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Akai Uchiha

A Fierce, Mangekyo-bearing ANBU of the hidden leaf village

0 · 235 views · located in The Leaf Village

a character in “Naruto: The Next Generation”, as played by Ryu_Saiashi


Akai stands tall at 6'2", with a slender frame of roughly 190 pounds. His raven-black hair flows backward in mad flurry of silver-streaked spikes long behind and below his neck. As according to updated ANBU policy, Akai wears his ANBU uniform when patrolling Konohagakure, and wears a grey-and-black white-trimmed trench coat over it whlle investigating external affairs. Looks something like this:


Reserved, patient, and slightly cold, Akai takes all the time he needs and/or is able to consider all possible actions before executing any. He prefers to openly voice his thoughts while contemplating major issues, and normally prefers no one to respond or even mind him. He meditates frequently, and can become quite testy if he hasn't done so for at least 20 minutes in the past 24 hours. He gets quite irritated when people act too quickly without any prior thought, and will sometimes even break from groups for this reason.
Outside Konohagakure, he uses the name "Tsukuyon", a reference to the Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu technique, Tsukuyomi.


Akai always carries the following items with him:
2: Conjoined leg accessory pouches, holding:
-Mashibiki Spikes
-30+ ft. Razor Wire
-25+ ft 300lb Metal Twine
1: Medium-sized back-mounted equipment bag, holding
-Jutsu Scrolls
-Maps of each Country
-1 extra ANBU uniform
-ANBU-issue Ration meals
1 each: Katana, Dai-Katana, Seppuku blade
1: ANBU Fox Mask
1 or more books to read during down time.

Akai uses the following Jutsu:
[Fire Affinity]
Katon: Gokakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu) -UCHIHA SPECIAL TECHNIQUE-
Katon: Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu) -UCHIHA SPECIAL TECHNIQUE-
Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Jutsu)
Fire Stlye: Pyro Tornado Jutsu: Akai places his hands straight outward from his body, palms facing out. He begins to spin as fire escapes his hands, causing a swirling vortex of flame. -KONOHAGAKURE SPECIAL TECHNIQUE-

Lightning Art of Instant Body

[Mangekyo Sharingan]
[Has yet to discover the use of Susanoo]


The Uchiha clan has always had a reputation of Ninja born with far superior natural talent. Akai is the most recent pinnacle of this reputation. As of now, he is 20 years old. At age 5, Akai had completed his term at Ninja Academy under Special Graduation Conditions, and became a Genin. A mere year later, he had taken and passed the Chuunin exams with flying colors. (Yes, even the impossible written test at the beginning . . . WITHOUT cheating or doing what that Uzumaki dunce did) From then until 12, he'd been offered positions in ANBU, denying them each time, seeking to greatly increase his skill and accomplish other things first. After he had reached Jounin rank, and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan, he personally applied for ANBU at 15. Since then, he'd been climbing to 3rd Director of the Konoha ANBU Squad.

Between his Chuunin and ANBU stages of life, the legacy of Akai is as follows . . .

After his incredibly hasty advance to Chuunin, and being considered the Uchiha Clan's new pinnacle member, the Hokage allowed Akai to take a year's vacation. During this time, his mother died of unknown causes and his father suddenly attacked him. He had defeated his father in a fight to the death. In his last breaths, Akai's father told him the reason for attacking Akai- to join his wife in the next life and to bestow the Mangekyo upon Akai, explaining the power of Tsukuyomi and Ameterasu. He then traveled to the land of waves to meditate and train for the remainder of his vacation. He returned a much more powerful and cunning shinobi, knowing the secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

So begins...

Akai Uchiha's Story