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Kia Satsuhin

"I dislike humans."

0 · 172 views · located in Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: The New Host”, as played by neej


Name: Kia Satsuhin
Birthday: March 18
Age: 12

Gender: Female
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 33kg
Blood Type: B

Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Genin
Classification: Ninja/Human

Academy Grad. Age: 11
Chuunin Prom. Age: n/a
Jounin Prom. Age: n/a


Tailed Beast: n/a
Clan: Satsuhin
Weapons/Tools: Shurikens/Kunais
Chakra Type: Fire
Kekkei Genkai: Kanseshou | Reiki (explanations in history)
Description Of Your KG:
Kanseshou: It's derived from the words "Kansei," which can mean "Control," and "Shou," which means "Destroy." It is a doujutsu which enables a person to control a person and affect them, even their vital organs if the user wishes to. Kanseshou also helps in the jutsu's in relation to the Fire element.
Reiki: Reiki means "to use the Universe's life force" and/or "to heal." This enables her to suck both vitality and chakra from a victim. If activated, the user's green eyes will become brighter.
Signature Techniques:
-Shoukyaku- Needs to use Kanseshou before performing this jutsu; This requires a lot of chakra (+29% at least) and can cause even the user to have some burns, needing endurance. It literally means "to destroy with fire," thus, the victim feels like they're being burnt, because their chakra and vitality run out fast. (This makes the "Destroy" part of the Kanseshou) [Hasn't learned yet; Clan ability]
-Hi no Papetto- Needs to enable Kanseshou before performing this jutsu; This requires less chakra than Shoukyaku (+13% at least) and enables a user to control up to 3 people, giving them the fire release ability. Literally means "The fire's puppet." (This makes the "Control" part of the Kanseshou) [Hasn't learned yet; Clan ability]
-Hi no Seimeiryoku- Needs Reiki to use; This requires concentration, often needing the assistance of someone who can manipulate the target so that the person could pause. It needs a solid 5 seconds of concentrating on the target without either people moving. It lets a person suck a person's vitality and chakra. She explains that it's like making the said things evaporate from a person's body. Literally means, "The fire's vitality." [Hasn't learned yet; Clan ability]
-Chirabaru- Used either during or directly after Hi no Seimeiryoku, still requires Reiki; Enables the user to give equal amounts of chakra and vitality to the people around her. [Hasn't learned yet; Clan ability]
-Ryuu no namida- She emits flames from both hands and acts as if she throws them, they are shaped like tears and are blue in color. This can occasionally burn the user. It means "The dragon's tears." [Hers are still orb-shaped and red in color; Not mastered]


Kia is not the kindest out there. She's not rude, either. She's somewhat formal when it comes to speaking, but she speaks with a rather irritating tone that fits her shortness. She's the personification of greed, envy, and wrath. She dislikes being called a "loser," although, at some cases, she can't care less when she loses. She also, being someone of the Satsuhin clan, has temper issues.

She doesn't dare end an argument unless she wins, and if you're lucky enough, she'd let you. But she finds ways to turn the tables often, sometimes, even while talking to someone of extremely high position.

She's also very clumsy and physically weak, making her rely on fire... that's the only reason why she excelled at it... she strives to because it is the only way she could survive in battles. Admittedly, she's also a coward and doesn't like being hurt, at all, which is why she frequently learns long-ranged attacks, either related to fire or weapons.


-She wears a bandana-like cloth on her head sometimes.
-She, in formal occasions, wears a green-and-cream dress, or gown if the attire is required to be formal.
-She wears an off-shoulder green shirt, and cream-colored shorts and a dark-green, sleeveless undershirt.
-She occasionally wears a headband or hairclip.
-She wears either sandals or boots.

-She uses throwing weapons like bows and arrows and kunais/shurikens.
-She finds ways to improve them with fire (of course).


Satsuhin clan

According to rumors, the Satsuhin clan has been wiped out a little over seven months after Kia's birth. Before that, the clan had participated in war and battles quite often, due to their abilities. This may have caused the conflicts, and the slow degeneration of the clan. Her father was said to be one of the higher-ups of the clan, and died in battle some months after Kia was born.


Kia's mother was said to be part of the Hidden Mist, and that their doujutsu, Reiki, was a very special one that needn't be used by other clans, or else. Due to this, she was murdered outside Konoha during a mission.


The doujutsu's

Kia was said to have a damaged eye, which also had the color green, and was later replaced by her own father's eye when he died. She possessed the Kanseshou ever since, and that was the only reason she could make it into the academy, otherwise she would've been rejected.


