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Hayato Nishimura

"Be like the sun, and what is within you will warm the earth"

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a character in “Naruto: Rengogun”, as played by TomorrowsHerald




"Be like the sun, and what is within you will warm the earth"

"You say my "new abilities" are fearsome? I would trade them all if it meant I could heal again!"

Surname: Nishimura
Forename: Hayato
Nickname: Haya
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin
Height: 5'6
Weight: 128 ibs
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
Blood type: A -
Clan (if any): -
Kekai Genkai: -
Chakra Type: Fire (Formally Water)
Team number: 6
Team members: Takehiko Yamaguchi, Ken Hamasaki, Miyu Nakahara


Childhood history: Hayato was born in the Land of Waves some fourteen years ago. Like most of the populace in the island nation, the Nishimura family lived in a small fishing village on the eastern coast. Hayato's father was a retired soldier and fisherman, while his mother was a healer and herbalist. Both his parents met in the aftermath of the Third Shinobi Great War, a time when the Island was threatened by various pirate raiders left unchecked by the warring ninja villages.

Hayato's early childhood was spent in peace, learning the fisherman's trade from his father. Though not a Ninja, his mother none the less employed Chakra in her healing; she taught her son enough to help her administrate to the villagers during a particularly vicious sickness, but little beyond a cooling "spell" for fevers. The mother's teachings where more inclined with the practical applications of the discipline; the effects of the local flora, bandaging a wound and above all calmness in the face of pressure.

Though the lad took to his father's teachings with all the diligence expected of him, it became clear that Hayato's heart lay elsewhere. He didn’t play the same games as other boys his age, a fact for which he was often bullied; prompting his father to teach him the basic self-defense stances. Hayato was a distinctly feminine personality, he loved his mother and younger sister and dreamed of becoming ether a healer like his mother or an artist.

Sadly, all such musings were cut short. On his sixth year of age, Gato; the infamous businessman and de facto ruler of the Land of Waves sent his men to besiege the Nishimura family's home village. Over the years since Gato's arrival at the island, the village had become the center of a growing coalition of local nobles set on deposing Gato and his minions. Furious, Gato intended to starve the villagers into submission; but the villagers fought against Gato's mercenaries. It was a massacre, those who fought as did Hayato's father died. Noncombatants fleeing the burning village on board any ship that could be put to sea where targeted by Gato's blockading fleet and sunk.

Hayato managed to save his two year old sister from the sinking wreck of one the ships, but could not find his mother in the chaos. If not for a passing Hidden Mist patrol ship, the two siblings would have undoubtedly joined their neighbors in the ocean depths. As an orphan, Hayato's fate was decided the moment he landed in the Land of Water. He was quickly drafted to the Hidden Village's ninja program and separated from his sister as was custom in the old "Bloody Mist".

Hayato was only trained for three years before he was sent into his first battle. Kiri under the rule of its 4th Mizukage had fallen into a state of internal strife and civil war. During the closing months of the tyrannical leader's reign, even academy students were sent to confront the rebel army in the final battles of the war.
Hayato killed his first foe in the war, perverting his knowledge of the human body to stab the rebel ninja in exactly the right place for him to die instantly. Despite this "victory" Hayato hated the fighting, even as a child he could not see his stake in it. When his unit was finally cornered at the outskirts of the village during the final battle, Hayato surrendered to the rebels willingly enough.

With the war ended, Hayato and others like him were sent back to the academy for reeducation under the new administration of the 5th Mizukage. As the former Spartan and often cruel methods of the bloody mist gave way to a more humane village culture, Hayato was allowed to reunite with his sister and received a small flat funded by the village in return for a cut in his future mission pay. Hayato trained for a further two years before graduating at the age of 11 as a member of a medic training team.

Operational history: Hayato is among the very few of his generation to have seen service in the 4th Shinobi Great War. Though he didn't do any actual fighting, even the experience as an apprentice medic was horrific; since both veterans and novices alike were eventually called to administrate care to the wounded. Hayato's team was stationed near the Alliance Headquarters when the 10 tails attack came.

Though his team survived, just barely and with nasty injuries, Hayato was never the same again. Weeks after the end of the war and the team's subsequent recovery, Hayato struggled to perform even the most basic Jutsus. An examination revealed that exposure to the Ten tails chakra had transmuted his chakra pathways, reversing Hayato's very elemental affinity from water to fire as well as tarnishing his ability to control and regulate his power.

If not for his sister, Hayato would have simply retired as a ninja as most who'd suffered such a grievous handicap would have chosen. In Hayato's case however there was never much of a choice in his eyes. A contract had to be maintained between the siblings and the village. If he could not repay the debt to the village, his sister would undoubtedly have to enroll as a Ninja; a path Hayato refused to allow his sister to go through.

Hayato enrolled in various retraining programs designed to adapt wounded Ninja to their handicaps and overcome them. Despite his best efforts, it took him two years before Hayato had sufficiently regained control his chakra to pass the reinstatement exam. His sister had meanwhile enrolled in Kiri's Ninja program with a condition to opt out should her brother recover. A year into her training, she refused to give up her studies despite Hayato's recovery and protests.

