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Izumi Hikaru

"Life can be hard..."

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a character in “Naruto: The New Host”, as played by Steffix


Name: Izumi Hikaru
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Birthday: 14 January
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: AB+

Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Kazekage
Classification: Kazekage

Academy Grad. Age: 9
Chuunin Prom. Age: 9
Jounin Prom. Age: 12

Personality: Izumi is a kind hearted person towards anyone in her village. She isn’t so kind to other village members however. This is because of her past. She started to secretly hate the other villages but the hate was only small so this didn’t harm the relationships the villages had. She would however hesitate to help people who are from another village. Despite her kind nature, Izumi is a person you wouldn’t want to mess with. It could in fact cost you your life if you did. This goes for any person even for people out of her own village. She also pays a lot of attention to respect. If you do not respect her she will most likely not respect you. To others Izumi might have a sad expression because she almost never smiles. Again this is because she already went through a lot in her past making her almost unable to smile. In battle she is merciless and feared and Izumi is a master in strategy and battle and has been called a true genius for the most part of her life.

History: After the 4th great ninja war and the dead of the previous Kazekage: Gaara, the sand village was in pain. The previous Kazekage was a great man who was able to control the first tailed beast before it was stolen from him by the Akatsuki and he was also the youngest Kage ever seen in history. It really hurt the Sand village when they had to choose a new Kazekage but they were still able to do so. The new Kazekage was a young person who would lead the Sand village for almost 50 years. Unfortunately for the Sand village he wasn't that good in being a Kage and wasn't able to keep order. This almost cost the Sand village its title as one of the great ninja villages but they managed to hold the title somehow.

Izumi comes out of a family from respected ninjas in the Sand village. It was around the 4th Great Ninja War that they started to make their name. The people in this clan usually were good learners and there even was a genius in the family here and there. The family was also known for their ability to learn the Explosion Release Kekai Genkai. This is because they were originally from the Rock village but due to betrayal they had to feel the Rock village and the Clan found a new home in the Sand village. People would be trained almost imeaditly after being born and Izumi was no expection.

Izumi used to be seen as a failure ninja when she was young. (5 years old) She used to be trained by her family but Izumi didn’t really show any good ninja abilities. She was a slow learner and it took her almost 2 years to master the beginning E rank Jutsus you would learn in the academy.

When Izumi was 8 years old her brother, who was currently an Anbu, was sent on a secret mission even Izumi’s dad didn’t know the details about. Her brother talked with no one about it and left a week after gaining the mission scroll. He never returned and later they founded out that he was killed by a Leaf ninja…

The pain Izumi felt is something you can’t describe with simple words. It was after Izumi lost her brother that she started to show signs of who she really was… And that was a true genius. Many people questioned how it came that she showed signs of a genius when she used to be seen as a failure around that time... But the only conclusion they could make is that she was previously not really interested in the ninja art. After the disappearance of her brother this changed however.

Izumi learned her first and second element on the early age of 9 years old and learned her last element a year later. It is usually uncommon for a ninja to have 3 elements and surely on such an early age. On her 10th birthday she took the exam to become a Genin and she passed. On the same year a Chuunin exam was being held with the sand village as host. Izumi saw this as a good chance to become a Chuunin and took the exam 3 months after becoming a Genin.

The Chuunin exam was a great spectacle that year and a lot of ninja’s lost their lives in the battles that were hosted there. Even though statistics showed a great dead count, the Chuunin exams were never cancelled and every battle was shown into public. In those battles Izumi lost her first friend and teammate who was killed by a Cloud ninja.

Again Izumi could feel a great pain going through her due to the dead of one of her teammates and promised herself that she would win this Chuunin exam for the sake of her teammate. This is then also exactly what happened. After winning the Chuunin exams she was appointed to Chuunin by the current country leader. The Kazekage couldn't make it for some reason.

As a Chuunin Izumi didn’t have a lot of missions so she had a lot of time to train together with her teacher and her teammate who was still alive. Because of this Izumi was able to learn a lot of new Jutsus during this period and was able to become stronger than the normal Chuunins would be. During this period she was also present when the next Jinchuuriki of the one tailed beast Shukaku was born and was presented to the villagers of the Sand village after the attack of the Shukaku were many Sand Ninja’s lost their lives.

On Izumi’s 12th birthday she was sent on a mission together with her teacher and her teammate to recover some stolen data about the village. Unlike the information said, the people who stole the data were actually rogue ninjas from different villages… Mostly the Rock village.

