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Naruto: The Next Bond

Naruto Universe


a part of Naruto: The Next Bond, by Sonicx00.


Sonicx00 holds sovereignty over Naruto Universe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

228 readers have been here.

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Naruto Universe is a part of Naruto: The Next Bond.

9 Characters Here

Shizuka Arata [4] 8th Hokage
Uchiha Tsukiya [3] "Do not anger me, even an Uchiha "dog" has teeth..."
Isamu Takeshi "Shinji" [1] Second son to the Hi-mura no Oshiro House
Tanaka Kazuo [0] The War Hawk
Nishimura Daichi [0] "If you were to fight one of the Shinobi of old with Kunai Jutsu and Shurikan, you would find that we are children playing with toys"

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Present day

"I do thank you for taking some interest in my proposal of taking Kairi. So far she is still in her shell but eventually she'll come out. As for the rest of the team, Interesting to the least I have four members as whole but the other three are incredible for what they can do from the files. There is no need to worry to the least, I'll be sure things are civil among the four, especially towards Kairi. They may even end up hating me after this hehe."

Akira grinned towards the Hokage with a thumbs up. She knew her being there wasn't needed for such types of reports but she did want to give her thanks before she headed off and as far as she having the nine-tails in her group this was a little more dangerous then other groups. Her head tilted towards the window where the sun seemed to come through as her hands lowered back down to her hips. She could feel the warm heat through the open window and in this moment she could only think about the first day but that soon ended when her eyes shifted back down to the Kage.


Previous day...

After their first meeting yesterday, Kairi had went back to grandma Kurenai's home. She had explained to her how the meeting went and how obviously nervous she had felt. It was only a surprised expression when Kurenai found her grand daughter had been placed in the same team as the Uchiha. It reminded her of when back then it was just coincidence that Naruto was placed in the same team as Sasuke Uchiha. It was only then that the grandma had smirked but never explained the expression.

That very night when it was time for bed, Kairi couldn't sleep. She was worried mostly of how cruel her team mates would be to her that very morning she would arrive. The girl had stepped outside and went on top of her home's roof before sitting down to look upon the stars and the village at night. It was apparent by the atmosphere of worries that she had no idea what would happen and what they would do. Were they going to hurt her? It only took a short amount of time before she shook it off. Kairi rose her hand into the sky and moved her fingers as if she were trying to close and pinch the star. It was something she had alway done. She only smiled when in her perception she was able to get one. Looking at her hand when she then formed a fist made her determined to get through the day as fast as possible and deal with whatever came to her.

Present Day...

That morning finally came when Kairi lifted herself up, showered and got dressed. She looked over to her sword and blinked. She wasn't quite sure if she really needed it at this point but then thought to herself "If I'm going to make it part of my style, then I definitely will take it!". With that said she strapped the blade, making sure the sheathed was fastened on her back and leaped out from her window.

She could feel the wind rush among her face as she continued dashing rooftops and streets to reach the training grounds. The kunoichi herself was rather surprised by how eager she was to start her actual training regardless of what the others thought of her. This only being until she was suddenly she was surprised kicked from the right side by Ishida lee! Luckily there she was in an alley way and only hit the wall. Her eyes widened suddenly shocked out of her excited moment as she fell upon the ground. She could hear her sheathed blade slide against the bricked building behind as she descended to the ground.

"We're ninja's now, come on! Get some awareness! You shouldn't even be in our ranks like that!"

The words echo'd as Ishida spoke to Kairi, her strapped and bandaged hand rose to hold her head as she winked looking up to Ishida but not saying anything. She didn't want to fight, she had to get to her team. Who knows what would happen if she were late. The jinchuriki shook her head and Ishida smirked.

"Weakling… You'll probably fail your first test…" She said walking off. Kairi only sat there obviously dirtied by the dirt of the ground. Her fist were formed as her body shook from being upset. She was now torn between going back home and going to her team. Was this the treatment she would get with her team there? Certainly not with her Jonin but… what if she wasn't there… what if she were the first? was she just getting into a trap. Kairi shook her head before lifting herself from the ground. Her fist tightened and at that moment she wanted to do nothing more but reach for her sword and charge first but she couldn't. All she did was brush herself off.