Though acceptably recovered, Hayato no longer has the chakra control required to use most of his healing jutsu's. In his new team of rookies, Hayato specialized in Shuriken and fire Ninjutsu, providing light healing and generally acting as support for the two knuckle head hard hitters of his team.

Family: Hayato's only living relative is his younger sister, Kasumi Nishimura, now a ten year old academy student of Kirigakure. The relationship between the two siblings is one of unconditional affection, Hayato practically raised his sister and she thinks the world of him for it. In recent years, their relationship has become strained; since Hayato adamantly refuses to acknowledge his sister's intention to become a Ninja.

Kasumi for her part is no longer willing to let her brother carry the burden of service to the village alone. Despite the argument, the two siblings try to ignore their differences of opinion whenever they have time together. At the moment their relationship is best served through distance, until Hayato learns to accept that his sister is no longer a baby girl to be coddled.


General Description: Hayato's behavior confounds members of his own generation, but is easily understood by older veterans of the 4th and 3rd Shinobi Great Wars. Outwardly he is an annoyingly cheerful personality, permanently optimistic and disturbingly unaffected by gruesome scenes of death and carnage. This facade isn't exactly new, those few academy students thrown into the fighting of Kiri's Civil War all have a coping mechanism to deal with the butchery they witnessed as their ranks where decimated.

In Hayato's case that coping mechanism is an unquestioning belief that everything will be OK, that all the suffering and death are for a greater unseen purpose.In his newest team, Hayato does all he can to support his teammates; be it a shoulder to cry on as they each preformed their first kills or a trusted foundation of professionalism to lead them whenever their Jonin-sensei is unavailable. Though his days as a medic are over, Hayato cannot and will not accept the abandonment of any comrade in the field so long as there is something to be done for them.

Despite these commendable qualities, Hayato isn't as stable as his peers believe. Only his sister knows how fragile Hayato's self-confidence and psychology are. Inwardly, the experiences of two short but vicious conflicts and his ongoing process of adaptation from the injuries of the latter placed a heavy burden on Hayato's shoulders. As a ninja, Hayato has come to think of himself as a tool rather then a person; existing to serve a cause greater then his petty self. He cares little for his well being, he misleads all of his friends of allies with a mask of smiles so that they may take heart... and leave him alone.

For so long everything he did was done for the sole prosperous of giving his sister a peaceful life and an island of normality for his own tortured soul . Now that she has chosen the shinobi path, Hayato feels lost. He keeps going because he does not know what else to do, but even his teammates so used to his unconditional support have started to notice the cracks on the mask.

Major interest: Medicine

Worst skill: Taijutsu

Hobbies: History, seashell collecting, fishing and drawing.

Talents: Knowledgeable of human anatomy, the use of herbs and poisons, healing theory and practical application.

Shortcomings: With his chakra mashed up as it is, advanced medical arts and genjutsu are well outside his ability to master. Though he does not admit it, the use of chakra sometimes causes him physical pain.

Likes: Humor, team camaraderie, sweet rolls, the countryside, healing

Dislikes: Sailing, arrogant bravado, needlessly messy poisons, alcohol


Main weapon: Kiri curved kunais

Second weapon(s): Shuriken & Senbon

Character unique items: An advanced first aid kit; complemented by a chemistry set to create and detoxicate poisons, various herbs and a field notebook of identification and use and components for the manufacture of soldier pills. Several storage scrolls of weapon replacement and field rations. (one of these scrolls holds a tent for three people as well as clothes and sleeping bags, Hayato is used to taking care of pretty much all of the needs of his teammates , since they tend to pack at the last minute for missions and quite badly at that)



D - Rank jutsu:
* Kage Shuriken no Jutsu: hides a Shuriken in the shadow of another
* Sōshuriken no Jutsu: Allows control of Shuriken's flight by the use of ninja wire
* Katon: Kasai-meisai no jutsu: Similar to the hidden in the water technique, the user may conceal himself inside flames rather then water.

C - Rank jutsu:
* Gen'ei Tajū Shuriken: Replicates Shuriken while in flight, ideally to be used by three Shinobi as a collaborative technique.
* Katon: Kasairappa: A transmuted version of the Suiton: Mizurappa , releasing dark purple wave like flames instead of water.

B - Rank jutsu:
* Kasai-Kiri no Jutsu: A transmuted version of the hidden mist technique, replaced by a cloud of flames rather then mist. The attack consumes a much larger chakra cost then its original counterpart and is still in development, not a compete jutsu. Hayato can only use this power to its fullest potential if large fires are already burning in the are of casting. This former D-rank jutsu has been upgraded to a C-rank for its chakra cost and damage potential.
* Chakura no Mesu: Though the mystical palm technique no longer matches Hayato's ability to control his chakra, he can still create and hold a chakra scalpel and preform field surgery on wounded comrades. Hayato can preform other minor medical jutsu's but most of his current healing ability comes from mundane skills. Hayato cannot use the Chakra palms in combat.


