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Naruto : The Scroll Of Cold Fire

Naruto : The Scroll Of Cold Fire


Choose your side... for the world may never be this beautiful again...

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"Who could do this!?!?!?" yelled the Mizukage as she sat at the table of conference. Over the last few weeks, the hosts of the biju had all vanished into thin air... but why?

"The Akatsuki have taken them... and are going to use their power.." replied Lord Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto. He shook his head for a moment before continuing..

"They want the beasts for the only thing they could possibly use them for...-" impatiently, the Reikage interjected.

"Uchiha Madara already proved so many years ago that no man could truly control those... those things! Why would their new leader dare to try and prove him wrong?!" the room fell silent, and Naruto's head sank in sadness....

"They do not want to control the beasts... they're going to use their power... to open the scroll!" the eyes of the Mizukage widened as the words were spoken...

"I thought the scroll of cold flames had been lost forever! Sealed away by the toad sage..." She puzzled, Naruto's reply rattling her to her bones.

"When Itachi Uchiha used the Amaterasu to burn through Jiraiya's prison... the sage saw the violence of the flames... and sealed them within the scroll. The power of these black flames grew within the scroll... and just as a fire spreads once set... the flames have found an endless area to grow in..." The Kage that sat around the table all looked to one another... whoever the head of the Akatsuki was... he had everything he needed to break the seal of the scroll, and destroy everything they held dear.

The eyes of the Tsuchikage seemed to flicker as the discussion came to a close, the Hokage spoke in a sad, yet urgent voice.. "Raise the alarm.. every able-bodied shinobi in every village must come together to face this new threat... born... of deception"

The image, the very seen seemed to be drawn into the Tsuchikage's eyes, and through them a network of wires that stopped in the mind of another.... a tall, blond man... draped in a black cloak... covered in crimson clouds....


The battle that is about to take place here, is the battle that will decide the fate of the entire ninja world. Stop the leader of the Akatsuki... or face the wrath of the scroll.

Characters can be any range of strength from Genin to Kage.. you may not have a biju sealed within you for the reasoning that all the Biju have been captured other than Naruto himself.

Your character can be a rogue ninja, but simply because of the extremely high amount of power the Four members of the Akatsuki are going to have, we won't be accepting any more akatsuki characters.

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