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Tanaka Kazuo

The War Hawk

0 · 733 views · located in Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: The Next Bond”, as played by Colonel_Masters



"A bad peace is worse then war!"

Age: 65 (physically mid 30's due to KG slower aging process)
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 2nd
Height: 5'9
Weight: (will update later)
Blood Type: O-

Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Jonin
Classification: "The Hawk"

Academy Grad. Age: 9
Chuunin Prom. Age: 12
Jounin Prom. Age: 19

Kazuo is a hard uncompromising man, although he appears middle aged he is already old and experienced which leaves him very little patience for his fellow Jonin and even his Kage.

To his Genin Kazuo is a demanding, rough, even cruel Sensei however to those who complete the rigorous training and standards Kazuo is an honored mentor who made them the best of the best.

He is blunt, easy to anger and typically drunk whenever he is in leisure. Some think this hard line is a means to conceal the true man under the skin however this is not exactly true. In the past Kazuo had indeed adopted this behavior only for the purpose of training Genin (excluding the drinking part which he always had a problem with) however over time it simply became his nature.

Deep inside, there is a cold anger calling for vengeance; the product of many sorrows and fallen dreams. Kazuo hates many things, Konoha is one of them. In a way his journey to Konoha meant as an educational venture is not only meant for his Genin but for him too.


History: Kazuo was born to the age of "peace and unity" in Shinobi history. The Shinobi alliance formed out of the struggle known as the Fourth Great Shinobi war was at the height of its power.
The villages where still joined in this mighty military alliance and under the leadership of the Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, Gara the Kazekage and their colleagues a true sense of joined identity had been forged.

Kazuo's family was a reflection of this period of history; his father, a Shinobi of Kumogakure had fought and perished in the war at the time it seemed his sacrifice was honored through the dedication of the survivors to the preservation of the peace.

Kazuo's mother was a native to the lands beyond the great desert of the land of the wind. Since his father had died when Kazuo was still little more than a toddler Kazuo grew up under the influence of his mother's culture… he even held a traditional secret name used only under the shroud of secrecy; Kathar.

The childhood Kazuo would experience was a calm one despite a few old village purity activists who made life difficult for Kazuo and his mother. Kazuo following both his mother's people traditions and his father's Kumogakure legacy joined the Shinobi academy; he was a bright student and completed the basic academy training nearly four years before the average time scale.

Kazuo and his team distinguished themselves several times during those early years. By the age of 12 the entire team had succeeded in becoming Chunin in the same exams, through a powerful bond of teamwork centered on a pioneering Jonin who was their Sensei.

She had also fought in the war and saw how the majority of the casualties suffered in that war had been due to the inability of the different teams and villages to adapt to the other's style quickly enough. After the war the Sensei; Jana dedicated her life to accomplishing coordination through education and therefor, her team was the first… and for that time period the last Allied team (A member from each village creating a total of five including the Sensei)

Many villages began to host outsiders in their midst due to this growing trend of "internationalism", a problem which increased the volume of the Puritan groups however they did not seem like so much a threat… until Kazuo's mother was found murdered in their home.

All the evidence pointed towards the purity movement yet the village was unwilling to conduct a proper investigation of the matter despite his Sensei's protests, as a consequence Kazuo became dysfunctional as a Shinobi and almost retired had the truth not been revealed.

Other cases of a similar "purity movement kill outsiders" nature appeared in the village and the Shinobi world; faith in the alliance was dwindling as fear, suspicion and hate crept into the heart of the alliance. The killings continued until finally Kazuo himself was able to expose the perpetrator; it had been a family relation of his Sensei, and the occasion was his Sensei's own murder.

There had been no real purity movement at all, only the whim of one man and his followers to bring back the Shinobi world to the way it had been through the creation of new cycle of hate… and as a result purity movements and outsider self-defense groups had turned from fiction to reality.

Kazuo gradually embraced the village as he acknowledged that it had played no role in his mother's death. From the product of internationalism Kazuo became one of Kumogakure sternest nationalists. The alliance had not been destroyed by the scandal however, its consequences along with numerous other events over the next fifty years eroded the idealism and purpose upon which it had been built.

The assassinations twelve years ago where the final straw for Kazuo; his message soon changed from caution and isolationism to separatism and a call to arms against what Kazuo dubbed "the jealousy and aggression of the other villages". Kazuo had not forgotten that the man responsible for the deaths of his mother, his Sensei and numerous others was like his Sensei a member of the village of Konoha and still bears a grudge against that village.

Kazuo was outraged when his new Genin team was chosen for the new accords with Konoha however this time he swallowed his pride and followed the order.

Tailed Beast: -
Clan: None

Chakra Type: Earth (Affinity), Lightning (second)
Kekkei Genkai: The Blessing
Description Of Your KG: longevity, the aging process is twice slower to Kazuo; while he is technically 60, he is actually only 30 in reality.

Signature Techniques
(Will post later)

So begins...

Tanaka Kazuo's Story