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Midori Shisuia

"I will end this."

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a character in “Naruto : The Scroll Of Cold Fire”, originally authored by CNAGamer, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Midori Shisuia

Alias: Mido; The Vampire Ninja

Age: 19

Rank: ANBU Black ops

Land: The Land of Sky

Village: Shadow Village

Chakra Nature(s): Shadow

Specialty: Ninjutsu

Clothing: [In picutres]

Personality: Midori is very blunt. Overall, she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks of you, regaurdless of your feelings. She can usualy come off as a very cold person, and that's just how she is. Her family life is far from what you would call a family.

Nindo: To restore my clan and village. And to take my revenge on Kera.

Jutsu and Skill List-
Ninjutsu: -All basic jutsu
-Shadow Clone
-Shadow Dragon
-Shadow Spike (Large black spikes come up from the ground, and at first, enemies can pass straight through them, as if they are shadows, or illusions. By infusing them with her chakra, Midori can turn the spikes hard, impaling her opponents)
-Shadow Claw (Her body turns completely black, and her hands will extend, her fingers forming a large cage around her opponent, and this cage will get smaller and smaller, eventually crushing the opponent)
Genjutsu: Shadow Realm (The opponent becomes encased in nothing but black. They cannot hear, see, smell, or feel anything)
Taijutsu: Just normal taijutsu. Though she prefers her weapons

Equipment and Items: Two short swords, senbon, one claymore. She has some money, some smoke bombs, shuriken, kunai, and some water

History: Midori hails from the Hidden Shadow Village, which was once a very prominent village, known for their clan, the Shisuia. However, with the decline of the Clan ten years ago, so the villiage's fame also fell, and soon, they were no longer heard of. The Shadow village had receeded into it's nameske, the shadows, silently watching, training their ninjas, content with their life.

But why? What had caused such a decline? It was the Shisuia clan themselves. The head of the Clan is also the Kage of the village. Midori's father, Inael, is the current Ryukage, and has been for the past twenty years. His reign started out well, but when he married his wife, everything began to fall apart.

He chose his woman poorly, and by the time Midori was born, things were in shambles. Kera, her mother, was power-hungry. She wanted to rule, and slowly began to posion her husband in order to do it. However, chain of command would have fallen to Midori's older brother, Degaro. In order to keep this from happening, Kera tried to kill her own son. Twelve at the time, when Midori was five, Degaro did the only thing he could. He fled. Midori has not heard from him since.

By the time Midori turned twelve, she had become an ANBU. She was a prodigy in her village, and resented her mother, because she was the onyl one who actually saw what was going on. Until her uncle, Imura, challeneged Kera's rule. Gathering the clan together, they drove the mad-woman out. But it was too late. She burned half of the village with ehr, as well as spread many rumors within the other villages. Inael was also dead.

Grieving for the loss of her father, and her brother gone, Midori wanted nothing to do with being Kage. She handed the position over to her uncle, Imura, who has ruled well, and done his best to restore the Village and clan. This however, is easier said than done, and for the past six years, Midori has been searching for not only her brother, but her mother as well.

-=The Shisuia Clan=-
The clan's kekkia genkai is called the Blood Bond. There are two types: The Human Blood Bond, and the Animal Blood Bond. Each Bond is represented by a tattoo on the Shisuia's arm. Left for the human, right for the animal.

-=The Human Blood Bond=-
The Human Blood Bond is formed when another person saves the life of a Shisuia. The Shisuia is then bonded to their Savior, and must do everything in their power to keep that person safe. It is completely against their will, they have no choice. Human Blood Bonds are rare, as the Shisuia are very careful about telling people not to save them.

-=The Animal Blood Bond=-
Quite different than the Human bond, the animal and Shisuia must become freinds. It must be a sort of love between the two. They become partners (much like Kiba and Akamaru), and the bond can form with ANY animal. There are two different modes that an animal and partner can enter. Attack mode and Stealth mode.

-=Attack Mode=-
Attack mode combines the Animal partner with the Shisuia, allowing the ninja to gain the physical attriubutes of their animal. They gain things like wings, claws, teeth, etc. As well as their senses. Sight, hearing, smell. Their chakra is increased by however much the animal possess, and their spped and stregth also differ based on the animal.

-=Stealth Mode=-
Much like the Yamanaka's Mind Transfer, the Shisuia can transfer their spirit into their animal, leaving their body little more than a doll. This is mainly used for recon.

Midori's animal partner is a bat, called Temuji.

So begins...

Midori Shisuia's Story