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Naruto  -  paraverse 2.0

Naruto - paraverse 2.0


Alternate Naruto different, Naruto doesn't really have much to do with the story

532 readers have visited Naruto - paraverse 2.0 since Zarob created it.


You are a student at the Konohagakure Ninja Academy, your dream is your own, and you will make it happen, or you'll die, or you'll get married to a hot ninja and have a bunch of ninja babies, I DON'T KNOW, ITS YOUR STORY, YOU TELL ME WHAT YOUR GONA DO.

Set one year after first chapter of Naruto, with some changes: the Uchiha never rebelled (Sasuke is a happy little kid, Itachi is one of the jonin instructors the genin will end up with), Naruto has been captured by akatsuki a day after Madara's fight with the 4th, Orochimaru's still out there (since itachi never joined akatsuki he isn't obsessed with getting a sharingan), and many other things.

You and your class mates will train, fight and try to stay alive together in this strangely orchestrated version of Naruto.
I need academy students to be your main characters, but i will also need other people to be represented in the story,
for now i'm looking for:

instructors (you come up later in the story):
-Kimimaro (i told you things are different)

I will organize story arcs for individual teams which i will also need people for, and i will try to not have more than one player in each story.

Your main character Will be a student, that will develop as time goes on. Your character will branch out, but for now only knows E-rank techniques (how well u decide, but keep in mind Naruto ended up a badass, even though he started as a failure):

So now, here is your character sheet (you'll change it over time):

Age:(10-13 (10 being genius, 13 being loser, 11/12 being average)
Clan: (see allowed clans)
Kekkei Genkai:
Equipment: (please include clothing here)

Elemental affinity: (only 2, and for clans like uchiha u must pick the clan standard one (in this case fire)
(we can discuss going on multiple elements if u wish)
Jutsu: Kawarimi (body replacement jutsu), Bunshin no Jutsu (illusion clone), Henge no Jutsu (transformation technique)
(these are mandatory jutsu you must know as an academy student)

Bio: (please start wish childhood stuff, and then add like 1-3 sentences for life changing events that occur later on)

allowed clans:
Aburame Clan (shino)
Akimichi Clan (choji)
HyΕ«ga Clan (hinata/neji)
Nara Clan (shikamaru)
Sarutobi Clan (asuma/the 3rd)
Senju Clan (tsunade/the 1st/the 2nd)
Uchiha Clan (sasuke/itachi)
Yamanaka Clan (ino)
1. i tell you what jutsu you will recieve (the starter ones are in the character sheet [also the academy starter jutsu are mandatory]) this helps me control character development
2. You can have, even create jutsu by the hundreds, but plz, ask permission to add them to your character (i dont want to have genin for example, using manhekyou sharingan)
3. No god modding - it make it lame, even for you.
4. i try to make this a story driven roleplay - u build up on ur character, meet mentors, so on and so forth - also i hope i can avoid having to resort to a stat calculation

***more will be added***

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Naruto by Zarob


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Naruto by Zarob


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