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Yoshiro Hagoromo

"Plans are fragile things and life often dashes expectations to the ground"

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a character in “Naruto: Rengogun”, as played by TomorrowsHerald




"Plans are fragile things and life often dashes expectations to the ground"

"Nothing is impossible with chakra"

Surname: Hagoromo
Forename: Yoshiro
Nickname: Rei calls him Yoshi, but only because she can get away with it
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Genin
Height: 4'11
Weight: 109 ibs
Hair color: Grey green
Eye color: Faded green & faded brown
Blood type: O -
Clan (if any): Hagoromo no Suna
Kekai Genkai: Angel's raiment
Chakra Type: Wind, Haneton (bloodline): Feather release
Team number: 7
Team members:Sebaku no Temari, Rei Hagoromo, Haruto Ueno


Clan history: The Hagoromo clan is a forgotten name in the elemental nations, a name largely shaped by disasters or "divine curses" according to the clan's elders. During the Warring Clans era, the Hagoromo was the prominent ally of the Uchiha in a relationship not dissimilar to that of the distant kinship between Senju and the Uzumaki. During the clan wars, the Hagoromo clan aided the Uchiha clan in battle in the role of auxiliaries capable of almost matching the Senju's chakra and endurance through their own bloodline limit. In the final battle and defeat prior to the creation of Konohagakure, the clan refused to accept what it saw as the Uchiha cowardice. The young Konohagakure was forced to fight a short war against the stubborn clan, defeating them decisively after several battles. The first Hokage, a merciful man by nature, allowed the survivors of the defeated clan to go into exile rather then be put to the sword.

Most of the survivors of this broken clan scattered across the lands losing their identity inside of a generation or two, but one among the surviving clan leaders refused to surrender the clan's years of tradition; his name, Hashiwa Hagoromo . It was he who guided the remaining loyal members of his clan beyond the furthest reaches of Land of Wind, surviving by returning to the old ways of the desert; acting as messengers and protecting silk merchants from bandits and the mysterious bloondlines of the west. The clan rebuilt itself over the decades of its "exile". The new clan that would emerge was exotic to say the least; their bloodline and skills intermarried with clans most in the elemental nations never even heard of, enhancing their power until they matched even the power of the Uchiha and the Senju clans at their prime. Hagoromo pride had finally been satisfied.

And proud they where, When the Third Kazekage called on the clan join his village during the Second Shinobi World War the clan gladly accepted; eager to finally have a chance at avenging themselves against Konoha. The clan proved the equal of the Senju and Uchiha in battle, but beyond the glories of the battlefield the war became an unmitigated disaster for the clan. The Third Hokage, conscious of the danger to the supremacy of Konoha's bloodlines posed by the revitalized Hagoromo clan chose Danzo for the task of reducing the clan's power. Under Danzo's orders, elders of the clan were assassinated and its infants murdered in their cribs, targeting the main branch of the clan in particular. Danzo's goal was to destroy both the knowledge and "new recruits" of the clan, its past and future, and thus effectively exterminate it.

By the end of the war, only the lesser branch families remained and the full range of the clan's abilities seemed forever lost. The clan continued its mercantile operations through the silk trade, but became weary of the ninja life style. The clan made no noteworthy contribution in the Third Shinobi World War, falling into obscurity as quickly as they had gained notoriety in the previous conflict. Over the years several members of the clan became distinguished monks, philosophers and writers. The possibility that any great shinobi would be born out of such circumstances seemed unlikely...

Childhood history:

Yoshiro's early childhood was remarkably ordinary. He was raised by his parents, a musician and a teacher in a frontier village built around an oasis in the Land of Wind's western most province, both members of the Hagoromo civilian family branches. Yoshiro was an only child to his parents, both of whom where relatively old when he was born. Despite the family's isolation in a region to whom the norms of civilization where barley known, Yoshiro has fond memories of his childhood. The Hagoromo learned the art music from his father and received as comprehensive an education as his parents could provide for him. Above all else Yoshiro was raised to be pious and was told of the various legends of his bloodline.