Academy life

Being hotheaded, she did get into fights, but during these, she'd never let anyone near her. Her fire could burn even herself, but it didn't matter, she didn't want to get hurt by others.
Her scores in tests were barely considered "passing grades," but she did pass, and she did graduate, maybe too early. But that was likely for someone of their clan, and she was quite late, if compared to the previous generation of their clan. The clan was good in speed, ninjutsu's (Fire, of course), and Taijutsu's. However, Kia was different, she was exceptional in only one thing: Fire release. She'd've been an outcast if her clan was still there, and she'd even been insulted more than once due to that.

So begins...

Kia Satsuhin's Story


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#, as written by neej
Kia Satsuhin

Kia wondered why she was up at this time of day. They nearly pulled up an all-nighter, except it only lasted until two in the morning. She thought she had deserved sleep, especially since she only cleared everything around three, she wanted sleep. But her body clock seemed to want her to get up early despite this.

She brushed her brown locks gently with a brush and hand alternatively, looking at the mirror while she questioned her own self. A sigh of irritation escaped her, she was probably annoyed of her own mentality, again, by now. She put down the brush and looked at herself in the mirror one last time, then putting on her forehead protector, which she usually wears above her bandana--it helped in holding it there. She stood up almost too fiercely, at least enough to knock the chair down, and grabbed the glass of water in resting on the table, quickly drinking it all up and placing it back where it used to be.

Her bright-red eye peered outside the window to see the streets, and apparently there wasn't anything interesting in her place at the time being. Either way, she'd have to leave the apartment, because there's nothing to do there. She couldn't sleep, she didn't like watching T.V., she disliked just about everything. Maybe a stroll would be enough to get her mind off of stupid things.

She headed to the door and turned the knob gently, opening it and closing it in the same manner. She massaged her wrist and twisted it as she walked outside, it was still somewhat strained because of the cat they had to look for the previous night.

"Oh, Kia? Leavin' already?" She heard a familiar voice of an old lady. Looking at where it came from, it was, of course, from the fruits vendor which wasn't far from her.

"Well, there isn't much I can do." She tells the woman. It was true, she wasn't easily amused neither inside nor outside the place, so she'd rather go outside and get some fresh air.

"Just don't go breaking a bone, alright?" The lady started laughing.

"I wouldn't do such thing." Kia replies defiantly before turning her back against the vendor and waving, "I'll see you later."

She put her left hand in her pocket, feeling the keys to her room. Wherever she'd head off to, no one really knows. She's off to do rounds and maybe encounter some people... or, if unfortunate enough, trouble.


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#, as written by neej

She'd been walking for only a couple of minutes, or so she thought. Meeting some villagers on the way, getting and giving some greetings, simple small chatter. There was nearly nothing new, and she was kind of happy that she was alone now, and that the only thing that kept Kia from wandering off in her own thoughts were her footsteps, seeming to stop her from drowning in her own mind. This was until she heard someone else's, it was like she got snapped back into reality. She took a glance in the direction where she heard it from, she saw a dark-haired girl, maybe around her age.

Something told Kia that she shouldn't go after the girl, but something else was like whispering that she should. Being the stubborn girl she is, she decided to walk towards her, and ended up running to the girl. A couple of feet away, Kia already recognized her somehow, but she only knew her as "Tsuki" and nothing else. Kia was having second thoughts, maybe this wasn't a good time to talk to the girl, or maybe she was going to bother her. But it was, perhaps, too late. Being a ninja, she assumed that Tsuki would've noticed that she was behind her right now... and that she was staring at her. It would also be fairly rude if she suddenly leaves with no words spoken.

She stopped arguing with herself and finally decided to talk to her, although part of Kia was still protesting against it, "'Mind if I stay here?" she asked, not trying to come off impolite or anything. She knelt beside Tsuki and tilted her head, she wasn't any less than four feet away from the said girl, "Tsuki, am I right?" she quietly waited for the lady's reaction, her gaze still not averted.


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#, as written by Shaodow
Mana Uchiha

"Just like everyone else..." was the last thing she said before she turn and ran off behind a crowd of people and leaved a stunned Mana standing the with his mouth ajar as he looked around at the angry faces of the surrounding villagers who over heard what had just happened. ' there's no way'..' he thought, there was just no way that she didn't know the truth, how could people let a girl go through her childhood hated by her own people without even knowing why? It would seem the whole situation was far more delicate than he thought and now he'd just chased her off after coming all this way to meet her.

