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Akihiko Tsuchimikado

"It is a matter of choice of what you will be, but where it will lead is still that of a mystery; you've got nothing to lose."

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a character in “Naruto: The New Host”, as played by reveries


ImageName: Akihiko Tsuchimikado (土御門 明彦 Tsuchimikado Akihiko)
Age: 22-23
Gender: Male

Birthday: 08/17 (August 17)
Height: 6'2" | 188 cm
Weight: 169 lb | 77 kg
Blood Type: A+

Village: Kusagakure (草隠れの里 Kusagakure no Sato; Village Hidden in the Grass)
Rank: Jōnin
Classification: Jōnin

Academy Grad. Age: 10
Chuunin Prom. Age: 15
Jounin Prom. Age: 20

Personality: Akihiko, outwardly, is a collected and graceful individual that has a superior aura about him, as what one would usually expect from one from a prestigious clan such as the Tsuchimikado clan. With his background, Akihiko finds difficulty casually addressing his peers, he is formal in speech and polite when it is required, having greatly established mannerisms and elegance. Despite being the slightly shy character with stiff, sheepish smiles that come easily off the battlefield, his best quality on both sides is that of his stubbornness and headstrong will. His determination to see things through the end often lead him into more unfavorable situations and have often rendered him blind to reason every now and then, but he perseveres.

He has a strong sense of leadership, while it is a more gentle and wavering sort, he steps up the plate when it matters and does not falter behind as so, meeting expectation with precision. Akihiko treasures and values his teammates, and if he were bet his life on it, he wouldn't ever abandon them. He's easily trusting of individuals, as an easily fooled person, but it is his own wrath to fear when he finds that he's been double-crossed with results that may affect his loved ones. Akihiko puts his loved ones before himself, and puts even strangers before himself. He cares for all of life and undead, be they humans or spirits, as he believes in second chances. On the battlefield, Akihiko is fierce, and does not hesitate following orders or giving them if he is elected as leader of the operation. However, he does hesitate often, as he dislikes killing, despite what he does. He tries to lessen the amount of causalities as much as possible. Some comment on how this in nature is more cruel when he leaves them unable to fight or otherwise, rather than killing them.

Akihiko has been known to be a perfectionist, and dislikes when he messes up, always striving to mastering skills to perfection. He finds many faults in himself, and is generally a pessimistic person that always sees the worse outcomes in conflicts. However, he looks forward to the future and does not ever stop with a burning determination.

History: The Tsuchimikado clan, descendants of the great Onmyōji Abe no Seimei, was a very secretive clan that does not usually involve themselves in the affairs of that of the Ninja Villages, even though they were generally stationed in Kusagakure for the majority of their history. They adapted the nature of their village: "[Being] skilled in diplomacy, a trait they constantly use to read the movements of other countries and stay one step ahead of them. They also analyze techniques from other villages in a similar manner. Because of these principles others find it hard to read the shinobi from this village's attitudes."(source: naruto.wikia)

However, Akihiko's great-grandfather changed that tradition several decades back when the Kyuubi had been released from its host once more, causing a repeated hysteria amongst the entirely of the Nations. Akihiko, despite having not been born at the time, was given the responsibility of that of his previous predecessors and is constantly reminded of the fact of how his clan suddenly is being involved, despite their previous neutral standing on the Fourth Shinobi World War. His father dies before he could walk, and he is taught by the other priests of his spiritual ability. Akihiko, being of the main family, is to take on the role of Head when he reaches 25, despite being the third child but only male one. His sisters are raised to be wives and priests as well, but they will never be given the chance to lead the clan, as his mother takes over for Akihiko until he is of age.

Childhood (0 - 9): Having being born into a clan of spiritual people and priests, he was raised accordingly to that of a traditional lifestyle, and to this day, cannot feel comfortable enough to be wearing any clothing other than that of traditional Japanese robes and garbs he has grown used to for the majority of his life. He was a prodigy amongst his fellow clan members in terms of spiritual power, but was a rather average student during his time at the Academy. Because of his former education of training to be an Onmyōji, Akihiko had a disadvantage when it came to ninjutsu and taijutsu, as his fellow Academy students at the time were from families that had been ninja for a much longer history, while his own wasn't bred or trained to fight like Shinobi. He did well when it came to Genjutsu, as the Onmyōji arts and Genjutsu were very similar, but he still lacked behind.