Memories imprinted at a young age are often fleeting things to age, but Yoshiro remembers one thing quite clearly; the call of adventure. Something in the western desert steered this normal civilian boy to take ever growing journeys into its sand and dunes. On his 7th birthday, Yoshiro sneaked out of the town under the cover of darkness as he often did. What started as harmless fun was disrupted by a sudden sand storm which muddled Yoshiro's send of direction. By the time the sand storm had departed, Yoshiro was hopelessly lost in the desert surrounding his village. Yoshiro traveled for days, with only the minor supplies he had taken for his foray. The Hagoromo would later learn that it was the "inner control" level of his bloodline that sustained him for so long, but even a clan born could only endure the desert for so long.

Yoshiro was found unconscious by a wandering monk, the boy's eyes wide open; permanently divided between green and brown; glimmering with a terrible power. Once Yoshiro had recovered, the monk accompanied the boy back to his home town. Yoshiro's parents embraced their child whom they had thought lost, however once they saw the change in his eyes, they knew that their boy had stumbled on a matter well beyond their understanding.

The Hagoromo Dojutsu was a phenomena of an older era; most of its wielders perished in the Second Shinobi Great War and those that remained fell to Danzo's assassins. Only by pushing the body's ability to influence its chakra internally to its greatest extent was the Dojutsu and "outer influence" of the clan's power possible. Yoshiro's parents decided to send their son to Suna for an audience with the clan's elders whom where wiser and better equipped to decide the correct course of action and asked the monk to acompany their child one again.

Yoshiro said his goodbyes and left his small home barely more then a speck on the map for a journey across half the Land of Wind. Despite his bitterness for being taken away from his home, Yoshiro came to see the monk as his honored teacher as the latter imparted his knowledge to the former. The two traveled for several weeks, but on the final few day's of their journey they where ambushed by a group of bandits led by a rouge ninja. The monk was skilled, but could not match a shinobi and was killed.If he hadn't unlocked the "made manifest" stage of the bloodline, the Haneton feather release, Yoshiro's limited physical power would not have been enough. The Haneton gave Yoshiro enough power to survive until a passing Suna patrol arrived, but he was left dangerously close to chakra depletion by the experience.

Yoshiro was brought before the council of elders council of the clan's elders for final judgment of his case. The elders decided to grant his parents request for teaching and guidance; most out of simple kinship, but an influential minority coveted the inclusion of Yoshiro's unlocked bloodline - in the present, and in future generations. It wasn't long before Yoshiro was labeled a rising prodigy in the academy, having already gained access and control of his chakra worthy of a genin thanks to the experiences of his unlocked bloodline. Diligence and the full support of his clan in teachers and learning material more then compensated for Yoshiro's earlier disadvantage in the martial arts and ninja theory. Outside his professional studies, Yoshiro received extensive religious instruction from monks and philosophers, many of whom hailed from the Hagaromo lineage.

Of the students of his class in the shinobi academy, only one could match Yoshiro's talent; his rival, kin and two years his elder, the Konoichi Rei Hagaromo. The two first met on less then admirable circumstances; Yoshiro had been advanced a class for the second time and by the request of the Hagaromo elders was placed in Rei's class, to both test Yoshiro against real opposition and give Rei a challenge.

The two slipped into their assigned roles quicker then any one would have guessed, on his first day in the new class Yoshiro knowingly sat down in Rei's spot in the class. Rei took the "brat's" action as a joke and confidently made her challenge. She paid dearly for underestimating Yoshiro's talent in a reputation wrecking defeat, an embarrassment she would not repeat or forget.

The two have been at each others throats since that day, always matching the others achievements pushing their training beyond anything they would have any reason to attempt. When Rei unlocked the Hagaromo dojutsu, the second youngest in more then a generation to do so (after Yoshiro), the minority that had played a part in supporting Yoshiro's training gained the credibility it needed to do what it had intended to do for sometimes; announce Rei's and Yoshiro's betrothal as the first step in the restoration of the Hagaromo main branch.

