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Isamu Takeshi "Shinji"

Second son to the Hi-mura no Oshiro House

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a character in “Naruto: The Next Bond”, as played by Colonel_Masters



" Call me Shinji; That is what my family calls me, what's good enough for them is good enough for you"

Age: 12
Gender: Male
Birthday: 15th of November
Height: 4'11
Weight: 109 ibs
Blood Type: AB

Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Classification: "The Popular Icon"

Academy Grad. Age: 12
Chuunin Prom. Age:
Jounin Prom. Age:

Shinji as a noble is first and foremost an actor. Charming and courteous he may be however his need to be so is often not so noble as other may thing.
Shinji was raised with the expectation that he would lead and others would follow. Even in an environment supposed to bring students together as equals private education and a sense of mission where enough to carve him a place as the top of what was academy society.

Shinji is a clever and independent personality however he is also a servant to his drive for popularity as are his admirers… even more so. Shinji for all his kindness also brought much cruelty to those few who did not "fit in", to his rivals in the great popularity contest Shinji ether recruited them as his lieutenants after he "persuaded" them of the benefits or made sure those who would not submit would be "exiles" from social life by the end of a working day.

To other outcasts Shinji delivered a similar if not rougher treatment, especially to peculiarities such as Uchiha Tsukiya and Kairi Yuhi. He is by no means a bully and never saw that simpler craft as beneficial to his standing however, cronies and easily influenced buffoons alike gave him all the muscle he needed to push somebody around. In this way, even without lifting as much as a finger Shinji often caused much greater damage with his words then any first could do.

With the time in the academy now at and end Shinji's confidence has been shaken; Shinji thought he would be placed on a team with some of his many admirers however to his surprise he had been teamed up with those two students he had so far suppressed and persecuted.

Shinji is unsure how he may maneuver in this unfavorable situation, although his surface thoughts are full of the petty bravado of a noble and how he will be able to cower these nobodies to his line of thinking deep down he is beginning to understand that his reign as "king" is drawing to a close.


Isamu or "Shinji" as he likes to be called was groomed to be a public figure since his birth twelve years ago. He was the younger of two sons born to the family in that day so while his older twin became the successor to the family's dynastic and state duties Shinji was branded as the military
"right hand" of the future. As a member of the country's nobility it was and even still is the duty expected of him and his fair privilege. Although he was always intended to follow the path of the Shinobi and not that of the dynasty ,Shinji was taught all a member of the Daimyo linage was expected to know.

Shinji was taught music, dance, speechcraft, swordsmanship, horsemanship, royal protocol and the many other required topics considered basic education in the court. When Shinji arrived to the academy where his ancestry did not matter as much the education he had received however made all the difference.

Shinji became quite popular among his peers; first because of his civil manner and charm, second because of his confidence and initiative and lastly when words became actions. Shinji was responsible for the reestablishment of the long extinct academy newspaper and its sudden rise to popularity, for numerous improvements in the student's well-being from the enhancement of the academy's cafeteria's menu to simple class decoration.

Shinji eventually became one of the two elected students tasked with representing the entire academy and acting as chairman for the many class councils of the different age groups. In his official capacity Shinji put much of his knowledge into practice and was able to also meddle with the laws already In place to allow him an unprecedented four terms as chairman and the relegation of the second chairman to the role of a subordinate.

Shortly before the end of his training, Shinji's father and most of his close family left Konoha for the capital in order to assume the position of Minister for the treasury to the lord Daimyo. Shinji missies his family, especially his twin brother however he has all the support he needs from the family estate in Konoha to complete his training.

Tailed Beast: -
Clan: (Related to the Senju]

Chakra Type: Fire
Kekkei Genkai: -
Description Of Your KG:

Signature Techniques

So begins...

Isamu Takeshi "Shinji"'s Story


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"We... heard of certain incidents with the Jinchurikis... mainly Naruto himself... Mainly the ones with the lack of control and explosive power. With Kairi not having a huge reserve of chakra, its possible she won't be able to contain this power as easily. What would you have me do if, she loses it? I have an idea but…"

"Would it surprise you if I said that I do not know?" said Arata suddenly after a moment of silent hesitation. Even though he had little eye sight to speak of Arata's eyebrows flinched with discomfort at his spoken admittance of his lack of knowledge on such a critical affair.