Preteen (10 - 14): By the time that he had graduated the Academy, he was able to perform the traditional arts, but still lacked skill to ninja arts. Akihiko often questioned by he had to become a shinobi, and not a Onmyōji like that of his family traditions, but he still worked very hard to meet his family's expectations as the only son in the household's current generation. He was put into a cell at 12, and took off to a shaky start with his relationship with the team. He was criticized often on his poor skills when it came to jutsu by his teammates, but he managed and he and his teammates begin to look pass the outer appearances before making a bond with each other. He was still taking on his Onmyōji studies at this time and his Jōnin instructor remarked on it as well. Akihiko was trained individually because of his instructor's interest, being encouraged by his Sensei to be able to use his already established Onmyōjutsu, and recreate it as a suitable fighting form. He tries to learn other basic forms of Ninjutsu at this time as well, from walking on water to climbing up trees. He lags behind, but begins to steadily improve.

Akihiko failed the Chūnin Exams the first time due to his underdevelopment in his skills, having only making it to the second test and is quickly eliminated. (13) Akihiko had increased his spiritual power during the time where he was dead set on being a Chūnin and passing the Exams, having by then, being able to summon and make a contract with lower spirits to take form of the artfully crafted Origami he made and having beginning to learn and develop his own style of kenjutsu. He fails again, but trains further. He was able to pass the Chūnin Exams the third time. This time, he was able to experience a new outlook on shinobi and being able to gain friends amongst the other villages and in his own. (15) He begins to advance in summoning jutsu, his main area of expertize in Ninjutsu.

Teenager (15 - 18): He eventually became torn between the teachings of that of the shinobi and the Onmyōji as he took on more missions and took on more injuries throughout the seriousness of what is that to be a shinobi. (16) Akihiko is at one point, slashed deeply through his side and stomach during a more risky mission, his first A rank (due the lack of available Jonin and the urgency for the mission to be completed), and is under extensive care for about 7 months, trying to recover. Needless to say, he wasn't quite ready for it. Akihiko receives an almost life threatening operation to mend his torn stomach; it's success. He will have to go back every 6 months to one year to receive medicine to help it mend further as it's delicate, but he lives. He goes into a sort of depression, thinking over and over of the incident, traumatized. The blow wasn't suppose to have happened, but he had panicked under the dire situation. Akihiko takes a temporary break from his missions, and slowly recovers from the stress that came from the wound and the battle along with it.

His family steps in at this point, and almost convinces him to take leave being a shinobi, and to retake on his forgotten studies as an Onmyōji once more. Akihiko almost does so, but he's given a new muse when his teammate and best friend voices out his thought on the matter, on how it was Akihiko's own choice to be what he wanted to be. After much consideration, Akihiko chooses to continue being a shinobi that will continue on with the pride of the Onmyōji's techniques, and this is his final decision as his resolve to become the Head. Despite the great amount of protest, it is his own mother, the original protester, that stops any further discussion on the matter, as she is, presently, Clan Head. Moved by her son's determinations, she gives in to his decision, and the discussion on the matter is ended.

When Akihiko is 17, his wound is of little concern, having healed a to that of almost of its former health, but he gets nightmares over the mission and the opponent who did this to him. His stomach is hard to feed properly without damaging it, and the added mental strain gives him a great disadvantage. He doesn't become bent on revenge, but rather is haunted by the memories. Around this time, he successfully makes contracts with Shōribō no Seishin and Yasei Inugami Senshi no Seishin, and begins to make his name as a shinobi that uses Onmyōji techniques, after several memorable missions with his cell that has remained alive along with him unlike several other Chunin. This a spectacle that many of the other shinobi remark on, and therefore giving their cell the most popularly known as the strongest set in the village within their ranks, due to how they were still so young and yet they've survived through even the toughest of missions assigned to them. Akihiko's cell is well known for being a team that specializes as a supported unit of individuals with varying abilities, balancing each other out. They're a Main Offense team.