Rei and Yoshiro where only informed of this arrangement only on the eve after their graduation from the academy, where it had been announced they had tied for rookie of the year. Needless to say, there wasn't much celebration up on their minds after the announcement, particularly when they where informed they would be members of the same team.

Operational history: Yoshiro's team graduated about a year ago and a half ago , and is noted for multiple minor D-rank missions and a dozen C-ranked missions. Some of the C-ranks among these missions where eventually upgraded to B and even A-rank missions. The team dynamic is surprisingly efficient; though there is little love lost between them, Rei and Yoshiro fight well together as multipurpose front line fighters each covering for the other in combat. The addition of a skilled puppeteer and tactician covers for the shortcomings of the Hagaromo duo. Their Jonin sensei, one Sabaku no Temari, completes the formation providing long to medium ranged fire, and the promise that should one of her students start any of the nonsense they got up to on their first team meeting, she will throw the whole three of them into the western desert and let them walk back to the village.

Family: Yoshiro is familiar with most of the key figures of his clan, namely its elders, celebrities and esteemed merchants. There aren't a lot of Hagaromo Shinobi but still too many for Yoshiro to know as more then acquaintance. Between their skills, Yoshiro and Rei jointly run an unofficial training club of all the noteworthy Hagaromo genin and academy students. If there where more skilled Hagaromo rookies , there is little doubt that there would be two such clubs, run by one or the other prodigies, but alas that is not the case.


General Description: Yoshiro is a somewhat conflicted personality; on the one hand he is proud of his status and abilities, yet on the other he rejects pride as immoral because of his spiritual beliefs. In his eyes, everything comes in perfect clarity; decisions are ether right or wrong, people are ether good or bad, you ether turn left or right at a crossroad. To others, he comes across as arrogant and many people don't like him for his fervent often unfair judgements of other people. Though not admired, Yoshiro is still respected for his skill and power of personality. In his class, bullies did not survive long because Yoshiro could not morally accept them. Weak students didn't survive long ether, Yoshiro singled them out for training often as bad as conventional bullying; but they ether got better or they didn't, and were generally washed out of the ninja program later on.

This way of seeing the world is common among the Hagaromo elders but not as such with the young, Rei certainly does not put up with it but she has the strength to make Yoshiro back off, something no other student in their class had. Yoshiro lives his life by a moral code of conduct, but his pride constantly gets the better of him in many situations. It is his greatest weakness, and Yoshiro tries very hard to hide it least others seek to antagonize him into making a mistake.

Motive: To uncover the lost power of the Hagaromo clan

Major interest: Old bloodlines

Worst skill: Genjutsu; the Hagaromo are specially suited for it because of their unique chakra control, but Yoshiro never had the patience or imagination for it. The Hagoromo chakra pathways are not easily invaded by a foreign chakra source. For anyone but an adapt in the art it takes a while to get accustomed to the differences and a greater investment of chakra then usual for a jutsu to work properly.

Hobbies: Training clan members, experimenting with his bloodline, archaeology, gardening

Talents: Yoshiro is indisputably the most capable user of the Hagaromo bloodline, but he is by no means its master. Much of his fighting style revolves around his bloodline in a combination of taijutsu and short range ninjutsu.

Shortcomings: Yoshiro is over reliant on his bloodline limit and uses passively more chakra than the average ninja has any need use. Consequently, Yoshiro prefers low cost techniques and taijutsu during long missions and only employs his more destructive techniques when hard pressed. Low chakra reserves render him unable to access most of his abilities.

