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Hitoare Akushio

The waves crash against the shore, and the rain beats down the trees.

0 · 218 views · located in World of Shinobi

a character in “Naruto: Jinchuriki Tales”, as played by SubjectThirteen


Name: Hitoare Akushio

Alias : Crash

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11

Village: Mist ( Land Of Waves )

Rank : Missing Nin

Partner: Soul_Alchemist ( And Characters thereof )

Physical Description: Hitoare is moderately muscular under his pure orange vest with a parka style hood. Beneath the vest, he wears a dark blue shirt, which matches his blue hair. His hair is three inches long and spiked backwards. His pants are also pure orange and he wears a pair of tight black martial arts boots.


In a word, Hitoare is "Freeflow" to the point of being fool hardy. He cares nothing for his own life, or the lives of others. His only reason for living is to have a little fun capturing each and every jinchuriki and laying waste to anything that gets in his way. That's not to say Hitoare isn't without his own code of honor. He never harms those who cannot defend themselves and often sets free any captured enemy so that they can have a fighting chance at survival. Though he is quickly calculating, most of the time Hitoare will ignore his sense of logic simply because the less logical way is so much more fun.


Inventory: Two pouches on either of Hitoare's hips house a medly of Shuriken, Kunai knives, steel thread and food pellets. On his back are a pair of Demon Wind Shuriken, which he usually uses as swords.

Hitoare has signed a contract with Otuuma, a giant catfish-fish like creature. He often summons creatures from the sea to aid him. Most commonly a pair of swordfish named Etoranze and Kyousho.

Jutsus and Techniques: Ice Release, similar to Haku, though Hitoare's version is not a bloodline trait. Summoning Jutsu : Seas Of Life


Water Style : Hidden Mist Jutsu - Single Seal, No Sequence - This is simply the hidden mist jutsu, which creates a thick fog of mist, however, in Hitoare's hands, it is more of a setup technique for an arsenal of devastating attacks without the need for a large body of water.

Water Style : Slamming Tidal Wave - Tatsu Uma Mi Hitsuji - This technique creates a large wave that focuses in on an enemy, the crushing weight of the water easily enough to crush one or many foes.

Water Style : Deadly Downpour - Usually after using the hidden mist jutsu, Hitoare is able to freeze the mist into needles to attack his enemy. Usually, he does this in a fashion that makes the needles look similar to rain. Increasingly dangerous if it is already raining.

Ice Style : Frozen Leech Prison - Mi U Ushi Tori This is a variation on the water prision jutsu. The water used to create the prison draws the chakra from whomever is trapped within it. Can also be used in the form of a chain which leeches the chakra of those it ensnares. This technique was created especially for dealing with the Jinchuriki.

Ice Style : Frozen Armour - Hitsuji Saru Inu Tori - After wrapping himself in water or ice, Hitoare freezes certain areas of the water to create a shell around himself.

Water Style : Water Dragon Jutsu - A veriation on the original, Hitoare's water dragon takes form the same as the original would, however, it is equiped with scales of ice.

Ice Style : White Whale Jutsu - There is no veriation here, a large whale of ice. Very difficult to find enough water for it, however.

Ice Style : Hall of ice mirrors - Hitoare creates a systemof ice mirrors to confuse his enemies.

Ice Clone Jutsu - Hitoare creates a shadow clone in the form of pure ice. When these clones are struck their bodies shadder into low damage ice shrapnel.

Fire Style : Dragon Flame Bombs - The fire style jutsu used by the third hokage in his battle with Orochimaru. Extremely devistating.

Earth Style : Headhunter Jutsu - The Technique used by Kakashi Hatake to get the drop on Naruto at the very begining of the anime.


Taiga - by watching the way a tidal pool flows, Hitoare has learned to move his chakra through his body like a river, utalizing the excess momentum to create stronger, more destructive force. It also aids his speed, though not alot.

Tsunami - By pooling all the chakra in his body into his feet, then slinging it into his hand like a flash flood overtaking a city, Hitoare uses an uppercut with such high crushing power that he is actually able to break every bone in an enemy's body. This is considered Hitoare's strongest taijutsu.

Demon Wind Dance - This is the fighting style Hitoare uses whenever making use of the two demon wind Shuriken he keeps on his back. He opens and closes the shuriken at certain times to increase the speed of the strike or strike from a different angle. He finds that like the waters of the sea, if you are constantly changing the way you flow, you cannot be predicted.


Paranoia - In this genjutsu, Hitoare creates a thick fog and noises from several different directions. Causing his opponent to be on edge and anticipatory. So much so, that he does not notice the silent steps Hitoare would actually be taking. This is useful whenever outnumbered, as the enemies would believe there are many enemies instead of just the one.


Bio : Hitoare was born into a family of fishermen, his father was once the most successful fisherman in the land of waves. Hitoares job was to swim down and untangle the nets if the situation ever occured. One day, a terrible storm claimed his father's vessel, and Hitoare was sure he would drown. It was at the bottom of the deep that he met Otuuma and signed his contract, in return, Otuuma spared Hitoare's life, casting him back onto the shore. Hitoare later discovered the freak storm was caused by a jinchuriki. Though this was most likely false, it didn't stop Hitoare from turning a small area of his village into a frozen pincussion. He is almost never downbeat thanks to his "Everything could be worse" outlook, and find working with the akatsuki nothing more than "Playing for the winning team."

So begins...

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