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Asura Senju

"You don't want me to get serious, I'm not nearly as fun."

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a character in “Naruto: Twisted Fate”, as played by The Illusionist


Name: Asura Senju
Title- The Sleeping Dragon.
Nicknames- Su (Those who called him that have died unfortunately), Perv (Happens when he flirt with everyone he finds cute).
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 194
Asura is prone to mood swings though he generally just does whatever he feels like, a mood that involves little more than lazing about and participating in whatever seems fun. While he generally goes around carefree or flirting with anything that moves and taking nothing seriously he can suddenly become incredibly angry or serious depending on the situation. While being incredibly intelligent he usually downplays that fact unless using it to impress a woman or correct someone who assumes they are mentally superior.

Having a direct bloodline to the Senju clan Asura was considered special even before his birth, his ‘destiny’ being decided by others while he was still in the womb. The outcome of that was him becoming the host for the Nine-Tails from the moment of his birth, a heavy burden but nothing compared to the expectations of excellence that came with it. He grew up being viewed with a certain amount of respect due to his lineage but the tailed beast and his natural talents made him a natural target for others, whether it be as a pawn for whatever plans the village elders had for him or the harassment of those who did not understand. So while he had a family he was still often alone, his early life being a time in which he had nobody.

While that caused some degree of loneliness Asura pushed past it, finding some solace through the beast within, finding even Kurama’s rather negative conversation enjoyable. In those years he and Kurama became closer, growing to an understanding and while not being friends they accepted the situation. It wasn't an easy life though; his natural talents and mediocre social skills didn't help when it came to making friends, not to mention the tailed beast inside of him. Due to those facts many of the students of his own age and those older whom he had surpassed with ease were jealous and some grew to hate Asura. It wasn't until well after he became a Jounin that he became accepted, his ability and willingness to socialize vastly improving, especially with women, and his loyalty to the village becoming more and more obvious as he grew. He was still a prodigy compared to most and many were still jealous but much of the jealousy and hatred turned more towards respect and appreciation.

By the time everything went to hell Asura no longer had to deal with loneliness, he had become friends with many of the others in the village and even Kurama could be considered a friend. Then it happened, he, along with the other Jinchuuriki lost control, going on a rampage and killing those they cared for. Asura’s experience was horrible, he was inside and could see exactly what he was doing but could do nothing to stop himself. He had to watch as the village and so many of those he had worked to protect and grown fond of were destroyed. Even the two people he had grown closest to, his team were killed by his hand. Then as suddenly as it had come on the rage ended, the unexplained event that sent himself and Kurama into a frenzy stopped and the dust settled revealing all he had done. Asura couldn’t understand and neither could anybody else, even Kurama was stumped as to what could have happened. It was then that he left, unable to face his village after all he had done even if it hadn’t been willingly.

For a time he moved about, never staying in one place long, knowing that those who didn’t understand would look to hunt him down and rightly so. As he traveled he learned that he hadn’t been the only tailed beast to rampage and eventually he heard rumors of the Jinchuuriki being rounded up and eliminated, that the world had turned against him. The one shining hope he still had was another rumor, one of a village full of those who stood against the injustice of killing the beasts, those who remembered what had happened long ago when the tailed beasts were collected, knew what the true reason was behind the terrible catastrophe even if they didn’t know how it had been done. It was his last chance, and although he couldn’t forgive himself for what he had done he could strive to ensure nothing worse happened, he could live and refuse to let those responsible win. And so he set out to the rumored village, cautiously approaching with hope that it would provide a safe haven of sorts, to meet people not out for his head, and to find a way to avenge the deaths of those he cared for. Perhaps it would be impossible but it surely would be if he didn’t try. So he settled in the new village and resumed his life, though the goal of finding out who had done such an atrocious thing was ever present in the back of his mind, the Jinchuuriki preparing for that day and in the meantime just biding time.

Origin Village: Village Hidden in the Leaf
Rank: Jounin
Role: Jinchuuriki (Nine-Tails)
Clan/Bloodline: Senju

Academy Graduation Age: 6
Chunin Age: 8
Jounin Age: 13

Weapons: Standard Ninja Tools and Iron Rods.
Chakra Natures Known: Lightning, Water, and Earth
Kekkai Genkai: Wood
Tailed Beast: Nine-Tails, Kurama, Perfect Sync
Summoning: None

Chakra Level: Immense
Chakra Control: Master
Hand Seal Speed: Fast
Agility: Lightning

Ninjutsu Proficiency: Master
Taijutsu Proficiency: Advanced
Genjutsu Proficiency: Poor
Specializations: Medical Ninjutsu

Releases and Techniques List:
Lightning Releases:
-Lightning Cutter
--Lightning Transmission
-Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
-Lightning Release: False Darkness

Water Releases:
-Water Release: Water Bullet Technique
-Water Release: Tearing Torrent

Earth Release:
-Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
-Earth Release: Earth Spear

Wood Release:
-Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
-Wood Release: Four-Pillar House Technique
-Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall
-Wood Release: Great Forest Technique
-Wood Clone Technique
--Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique

Other Notable Techniques:
-Mystical Palm Technique
-One Thousand Years of Death

Tailed Beast Related Abilities:
-Tailed Beast Mode
--Tailed Beast Ball
--Tailed Beast Shockwave

So begins...

