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Misaki Uchiha


0 · 459 views · located in Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: The New Host”, originally authored by DreamerOnTheStars, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Misaki Uchiha [Alias: Red Flower]
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Birthday: October 1
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110
Blood Type: O

Village: Leaf
Rank: Jounin

Academy Grad. Age: 10
Chuunin Prom. Age: 15
Jounin Prom. Age: 19

Misaki has the personality of the stereotypical Uchiha clan, quiet and clever. She is actually laid back and takes her time in things such as retrieving a scroll or a mission. But she can be very serious if someone was about to get hurt, like if a foolish genin was trying to master a high rank technique. This is why people call her "mother Uchiha" or something along the lines as a joke, but she doesn't find it amusing. See, Misaki is hard to amuse and even getting a word from her other then, "sure" or "okay"
Misaki was born under high surveillance, because she had the blood of an Uchiha. Seeing how Sasuke got taken away for his eyes, the village wasn't going to let the same mistake happen again. So as a child, ninjas watched her through the crowd as if she was going to be snatched away. But did she care? Not really. "Meh who cares if I get killed or something..." She responds to the officials who yell at her for leaving the village. Misaki hates the thought that they didn't care for her well being but her eyes. If she didn't have the damn sharigan this wouldn't happen, if she didn't have the uchiha blood this wouldn't happen. But years passed, and she got used to it. She considered her thoughts foolish and she returns to her laid back and lazy self. Growing up, Misaki made a few friends, and one was a Uchiha. His name was Mana, and he was a child when she met him. Feeling foolish of being friends with a baby, she couldnt help but feel connected to him. He too was put under surveillance. As he grew, she watched over him only to find out he was her distant cousin. Strange, she thought of it, but shrugged it off.

Tailed Beast: None
Clan: Uchiha

Weapons/Tools: A sickle on a long chain, a whip and a set of needles. She has a roll of flammable wire and the usual
Chakra Type: Fire and lightning
Kekkei Genkai: Sharigan 2nd level
Description Of Your KG: This KG is focused most on genjutsu, and is very hard to break. Chakra is built up into the eye and is used from their. There are many stages to this KG and she is currently on the 2nd, she hopes not to reach the 4th knowing what price she has to make.
Signature Techniques:
-Using her fire techniques, she inflames the whip to the handle, and begins to hit her opponents. She does the same with her needles.
-Because of her speed, she runs around as if she was trying to flee while she spreads wires around the area. Then when its complete she lights the wires on fire causing it to explode, or trap the enemy in flames.
Going to be listed

So begins...

Misaki Uchiha's Story


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Misaki Uchiha

Dark eyes opened slowly at the sound of birds nearby. The girl sat up and looked around from the tree branch. How long was she here? She wonders before jumping to the grassy floors of the training grounds. A rustle was heard, and she snapped her attention towards a small bush. Her eyes narrowed. "who is it.." It was silent until a nervous chuckle was heard, a large man crawled out. "Sharp as ever Misaki...haha..." Misaki ignored him and observed him with a glare. 'Another ninja watching me...' Misaki scowls and turned around on her heels fuming. The man behind her sighs disappointed and disappeared with the simple jutsu, "body flicker"

Entering the village streets, she slipped into a small, steaming stall.
"Welcome!" A chief shouted while flipping some fried noodles. Misaki nods in response, and sat at a small stool, as a women went up to her. "What would you like Misaki-San!" She peers at the waitress and spoke with no hesitation, "Dango." The women blinks at the quick response and nods. "That's all?" Misaki nods curtly and watched the women walk off to take the orders of others.
Once the women was out of her sight, she propped her arm onto the table and leaned against it in deep thought. 'Im still under surveillance, even though im considered a Jounin...' She began to mumble some complaints under her breath before shutting up at the sound of a voice calling out to her repeatedly.
"Um Misaki-san?" The said girl blinks and looks up, to see the women hold up a small tray of Dango. "Here you go..." Misaki nods feeling embarrassed at the lack of response and quickly took the dango, while putting some money into the women's hand. "Thanks." and with that she left the stall with a stick of dango hanging from her mouth.
Entering the crowd, she began to Chew slowly, savoring the sweet flavor as shouts of commands were heard around her. She didnt mind the shouting, until one conversation near by caught her attention. "My child is so excited to get a team of her own, oh i hope she gets a responsible Jou-" Misaki felt panic stir within her, but no emotion traced her face. 'I forgot all about that...' She sighs and finished the last piece of dango, before lighting the remaining stick to ashes. Children were graduating from the academy soon, and a couple of jounin were being picked to be leaders of a team. Truthfully, Misaki didn't mind, but the thought of having to wake up and be on time to train students didn't go so well with her. 'Oh well...' She thought waving off the irritating idea.


