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a character in “Naruto: The Ninja Way”, as played by Fade



Name: Saji

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: ANBU/Seven Swordsmen

Chakra Nature: Fire/Wind/Lightning/Earth/Water/Yin-Yang

Affilation: Kirigakure, Seven Swordsmen

Jutsus: Predominantly Water/Wind jutsus, with a possibility of mastering more.

Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan

Weapons: Samehada, Shuriken, Kunai, Makibishi, HyourouGan

Quiet and often keeping his to himself, Saji looks for reason in most things. With a curious nature and a good natured heart, Saji seems an unlikely candidate to be elected by the Hokage as a member of ANBU, let alone taking on the mantle of a Seven Swordsmen with the feared Samehada

Left within the regions of Kirigakure, Saji was sought after because of his kekkei genkai. In hopes to lay claim to the rare bloodline, other villages of ninja made constant assaults in an attempt to gain control of what they considered to be a valuable asset. Firm in the belief that Saji belonged to them, the Mizukage made it clear that they held no qualms about taking things to war should assaults continue. Still feared for their militaristic might, the assaults for the boy ceased within Kirigakure.

With expectations of greatness held in mind, Saji was trained day in and day out to be the epitome of a new hope for Kirigakure. The only problem therein lay that Saji was quiet and passive to a point. It is only recently that the Mizukage has sought to take hold of this nature and evoke something of more interest in the young man, by subsequently making him a member of the Seven Swordsmen and giving him the sword Samehada, in hopes that the nature of its previous owner Kisame would evoke more from the boy.

Other: Shinra Tensei, Kenjutsu

So begins...

Saji's Story


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