Likes: Will be posted later

Dislikes: Will be posted later


Main weapon: Quarterstaff/Taijutsu

Second weapon(s): Taijutsu

Character unique items: Will be posted later



D - Rank jutsu:

* Fūton: Fūjin no Jutsu - This technique creates a stream of high-velocity wind containing dust particles.
* Fūton: Spinning Shield - Using a twin bladed sword or quarterstaff, the user can create a spinning shield of wind which can repel incoming attacks.
* Staff focus: Hard Point - Using their chakra, the user reinforces one or both ends of a staff with chakra
* Haneton: Feather projectile - Creates one or several Kunai sharp feather projectile capable of piercing flesh and armor. With the Hagoromo no Jutus active, multiple waves of this attack may be released at once.

C - Rank jutsu:

* Fūton: Daitoppa - a technique that creates a gust of wind
* Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu - Using their chakra or a ninja tool, the user can create a single, or several blades of wind
* Haneton: Feather Clone Technique - creates a physical clone out of feather substance, potentially exploiting the Mugen Hane to attack from multiple directions. This clones are weaker then shadow clones and cannot transfer memories.

B - Rank jutsu:

* Fūton: Mugen Hane — Daitoppa: This powerful technique covers a large angle in a stream sufficient to knock the trees down and damage them with sharp feather projectiles. This technique is efficient against multiple enemies and can momentarily create an entire field of feathers out of the Hagoromo no jutsu.
* Haneton: Hagoromo no Jutsu: Activates the base level of the advanced Hagoromo feather techniques, molding their chakra into a angelic wings. Only the A and S rank variants of this Jutsu allow flight, but the wings even in their base form give their user the ammunition required for various attacks.

Bloodline Limit:

* Stage 1 (Inner) - Most Hagoromo ninja can attain the first stage of their bloodline with training, those fated to awaken the second and third stages of the bloodline are able to do it very early in their lives. The Hagoromo direct their willpower inwardly, gaining precise control of their chakra matched only by medical ninja. Most Hagoromo clan members end up becoming ether medical ninja or genjutsu experts because of this talent.

* Stage 2 (Outer) - Once mastery of the first stage is attained, usually by bringing the body to the edge of its endurance, genetically compatible Hagoromo clan members may have a chance at awakening the clan's Dojutsu, but it is rare. The Dojutsu projects the Hagoromo chakra outwardly, gaining control over their own chakra even if some distance separates them. The Dojutsu was meant to function in conjunction with the third stage of the bloodline, but Yoshiro is the only one to activate it in generation. Those few currently in possession of the dojutsu use it to redirect the direction of their attacks. The Dojutsu is permanently active, unique for having two colors (green and brown). Close inspection of the eyes reveal a series of dark rings, which reflect the user's skill in their use. Yoshiro has three in each eye.

* Stage 3 (Manifest) - Unlocks the Hagoromo feather release, feathers created from chakra but are potentially as strong as steel and as sharp as any Kunai or senbon.


Favorite Sin: Pride

Favorite Virtue: Temperance

Favorite season: Spring

Lucky number: 7

Favorite color: White

Favorite drink: Apple Juice

Favorite fruit: Apple

Favorite food: Shiro

Time of day: Afternoon

Favorite animal: Cat


So begins...

Yoshiro Hagoromo's Story

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Hayato Nishimura Character Portrait: Areesia Segawa Character Portrait: Yoshiro Hagoromo Character Portrait: Ionella Mao
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The sun-rays of dawn flickered across the waters of the Great Western Ocean, as if they were glimmers of light on a ballroom floor. Here; thousands of miles away the main continent of the Elemental Nations the world was left unaltered in its pristine beauty. Distant specks of green representing largely unexplored jungles broke the dominant blue of the sea. These were the uncharted islands; nominally territories of the Land of Water though few were ever visited by that great power's representatives or any human being at all for that matter. Beyond these islands lay a seemingly infinite expanse of water, and stories of other continents beyond.

Only the somewhat sentient dolphins could appreciate the puzzling sightings of almost a hundred small fishing boats, all in the vicinity of one of the larger islands in the territory. Most of these ships held no conscious operators and appeared to be drifting but a mysterious force none the less held the ships in the region and seemed to prevent individual ships from encountering any of their counterparts.