"I..." she began but Ishida was already ways off.


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Shizuka Arata

The present day

Arata gazed at the Jonin and tried to make out her movements; he could see through chakra almost anything but gestures which involved little to no mobilization of that great power where trickier to decipher.

Finally Arata nodded quietly; the movements had been a grin and a raised thumb meant to deliver directness, reassurance and confidence… which whereby "chance" the very things Arata was worried to put to the test.

Arata rarely delivered any of these friendly gestures but he had excuses for it; he was of course blind and he happened to be Hokage however the majority of his Jonin tended to display a similar restraint and distance as if it where what he expected of them.
Which was a misunderstanding if ever there was one! What Arata wanted was for his Jonin to reassure him and show of their confidence for the entire world to see! And finally this "young" Jonin had the nerve to do so.

Arata could have laughed at himself for that last thought; he hardly had the right to call Akira young, she was two years older than he was. But he did not laugh, and that inclination was what separated Arata from many others; he was older than his years and had little to be pleased about, a terrible fate to be sure since he would much rather enjoy himself like Akira did.

"Very well, as you know your request has been approved so I would like to open our little chat here with an informal commandment of your assertiveness over this matter.
I wish you and your team the best and remind you that if ever you are in need of my council you may come to me without an appointment; I place great importance on your team of course… unfair to others as it may seem it has to be so"

Said Arata, he even allowed himself to smile and that was no false statement but a similar reassurance to Akira's own.

The smile soon disappeared however…

"I have a reason for summoning you hear however and I am afraid it is not only in order to hear my words of support but to advise and warn you. The matter of your special student is not the question of acceptance or not but the very grave circumstances under which the decision was taken.

Although it is a matter I would normally not mention I feel obligated to tell you that nearly all our fellow Jonin objected to this arrangement and that it was only by my personal intervention and guarantee of responsibility that your petition was accepted.

I cannot stress the gravity of your station as Sensei to this team, the eyes of the village are upon you and on your shoulders lay the responsibility for the success or failure of this team just as it is upon me for having entrusted this burden to you"

Although she did not know it Arata was in his own way gazing intensely at the Jonin, he had to see the same "fire" which had driven her into demanding this arrangement be present at this moment.
Arata had to know he had not made a mistake.


During the previous day

Tsukiya returned home just in time for dinner; his grandmother and grandfather from his mother's of the family had turned up to look after him. It didn't happen often since Tsukiya hardly needed looking after anymore however with his parents away for a while his grandparents had decided to be there for him.

He specifically avoided talking about his team; instead Tsukiya talked of the day's beginning and his new Sensei. His grandparents grew weary presumably noticing that Tsukiya was stalling the conversation and this continued until his grandfather asked him outright… ever so politely of course.

Just as Tsukiya thought once he had mentioned her name both his grandparents froze and looked first at Tsukiya and then at each other with uncontained fear and even horror. Tsukiya often pondered the reason why adults seemed to take the Yuhi so terribly seriously; whatever crimes her parents had committed, they must have been quite terrible.

Only Tsukiya seemed to have an appetite after the mention of the Yuhi's name. Tsukiya cursed; did that name have to ruin everything?

Tsukiya said his farewell's to his grandparents half an hour later. Both had advised him to avoid any contact with "that girl" unless completely necessary.

Tsukiya felt strange; he was used to being left on his own for long periods of time however on this calm night Tsukiya felt both relieved and uneasy. Tsukiya climbed the stairs reaching the house's balcony then climbed the walls until he reached the roof.

The celestial sky was staring down at him and Tsukiya felt calm at this confirmation; at least the heavens hadn't changed.
Tsukiya gazed at the stars for a few moments but his eyes where soon drawn to his mighty namesake, the moon.

"What do you have to say about all this… sister" asked Tsukiya pondering the significance of the previous day.

No answer came of course and Tsukiya eventually returned to his room and fell into a deep sleep.

The old dream returned just like the night before but Tsukiya once again thanked his guardian and dismissed it as nerves.

Present day

Dawn came and Tsukiya woke up as usual. He washed, clothed and fed himself before departing the empty household towards the training grounds.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred during his journy, Tsukiya unsatisfied with his snack meal decided to enter a small bar where Ramen was usually served. Ramen wasn't Tsukiya's favorite dish however as breakfast it suited just fine.