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Koga sat there eating his ramen with his senses down and beaten. Lately, he has been out there, daydreaming and always bumping into people like Yoru. 'Whats wrong with me!' He sighs disappointed as he ate slowly, but peers towards the stall opening at the new comer.

Green eyes blinked in surprise. It was their sensei Koshikoi, Taijutsu master and a Swordman of the mist. It was quite a surprise to get him as a sensei, seeing how high ranked he was, and Kouga was very happy. Every since he was a child, he took great interest in the 7 men of the mist, the owners of great weapons in the past. To put it simply, Koshikoi was his idol, but he kept that at the down low.

'Hm maybe Sensei doesn't have any missions lately, I mean the village has been rather peaceful.' Koga thought before sitting up to properly greet his leader. Turning the stool towards his own sensei's stool, he curtly nodded showing respect gleaming within his eyes. "Hello Sensei!"

Misaki Uchiha

Misaki laid at the roof tops of the village buildings. She was currently asleep and very bored at the moment. There was nothing to do, other then training and she done that all yesterday. Relaxing her body, she focused on the sounds of the surrounding crowd. Rumors hit her ears, secrets and little conversations, but one voice was oddly familiar. Sitting up, Misaki eyed the crowd below her, pin pointing the location of the voice. Her black orbs stopped at an Uchiha boy who was standing near 2 others. Her eyes soften, Mana Uchiha, her distant cousin and an old friend. But that didn't matter now, he probably didn't even remember her.

Shrugging it off, she went on observing the others. As if she was a computer, information of the two genin girls came to mind quickly. The blue hair female was a hyuuga, rank genin. The other female which had black hair was easy to tell. She was Tsuki, the Ninetail holder and the one supposedly hated by all villagers and ninjas alike. But Misaki really didn't care at all of the demon within her, Tsuki was just a genin and a child of the leaf to protect with her own life. She smiles a bit before chuckling. 'Is this some genin party...?' She wonders, swiftly jumping into the crowd without notice.

Slipping past villagers, she neared the group of genin quietly and began to melt into the crowd with ease. Misaki listened into the conversation with slight interest, yet her face held no emotion other then boredom.


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Misaki followed them with ease, not wanting any physical, or even verbal fights between the two. That would be troublesome. Besides They were team mates after all, and she was their "leader", so it was her job to keep them in place. Sitting down upon a branch, Misaki watched with keen eyes, taking in the Uchiha's and Yuhi's emotions. It was a rather awkward and heavy atmosphere, that even the Misaki Uchiha, didn't enjoy. Though she was glad that Mana still had the respect to bow down before another. He wasent going to end up like those cocky Uchiha's that many believe they were. Misaki nods, pleased, before she finally decided to leave the two. She was tired, and would do anything for a nice futon, seeing how she was out all day. Misaki promptly placed her fingers together, but with a sigh she dropped them lazily to the sides of her. She used way to much charka today [even for a uchiha], so she decided to take a break, and actually walk home for once. Jumping down to the ground, she began to walk out into the clearing, acting like they weren't even there. Honestly she didnt care if they would see her, nor does she care about their thoughts about this sudden appearance. It wouldnt matter anyways. Not to her at least. 'No harm done...' She thought, making her way past the two and towards the direction of her home, her steps lazy yet quick.

[OOC: its short but I just wanted her to make a little appearance.]