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Kavic Yuki

"She took my heart, so I stole hers."

0 · 422 views · located in The Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: New World Order”, as played by minibear


"You kill to live, I live to kill. That is the difference between us."

Name:Kavic Yuki
Name Meaning: NA
Nickname(s): The Monster
Title(s): Rogue Ninja
Age: 38
Notable Features:Covered in stitches, eyes have red sclera green irises and no pupils. Wears cloaks and face coverings to conceal everything but his eyes.

Personality: Heartless is ironically the most apt term for describing Kavic’s personality. He generally doesn’t care for other people, except for women and people from the leaf village, he flat out hates them. He is trying to reconnect with his brother, though the task is somewhat awkward with their differing personalities.

Family: Younger Brother: Reiki Yuki Others: Deceased
Blood Type: AB+
Birthday: November 5th
Height: 6’6”
Weight:240 lbs.
Marital Status: Single

History: Growing up in Kirigakure, Kavic Yuki possessed a great natural chakra and stamina reserve, though he did not manifest his clan’s powerful kekkei genkai. Kavic had a great kindness in his heart, rarely seen without a smile on his face and a cheerful spring in his step. He was well liked by his fellow villagers. His goal was always the same, grow as powerful as he could in order to better protect and serve both his village, and his family who he was very close with and cared deeply about. However, after his twentieth birthday things took a bad turn for him.

Things were going great for Kavic, he became an ANBU at age 11, and made jounin at 16. However, shortly after his twentieth birthday, a sealed scroll was uncovered by ninja on a scouting mission, it contained a long-forgotten jutsu, a terrifying weapon of war. The Earth Grudge Fear. Not knowing what was inside the scroll, the Mizukage dispatched a team of jounin, Kavic included, to a remote location to unseal the scroll and determine its contents. Kavic volunteered to unseal the scroll. Upon doing so, the technique was unbound from the scroll and a gigantic mass of tendril-like threads burst forth and savagely invaded Kavic's body. When it was all over, the threads had taken over all of his body, creating their own network within Kavic, having destroyed and removed all of his internal organs, except for his heart. Some residual chakra manifested itself in Kavic's mind, giving him the briefest of explanations for what had happened. The threads had their own life force, and would keep his body alive without the need for other organs, all they required was a heart. To this end, the threads themselves could be used to forcibly remove hearts from his opponents, and he could hold up to five at a time including his own. This gave him a potentially limitless life span, and propelled him far forward in his attempts to become the most powerful shinobi in the Hidden Mist. It was at this time that he was taught a handful of sealing jutsu so that he would be able to help contain his brother’s power if such a need ever came to pass.

Unfortunately, earth grudge fear had mutilated Kavic's body, leaving him covered in the stitches of the threads themselves and changing his eyes into their fearsome present state. It couldn't have come at a worse time, coinciding with the murder of his family except for his younger brother by an unknown group. Many of the villagers and fellow shinobi were appalled at what he had become. He was widely shunned by his former comrades, and many people took to calling him a monster or a freak. It didn’t help that at about this time his brother was taken whisked away to continue his jinchūriki training in secret. The mental strain of everyone's scorn and the lack of family began to take its toll on him. Just as the strain was becoming too much to take, a Stone kunoichi named Lana came into his life. She treated him like a human being, and she recognized his loyalty to the village. The two became friends on a mission, and after a time they became lovers. Despite still being an outcast, at thirty three years old, Kavic was the happiest he had ever been.

It was not to last. Kavic and Lana went on a mission to retrieve a scroll containing a secret technique of the Stone Village. They successfully recovered the document, however as soon as they did Lana turned traitor and signaled an ambush by ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village. They killed Kavic's team and took off with the scroll. As Lana left, she said their relationship had been a lie and Kavic was never more than a monster to be used to further her goals.