He begins to question his sexuality after the same teammate and his best friend confesses to Akihiko in a drunken state, and although Akihiko is at first shocked and confused, Akihiko says nothing of it as he isn't as disturbed as he thought he would be. He begins to become more attached to this best friend of his (let's refer to him as Haruo), the confession still on his mind. Their other teammate takes notice of this development, and warns Akihiko to cease the "teasing", as he'll only let Haruo's hopes up if he doesn't truly feel anything for him, and even if they do, they shouldn't pursue it 'less they wish to decrease the success rate of their missions.

Akihiko, thinking further on the matter, listens to this advice and finds a small fancy with one of the villagers, the daughter of the Ramen shop they have in Kusagakure, Chihiri (let's just call her that, shall we?). Akihiko's and his best friend's friendship begins to became broken off and distant, becoming strictly professional, and they drift apart. The girl falls ill and Akihiko begins to try to understand that while he does truly care for her, he finds difficulty into truly admitting that he loves her as he hopes to. Chihiri notices that he didn't return the same love as she did for him, and before she can become completely heartbroken, she breaks it off before it can happen. Akihiko doesn't understand, and both merely believe that it wasn't meant to be. Feeling awkward about their past relationship, he does not eat at the Ramen shop ever again. (18)

On the other hand, his friendship is hard to salvage, and they are at a stalemate for a long time, despite still being cooperative on missions. They eventually finally hit a rock bottom where they actually argue during battle on a mission, confusing the enemy, and them yelling at each other over their friendship and how it came to that state. Their other teammate snaps them out of it, and they all successfully complete it, but not without small consequence. They are suspended temporary due to their reckless behavior, and while they stay away from each other in anger, it is their teammate, not wanting for the incident to occur or repeat itself once more, who makes sure that two finally sit down and talk it out like reasonable adults.

Haruo and Akihiko become drunk from one too many drinks in their spiraling emotional conversation of confessions and etc., and it gets to a point where things take.. an interesting turn. The two find the next morning incredibly awkward, but decide to try to pursue a more intimate relationship, instead of leaving it off as a fling. They become lovers secretly.

Young Adult (19 - Present): There is a minor conflict between his family and he again over the information of his lover, but Haruo and he grow even closer and stronger in terms of relationship. The Tsuchimikado clan are still thinking over the situation of Akihiko's lover, whom Akihiko himself seems rather intent on marrying if possible. The Clan worry over how there won't be a wife to be able to produce heirs to the Family to continue the tradition and the passing of the bloodline. Many girls are being picked out for him to take his wife and keep Haruo as his mere lover, but Akihiko remains strong over the decision of keeping Haruo and only Haruo. The fact that they are lovers is in fact spread and known throughout the village. There are mixed responses amongst everyone.

(20) He takes the Jōnin Exams and passes. Akihiko, at one point, considers wanting to take on an ANBU class, but their village does not have their own branch, and even so, he decides against it as it will sever his promise of becoming Head of his Clan, and may have him leaving his lover behind. Instead, he is merely a military unit, rather than a Sensei to a cell of Genin or a Tokubetsu Jōnin. He specializes in summoning jutsu and kenjutsu, and occasionally trains Genin who wish to take on the skill, though rarely.

(21) Akihiko makes more contracts with other spirits, mainly of lower class spirits who are more like support units and defensive units rather than the stronger, offensive ones he's been bound to. Akihiko's spiritual energy continues to grow and strengthen, and at this time, he is able to summon and become bound to a Spirit Deity, one of the most hardest to bind to and control properly. Aohonohi Onigami no Seishin becomes one of his most strongest spirits and most tiring to summon.

(22-Present) His coming of age to take on the role of the Clan as the Head is becoming crucial to Akihiko, and his family as well. When the time comes, he must be able to prove to his clan that he is capable of being Head, by demonstrating his abilities. He is training himself and his spirits' capabilities and skills further, and is well beginning to establish relationships with other Authorities/Politics to help create bonds for the Clan. Akihiko is seeking to establish a contract with another spirit, but has yet to find it.

