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a character in “Naruto Shippuden: Forgotten Legacy”, as played by Kisses



Name: Kirai Ayumi

Age: 17

Parents: Kaoru and Amari Ayumi

Sensei: Former student of Haukumi Satoshi

Team: Kirai typically works by herself or as a teacher to the younger ninja within the clan and academy.

Rank: Jounin.

Village: The Hidden Leaf.

Weaponry: Basic ninja tools and scrolls. Especially senbon and kuni.

Appearance: She is blonde, with bright blue eyes. She usually wears a black t-shirt under her favorite jacket of the moment. Her head protector is tied safely around her neck with the long ends hanging over her shoulders. Her typical foot wear is your average pair of black ninja sandals. She enjoys wearing shorts or pants of dark colors with her weapons pouch tied around her thigh. Kirai also keeps a pouch tied at her hip filled with her various supplies, money, and a few secret weapons.

Personality: Outside battle she's sweet and sensitive, often listening to her friends problems to give advice. Kirai is calm and expressive in and outside of battle, with patience being one of her greatest asset. She's serious when needed, and puts her clan and village above anything else, even her friends. Inside battle she's environmentally aware and precise. Once she's concentrated, nothing will break her focus.

Bio: Bio: She was born in the Nara clan complex within the Hidden Leaf Village. Of her brother and five sisters, Kirai was the youngest. Her parents,having close ties to their Rain Village counterparts the Minazami clan, hired one of their relatives to teach her rain village techniques. Because of this, she knew Rain Village and her own clan's sacred jutsus before she even joined the academy. Ikera, Yoshime, Hikari, Svaya, and Tasumi; along with her brother, Seshomaru, were already well known in the village; motivating Kirai to strive to beat them. When she did enter the academy, her performance was above average, resulting in an early graduation with the class two years ahead of her. Once she had graduated, Kirai was taken in by her sister Ikera and taught by her until she became a chunin at age 11. She studied under Hikari for two years, learning Medical Ninjutsu before returning to Ikerai and being promoted to Jonin at 14, after her assistance in an assassination mission taken on by her elder sisters; Hikari and Yoshime. Kirai now spends her time going on specially requested missions, helping out the general population, and training the younger members of the Ayumi and Nara clans. Kirai didn't know her mother as she died when she was born, but being the youngest she was taught by her father in her early years. She is often renowned in the village as her father's favorite daughter.

Summon: Foxes. She pricks her fingers and draws the character for fox in her palm before pressing it to the element of fox she wants (ex: fire, water, earth)

Demon: None

Kekkei Genkai (If Applicable): Lukai: an eye that allows her to distinguish details about individuals based on the details of their chakra. An advantage of this is the distinguished chakra is easy to track. Those whose chakra's are familiar are easily recognizable. Eventually the user can discover the clan, age, gender, and region of the chakra. It comes in multiple stages and is the result of intermingling between users of mutliple Kekkei Genkai's over many years.

1) She's not much of a long range fighter
2) She gets nervous around large bodies of water
3) She's too logical

Strengths: (list at least three)
1) Large Chakra amount
2) Very Clever
3) The Lukai makes her very adaptable to new types of jutsu as she can see how it works with the usage of Lukai.

Stages of the Lukai (bottom is most powerful and almost always results in death

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