In a rage, Kavic pursued them, blinded with fury and heartache as the betrayal cut deep into his heart. He managed to catch up to the Leaf ninja, and destroyed them. Lana was the last to fall. As she lay on the ground dying, Kavic was consumed by the rage and betrayal. Using the threads, he removed her still-beating heart, and implanted it within his own body, gaining her chakra, and access to her wind natured chakra.

As time went on, Kavic acquired more hearts, keeping five at any one time. He no longer aged, and so he suffered not from his advancing years, but from the scorn of the villagers. His power was vastly superior to many in the village, however he was not to have any of the respect he had once hoped to gain by such power. Instead he was looked down on by the villagers, his brother being the only one to show him respect without fear. To this day, Kavic is cold and dispassionate towards the other villagers, and he possesses a deep-rooted hatred and distrust of females and the Hidden Leaf Village. His only true concerns are becoming more powerful and continuing to protect his younger brother.

Kavic could only put up with this lifestyle for so long before he finally snapped. Unable to live in the village and deal with the disgusted, hateful, and distrustful looks of the people he had once sworn to protect, Kavic left on a mission , killed his squadmates, and never came back. To his surprise, his brother, who he had not gotten to spend much time with since acquiring the Earth Grudge Fear caught wind of his betrayal and caught up with him shortly thereafter, joining him on the run. They have been on the run for four months.

Village: Rogue Ninja formerly of the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure)
Rank: Former jounin
Fame Level: Flee on Sight: Unlike his brother, Kavic is filled with malice and hatred, reviled and feared by his former village. Anyone from the Hidden Mist knows to avoid contact with him at all costs. Up until now, the village has kept his betrayal a secret, mostly because of his brother, so he is not so well known outside of the Hidden Mist. Though shinobi with access to a Bingo Book with his photo may have the good sense to avoid fighting him.
Classification: Rouge Ninja, combat specialist

Academy Grad Age: 8
Chuunin Exam Age: 9
Jounin Age: 16

Weapons: Nothing special, just the standards, kunai, shuriken, exploding tags, other standard ninja tools
Chakra Nature: Earth and Fire
Kekkai Genkai: None naturally, Possesses Earth Grudge Fear kinjutsu
Tailed Beast: No
Summoning:Eagles: Primarily used as transportation and surveillance

Chakra Level: Immense (Naturally advanced, however expanding his collection of hearts has given him far more chakra than most shinobi have naturally)
Chakra Control: Excellent(Age and experience)
Hand Seal Knowledge: Immense (Age and experience, similar effects to how the Second Hokage uses advanced water release techniques with no water present and only one hand seal. By virtue of both hand seal knowledge and chakra control)
Speed Level: Advanced
Skills and Abilities
Kavic lacks an affinity for the customary water style techniques customary of the Hidden Mist, and by way of that, unable to utilize his clan’s Ice Style Kekkei Genkai. Despite that, he is an extremely accomplished taijutsu practitioner, as well as having an incredible amount of chakra and ninjutsu at his fingertips. What’s more, his chakra control is honed to a very precise art, allowing him to utilize techniques effectively without using all of the hand seals. He has a few minor sealing techniques, though they are more for emergencies involving his brother than anything else. All of this makes him an extremely dangerous, versatile fighter, with whom battle is a losing proposition.
-Ninjutsu: Kavic is extremely skilled in the manipulation of Earth and Fire chakra, having a natural aptitude for both. However, by stealing hearts of shinobi with other chakra natures, he has gained access to the other three elements as well. While he is not as good with the other three elements, he has had plenty of time to practice with each, making any ninjutsu battle with him a dangerous proposition.

-Taijutsu: Kavic is built a fair bit larger than an average shinobi, standing head and shoulders above most of his formerly fellow villagers. Additionally, he commonly uses Earth Release to complement his fighting style, using the Land Spear, commonly known as iron-skin technique, to turn his body rock-solid in order to pack much more force behind his blows and provide a strong defensive advantage. However this size and the great strength that comes with it belie his surprising speed. This unexpected combination of strength and speed has often proven fatal to shinobi who thought to neutralize his ninjutsu and gain an advantage by closing to striking distance.