In a surprise attack against the group the teacher of Izumi was forced to give away his life in order to protect Izumi and her teammate. This again was a great shock for Izumi and probably also for her teammate who also saw how their teacher was killed right before Izumi’s eyes by one of the rogue Mist ninja’s. In the commotion both of them managed to escape the surprise attack and they also managed to claim the data once again for the Sand village. Not much later both Izumi and her teammate were promoted to the Jounin rank. Around this time Izumi learned her first Jutsu involving the Explosion Release.

Again there was some time when there was peace in Izumi’s heart. She and her teammate now trained alone or trained together to cover up the loss of their teacher. They also went to the grave of both their teacher and their diseased teammate. It was painful for both of them sometimes but there was nothing they could do against it but to train so that they would be able to protect themselves and the ones they love. At a certain point they were both appointed as Anbu and because of their great teamwork they were able to complete most of the missions succesfully. On Izumi’s 18th birthday, she married happily with her teammate who was still alive. This happiness wouldn’t last for too long however.

It was known in the village that both Izumi and her husband and teammate were strong Jounins in the Sand village due to the pain they had to bear in their lives. Because of this they both were sent on a lot of A and even S rank missions. Every mission they did made the duo stronger but unfortunately for them they weren’t strong enough to face the leader of a rogue ninja gang from the Mist village. This person who was once one of the strongest ninja’s in the Mist village seemed to have betrayed his village a long time ago and set his eyes on the Sand village which had a very bad Kazekage at this time making the Sand village the weakest village in the eyes of other people.

When the Sand village heard about how this gang was going to attack the Sand village pretty soon, they immediately sent a mission scroll to Izumi and her husband. They received it without any problems and deployed 2 hours after getting the S rank mission scroll.

The plan of the mission was simple… Go to the gang’s campsite at night, assassinate the leader in his sleep and quickly return to the Sand village. Once the night fell this was then also exactly what the duo tried to do. Once they infiltrated the enemy camp and once they set foot in the tent of the leader. They found him being in a deep sleep which was a relieve to both Izumi and her husband. They wouldn’t have to fight today they thought… But they were wrong…

When they came closer to the leader and pierced both their kunais trough his head, an alarm went off and the leader vanished in smoke. It seemed to be a clone. Both Izumi and her husband were surprised and when they turned around and ran outside of the tent everyone of the rogue Mist gang was already waiting for them including the leader.

The mission still wasn’t lost. They could still kill the leader somehow they thought and they both rushed at the enemy. Some of the gang members were pretty weak and easily to kill but others were really strong and almost impossible to kill. After some time they managed to come closer to the leader however but the leader seemed to be on a whole different level then all the other gang members.

The fight between the leader of the gang, Izumi and her husband took very long. Both the leader as Izumi and her husband were very skilled. Still the leader seemed to be stronger then Izumi and her husband. They almost were both killed a few times in this battle and only escaped dead because they were with 2 and because they were able to dodge attacks just on time. When Izumi was wounded in this battle however her husband concluded that there was only one way to save both Izumi and the sand village and that was to kill the whole gang at the cost of his life.

Izumi's husband didn't really look like it but he was actually a master in using Fuuinjutsu. He was also interested in a person who had lived in the past named Danzo from the Leaf village. In one of the history books he readed previously he readed something about a certain Sealing Jutsu called: Ura Shishou (Reverse Four Image Seal) and he tried to recreate this jutsu as good as he could. He succeeded in doing so though it was an incomplete jutsu and he had a lot of problems with it in the past almost killing himself exidently. But today he was able to use it just to protect the one he loved and to protect the village he loved If he would use it he should first make sure the Izumi was safe. He did this by using a Summoning Jutsu and taking Izumi to the world of the snakes. There she stayed for 3 days before being fully healed and being brought back to the original place she was. She didn’t know what her husband had done yet though.

When she finally was brought back to the original place she saw to her fear that her husband had used this sealing jutsu he had studied before and had wiped out the whole gang with this Jutsu. Due to this event the last person, except for her, in her squad died. This caused Izumi to change into what was later to become the Kazekage.

A lot happened the next 2 years but to make the long story short, Izumi was appointed to the 7th Kazekage of the Sand village on the early age of 20 years old. This was because the old 6th Kazekage died due to an assassination. The village didn't have any time to shed tears over the dead Kazekage, no they had to appoint another one and fast. The Sand village already looked weak in the eyes of others. If word that the Kazekage had died would leak, then it surely was to be attacked. Out of the possible candidates Izumi was chosen due to the name of her deceased clan, her skill and her loyalty towards the village.

The first thing she did was make sure that the Host of the one tailed beast wasn’t hated. For this she didn’t have to do much however because it seemed like most of the people forgot about it or didn’t blame Zurui for the incident. There were a few people who hated her however but those were quickly dealt with. This seemed to be a very good decision as the host of the one tailed beast became a great ninja not much later.