Tailed Beast: n/A
Clan: Tsuchimikado, a long descending line of Onmyōji
Weapons/Tools: Katana with scabbard(2); Herbal Healing Salve within Katana scabbard; Tanto(1); Kunai Knife(2)
Shikigami Summoning Notes; Ofuda Notes; Summoning Scrolls
Water Pouch(1); Several thin plates of armor pads (shoulders, knees, arms and lower legs); Noh Mask(1); 20kg training weights(8); File(1); Radio(1); Mirror(1)
Chakra Type: Fire, Wind

Kekkei Genkai: Onmyōjutsu (Art of Summoning; Special Onmyōdō Summoning Technique)
Description Of Your KG: Onmyōji are Onmyōdō masters, much similar to that of shaman, therefore, this skill takes form of that of a dark seal marking that is born on every member of the Tsuchimikado's skin and gradually grows and spreads over the body as the user gets older. The abilities of this skill is the ability to summon Shikigami, spirits that are generally invisible until given form from its user. Users are able to seal Shikigami as well, if their Shiki* is strong enough. Like most Summoning Techniques, these Shikigami must be bonded with a Contract and require their user to use their blood over the seal to summon. Users require a strong Shiki to be able to handle stronger Shikigami and to be able to quickly remember and chant extremely long incantations. All Shikigami must have their own seal that pertains to their element.

Most Onmyōji have the words already tattooed onto their skin, and merely summon it regularly like most summoning techniques. Shikigami are different from summoning animals and the like; they are spirits who have varying fighting skills and power, making them formidable opponents under the User's control. Most do not have a form, and must be binded to a physical form, usually of inanimate objects (of which most are in paper form). The more stronger spirits can manifest in their own. Onmyōji are able to summon many Shikigami at a time, and it is an unknown fact as to how many spirits that a single Onmyōji is bound to.

All of summoned Shikigami summonings require (very long) incantations, offered forms (Origami bodies/Artfully crafted Paper Mannekins), and seal markings. If the spirits are injured too badly, their offered physical forms will not be able to take it and the spirits will be forced to go back to the Spirit World/etc. The same result happens if the Onmyōji cannot control the Spirit without their Shiki, or is too injured to continue maintaining the Spirit to be summoned continuously in a visible form. Shikigami must be controlled by Users who have strong Shiki, or the Shikigami will go out of control, becoming most likely to betray and kill their masters.

Signature Techniques:
    Kekkei Genkai
  • Special Summoning Technique/Onmyōjutsu:
    Shōribō no Seishin; A powerful, white Karasu-Tengu Spirit who resides on an unknown Mountain. A peacock fan is his weapon, despite its appearance, is quite deadly when slicing through air, reaching distances as far as a radius of 64 miles. A very fast spirit who is much like that of the wind itself, Shōribō is not one to take much of lightly just because he is blind. A Wind Element Spirit. His incantation:
    "Far and wide is what the blind one seeks, across the flurry of sky of white everlasting glow, dawn hides and then night falls, and in the darkness is the bright radiance of a single figure. Become my right arm and be my weapon, Shōribō no Seishin!"

    This incantation and contract seal is already tattooed on Akihiko's right upper arm.

    Yasei Inugami no Seishi; Literally "Wild Dog Warrior God", this spirit's weapon is its jaws that can become massive and extremely sharp. Fast but strong, it mainly attacks much like that of bullet or torpedo, it can go up to 80 mph at a straight attack pace. Mainly, it is a very strong and protective spirit but is hard to control properly, as it can turn if the User loses concentration. A non-Element Spirit. Its incantation:
    "Across the grass blades and flowered blossoms, is the outreaches of my enemy. Revenge's bite and vengeance's painful taking, is the angry growling of the sharpest howl, and the claws is what satisfies my wishes. Become my left arm, follow my commands, and you will be rewarded. Yasei Inugami no Seishin!"

    This incantation and contract seal is already tattooed on Akihiko's left lower arm.

