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a character in “Naruto: Rengogun”, as played by TomorrowsHerald




"Your character's quote here, should be expressive of his personality"

"A common phrase the character says often here"

Surname: Hagoromo
Forename: Yoshiro
Nickname: -
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Genin
Height: 4'11
Weight: 109 ibs
Hair color:
Eye color:
Blood type:
Clan (if any):
Kekai Genkai: (Just the name, describe it in full in abilities)
Chakra Type: (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth or water - choose ONE primary and ONE secondary)
Team number: (What was the number of your character's original team?)
Team members: (List the names of your original team from Jonin to your two other comrades, later on we will create Kabuto styled information cards for them in the OOC section, they will be NPC's in the story)

(Note that you can change the code of the color of the pic to match that of your name)

Childhood history: (Prior to becoming a Genin, how where your character's childhood years? how did he fair in the academy? was he a star pupil? a social outcast? a bully? the class president? How did the ongoing war affect his childhood? Did people close to him perish in the conflict?)

Operational history: (Since becoming a Genin has the character been active for long? Or was his team only created recently?)

Family: (if any, who raised the character? does he have grandparents, Parents or Siblings? if so, what is their relationship?


General Description: (Describe your character's personality, how he reacts to people, what is his/hers attitude to life, how he thinks?)

Motive: (What is are your character's goals? why does he live? why does he fight? is it to avenge a loved one? to protect his or her village? or is the character just trying to do his duty and stay alive? or, is he a coward, why?)

Major interest: (What is the singe most important interest to your character?)

Worst skill: (What is "that subject" the character never quite figured out? could be anything from Math to Genjutsu)

Hobbies: (Does not have to be a Shinobi issue, Jiraiya liked to write and peep, I am sure some Shinobi like to fish,dance or gamble, what are your character's hobbies?)

Talents: (Like hobbies,you could be talented in healing, or maybe in bargaining?)

Shortcomings:(weaknesses, not necessarily what your character can't do, maybe if your character is very skilled at Genjutsu but has also attention deficit disorder? Maybe, a selfless healer is also stubbornly convinced he is doing the right thing when he isn't?)




Main weapon: (What is that weapon your character always takes out first? could be a Kunai, could be a sword or a fan ((sounds familiar), or maybe the character does not have one, that's also possible)

Second weapon(s): (Don't think in terms of if not the main weapon, then that - A shinobi should have different weapons for different situations, maybe the second weapon is a ranged one while the first is a melee one? such as needles?)

Character unique items: (choose 1-5, remember you only have one small backpack and most of it is full of basic supplies. I won't set defined limits on the general items you can carry but be realistic, take the time to choose 1-5 items important enough to your character to carry with into the battlefield. Maybe a special toxic grenade, or maybe a simple flute? Weapons are excluded from this list )



D - Rank jutsu: (choose about 5, give or take, remember that E ranked Jutsu are known to your character already)

C - Rank jutsu: (choose about one to three)

B - Rank jutsu: (I would prefer only one or two from this area)


(Delete this line: completely optional, you may choose to fill in these details for fun and to increase the deapth of character, if not just delete the section)

Favorite Sin:

Favorite Virtue:

Favorite season:

Lucky number:

Favorite color:

Favorite drink:

Favorite fruit:

Favorite food:

Time of day:

Favorite animal:

[img]PLACE%20VILLAGE%20SYMBOL%20HERE,%20LINKS%20BELOW[/img] ... Symbol.svg ... Symbol.svg ... 0519134804 ... ol.svg.png ... -prefix=es

So begins...

Yoshiro's Story