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Hideaki Zanpak

0 · 138 views · located in The Village Hidden in the Leaves

a character in “Naruto Legends: Episode #1 Bound in Blood”, as played by xanderdakka


Hideki is a young man, with silver hair and silver/grey eyes, his build is pretty average for a ninja but his attraction is slightly above average. He wears a black suit jacket with a white shirt underneath, under all shirts he wears a full combat 'spandex' (tight clothing), he wears long trouser with the spandex underneath, along with his samurai sword latched onto his belt. he wears he headband around his head so his scar isn't visible. Equipment: he prefers using charkra to effect his weapons such as his main weapon - samurai sword, kunais and shurikens, however he has a few of the necessities in terms of ninjutsu, he carries around a pouch with: smoke grenades, walkie talkie, food pills spare shurikens/kunai, he also keeps a pack of cigerettes so he can relax...
Ability: he is very skilled with a sword, he has an affinity to wind and minor towards fire, he has nearly perfect chakra control but low reserves of chakra, he is capable of being in a group but can defend himself... He is not afraid of killing or dying.

Personality: He is a fairly kind guy, rational but not highly intelligent, he prefers to talk his way out of trouble than using his samurai sword, he isn't bossy and prefers to rely on teamwork and stradegy but if he disagrees with the plan, will purposely use his own method... He hates the land of fire, but is willingly to at least try and work if need by...

Historical backgorund: he tends to try and not reveal his past... but during the shinobi war his parents died to the Raikage during battle , he wants revenge.
He has dealt with bandits being for a small village and will only reveal his true pass to anyone he respects or cares for

Hope to be able to join, please message me if so :D

So begins...

Hideaki Zanpak's Story