"From the beginning this whole business was improvised: His highest HoKage Uzumaki was not supposed to die that dark day. The Demon was not supposed to re manifest in its natural form so quickly and so violently. Kairi was never meant to become the next Jinchuriki and the village was not supposed to become so hostile to a new Jinchuriki despite our village's destruction after witnessing the rise of the great Master Uzumaki.

The Foxe's chakra will manifest itself; there is no doubt about it. The objection raised by our comrade Jonin was that witnessing the outside world of the Shinobi will trigger this change sooner rather than later but I have a different view.

Eventually this village's hostility towards the girl will cause an incident and then it would be too late to stop it. Kairi must follow the path of the Shinobi if she is to have a chance at being an asset to this village and indeed… a chance at live beyond maturity.
I do not know what the future holds but should the worst come to pass It will be up to you to make your own decisions and live by them. That is the measure of your responsibility."

When he finished speaking a knock on the door was heard and an old man entered with a tray containing a cup of herbal tea.
"Half past eight sir, your meeting with the elders is due in fifteen minutes" said the old man, a decades serving butler in the Hokage residence since the 5th's days.

"Is that the time?, very well tell them we might as well start it now, how about you bring two cups of coffee for them? I think they would appreciate that more than tea. Would you like anything to drink Akira before you go about your tasks?" Said Arata happy to dispel such a unhappy conversation.

Uchiha Tsukiya

Tsukiya had carved himself a reputation in the academy for one thing in particular; once Tsukiya caught someone's eye he would never turn away until they did.

But when Kairi looked at him so directly Tsukiya's reaction was to immediately turn his gaze.
After a few moments of struggle between an insidious desire to tell the Yuhi girl was a pathetic weakling she was and walk away and an even stronger desire to just ignore her and get on with his training Tsukiya decided on a third alternative, a prouder alternative.

He caught her eyes and for a moment was irritated; her eyes were red, something Tsukiya desired for his own although under very different circumstances... even her hair was back almost like an Uchicha's ought to be. Since he had first encountered her Tsukiya had felt many things towards the Yuhi girl; Fear, Pity, Anger, Hate… curiosity.

This past decade of childhood saw Tshukiya both violently avoid Kairi and yet he kept thinking about her. Why did he hate her so? Why did the village hate her so?

Tsukiya sighed, mostly to himself but unintentionally he was quite clearly expressing a change in attitude towards Kairi; he hadn't turned his gaze, he had not insulted her and he had not walked away in disgust.

Tsukiya thought to pick up Kairi's sword up for her in an attempt to convey a wordless message "I am willing to give you a chance" but as he turned he saw that someone else had picked it up before him; the one person Tsukiya had once truly desired to kill… Takeshi or Shinji as his goons called him.

Isamu Takeshi

Shinji had come early to the training grounds to meet the majority of the class which had also assembled. As planned they had played an extreme e thrilling Shinobi hide and seek game from dark to early morning in celebration of their new status as Genin. The moon lit party was attended by pretty much everyone… excluding the less desirable class "members" such as Hayato, Tsukiya and of course "red eyes".

It was unfortunate that the latter two happened to be his new team mates.

For so many years Shinji had essentially run the class; he had helped, organized and united them in common cause. Shinji had done what he could; it was not his fault a few kept tried ruining it for everybody else and therefor had to pay the price.
Yet… a part of him was feeling that now he would pay a price.

Shinji had seen all that had transpired, Ishida still angry of her new team had naturally been upset… Kairi should have known better then to annoy Ishida further.

Shinji had picked up Kairi's sword from the floor and proceeded to examine it, it was a fine blade and Shinji wondered where she had come across it.

Hello team, I see we are all here said Shinji as he played around with the sword showing off his elegant sword play skills. Shinji knew he was annoying his team mates but, he thought he might as well put them in their place now rather than later.