Tsukiya eventually found his way to the training grounds just on time. Students from other teams had also gathered here however Hayato didn't seem to have turned up yet.

It only took a few seconds for the uneventful atmosphere of the day to be broken. From what Tsukiya could see Ishida Lee had kicked the Yuhi girl and then demanded that she respond to her challenge. The Yuhi did not however and instead let herself be pushed around and ridiculed by the likes of "her majesty".

Tsukiya thought for a moment to step into the quarrel since Yuhi was after all a team mate now and any dishonor to her name was bound to reflect on his own however this pathetic sight was enough to sober him.

Why should he put his hard earned reputation on the line for the likes of that girl? Tsukiya had once been just as weak and pathetic as she was now but he had fought and had carved out his place in the academy while she did nothing at all.
Maybe she enjoyed playing the victim.

Tsukiya passed near his "comrade" but paused only to examine the sword she carried. Tsukiya didn't know what she hoped to achieve with it but made no comment and carried on walking.

Darn... this problem will only reoccur at a later date" thought Tsukiya, he turned around and for the first time today looked at his team mate.

"What would you have done had this been a genuine attack?" asked Tsukiya thoughtfully, Tsukiya did not appear sympathetic however his usual look of distain to the Yuhi was safely concealed for the moment .


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"heh, let the villager's and other Jonin disagree with my choice. I took it up because they have no spine to do so themselves and also... She's one of us. Regardless if she has a Bijuu in her or not. Now I don't know how well her life will be with this thing in her or what the outcome will be but regardless I still believe in her. I will say this though... Although I have faith in her... I still feel a certain darkness locked in her and its not the Kyuubi I am feeling. She is kind on the outside but she is not ... our previous Kage. I'll be sure to try to bring more light then darkness if I can and do not worry I am ready for anything and everything." Akira said licking her lips as her right hand went up to her blade raising it only but a centimeter from the hilt. She personally hoped the part with her having a darkness in her was wrong but she had a great deal of trust and hope with the girl. She was sure whatever darkness she felt was not hers alone, only time would tell for her.

The Jonin smiled before letting go of her blade letting it slide into the sheath before folding her arms in thought. The woman had let a simple silence place as she became lost in her thoughts of what could or could not happen before gazing over to her kage. The woman couldn't help but wonder why she felt this way. To a point she scolded herself thinking it would have been a certain possibility that the village did influence her thoughts even though she constantly believed and thought the opposite of the majority. The woman turned around slowly and looked down her hair slightly covering her eyes trying not to look in at the Kage when asking this.

"We... heard of certain incidents with the Jinchurikis... mainly Naruto himself... Mainly the ones with the lack of control and explosive power. With Kairi not having a huge reserve of chakra, its possible she won't be able to contain this power as easily. What would you have me do if, she loses it? I have an idea but --" She stopped unable to get the final words she really needed to make her question clear. Akira just didn't know how to ask something that she hasn't seen. The woman did however expect a dark answer which was all she knew for the time.


Kairi turned her head towards the Uchiha with her beaming red eyes locked onto the boy at this moment as she finished brushing of what she could then shook her head. She wished he didn't say anything or even shown up to see it. How pathetic does she look right now to be kicked mid air with no awareness (not like she expected it though). To answer his question though she began softly, possibly to where the Uchiha could even hear her.

"S-she would regret it... In fact, if you really want to see me demonstrate it on the girl... we may have some time" She grinned looking to her team mate. Although it was a joke, she couldn't help but really do it and to see Ishida's biggest fear. The girl stretched as her grin faded. "Maybe next time, hehe..." She said jokingly. Kairi felt obliged to try to lighten the mood but was trying to be cautious not to sound hostile. Especially seeing that nearly all the villagers who hear her would probably spread her words quite quickly.

She then cautiously extended her arm to shake the Uchiha's hand.

"I am Kairi Yuhi, I'd like to personally introduce myself..."

Kairi said. She wasn't quite sure how the boy would take her personal intro but only hoped for the best.