3 Years after Izumi was appointed to Kazekage the sand village built up a massive, great and strong army of Sand ninja’s… But even though the Sand village built up this great army, the Sand village didn’t see any war after the 4th great ninja war. The village also wasn’t attacked by any other village or rogue gang since Izumi’s appointment however. Izumi was still considered a genius. Even after becoming the Kazekage she didn’t stop training and this is how she became a really strong Kazekage. Because of all these events, Izumi was later known as a specialist in military cases and as one of the greatest Kazekage’s ever seen in the Sand village. After becoming Kazekage, the Sand village also regained its previous order when the Great Gaara was still alive and it also became a peaceful village once again.

Many things happened since then including Izumi becoming a lot stronger, the village becoming more and more powerful and the peace which wasn’t disturbed yet to hold stand. Even though the Sand village is a peaceful village now, Sand villagers are usually people you don’t want to mess with or it might cost you your life.


Tailed Beast: None
Clan: Hikaru

Weapons/Tools: File, Range Finder, Hunter Disposal Kit, Mirror, Exploding Notes, Wire, kunais, Shurikens, Senbons, Smoke Grenades, Knife, Clay Pouch, Training Weights
Chakra Type: Lightning, Earth, Wind
Kekkei Genkai: Explosion Release
Description Of Your KG: Explosion Release is an advanced chakra nature Kekkei Genkai. This chakra nature seems to give the wielder the ability to utilize explosive chakra in combat, allowing them to cause explosions in objects they come into contact with.
Signature Techniques:

Kekkei Genkai:
-Clay Clone
-Explosion Release: Landmine Fist
-Explosive Clay
-Explosive Clay Minions
-Explosive Landmines
-Suicide Bombing Clone

-Doryuu Heki (Earth Style Wall)
-Doryuu Taiga (Earth Flow River)
-Shishi Dojou (Corpse Soil)

-Shinkuu Gyoku (Vacuum Sphere)
-Shinkuuha (Vacuum Wave)
-Shinkuu Taigyoku (Vacuum Great Sphere)

-Izumi Is unable to use C0 due to not having a mount on her chest.
-Izumi’s parents died in the attack of the one tailed beast. This caused her to lose every family member she had left.
-Izumi is good in using Taijutsu and Elemental Jutsus. She is bad in using general Ninjutsu and Genjutsu however.
-Izumi has a small, hidden hate towards all the villages because of her past. She does however not show this to anyone.
-When Izumi’s weights are taken off her speed increases unbelievably.
-Izumi tends to get mad when her deceased loved ones are mentioned.
-Even though Izumi has a lightning natured chakra she is unable to use it for anything else then her Kekkei Genkai. This means that she is unable to use Lightning Jutsus on itself. The reason for this is unknown.

So begins...

Izumi Hikaru's Story


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#, as written by Steffix
Izumi Hikaru

Izumi woke up in the morning thinking that this day would be like every other day here around the Sand village. Doing some paperwork, visiting some places in the village, dealing with the village elders and a lot more, were all things which were part of her daily activity. The first thing she did then in the morning was going to her Kazekage desk and start working on the daily paper work. Paper work was the thing Izumi hated the most of all things about being Kazekage... But Except for that everything about being Kazekage was pretty nice. She was a respected and loved woman in this village which also made it easier for her to do her job as a Kazekage.
A few hours passed and Izumi just finished to do some paper work when a young Jounin of the village entered the room were the Kazekage usually did her job.

"Kazekage-sama... You have a meeting to attend to in the Leaf village today." He said.

It was not unusual for others to keep track of any special event, meeting or other things in those lines she had to attend to. This way it was easier for her and she wouldn’t forget to go to important occasions.

"Ok, thank you." Izumi said while she looked at the young Jounin and a moment later the Jounin disappeared.

Just as the Jounin disappeared Izumi stood up and prepared for traveling. She couldn't make the other wait could she?

She left the Kazekage mansion and went to a local ninja tool shop. There she filled up her stock of kunais, shurikens, senbons and a few other ninja tools she usually had with her. After paying the shopkeeper and saying goodbye she immediately headed to the sand gates and before she knew it a small party of Jounins had formed to escort her to the Hidden Leaf village. It wouldn’t take too long before she would reach her destination.


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#, as written by Steffix
Izumi Hikaru

It only took the Kazekage and her escort a few hours to finally to arrive at the Leaf village. It must have been quite the sight for the Konoha guards when they suddenly saw a small group of people running at high speed towards the Konoha gates. But once that the group was near the gates the guards probably saw who the running people were. The Kazekage had arrived.

