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Ken Kaguya

Return of the Kaguya

0 · 141 views · located in The Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: New World Order”, originally authored by Venom0861, as played by RolePlayGateway


"I will prove myself to the village."

Name: Kaguya Kanashia
Name Meaning: Kaguya Blade
Nickname(s): Ken (others tba if shown in rp)
Title(s): n/a (for now)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Notable Features: Two red dots located directly above her eyes. Very pale skin no sunburn.

Personality: She rarely shows emotions. She does have emotions, but keeps them deeply hidden finding them to relay weakness. A kind person at heart. Very loyal to the friends she has made.

Family: Kaguya
Blood Type: A-
Birthday: January 12
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Marital Status: Single
Goal: Learn more about her blood right and find more people like herself. Prove to the village that she isn't a danger to them.

History: She was born to a normal family in the Hidden Leaf Village. It was instantly noticed that she had two red dots above her eyes. The village elders were told and found the reason. She was a distant descendant of the Kaguya Clan. The family was encouraged to abandon the child for fear of the capabilities that she may show. Against the judgement of the elders they kept and raised the child in the best way that they could teaching him of the ways of her lost clan. At a young age she showed that she was able to use Shikotsumyaku. The elders again implored the family to leave the child and force him out of the village. The family cared to much about their son and again went against the council's decision and enrolled their son in the Ninja Academy. She showed profound skill in the art of Taijutsu though she lacked skill in the more complicated Ninjutsu. At the age of 13 she graduated from the academy and was joined with her team of Genin. At this time she dropped her family's name and took the name of her ancestors.

Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Fame Level: Spoken Of Status- As a user of the Shikotsumyaku she is known around the village. While most accept him others fear him and what she is capable of.
Classification: Stealth
Clan: Kaguya (distant descendant/bastard child)

Academy Grad Age: 13
Chuunin Exam Age: N/A
Jounin Age: N/A
Kage Age: N/A

Weapons: Bone Blades
Chakra Nature: Lightning
Kekkai Genkai: Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse)
Tailed Beast: none
Summoning: not as of current

Chakra Level: Basic
Chakra Control: Decent
Hand Seal Knowledge: Experienced
Speed Level: Advanced- Extensive Taijutsu training to manipulate the use of the bloodline.

Skills and Abilities
Focuses in Taijutsu based combat and swordplay. Can use basic ninjutsu but prefers to let the other members of the team handle that combat. Ranged combat is accomplished by firing bone fragments.

Signature Techniques:
Dance of the Camellia
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Dance of the Larch
Dance of the Seedling Fern
Dance of the Willow
Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets

Paraphernalia: currently none
Notes: (Opt.)
Theme Song: (Opt.)

So begins...

Ken Kaguya's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Mei Uchiha Character Portrait: Uchiha Ryu Character Portrait: Ookami Hyuga Character Portrait: Seiji Hyuuga Character Portrait: Ken Kaguya
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Seiji Hyuga
Konoha's Great Blazing Spirit
Location: Konohagakure

Seiji and Ryu laughed and returned to their seats. Seiji was directly in the middle of the class, a perfect spot for taking notes. Seiji watched with a heavy heart as Ryu walked up to his seat in the back row. A couple of kids slightly slid away from him as he walked up and in-between the rows. It wasn't right. Sure he was a jinchuuriki, that didn't make him a monster. From what he knew, Ryu was a perfectly fine ninja, who had never shown an ounce of murderous intent in his life. It wasn't right, the way they treated him. Holding on to their parent's old grudges. Seiji resolved to be good friends with Ryu, even if they weren't partners. It wasn't fair to him to judge him because of the demon inside him.

Taking his seat, he settled in, knowing it could be a while longer until the papers declaring the teams actually showed up. Everyone was so excited, people were actually getting their teams today. Everyone was excited, everyone except the girl with the white hair, she looked like she barely cared about what was happening around her. Seiji had opened his notebook and was doodling ideas for new jutsu, when suddenly the door opened. He stood up in his seat, his whole face shining with excitement. Seiji wasn't the only one who did so, almost the whole class had reacted to the arrival of the official looking man. One kid had even fainted, Seiji only chuckled.

"Settle down class." Morinaka-sensei said to the class as the man walked in. "Don't just assume it's your team assignments, and even if it is, you should SIT DOWN!" he shouted, launching a piece of chalk which hit Ryu dead center of his forehead protector, knocking him over. Seiji was too distracted by Ryu's predicament that he didn't notice the piece of chalk fly towards his head. Reacting quickly, Seiji lashed out with his right hand, Gentle Fist activated, and smashing the chalk and creating a small powder poof at his hand. "Oops..." Seiji said, "Sorry, I'll clean it up later." Then the man spoke up.

"Actually, these are the team assignments Morinaka-san." the official said as they handed over a folder to Morinaka-sensei. "Yes!" Seiji thought. "This is it!" Ryu had voiced what seemed to be the class' unspoken anticipation. "Hurry, read them!" Ryu said, who was then hit by another piece of chalk in exactly the same place, Morinaka-sensei not even turning to see who shouted. Ryu quickly got up and sat in his chair to the laughter of most the class, Seiji couldn't help it, he had to chuckle, Ryu was funny, even if it was in a clumsy sort of way.

At that moment, Ookami Hyuga strolled into the classroom. Morinaka sensei was beginning the pairings, calling off their classmates and grouping them together, then sending them off to meet their jonin senseis. Ookami walked towards a desk second from the back. "Sorry I'm late Morinaka sensei, I had some important stuff to do." Ookami said with a smile as most of the girls began throwing hearts at him. "What a show off. Just you wait Ookami..." Seiji thought. "You think that's a good reason to show up to my class late Ookami." Morinaka sensei said as he threw an eraser at Ookami's head. "Ouch sensei." Kami cooed as he sat down and locked eyes with Seiji. Seiji only scoffed and turned his attention back to Morinaka sensei. Seiji had heard his name. "Next team: Seiji Hyuga, Ryu Uchiha, and Kanashia Kayuga. Please report to room Six to meet your sensei." Seiji stood, pointing at the Uchiha boy, "Seems like we're gonna be partners, I hope you aren't knocking me over for the rest of our time together." Seiji said with a laugh. Momentarily locking eyes with the Kayuga girl, Seiji smiled, trying to be nice. They were comrades now, even closer than schoolyard aquaintances, they were going to be teammates. Seiji got up and walked with his new team mates to room six and sat down in a chair Their sensei hadn't shown up yet, so Seiji figured he'd start the party. "Well, it's nice to meet you guys, I'm Seiji Hyuga, Konoha's Great Blazing Spirit! I'm a member of the main branch, so no, I don't have the seal on my head. I can use the Byakugan as well as the Gentle Fist. I'm looking forward to spending my days as a genin with you guys. Can't wait to get started!" Seiji said with a smile. He knew Ryu well enough to know that he was a nice kid and they'd get along, but he knew nothing about the Kayuga girl. He hoped she was nice, that she'd be a good teammate.