Signature Techniques:
Earth Release
-Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
-Earth Dragon Bullet
-Earth Flow River
-Ultra light-weight Rock Technique
-Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique
-Earth Wall
-Bedrock Coffin
-Earth Flow Divide
-Earth Corridor
-Hiding in Rocks
-Hiding like a mole
-Destructive Rising Rock Pillars
-Rock Pillar Spears
-Earth Shadow Clone
-Earth Spear

Fire Release
-Roaring Flame Sphere/great fire ball
-Intelligent Hard Work
-Pheonix Sage Fire
-Fire Dragon Bullet
*Lightning Release
-False Darkness
*Water Release
-Water Prison
-Water Dragon Bullet
*Wind Release
-Pressure Damage
-Four Symbols Seal
-Five Elements Seal
-Five Elements Unseal
-Shadow Clones
-Clone Great Explosion
-Killing Intent: Passively displayed towards Hidden Leaf women, though once Kavic gets wound up, others can feel it as well.

-Earth Grudge Fear
--Trinity Attack
--Medical Sewing
--Detaching/Independent Body parts and hearts
* Categories marked with (*) indicate natures only available with requisite heart

Paraphernalia: Mist Headband with line through it
Notes: (Opt.)
Theme Song: This

So begins...

Kavic Yuki's Story

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Kavic Yuki
Location: The Wilderness near the Hidden Stone Village (Iwagakure)

"Give your friends my regards, their hearts weren't worth the effort either." Kavic was kneeling over a Mist tracker ninja, the last of the three-man squad that had been tracking them, crushing the man's throat with his iron grip. Slowly, the man's gurgling and struggling died down, and with a shudder he passed. Kavic threw him towards the other two ninja, then quickly dragged the the three underground with the double suicide decapitation technique, more commonly known as the headhunter technique, to reduce the chance of someone finding their bodies. When he finished the grim work of disposing of the dead, he stood up and dusted off his hands. He then turned and stretched, looking towards his brother, Reiki. "That was... cathartic. Are you ready to get a move on?"

The pair of rogue ninja were in the bedrock hills surrounding the Hidden Stone Village. During their four months on the run, they had meandered across the main continent, eventually finding their way to the Hidden Stone. This was partly through the urging of Reiki, as the Jinchuuriki wanted to see some of the other villages, and they had opted to start with the furthest one from the Hidden Mist.

It had been a long journey, though the two of them had made good time as they made their way across the nations, eager to distance themselves from their former village. The time and distance from the Mist Village did nothing to reduce Kavic's hate, and when the brothers encountered tracker ninja from the Mist or shinobi from the lands they traveled through he was more than happy to kill them. Though the two of them never had any trouble with the groups they encountered they did try to avoid conflict when possible, wanting to avoid making enemies of the other major nations and drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

Kavic was glad to be rid of his pathetic Village and its pathetic shinobi. No longer did he have to listen to the hushed whispers and bear the accusing, judgmental looks of those who did not understand the price of true power. They scorned him and his efforts? Fine, they had only held him back anyway. No he was a free man, free to do what he wanted and to become as powerful as he could. Free to reconnect with his brother, the last of his immediate family, with whom he was denied a normal relationship for so long because of the younger's jinchuuriki status. Free to strike down those who would do harm to him or his brother. And free to pursue his revenge against the many who had wronged him. Yes, the time was coming when he would quench the rage within him with the blood of his enemies. And it would feel so very good.

Now, finally, they had arrived at their destination. It was time for his brother to see a new village.

"I don't think we've drawn much attention to ourselves, Reiki. We should be able to enter the Hidden Stone without difficulty, so long as we keep a low profile. I'm ready to get a move on, unless you wanted some more of my cooking." The elder brother gave a dry laugh. Food no longer held any taste for him, nevertheless it amused him to see his brother's reaction to his suitably terrible cooking.