Asura Senju's Story


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Asura Senju

Wake up you lazy ass, you've slept enough already and you have things to do... The voice of Kurama rang out in his head and snapped him from his slumber, the wonderful dream about his harem of beautiful kunoichi, a reoccurring dream for Asura. Shut up... Can't you see I was enjoying myself. Kurama was always bugging him, not that he minded, Kurama and Asura had been on outstanding terms for a long time and that hadn't changed even with all that had happened in the last years, in fact they had only become closer. For those years he had spent alone, on the run and away from people, Kurama had been his support, the one person, and he did consider the tailed beast a person, for him to rely on. Even more than when he was young that was true, and even with how intrusive his friend could be he would have it no other way. Just get up, you have shit to do today and I get bored when all you do is sleep, at least move around a bit and think about doing SOMETHING. Asura sighed, his eyes opening to reveal the dark room he called home. It was a rather extravagant room, created using his own wood release so he didn't have to stay in the drab metal buildings that were so common in the Hidden Rain Village. Aside from being rather large, not to mention having some beautiful design from the mind of Asura, there was also a good bit of material goods scattered about, the most interesting being the over-sized bed he was currently lying on, as comfortable as they came and fit for a king, something he had acquired since his arrival. It made it all the harder for him to get up and he had learned the best way to get out of bed was similar to removing a kunai from the leg, quick and without hesitation, difficult but manageable.

That was what he had done, moving quickly off of the heavenly bed and onto his feet, moving away from it and over to the fridge, knowing few things could rouse his mind more than food, though a beautiful woman would do the same. He reached inside and grabbed a couple of rice balls, eating them with one hand as he used the other to slide on his usual attire, including the face mask, a piece of his outfit he kept on for the mysterious angle, not to mention it was always fun to keep people guessing as to his intentions. He kept it down for the moment of course, eating the food came first and only when he had finished scarfing them down did he move the mask up over his mouth and nose. It was only then that he dared to go see what time it was, opening up the thick curtains and laughing to himself, "Okay I'm lazy..." He muttered, Kurama only acknowledging with a slight grumble. It was nighttime already, he had ended up napping through the previous day and no doubt everyone else was already asleep. Not that he minded, in fact Asura liked the idea of some time to himself, none of the others in the little compound sectioned off for himself, the other jinchūriki, and their guardians would be awake. He couldn't be sure, there were a few more odd ones among the group but it would limit the chance of running into others for until morning at the very least.

Regardless he was already up and going back to sleep was no longer an option and so he headed out of his room and into the compound set aside for those protected by the Village. As he stepped outside he did as was his habit, looking around the compound and taking everything in. The area wasn't exactly impressive, the buildings made of stone not serving more of a purpose than a place to sleep. It had been that way for awhile, talks of giving them more appropriate housing had arisen but the village voted for safety over comfort of living. Asura had taken it upon himself to upgrade his own accommodations, he could have probably done it for the other as well but if they had a problem with the grey stone they didn't show it. He shrugged, that wasn't really his problem, it was just the cards they had all been dealt, a small little walled area for them to sit under guard, it could have been worse.

Asura didn't plan on lounging around the compound, he finished his little survey and then took off, walking off in a leisurely manner, making his way to a spot he had found that was nice and secluded. At first it had been a location he used for naps, to escape the questioning ninja who always wanted to talk his ear off, but it had turned into much more. He now used the location for training and as far as he knew nobody had yet to discover the location, though he was sure if someone wanted to find him bad enough it would be discovered and ruined. That was why he generally used it at night and kept a clone or two as a sentry, keeping them in more obvious locations and letting them be found first. He didn't do that this time, he was training and it was nighttime. Yes, training during the night, or anytime he could get away from prying eyes. It wasn't that Asura was paranoid, he just disliked being watched, having others know his habits, especially those involving training in any way.