Before Izumi and her escorts entered the Leaf village, they first were stopped by one of the guards and they had to fill in their names on a small paper and identify themselves. This wasn’t a strange thing to do in a village like Konoha. In fact the Sand village also keeps track of who leaves and enters their village. The main reason to do this was obviously to keep a record for who entered and left the village and it was also often used when the local guards had to deal with a crime.

Everything went smoothly and after only a small delay Izumi was able to enter the village. The leaf village had always seemed a peaceful village to Izumi. The happy people just walking around talking with each other in this green nature. Yes it was defiantly a peaceful place when there was no war.

"Kazekage sama it seems like we arrived before schedule and have because of this a little more time left before the meeting will commence." One of the escorts said while they entered the village together with Izumi. "Good... Then I will take some time to enjoy this peaceful village once again... So you can dismiss for now." Izumi responded. "Very well Kazekage sama." The person said and a moment later every Sand ninja around Izumi disappeared leaving the Kazekage alone for the time being.

Hanako Manami

"Hanako, wake up honey." The gentle and nice voice of Hanako's mom echoed through Hanako's head. "If you don't get up now you will be late for your daily training with your brother." Hanako's mom said and a moment later Hanako opened her eyes. "Is it that late already?" Hanako asked her mom but before her mom could answer she already jumped out of bed and prepared herself for the day. Of course her mom left while she did so leaving Hanako alone. But right after Hanako was done with preparing herself she rushed downstairs, took something to eat and ran outside. There one of her brothers was waiting for her.

The brother that was waiting for Hanako was one of the people you could call a genius in the clan. Even though he was only 13 years old he already possesses a lot of skill and Jutsus which he can use in battle. This brother of Hanako was also one of the brothers Hanako trains a lot with and while Hanako only just left the house, he suddenly started to take some kunais with exploding notes attached to them out of his pocket.

"Think fast!" Hanako's brother shouted and a moment a bunch of kunais with exploding notes flew in the direction of Hanako. Before being able to think of anything else, Hanako started to form hand seals.
"Mizurappa!" (Violent Water Wave) She shouted and used this Jutsu to counter the kunais and she was able to do so just in time. If it was a moment later, then she would have been hit and the house would probably caught fire due to the explosion of the exploding notes.

"Brother why did you do that!?" Hanako asked a little upset.

"Nothing special. I was just testing you." her brother responded.

"Well don't do it again or something might go wrong." Hanako said.

"Well ok for this time then." Her brother said and after saying that he ran somewhere of to... And so did Hanako. She had to do some shopping first after all.

A few minutes passed before Hanako reached the shopping district in the city. When she arrived however she saw 2 boys, about the same age as her, helping each other get back up. "They must have bumped into each other." Hanako thought as she took a few steps closer to get a better look at the 2 guys and then realized that those 2 people were no one else then her teammates. "Hey you two, are you both alright?" Hanako asked them when she was only a few steps away from the 2 guys.


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#, as written by Steffix
Hanako Manami

“Yo Hana, I’m fine, it takes more than full blown impact from this guy over here, to bring me down.” Yoru, one of Hanako's teammates, said to her to greet her after he got up from that earlier fall.

"ah yea...hey Hanako-san..." Not much later koga said to greet Hanako. He smiled while doing so but the smile quickly faded away as he looked back to Yoru.

“Hey Koga, watch out why don’t you? You’re pretty clumsy for a ninja,” Yoru said playfully and he smiled into Koga's direction. It was oblivious that Yoru was planning something. And what he was planning, was something that soon would become clear to Hanako.

"Heh sorry, haven't been focusing lately." Koga said but not much later he froze and seemed to remember something...

"Well, knowing you Yoru, revenge will be coming my way, so I guess I’ll have to watch my back ne?" This was what Koga said jokingly a moment later while he laughed nervously. But Hanako already knew that this wasn't really a joke. Knowing Yoru, he would indeed plot his revenge for this sooner or later. This was also probably what Yoru was thinking about earlier. Sometimes Hanako thought that those 2 had a rather strange bond with each other. But even thought those 2 had a strange bond with each other, it was -most of the times- quite funny in Hanako's eyes.

"Anyways. Where were you guys heading, training grounds maybe..?" Koga said probably to change the subject. Which was a smart idea as he probably didn't want Yoru to get any ideas or plot his revenge sooner.