Onboard one of this ships, four unconscious youths lay on the deck. Each seemed to be in a deep sleep, undisturbed by their damp clothing, seemingly collected over several hours of their unaware state. The various symbols on their forehead protectors declared both their Shinobi training and their allegiance to their respective villages. An astute observer may have guessed the nature of their congregation in this specific place at this timeframe, but no one was to be had. Only seagulls maneuvered the air currents above the boat and they didn't care much for the hairless monkeys, they were not the sweet juicy fish they were looking for.
The youngest of their number stirred, battling the induced substance that had placed him in the clutches of the unnaturally still sleep. After several minutes of a dazed half awareness, the boy rushed to the starboard beam of the ship and vomited; whether from a side effect of the sleeping substance or just sea sickness was anyone's guess.

Yoshiro Hagoromo was one step away from an enraged fury; when he agreed to partake in these exams he was never told he would be drugged and tossed onboard a drifting ship. Sand ninja were not naturally born sailors; sea sickness was even rumored to be the primary reason why Land of Water and the Land of Wind had never fought a war against the other. Several moments past before the faded green headed lad felt steady enough to immerse himself in his surroundings.

The ship was around 40 feet long and about half a dozen feet wide, primarily constructed out of wood and industrial fibers. Yoshiro had only seen the sea once before in his life so he could not ascertain the ships type but guessed it was involved in fishing, judging by the various rolls of nets onboard. A small cabin at the rear end of the ship appeared to serve as the control room and a small door built into the ship's interior suggested there were more rooms inside. A folded sail held by a large wooden poll suggested the vessel could function on wind power, though a quick inspection of the ship's rear revealed that it was primarily powered by a motor engine.

The most interesting aspect of the ship was its cargo; 3 other shinobi from various villages none of whom his own and four bags packed with equipment, one of which he recognized as the property of Suna from its style, design and emblem.
Yoshiro examined but otherwise didn't disturb the foreign ninja; he would let them wake up in their own time. Two were girls; the black haired one was from Konoha, stereotyped in Suna as naïve tree hugging mama's boys. The taller white haired girl hailed from Iwagakure, mocked in Suna for being humorless, unimaginative and losing several wars (while conveniently ignoring Suna's similar history).

Yoshiro was a snob and didn't deny it, but he was also a professional ninja so he was well above these preconceptions. None the less, he judged that the blond Kiri ninja was probably insane since no civilized people could possibly live in an environment which required its people to travel by sea. Maybe that was the reason The Hidden Mist was the most infamous among the five powerful ninja villages; for killing more of its own people in less than a decade then all of its slain enemies combined.
A note nailed to his bag made clear what had occurred and why four different Shinboi had been spilt away from their original teams and put together:


Greetings and good tidings,

The village Hidden in the Mist welcomes you; participants of the present Chunin exams, both fellow comrades in arms of our home village and members/affiliates of our illustrious Shinobi Alliance.

All of you have been judged worthy candidates for promotion, based on the recommendations of your Jonin-instructors and Kage. The following package contains your sealed orders for both the first and second tests of these exams. Be advised that you may only consult the orders for the second test once you complete the first. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

This test begins the moment all applicants onboard this boat regain consciousness.

Good Luck


Sure enough, two small packages had been placed in the bag, along with equipment; such as clothing, bedding and various utensils. The Hagaromo carefully unraveled the first of these packages.

Sealed Orders – Test 01B

1. All prior team formations are henceforth annulled until the conclusion of these exams.
2. All occupants of this vessel are hereby registered as a temporary squad for the duration of these exams.
3. Mission goals: Reach the specified Island, location is provided in this ship's navigation charts.
4. Duration: 96 hours
5. Disqualifiers: Squad numbers less than three members, failure to comply with time limit and crippling of vessel.
6. Squad may revoke a member's candidacy from the Chunin exams by majority vote.
7. Each participant in the exams has the right to withdraw his candidacy.