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Reiki Yuki
Location: The Wilderness near the Hidden Stone Village

Reiki yawned, stretching from his seated position up against one of the many rather uncomfortable rock formations around them. His brother always made so much noise disposing of the unfortunate souls sent to retrieve them, or at least retrieve Reiki, no doubt their orders when going up against Kavic more liberal. Over the past months it had become increasingly obvious that they didn't stand much of a chance though, the normal hunters that were sent out not even requiring both brothers to move, and in fact they had taken to switching every once in awhile, though Kavic's easy to anger personality made it more likely that he was going to be the first one to act. "I suppose we can move on, not as if laying here is all that comfortable anyways." He said with a small sigh, lifting himself up from the seated position and stretching once again, his eyes looking over the dead bodies his brother had 'hidden'. They were obviously idiots, so few being sent to take them down, it was as if their village didn't even want to stop the brothers. Of course he knew that wasn't true, as one of their most powerful tools he was quite valuable, the beast within him the only real reason people cared that he was gone.

It's quite annoying to be treated like some sort of canister. A small, almost pompous, chuckle sounded out in his head, You think it's annoying? Imagine being me, I have been used as a tool for much longer, though some of my 'assignments' are better than others. Saiken was always quite entertaining, the six-tailed beast providing some commentary time to time, as well as matching Reiki's lazy personality for the most part, though the beast was much more self-entitled than Reiki, which was fine as they got along well enough for it to be more comical than serious. Reiki couldn't argue with Saiken's point though, the tailed beast had been used for much longer than Reiki and had even less freedom. Luckily for him he got along well with Saiken, the two of them finding it easy to relax and just enjoy their situation, both of them having been so since he was young. Of course that was why he also tried not to rely on Saiken unless he had to, which he couldn't remember ever having to do, using his own power first to not use his friend. Not that the beast had any problems with it, it was just how Reiki wanted it to be. It had been enough so far, perhaps in later days he would need to call upon the power, but for the time being it was unnecessary.

There were more important things to think about that being used by the village though, he had already escaped that and while they were pursuing it didn't change the fact that he was free, free to spend time with his brother, to see the world, to do whatever he wanted. At the current moment that meant finally going into his first Hidden Village since his home country, seeing what another lands capital looked like, and most likely not being troubled while inside, hunter-nin most likely giving pause to entering another countries Hidden Village. Reiki raised an eyes at his brothers statement though, a sour look touching his face at the idea, "I would rather eat dirt than have another bite of the concoction you dare refer to as food. I am still astounded at how you made that disgusting nightmare of a meal out of regular ingredients..." Reiki shook his head and nearly gagged at the thought, remembering the last 'meal' his brother had prepared for him, he would never make that mistake again. "Let us make haste before you get any ideas, perhaps once we arrive we can eat something good and sleep somewhere nice for a change." The idea of a decent meal and comfortable bed was enough to get Reiki moving, shaking off whatever traces of lethargy he had left and going to stand next to his brother, ready to get a move on.

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Kavic Yuki

Kavic laughed at his brother's assertions as to his terrible cooking as he removed his rogue ninja headband and stowed it in his pack. "Your choice brother, just don't expect to borrow my money if you use yours to pay for 'good food'. Though a night indoors doesn't sound objectionable." The two started off on the path towards the village, walking evenly over the ground as they rounded a bend in the road and found the village before them. Before they got within hearing distance of other people he said in a low voice to his brother, "It may be best if you don't openly associate with me once we enter the village. You are still likely one of our...old village's best kept secrets, though I suspect my face is already in a number of bingo books. Either one of us detected alone will raise a smaller response than the both of us. And what's more, they may not yet realize we're travelling together. It's to our advantage to maintain that illusion, and to not advertise our fraternal ties. It may be a nuisance, but every advantage helps in our situation."