Hanako didn't really say much in this conversation between them. They just played a little with each other here and there was no reason to interrupt that. About the training grounds, Hanako didn't really know what to answer. She had just finished her shopping list and would love to go and train at the training grounds but she still had to bring everything home. If she didn't they would probably complain at home. "I am sorry but I still have to deliver everything at home." Hanako said as she showed her shopping bag to Yoru and Koga. "I will be there as soon as possible however." Hanako quickly added to what she said before. "But you don't have to wait on me... So I'll see you later." Hanako said before she turned around and started to walk in the direction of where her house was.

Izumi Hikaru

It had only been moments before she had reached the Leaf village and had made her way inside. To be honest, Izumi didn't like the meeting to be here. If things would end up bad, then she would be in the middle of enemy terrain and even though Izumi was strong, so were all the other Kage's and Izumi wasn't foolish enough to believe that she could match them all. Izumi had also developed a small hate in her past for the other villages. Still she knew that her job was more important than her own feelings. Besides the hate she had for the other villages wasn't big enough for her to act reckless around them. Izumi just hoped that this time, the meeting would end well and that Izumi didn't have to use the army she had built up in the sand village, this soon in her life.

A few minutes passed before Izumi had reached the Hokage mansion. It seemed like she was the first to arrive there as she saw no Jounins from other villages wandering around the Kage mansion yet. She did however spot a Cloud Jounin on her way here which meant that the Raikage must also have arrived in the Leaf village. Suddenly Izumi remembered that the host of the nine tails was in this village. This surely made her worry as she never before met the host of this monster called the nine tails. What if this person was actually a grown up adult? What if she was able to control the nine tails? What if the Leaf village would use her as a secret weapon or maybe try to kill everyone in the meeting? Those thought flashed though Izumi's head but they quickly faded away as she realized that these were only stupid thoughts. Even though they may have the nine tails, against all the Kage's they wouldn't have a chance. Maybe Izumi had to relax a little and just go inside of the building. If something would happen, then so be it. If not, so the better.

"No one come inside with me." Izumi ordered the Jounins of her village before she entered the Hokage mansion. "Let me go alone as a token of my trust in them." Izumi thought as she made her way inside.


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#, as written by Steffix
Izumi Hikaru

Sand ninjas quickly dismissed as Izumi made her way to the Hokage mansion following her orders by doing so. Once she was about to enter the Hokage mansion she was welcomed by a Leaf jounin. "Greetings, we already expected your arrival." the jounin said and Izumi nodded. "I will be your escort. Please follow me" The jounin continued and Izumi did what the jounin asked her to do and followed. She was let trough the long hallways of the Hokage mansion before they finally reached the entrance to the meeting room. The meeting room seemed to be underground as there was a staircase leading down. "If you follow the staircase you should be able to enter the meeting room." the jounin said and a moment later the Leaf jounin dismissed.

The way down was short and before realizing Izumi entered a room lit by torches placed on support beams. Other then the torches there was a large, round table which seemed to be made of stone and five chairs for every kage to sit on. Except for the host of this meeting, the Hokage, Izumi seemed to be the first one to arrive. "It's an honor to meet you again Hokage-sama." Izumi spoke to him in a formal way so that she wouldn't offend him in any kind of way. The five Kage were all pretty much equal in rank but they were all leaders of a village and you had to show respect while speaking to them. It is pretty obvious that Izumi did also expect some respect when being talked to. Even when she was talking to people with an equal rank to hers. Izumi looked around the room but she didn't spot any other people then her and the Hokage yet. It seemed like the Leaf ninjas also were waiting outside. Or were they hiding? Well it wasn't a mayor problem as this meeting is supposed to be a peaceful one and if there were people hiding Izumi would probably find out soon enough anyways.

Hanako Manami

“Alright, I’ll see you there Hana.” Yoru said. "Stay safe Hanako, later." Koga added and not much later Hanako disappeared from their range of sight. She had to deliver everything home and get ready for some training. Hanako loved to train because it would always help her improve herself at her ninja skills. But the delivery came first. It didn't take too long before she reached her house and placed everything on a table. She would order and sort everything out later. As soon as she finished placing everything on the table she ran outside again. She sure would have to rush to get to the usual place in time for some training with her teammates. Once she arrived there she saw to her surprise that the training grounds were empty. "Were could Yoru and Koga be?" Hanako wondered aloud while she searched for them on the training grounds. Maybe they were hiding after all. But this didn't seem to be the case. There was no one around. Hanako felt a little sad. "Could they have chosen another place... Or maybe... Did they forget about it? Hanako wondered. "I guess I'll better just wait for them...But while I do so I'll better prepare myself." Hanako said and while she said this she went to the nearest log to give it some kicks and punches in attempt to improve her Taijutsu.