Favorite Sin: Wrath

Favorite Virtue: Kindness

Favorite season: Spring

Lucky number: 24

Favorite color: Bright yellow

Favorite drink: Green tea

Favorite fruit: Undecided

Favorite food: Smoked salmon

Time of day: Midday

Favorite animal: Hawk


So begins...

Hayato Nishimura's Story

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Character Portrait: Ionella Mao Character Portrait: Areesia Segawa Character Portrait: Hayato Nishimura Character Portrait: Yoshiro Hagoromo
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The sun-rays of dawn flickered across the waters of the Great Western Ocean, as if they were glimmers of light on a ballroom floor. Here; thousands of miles away the main continent of the Elemental Nations the world was left unaltered in its pristine beauty. Distant specks of green representing largely unexplored jungles broke the dominant blue of the sea. These were the uncharted islands; nominally territories of the Land of Water though few were ever visited by that great power's representatives or any human being at all for that matter. Beyond these islands lay a seemingly infinite expanse of water, and stories of other continents beyond.

Only the somewhat sentient dolphins could appreciate the puzzling sightings of almost a hundred small fishing boats, all in the vicinity of one of the larger islands in the territory. Most of these ships held no conscious operators and appeared to be drifting but a mysterious force none the less held the ships in the region and seemed to prevent individual ships from encountering any of their counterparts.

Onboard one of this ships, four unconscious youths lay on the deck. Each seemed to be in a deep sleep, undisturbed by their damp clothing, seemingly collected over several hours of their unaware state. The various symbols on their forehead protectors declared both their Shinobi training and their allegiance to their respective villages. An astute observer may have guessed the nature of their congregation in this specific place at this timeframe, but no one was to be had. Only seagulls maneuvered the air currents above the boat and they didn't care much for the hairless monkeys, they were not the sweet juicy fish they were looking for.
The youngest of their number stirred, battling the induced substance that had placed him in the clutches of the unnaturally still sleep. After several minutes of a dazed half awareness, the boy rushed to the starboard beam of the ship and vomited; whether from a side effect of the sleeping substance or just sea sickness was anyone's guess.

Yoshiro Hagoromo was one step away from an enraged fury; when he agreed to partake in these exams he was never told he would be drugged and tossed onboard a drifting ship. Sand ninja were not naturally born sailors; sea sickness was even rumored to be the primary reason why Land of Water and the Land of Wind had never fought a war against the other. Several moments past before the faded green headed lad felt steady enough to immerse himself in his surroundings.

The ship was around 40 feet long and about half a dozen feet wide, primarily constructed out of wood and industrial fibers. Yoshiro had only seen the sea once before in his life so he could not ascertain the ships type but guessed it was involved in fishing, judging by the various rolls of nets onboard. A small cabin at the rear end of the ship appeared to serve as the control room and a small door built into the ship's interior suggested there were more rooms inside. A folded sail held by a large wooden poll suggested the vessel could function on wind power, though a quick inspection of the ship's rear revealed that it was primarily powered by a motor engine.

The most interesting aspect of the ship was its cargo; 3 other shinobi from various villages none of whom his own and four bags packed with equipment, one of which he recognized as the property of Suna from its style, design and emblem.
Yoshiro examined but otherwise didn't disturb the foreign ninja; he would let them wake up in their own time. Two were girls; the black haired one was from Konoha, stereotyped in Suna as naïve tree hugging mama's boys. The taller white haired girl hailed from Iwagakure, mocked in Suna for being humorless, unimaginative and losing several wars (while conveniently ignoring Suna's similar history).

Yoshiro was a snob and didn't deny it, but he was also a professional ninja so he was well above these preconceptions. None the less, he judged that the blond Kiri ninja was probably insane since no civilized people could possibly live in an environment which required its people to travel by sea. Maybe that was the reason The Hidden Mist was the most infamous among the five powerful ninja villages; for killing more of its own people in less than a decade then all of its slain enemies combined.
A note nailed to his bag made clear what had occurred and why four different Shinboi had been spilt away from their original teams and put together:


Greetings and good tidings,

The village Hidden in the Mist welcomes you; participants of the present Chunin exams, both fellow comrades in arms of our home village and members/affiliates of our illustrious Shinobi Alliance.

All of you have been judged worthy candidates for promotion, based on the recommendations of your Jonin-instructors and Kage. The following package contains your sealed orders for both the first and second tests of these exams. Be advised that you may only consult the orders for the second test once you complete the first. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

This test begins the moment all applicants onboard this boat regain consciousness.

Good Luck


Sure enough, two small packages had been placed in the bag, along with equipment; such as clothing, bedding and various utensils. The Hagaromo carefully unraveled the first of these packages.

Sealed Orders – Test 01B

1. All prior team formations are henceforth annulled until the conclusion of these exams.
2. All occupants of this vessel are hereby registered as a temporary squad for the duration of these exams.
3. Mission goals: Reach the specified Island, location is provided in this ship's navigation charts.
4. Duration: 96 hours
5. Disqualifiers: Squad numbers less than three members, failure to comply with time limit and crippling of vessel.
6. Squad may revoke a member's candidacy from the Chunin exams by majority vote.
7. Each participant in the exams has the right to withdraw his candidacy.