" Great, smooth Mana, real smooth " he said to himself with his palm pressed firmly against his face, he began toiling over what he should to rectify the situation so she wouldn't completely hate him..and there was now the possibility of him getting in huge trouble for possibly reveling an important secret, though it didn't seem like she believed him so he just might be able to get out of dodge. In any case she certainly would have found out the truth herself one day, he thought it was a stupid idea to keep something so vital from a person when it has caused them to endure such hardship then again the village counsel never really cared for the individual it would seem. Every decision they made was always fr the prosperity of the Leaf Village so they must have had their reasons.

" but still...that's messed up " he muttered to himself as he clenched his fist, he let his hand fall to his side as he looked up to meet the glaring eyes of the villagers, he always got looks of fear and distrust over the malicious glares they were shooting him now.' This must be what it's like for her ever day ' he thought as he shot them a look just as filled with hate and some of them actually gasped, looked away and even backed away from him, fortunately he didn't actually hate any of them but he just got so disgusted at how adults could treat them that he couldn't help but be angry. He was just about to tell those who remained off but Tohru's voice stopped him as she called his name

" Look, if your about to tell me what a jerk I am don't bother, it was a stupid thing to say I know..I'll just go apologize he said as he looked back in the direction she ran only to see someone who was yet another foreigner to the village, it was made clear by the way she dressed and the darkness of her skin, he saw her look at them as she passed them by and would have liked to inquire about it directly but he had other business which seemed more prudent " hold that thought Tohru " he said as he ran off to follow the both of them, shoving the adults aside and a few other kids his age to the ground to get through to them, he was able to follow her through the crowd of people to a pond were Tsuki sat at it's edge peering at her katana with the stranger kneeling right next to her.

" hey I'm really sorry about what I said back there, I wasn't trying to upset you or anything I was just making a joke..a really bad one " he said with a wry smile as he laughed nervously, he chose to hide the suspicion he had for the stranger for now, he wouldn't want to falsely accuse someone of some wrong doing they haven't and probably won't commit, the look on the woman's face seemed concerned rather than suspicious. He didn't speak to or acknowledge the the oddly dressed stranger that knelt at Tsuki's side, at the moment he only cared to mend a bride that was being burned before it was even built.


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Koga sat there eating his ramen with his senses down and beaten. Lately, he has been out there, daydreaming and always bumping into people like Yoru. 'Whats wrong with me!' He sighs disappointed as he ate slowly, but peers towards the stall opening at the new comer.

Green eyes blinked in surprise. It was their sensei Koshikoi, Taijutsu master and a Swordman of the mist. It was quite a surprise to get him as a sensei, seeing how high ranked he was, and Kouga was very happy. Every since he was a child, he took great interest in the 7 men of the mist, the owners of great weapons in the past. To put it simply, Koshikoi was his idol, but he kept that at the down low.

'Hm maybe Sensei doesn't have any missions lately, I mean the village has been rather peaceful.' Koga thought before sitting up to properly greet his leader. Turning the stool towards his own sensei's stool, he curtly nodded showing respect gleaming within his eyes. "Hello Sensei!"

Misaki Uchiha

Misaki laid at the roof tops of the village buildings. She was currently asleep and very bored at the moment. There was nothing to do, other then training and she done that all yesterday. Relaxing her body, she focused on the sounds of the surrounding crowd. Rumors hit her ears, secrets and little conversations, but one voice was oddly familiar. Sitting up, Misaki eyed the crowd below her, pin pointing the location of the voice. Her black orbs stopped at an Uchiha boy who was standing near 2 others. Her eyes soften, Mana Uchiha, her distant cousin and an old friend. But that didn't matter now, he probably didn't even remember her.

Shrugging it off, she went on observing the others. As if she was a computer, information of the two genin girls came to mind quickly. The blue hair female was a hyuuga, rank genin. The other female which had black hair was easy to tell. She was Tsuki, the Ninetail holder and the one supposedly hated by all villagers and ninjas alike. But Misaki really didn't care at all of the demon within her, Tsuki was just a genin and a child of the leaf to protect with her own life. She smiles a bit before chuckling. 'Is this some genin party...?' She wonders, swiftly jumping into the crowd without notice.

Slipping past villagers, she neared the group of genin quietly and began to melt into the crowd with ease. Misaki listened into the conversation with slight interest, yet her face held no emotion other then boredom.