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"We... heard of certain incidents with the Jinchurikis... mainly Naruto himself... Mainly the ones with the lack of control and explosive power. With Kairi not having a huge reserve of chakra, its possible she won't be able to contain this power as easily. What would you have me do if, she loses it? I have an idea but…"

"Would it surprise you if I said that I do not know?" said Arata suddenly after a moment of silent hesitation. Even though he had little eye sight to speak of Arata's eyebrows flinched with discomfort at his spoken admittance of his lack of knowledge on such a critical affair.

"From the beginning this whole business was improvised: His highest HoKage Uzumaki was not supposed to die that dark day. The Demon was not supposed to re manifest in its natural form so quickly and so violently. Kairi was never meant to become the next Jinchuriki and the village was not supposed to become so hostile to a new Jinchuriki despite our village's destruction after witnessing the rise of the great Master Uzumaki.

The Foxe's chakra will manifest itself; there is no doubt about it. The objection raised by our comrade Jonin was that witnessing the outside world of the Shinobi will trigger this change sooner rather than later but I have a different view.

Eventually this village's hostility towards the girl will cause an incident and then it would be too late to stop it. Kairi must follow the path of the Shinobi if she is to have a chance at being an asset to this village and indeed… a chance at live beyond maturity.
I do not know what the future holds but should the worst come to pass It will be up to you to make your own decisions and live by them. That is the measure of your responsibility."

When he finished speaking a knock on the door was heard and an old man entered with a tray containing a cup of herbal tea.
"Half past eight sir, your meeting with the elders is due in fifteen minutes" said the old man, a decades serving butler in the Hokage residence since the 5th's days.

"Is that the time?, very well tell them we might as well start it now, how about you bring two cups of coffee for them? I think they would appreciate that more than tea. Would you like anything to drink Akira before you go about your tasks?" Said Arata happy to dispel such a unhappy conversation.

Uchiha Tsukiya

Tsukiya had carved himself a reputation in the academy for one thing in particular; once Tsukiya caught someone's eye he would never turn away until they did.

But when Kairi looked at him so directly Tsukiya's reaction was to immediately turn his gaze.
After a few moments of struggle between an insidious desire to tell the Yuhi girl was a pathetic weakling she was and walk away and an even stronger desire to just ignore her and get on with his training Tsukiya decided on a third alternative, a prouder alternative.

He caught her eyes and for a moment was irritated; her eyes were red, something Tsukiya desired for his own although under very different circumstances... even her hair was back almost like an Uchicha's ought to be. Since he had first encountered her Tsukiya had felt many things towards the Yuhi girl; Fear, Pity, Anger, Hate… curiosity.

This past decade of childhood saw Tshukiya both violently avoid Kairi and yet he kept thinking about her. Why did he hate her so? Why did the village hate her so?

Tsukiya sighed, mostly to himself but unintentionally he was quite clearly expressing a change in attitude towards Kairi; he hadn't turned his gaze, he had not insulted her and he had not walked away in disgust.

Tsukiya thought to pick up Kairi's sword up for her in an attempt to convey a wordless message "I am willing to give you a chance" but as he turned he saw that someone else had picked it up before him; the one person Tsukiya had once truly desired to kill… Takeshi or Shinji as his goons called him.

Isamu Takeshi

Shinji had come early to the training grounds to meet the majority of the class which had also assembled. As planned they had played an extreme e thrilling Shinobi hide and seek game from dark to early morning in celebration of their new status as Genin. The moon lit party was attended by pretty much everyone… excluding the less desirable class "members" such as Hayato, Tsukiya and of course "red eyes".

It was unfortunate that the latter two happened to be his new team mates.

For so many years Shinji had essentially run the class; he had helped, organized and united them in common cause. Shinji had done what he could; it was not his fault a few kept tried ruining it for everybody else and therefor had to pay the price.
Yet… a part of him was feeling that now he would pay a price.

Shinji had seen all that had transpired, Ishida still angry of her new team had naturally been upset… Kairi should have known better then to annoy Ishida further.

Shinji had picked up Kairi's sword from the floor and proceeded to examine it, it was a fine blade and Shinji wondered where she had come across it.

Hello team, I see we are all here said Shinji as he played around with the sword showing off his elegant sword play skills. Shinji knew he was annoying his team mates but, he thought he might as well put them in their place now rather than later.