As they neared the gates, Kavic secured his customary cloak around his person, his mask and head-covering all in place. Sure his face may be in some bingo books, but he didn't intend to give people a good look at his face. Hell, maybe the Hidden Stone didn't even bother to put him in theirs. He certainly wouldn't complain if that turned out to be the case. Regardless, he let Reiki take the lead going into the hidden village, saying, "You're the one who wanted to come here. You lead on, I'll be around." With that he allowed his brother to drift ahead of him, he was the one who had wanted to see this village anyway. He was careful to maintain enough distance that the casual observer would not discern that the two were a pair, while perhaps a more astute observer would come to the incorrect idea that Kavic was attempting to secretly tail Reiki.

While he kept an eye on his brother, he pretended to busy himself with stalls along the way, examining different arrays of food, drink, toys, and trinkets. He wasn't actually interested in anything these people were selling, though he did feel something twinge in him. Despite the foreign attire and customs of the people here, as well as the difference in building styles, it was unmistakably a ninja village. Their were shinobi peacefully walking the streets, relaxing between missions, children running along rooftops and playing 'ninja', and a host of other little things that reminded him of his old life in the Mist Village. He shook his head, reminded of how much he hated his old village. Sometimes he wondered what would have happened if he hadn't been a Mist shinobi, belonging instead to one of the other villages. Seeing this village, he felt that nothing would have changed. These villagers would fear and scorn a monster in their midst, it was just human nature.

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Reiki Yuki

Kavic had always been rather tolerable of unsavory things, and for the most part it didn't bother him, but the cooking was unacceptable and he refused to eat any more of that dreadful 'food'. "I have money, and if I need more I can find someone else to pay for it, I've always been good at that." He chuckled slightly before taking on a more sour expression, turning to look at his brother as they neared the village. He disliked how Kavic had been so distant whenever they passed a village with any ties to one of the Hidden Villages. Kavic was being overly cautious, keeping his distance from Reiki just because of the possibility that someone would recognize him. Sure it was a risk and could mean trouble, but they were far from the Hidden Mist and they hadn't been openly aggressive towards random people along their way, it could be assumed that no other Hidden Villages were actively hunting either of them. Of course the thought of a Bingo Book containing Kavic wasn't impossible, he was a high ranking Shinobi and his rogue status was brother to the forefront of Reiki's mind when his brother shoved his headband away. The younger brother had long since tossed his headband, not feeling a particular attachment to it and never wearing it to begin with. With all that in mind Reiki simply kept his mouth shut, a small sigh escaping but no attempt to dissuade Kavic, letting his older brother do as he pleased.

Reiki nodded to Kavic, walking into the village casually, giving no signs that he knew his brother was following him, not wanting the separation to mean nothing by someone figuring it out because of him. He would simply do what he wanted to in the first place, walk around and explore a bit, see what this village was like compared to his home country. Truthfully it was very similar, not in appearance but in general atmosphere, people wandering around and talking, kids playing, ninja wandering about for different reasons. He was sure most of them didn't notice anything strange by his presence, but he was being a tad cautious, he knew in a Hidden Village there would be some who would sense his presence, perhaps not know exactly who it was in the bustling streets or how immense his chakra was but it was a possibility. For the time being he monitored the surroundings, checking to see if he had alerted anyone yet while trying his best to look like another everyday person or tourist, acting interested in small trinkets and stands on the side of the road. At one point he even stopped to give some rather flirtatious words to an attractive store manager, though it hadn't truly been for the sake of his cover, more a force of habit that he couldn't stop himself from indulging in.

He was only able to be cautious for so long though, soon finding himself bored at just looking and deciding to duck into one of the many small restaurants in Iwagakure. He smirked as he remembered what his brother had said, he would have to manage his money properly to make sure he always had the funds to enjoy the 'good food' as Kavic termed it. Honestly he wasn't that picky when it came to food, he could deal with decent or sub-par food most of the time but he Kavic's cooking, that wasn't going to happen anymore. So he stopped in the small restaurant, ordering enough food for two people easily, waiting for Kavic to come and join him or simply letting it be an annoying sight for his over protective brother to look upon. Either way he was going to eat, Kavic could do what he wanted.

