you're also escorting me. I would say you have two weeks or so... however I don't mind going earlier. Do you have any questions upon this?” Megami kept it short and possibly undetailed but she didn't want to give off too much about the mission although Megami wanted the trust between the two villages she also wanted them to spy and telling them they were needed to spy in Konoha's territory wouldn't be the right mindset. Her hands cupped waiting for a reply for the woman.


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Katsumi entered the room quietly, and held her normal expression, stoic. But to be truthful, she was [i]very[i] curious. Bowing slightly, she looked up, blue eyes meeting grey.

“Do you know what this is...?”
The jounin, shook her head slowly. “Of course not.. other then knowing its a mission file.. however this is one of quite importance.” An eyebrow rose slightly. '' If the raikage said that something was of importance, it must be. No high leader took anything lightly, and used words naively.. defiantly not Megami-Sama. Remaining respectful, she continued listening and dared not interrupt, but blinked as she took a change of topic.

“It must be or feel quite nice being the Jonin of quite a splendid team... How are they? Particularly even more so how is Prishe... her injuries were quite something when she came back two weeks ago... I've been so busy I was only able to see her two days of the week and it brief”

Her lips upturned slightly at the mention of her team, but as soon as prishe was mentioned, her eyes gleamed with slight mirth. When Katsumi found Prishe injured like that, it made her angry but the kumo knew that she must get used to her students hurt..or even worse, dead. It should be easy, being surrounded by blood all the time. But with the team holding a piece of her heart, it couldnt be anymore difficult to get used to the painful sight.. 'Focus..'

Slowly, she opened her lips to reply. "The team is progressing quickly..all of them." The gentle smiled returned. "and prishe..She is recovering, faster then I expected.." A little chuckle escaped her. "But I should have known, she is strong just like her master."

Katsumi eyes found Megami's eyes and she could only express great respect and gratitude. Though being the emotionless Jounin, her expression left as soon as it got there.

“Listen, me and Konoha have been plotting for months for a union and we've finally come to a proposal of an exchange. Your citizenship, loyalty and honor lies in our beloved village yet you will live there for a time being.-" Her eyes widened slightly. 'Live..?' Arrangements have been made more information will be given once WE arrive in Konoha... thats right you're also escorting me. I would say you have two weeks or so... however I don't mind going earlier. Do you have any questions upon this?”

Katsumi was left dumbfounded, but she quickly composed herself. "No.." She shook her head. "Not at all." What was there to ask about.. Maybe it was the lingering shock that got her to be blank with no questions, but this was pretty straightforward. Besides, the raikage said she will tell more when they arrive. Katsumi had no worries as she found herself completely capable, it wasn't her first trip before, but she wondered about the team? How would they react, especially with the teams at the leaf..?

Taking awhile to think, she looked up at the raikage. "Would that be all Megami-sama..?"


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Megami Sandā

"Would that be all Megami-sama..?"

Megami rested her arms upon her desk laying her head in above her hands as she entwined her fingers together and looked straight at Katsumi with her dark purple eyes. She blinked before speaking.

“I expect a answer soon, at least before the day ends. I suggest since you are a team you comfront them before giving the answer... However, I understand If you want to give Prishe a week or two extra to recover but let that answer not be through feelings alone...Dismissed.”

Prishe Umira

" As a matter of fact it must be a important one. The last mission was the one they sent you on alone and we are the best squad they have. We know it, Uzumaki sensei knows it, and Lady Raikage knows it. Hopefully I'll get my chance to show that I deserve to be a Chunin, without making you look too bad of course pipsqueak "

She just grinned a getting slightly annoyed with the comments but sighed it off before replying.

“Hehe – well if you don't just keep the thought in mind that you're still surpassed by someone younger then you and at this point... still … stronger... then YOU!”

She winked at Benkei before doing a teasing pose before looking towards Daichi for a split second only to see what his react was to all of this yet she only saw that he was grabbing items from his pack. Prishe sighed until something came in surprise to her.

“Think Fast lassie!"

To Prishe surprise she nearly thought it would have paint on it but so as soon as she caught with her right hand she spunn around and playfully held it like a Kunai attempting to act as if she was going to paint Benkei's neck.



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The Uzumaki watched her students and mused at the widen eyes, and agape mouths. This is pretty new to leave the village for so long- defiantly as a group. Isnt this a treat?

But she wasnt surprised by the responses, she actually smiled. It was expected of her team to give such answers- They were always energetic, and open to get stronger. Their will would always overflow, which is probably one of the many reasons that Megumi picked them. Katsumi couldnt say how proud she was for a team like them. Surely they knew that.

"Well, I have no objections. When do we leave?"
"I'm ready, Hey sensei, when you report back to Lady Raikage, be sure to give my word that I'm good to go!"

She nodded, and turned toward the sky for the moment- calculating the travel time. It would take a few days if they set off by sunset... but with their speed who knew. "Well, Im going to report back, so while I'm gone get ready for the trip, and meetme at the gates." Lifting her hand in a curt wave, Katsumi suddenly disappeared in speed and began to raced along the roof tops.

While she did so, she thought of the mission, and suddenly remembered her grandmother's face. The word Konoha always left her mouth and yet she had no idea why. That made her wonder. "Why." Maybe she will take advantage of the long week ahead of them to answer her curiosity. 'Wouldnt that be interesting.'

Slowing down near the raikage's office, she knocked at the wooden door with the utmost respect. "Raikage-sama, im back to report." When the leader allowed her in, she entered before continuing. "The team has agreed and we will be able to set out by tonight- Oh and Prishe" She resisted a soft chuck.le. "she wants me to personally inform you that she is "ready to go"

[Hopefully that works, sorry for the wait!]