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Mameha Meiko

Child of the Moon; Holding Wisdom, Wanning Soon...

0 · 418 views · located in Konoha

a character in “Naruto Sosei!: Life of a Genin to a Chunin”, as played by Litria Death


ImageImageFull Name: Mameha Meiko Ustukushisora

Team?: Team 2

Affiliation: Born in Tsukigakure, currently living in Konohagakure.

Clan (If in One): Ustukushisora- a clan of few, but the most powerful in Tsukigakure, consists of more women than men, but don't usaully conceive many shinobi. The clan was originally started by a group of female warriors near the beginning of the Great Nations, but the women in the clan eventually stopped fighting as the ninja wars broke out. They began to rely on the men to do the fighting as the decades rolled past, but there are still strong, independent women who fight and learn the ninja arts.

Rank: Genin

Aliases/Nicknames (if any):(Known in Konoha as Mameha Yue) Moon Child, Moonbeam, Yue Meiko,

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 105

Tattoos or Scars: One cresent moon tattoo on her right shoulder, and two long, puckered scars that are parrell with her spine; in the middle of her scar is a large, semi-circular cresent moon made of many complicated designs and symbols where her Tailed Demon was sealed.

Personality: Mameha is a very calm, collected child, one who isn't quick to anger, nor picks fights with others. She would rather avoid fighting with those of her own village when neccessary, as she feels her peers are her greatest weapon. Yet, any enemy who dares cross her, they're as good as dead. She is one to hold grudges and seek her own revenge, many of Konoha joking her to be a Uchiha, and doesn't show mercy often. She isn't someone you'd like to have angry, nor is she one to be fooled easily, as she is quite cunning and clever, making her a terrible enemy. She is also determined, underminded and cruel towards certain people, and can be so stubborn somtimes that the word "No" won't exist to her. Besides these qualities, she is a wonderful ally, one who'd watch your back in battle and is very dependable. She also has good endurance, making her hard to crack in interrogations or something of the kind, and this also makes her someone who'd stick with you till the end. She also is caring towards certain people, as she would never leave a teammate behind; she'd drag them home by her teeth if she absolutely had no other way. She is quite fair with people of the village, and isn't very judgemental, as she is open-minded, and would keep a promise with her life.

Special Abilities/Skills:


*Many of her jutsus cause the tattoo on her back to glow a dull, pale blue.

Moon's Peak: A jutsu of concentrated chakra aimed at an opponent; summoned by the reflected rays of the sun(which can always be gathered-unless the sun or moon ever disappeared) with two cresent-shaped arches of each hand, the hand(first two fingers extended) is then pointed to the opponent, and a pale, ghostly beam of energy is shot at the enemy.

Night Grave: A jutsu where one focuses on one's core chakra, then, after two hand gestures(two fingers to the forehead, two to the chest) the palm of the hand touches the earth, releasing the core chakra through the center of the hand and, traveling through the soil, hits multiple targets at once.

Shooting Stars: A jutsu where one traces the torso with the two fingered hand gesture, hits the shoulders, then, with one single, large arc of the arm above the head, a bolt of concentrated chakra shoots around an area, hitting many targets at one time.

Kekkei Genkai (Only One): ~

☪ Writing
☪ Reading
☪ Learning new things
☪ Helping younger shinobi
☪ Training
☪ Going to the hot springs
☪ Stargazing
☪ Drawing and painting



☓ Holds onto things for too long
☓ Doesn't forget the past easily
☓ Puts faith into others too easily
☓ Doesn't speak up enough
☓ Cares what others think too much
☓ Competetive with higher-ups and underlings
☓ Isn't good at verbally expressing herself
☓ Has a hard time envisioning the future


✘The thrill of a mission
✘Nighttime and stars
✘Helping and teaching younger shinobi
✘Learning things
✘Traveling/moving around

Biography: Mameha was raised by the 2nd Getsukage, a cool, level-headed shinobi warrior of great power and skill, one who'd also extend his and the services of Tsukigakure to neighboring nations. He was truly on of the greatest Getsukage's of the village's history, but it was truly a sad day when he passed away. It was a night scarring Mameha's past, something she still has dreams about during the late, ominous hours, shrouding her in a blanket of pale, unmerciful light. That night was when the spirit of the Nine-Tailed Mist Dragon slithered through the village's streets, silently sneaking into the minds of the villagers and scaring them to death in their slumber. The Tsukigakure Secret Forces, similar to Konoha's ANBU, soon discovered the creature, but had no idea on how to stop it. By the time the Getsukage figured a way to stop it, the beast had slipped into his own daughter's mind, causing her innocent screams to echo down the corridor to his study. The Secret Forces wanted the thing stopped, and, although they didn't want to see a child put through the Dragon's misery, they knew it had to be done to protect their village. The Getsukage, too, knew it needed to be done, so, quietly drifting down the hall and into his child's room, he turned her on her front and sealed the creature in by a special jutsu that left a strange, moon-shaped mark on her back. Before he had done this, she had been seeing herself falling through a dark, hopeless void, spiralling into nothingness. Once the seal was set, though, she was soon soaring through a dark blue sky, almost completely overtaken by a large, full moon, yet, her father fell, dead, to the floor. She never found out about the Demon inside her until she was 7, about a year after it had been placed on her body, when a little girl she had considered her friend yelled at her about it, saying it was Mameha's fault that her mother was dead. It turned out that a majority of the village felt this way about her, seeing her as the personifaction of the beast they hated so much, and the murderer of their beloved leader. Knowing this, she planned to run away from her village, away from the people that looked down upon her. One night, while looking through her mother's maps(As she was the next Getsukage), she saw the large village of Konoha, and, oddly, it stuck to her as she left there, The following days, she studied up on this Konohagakure, and soon decided that that was where she was going to run to. Very late one night, she escaped from her room in the Getsukage's Headquarters and into the now black night, following the map she had discovered the village one. When she arrived there early the next morning, she wasn't shunned, or yelled at, or scolded, in fact, the first children she saw asked her to play a ninja game with them. She kindly turned them down, then headed to a large building marked with a large symbol meaning, "Fire". It was the Hokage's building, and, well, she hadn't known when she walked in on the Hokage reading over a few scrolls. She was immediately frightened, as she remembered her father, but the Hokage welcomed her in and asked her what was wrong. She easily confessed, terribly scared out of her mind. The Hokage didn't want to send her back, so the Hokage arranged for her to stay in the village, learn the arts and, knowing she'd return to her own village when she was ready, said she was welcome to Konoha as long as she desired.

Relationship History: Has only one crush at the present[will be added when more people join].

Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Trust-worthy, dependable, quick in action, smart, agile, clever, wise, cool-headed, a team player, takes pride in their village, protective enough to watch out for another, decent taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu, along with weaponry, quick thinker, willing to help the innocent, strong, determined, able to pull their weight.

Extra?/Possession of a Tailed Demon (Which One?) Nine-Tailed Mist Dragon

So begins...

Mameha Meiko's Story