    Aohonohi Onigami no Seishin; An Ao-Andon demon spirit deity named Aohonohi, literally "Blue Flame Fire". Much like his name, Aohonohi's weapons are that of two katana made not of metal, but rather, blue fire itself. Aohonohi is more advanced spirit, as his flames can take the form of a blue fired kitsune, which is his servant. Skilled in swordsmanship, he and Akihiko usually fight alongside each other with combined attacks. Aohonohi's flames are a much hotter fire than that of a regularly red or yellow one, and will disintegrate whatever it touches (but can be doused out by very Holy Water or Spiritual Water conjured by different spirits), giving him much disadvantage in crowded places such as forests or against Water Elemental Spirits. Much more difficult to control, Aohonohi is a Fire Elemental Spirit. His incantation is one of the longest:
    "Darkness creeps up on the that of the shoulders of the ignorant, the innocence's blood is spilled by careless chatter as the foolish ones continue to plunge towards their ends. With the dimming light of the flame and its safety taken away once the last of blown out, the one who will come out once the last of the light is taken is the Flamed Spirit who knows no bounds to his sword. Become my servant, abide to my word, and be the fire that is under my touch to consume my enemies, Aohonohi Onigami no Seishin!"

    The incantation cannot be put on the skin, as it summoning an deity. While the contract seal is on his hands (this spirit require two), Akihiko must chant the incantation for the summoning to successfully take place.

    Kami no Tsuru Seishin; A typical binding of a lower spirit that serves Akihiko after he binds them into a physical form of that of a origami paper crane form, to which he is able to use freely to send messages. Depending on sort of spirit he binds, they can become one with their affinity nature once more after he releases the binding, the paper crane form will disappear into the spirit's natural setting. The incantation:
    "Spirit, I call upon to you to take this form, and give you offerings. Serve me well, serve me long. Do my wishes until my hold is let go of. Spirit, I bind you!"

  • Fire
    Flaring Flamed Blades
    Cut of the Fire God's Wrath
    Punishment of the Fire Goddess' Judgement
    Hellfire's Fury
    Scathing Flash
    Summer Eclipse's Assult
    Bright Red Falling of Autumn
  • Wind
    Slicing Down of the Thousand Heavens
    Cut of the Wind God's Wrath
    The Wind Goddess's Shattered Mirror
    A Thousand Hurricanes' Strike
    Dance of the Breeze's Peace

  • While Akihiko is generally a very advanced user with kenjutsu and summoning techniques, he remains rather basic in genjutsu and taijutsu, ninjutsu being a stronger area of skill than that of the previous two but very limited to that of summoning jutsu and the basics. His strategies make up for the lack of higher skill in these arts. He is rather basic still in the general area of all the jutsus, staying barely above average, but even though he can perform hand signs fast enough, he merely doesn't have the skill to take the jutsus to a more mastered level. He is fast, but lacks in the needed stamina.
  • Having been raised in a rather traditional household, Akihiko feels uncomfortable without wearing traditional Japanese clothing. Along with this quirk, he can perform Haiku, Calligraphy, Flower Arrangement well, as it was what he had grown up through his childhood. He practices this in his spare time when he's in the Tsuchimikado household. Unfortunately, despite the countless attempts for the tradition, Akihiko cannot perform Tea Ceremonies.. or, make tea at all .. Nor cook to save to his life.
  • With a high spiritual power, Akihiko is able to exorcise, summon and bind spirits. This high spiritual power also applies to his high capacity of chakra, however, he uses generally chakra-tiring techniques, and doesn't know how to do any other techniques just as same.
  • Random crap was made up for the Kenjutsu, mainly, it's his concentrated elemental chakra that is directed with his katana. (See Samurai, the Land of Stone; wikia.)

  • He usually wears traditional clothing instead of battle gear that is very easy to move around in, but are difficult to be quiet in. He does, on occasion - if it is important (Difficult A Rank + S Rank missions), wear clothing that is more similar to shinobi gear, but generally remains in a kimono, furisode or yukata.
  • Pertaining to his Kekkei Genkai: Seeing as all members have their own individual but similar marking that develops on its own as they get older, Akihiko has a marking that has a similar appearance to that of the sun and clouds. It's hard to tell much, but that's what it most resembles. This marking has grown for the majority of his back.
  • He has a slower reaction on his left side, where his former wounds have scarred over. He is ambidextrous.

*Shiki, in this case, is spiritual will and energy; charka.

So begins...

Akihiko Tsuchimikado's Story