Setsuko Arthoren

"Death... Blood... Darkness. All 3 words have haunted my Clan's past... and I... I will see them through."

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a character in “Naruto: The Future of Ninja”, as played by MegaCheeseyMonkey


Name: Setsuko Uchiha
Age: 21
Village: Akatsuki from Konoha
Rank: Rogue-nin
Kekkei genkai: Sharingan, trying for his Mangekyou

Personality: He is a real child at heart. Usually found grinning. In battle, he becomes cold and calculative, his eyes doing most of the 'talking'. In a fight, he loses complete notion of responsability and will go to the point of destroying anything around him with his massive amounts of jutsu.

- His knowledge of so many jutsus
- His Sharingan
- His lack of control
- Spiders (To add a bit of comedic relief)
- Losing
- Being blinded by his Mangekyou

Weapons: A katana that he molds his chakra into for a little boost in Lightning.
Summoning: (If it counts for later on) Susanoo'o

Chakra Style: Lighting and Water
Chakra Level: Immense - Allowing him to pull of multiple stunts with his jutsus
Chkra Control: Excellent - His jutsus can differ in sizes because of his mastery

Body Flicker
Lightning Style: Wave of Inspiration
Lightning Ball
Lightning Style: Electromagnetic Murder
Water Style: Wild Water Wave
Water Style: Great Waterfall Flow
Water Style: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
(Later) Mangekyou Sharingan
(Jutsu that will surely kill him when used)
Lightning style: Angelic Destruction

So begins...

Setsuko Arthoren's Story