He ended up training for quite some time but in the end he had decided to take another nap, becoming bored after hours of touching up his techniques. So he slept, sitting up against one of the many buildings of the industrial city and nodding off, a bitchy muttering from Kurama coming as he did. Of course he didn't nap long, the rain drops pattering against his face and rousing him from slumber. With a sigh he stood again, he figured it was going to be another dull day, even more with rain being a factor. Ever since arriving he hadn't been able to go on many missions, he spent most of his day eating, training, or wandering around the village. He did make some time to speak with the large amount of kunoichi in the village but even that was limited and he hadn't gotten to know the other jinchūriki or guardians much at all, tending to stick to himself, still not able to settle in after what happened in his own village, what he had done. The thought alone caused him to grimace and Asura pushed the thought out of his head, he didn't want to think about that and he began walking away from his secret area, moving through the streets, watching as shops were peddling wares to early risers and as some shops just began to open. The rain didn't stop anyone in the village from going about there day and Asura had become use to it as well. He even stopped at one point and grabbed a bit of street food but after that he made his way back towards the compound, he wasn't sure what he was going to do but he might as well be around, people tended to worry if he was just gone, especially the guardians, whether it was his own or others, each of them being assigned because they worried about the fate of the jinchūriki, as well as being strong enough to hold the position.


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Asura Senju

Asura arrived back to the compound soon enough, he was a bit wet but the rain didn't bother him enough for the ninja to avoid getting wet. In fact he always joked that it made him look good, sexy, and he wouldn't give up a chance to have feminine eyes following him. Of course that wasn't the only reason, sometimes he simply enjoyed the feeling of the rain water, and while it meant he had to change, not wishing to be soaked for an extended duration of time, it did make it normal for him to walk around in the rain. Besides, in the hidden village it was nearly impossible to stay dry when it rained unless one walked around with an umbrella all day and Asura would be damned if he was about to tote around something so tedious. While it was still raining it was useless to change though, especially with him, and most likely everyone else becoming use to the constant downpours that plagued the village. Sure there was the occasional shine of the sun but it never lasted more than a few hours. It seemed backwards, much like the current situation with the Jinchuuriki, their own villages forcing them to flee instead of working with them, everything was backwards.

As with the rain Asura dealt with the circumstances that had driven him to flee his old home, his only real reminders being his memories and some personal effects, though his guardian evoked a similar remembrance. The man who had vowed to protect him was an Uchiha, Ryke was a good shinobi and a decent guy, rather odd but Asura wasn't one to judge, not being who he was. They hadn't known each other well before, they had fought together several times but not in the same unit and while they were both powerful they had much different styles of fighting, styles that countered different ninja and thus they were often used in separate capacities. That being said the Uchiha was doing his best to keep tabs on Asura, watching over him and always seeming to be prepared for whatever trouble would eventually befall them. Asura had done his best to keep a distance, the memories associated with the village which the man evoked not exactly being pleasant, at least not the ones which plagued Asura's mind as of late. It wasn't easy, not when the ninja was tasked with protecting him but so far he had managed to keep a relatively good distance between them, keeping to himself and going about his own business.

Asura went inside his place when he finally reached the compound, ignoring other people and heading inside, grabbing up a few things, including some extra money, before heading right back out. There was no point in staying inside his house, there was little to do inside when he was alone and it wasn't as if adventure or beauty would just come walking through his door. Well it had happened once but that was not how things usually worked out. So he went back out towards the town, walking casually and without much care for anybody watching him, which happened quite often. The Jinchuuriki had received a relatively warm welcome from the Hidden Rain, they had been eager to assist the hosts in keeping their lives and depriving the Akatsuki of the last remaining tailed beasts, and they seemed particularly happy to receive such strong support from such actions, many ninja following the Jinchuuriki to the village, as guardians if they were strong enough and as mere supporters if they were not. It had brought increased prosperity to the industrial village and made it easier to defend the precious remaining beasts at the same time.

So people were glad to have them, at least most were, not only due to their belief that the Jinchuuriki were innocent but also due to the economic wealth and power that they brought with them. Asura didn't care too much about that however, he was more interested in some company, food, and perhaps a bit of Sake. Hell if he got bored enough he would even play some card or find a good place to nap, the latter being one of his favorite activities, whether it be without or after having company. In his time in the Hidden Rain Village he had yet to find a favorite spot to spend his time, he had a few inns and bars with decent service, to him that being reasonable prices and beautiful serving girls, but the industrialized city had a good deal of businesses and he had yet to investigate them all. Besides, he had never found one that contained everything he wanted of a high value. He had found places with great food, found places with good sake, beautiful women, comfortable seating, and a few places with great prices, but never any with all of them. There always seemed to be something lacking and most of the time it was the food or the women, sometimes both. He was still on the hunt for the perfect place to call his usual, as much as he hated being consistent and easy to read he wanted a spot that he could rely on to keep him relaxed and happy. He was intent on finding it and for the time being that was recon, looking around aimlessly, the best way to do things in his opinion.