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Hakui Gekizai
The Devil's Surgeon
Location: Outside of Iwagakure

Hakui crept silently through the forests outside of Iwagakure. He'd heard that Koota and Takezo were heading from there toward the Land of Honey. It had been his idea to meet there. His plan was to hold the meeting silently, in the darkness of night, to discuss a more permanent location. Then, like an ungodly disease, rotting inside the bountiful cities of the Land of Honey, they would leave as an illness does once they were quite finished. Violently. Hakui had to smirk. It was going to be such a good day. He'd started this particular morning with a very successful experiment in Chakra maniuplation. He'd learned that Darkness was the only type of Nature that could hold Chakra's of other natures. That poor little Water type ninja. Hakui had hoped Water would be the most flexible of all the other natures, that it would accept Darkness type. It really was a pity. That poor man, he was in a better place, resting in pieces. Hakui bowed for a moment in silence of his contribution to medicine.

At that precise moment, Koota and Takezo were walking down the path he was hiding in. It had to be them, one of them was wearing an Akatsuki robe. He waited a moment, just to confirm and heard them speaking. "At any rate, my infiltration was a failure, I ran into a woman with a monstrous amount of chakra. The old man then began to babble, I had to make a tactful retreat or waste time talking about his old days. Since we have one success I suggest we head to the Land of Honey for the next meeting, after all a prosperous country such as that would never expect an organization like Akatsuki to use it as a temporary meeting place. My compliments to whoever came up with the idea." The other, not wearing his robes, only nodded, finally donning the black robes that confirmed his status as a member of the new Akatsuki. Waiting till they had past him, Hakui burst from the foliage. "At last," he proclaimed, "Hakui, The Black Scalpel is here! Thank you ever so much for your compliments about my genius. I figured that it would be the best place to plan our permanent location. Finally, when we're done with the place, I suggest we raze it to the ground, as a sign of things to come. The Akatsuki is back, gentlemen, and I think it is time we said 'hello.'"


Seiji Hyuga
Konoha's Great Blazing Spirit
Location: Room 6 of the Ninja Academy, Konoha

Kami looked at Seiji with a grin and simply stated, "When we fight, if you can't hold your own against me for three minutes, then your not worthy to be called a Hyuuga Prodigy." Kami said this in a hostile voice before turning and walking back into the classroom with the rest of students. Seiji's cheek's flushed and his eyes blazed with spirit. Seiji burst out the door after him and called after him, "Just because You're a jinchuuriki doesn't mean you can go underestimating whoever you want! Just you wait Ookami-ni-san!"

Walking back into the room, Seiji sat down in a chair, his thoughts were racing, his heart thumping in his chest. "Just you wait Ookami-ni, just you wait..." Finally, after he'd settled down, he heard Kumo-nee-chan speak up. "Alright, some family history I am guessing." She said to attempt to lighten the mood. "And to answer your question, my mission is to assist Leaf Ninja in what ever way I can, and it isn't rude to ask, it is actually pretty smart. Never know what someone is planning, so asking is good." Seiji nodded in response to the compliment, "Thank you."

"And you," She turned herself to face Ryu, "If you ever need help learning control over Kurama, don't be afraid to ask. Nibi says she is still looking for a match to see who is the better, she says he fought dirty last time. Don't worry, she is just a big kitty cat." She then turned to Mei-sensei. "So, you want me to stick around? I could help with your team exercises, although we might start our Genin off a tad differently in the Cloud. Do you have giant animals in the nearby forests?"

At the mention of giant animals, Seiji stood up. "Oh boy! Really? I've been wanting to try fighting something like that for a while! Please Mei-sensei?" For added effect, Seiji even used big fake puppy-dog eyes. It probably wasn't as cute and persuasive as he thought it was though, those white eyes were kinda freaky sometimes, people often told him so.