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Kaoru Fuoka

"I shall become the Pride of Iwa!"

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a character in “Naruto: Twisted Fate”, as played by Magus1108



Name: Kaoru Fuoka
Nicknames/Titles: n/a
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 145

Kaoru is an upbeat and vibrant girl, always striving to be happy and make other people happy. Increasingly, though, Kaoru is finding it harder and harder to maintain such a demeanor; the events of the past three years have weighed heavily on her mind, and the reality of her situation has made her prone to moments of melancholy and depression. Even so, however, Kaoru still does her best to have a cheery disposition, in the hopes that one day, her happiness can become genuine again.


Kaoru was born as the eldest daughter of the Godaime Tsuchikage of Iwa, a man named Aishi Fuoka. For most of her life Kaoru lived a good, if somewhat privileged, life in Iwa, and from an early age she was trained to be a shinobi of Iwagakure. She received the best training available, and blitzed through both the academy and the rank of Genin quite easily, becoming a Chuunin at age eleven.

After she became a Chuunin, Kaoru started to participate fully in the Fifth Shinobi World War, as did her younger sister, Megumi. Her sister was still a Genin, but was also the current jinchuriki of the Gobi, and thus was allowed, if not forced, to fight in the war. Kaoru always did her best to get assignments with Megumi, as she wanted to protect her sister and help her fight; since childhood, Kaoru had looked out for her little sister, and even a Shinobi War wouldn't stop that from happening.

Everything changed when Kaoru turned thirteen, and Megumi twelve. For reasons that she still doesn't know, the demon within her sister went berserk, and went on a devastating rampage throughout Iwa, which resulted in the emergency extraction of the Gobi; and thus killed her sister in the process. Kaoru was crushed by Megumi's death, and irrationally blamed herself for her sister losing control over her demon; the matter wasn't helped, either, when her father the Tsuchikage chose her as the new jinchuriki of the Gobi.

Kaoru did not...react kindly to this turn of events. Enraged at her father, the Gobi, and at the world in general, Kaoru attempted to commit suicide, refusing to share a body with the beast that killed her sister. Her attempt failed, however, and the Tsuchikage managed to save her life.

Kaoru was put into a medical coma during her healing process, and met the newest occupant of her body, the Five-Tailed Beast. She spent a good deal of time talking to the demon Kokuo, demanding answers for her sister's senseless death. Surprisingly, Kokuo was quite accommodating to her, and if anything was apologetic for its earlier actions; the Gobi confessed that its sudden rampage hadn't been intentional, and for reasons beyond its control or comprehension, this rage had been forced upon him. Kokuo also apologized for Megumi's death, and to Kaoru's surprise, asked for forgiveness.

Kaoru was unable to completely forgive the beast at that moment, but the talk with her demon proved to be much needed, and thus Kaoru reluctantly accepted her role as the new jinchuriki of Iwa, promising to herself that she would live up to Megumi's memory, and wouldn't let her sister's death be in vain.

However, anti-jinchuriki sentiment swelled in the Shinobi nations after the end of the Fifth War, and Karou found it harder and harder to live in Iwa. Her father still loved her and protected her, in his own way, but many of the inhabitants of her Hidden Village now openly resented her and called for her immediate banishment or execution; to Kaoru's horror, even her old Genin teammates turned against her.

When the Akatsuki proposed a solution to the jinchuriki problem, her father gained some cautious hope. He attended the summit where the Akatsuki demonstrated the jutsu that would supposedly kill the Tailed Beasts within the jinchuriki, without killing their hosts. When their lies were revealed, the Tsuchikage was furious, of course. Despite Akatsuki's rational, he refused to surrender his daughter to the organization, unwilling to sacrifice his only remaining child.

However, his own village did not share that sentiment. The majority of Iwa continued to pressure the Tsuchikage to surrender his daughter to the Akatsuki. In the end, he had no choice but to cave into those demands. He invited the Akatsuki to Iwa to get Kaoru, but the night before their arrival, the Tsuchikage helped his daughter escape the village, and urged her to run away, and flee somewhere safe; somewhere where the Akatsuki wouldn't harm her.

And since then, Kaoru has been on the run, never staying in one place for too long. Eventually she was able to find sanctuary in Amegakure, alongside the other remaining jinchuriki. For the moment Kaoru is glad to be safe, but she has lingering suspicions that Ame might not prove to be a safe haven forever; especially if the Akatsuki come to hunt her down...

Origin Village: Iwagakure (Hidden Stone)
Rank: Chuunin
Role: Jinchuriki
Clan/Bloodline: n/a

Academy Graduation Age: 9
Chuunin Age: 11
Jounin Age: n/a

Weapons: Standard ninja weaponry; kunai, shuriken, the works
Chakra Natures Known: Earth and Wind
Kekkai Genkai: None
Tailed Beast: Kokuo (the Five-Tailed Demon, the Gobi)

Chakra Level: Immense
Chakra Control: Skilled
Hand Seal Speed: Fast
Agility: Lightning

Ninjutsu Proficiency: Experienced
Taijutsu Proficiency: Advanced
Genjutsu Proficiency: Basic
Additional Skills:

Summoning: Ninken (Dogs)

Releases and Techniques List:

Wind Releases:

-Wind Release: Air Bullets
-Wind Release: Flower Scattering Dance
-Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique

Earth Releases:

-Earth Release: Earth Spear
-Earth Release: Fist Rock Techniques
-Earth Release: Earth Dome
-Earth Release: Mudslide

Other Notable Techniques:

-Shadow Clone Technique
-Tailed Beast Mode
-Summoning Contract with the Ninken

So begins...

Kaoru Fuoka's Story


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Kaoru Fuoka

Kaoru gave a sigh and relaxed further into the hot water, feeling the tension in her body ease with each passing second. It was just what she needed after an early morning training session.

"It's official," she spoke aloud, pure bliss rolling off her tongue. "Amegakure has the best bathhouses ever. Of all time."

"I am inclined to agree."
Kokuo, the Five-Tailed Beast, stated, his voice deep and booming within her mind. "The water has a nice feel and texture to it."

Kaoru gave a snort, shaking her head. "That's not surprising, coming from the resident Dolphin Demon. You'd like anything about the water. Even if it was toxic and poisonous."

"True. But still, this feels nice."
Kokuo responded cordially.

Kaoru had to give the Tailed Beast that much. Demon, human, Jinchuuriki, or whatever; there was no denying that this hotspring felt so damn good.

It made Kaoru wish she could spend eternity in this bathhouse, just washing her troubles away. No more Akatsuki, no more hiding in Ame, no more worrying about what was happening back home in more conflict or pain or anything. Just eternal bliss. How nice that would be...

Unfortunately, that just wasn't possible. She had too many responsibilities and troubles for that to even be a remote possibility. Still, it was a nice thought...

Kaoru soaked in the steaming water for another five minutes, enjoying its soothing effects. Then, with a good deal of reluctance, she slowly stood to her feet, and walked out of the water. She dried herself with a towel, and put her clothes back on. She stretched her limbs for a moment, working some feeling back into them. With that done, she left the bathouse, and drifted back over to the compound where the Jinchuuriki were housed.

Life in Ame was...something. It definitely wasn't home. Iwa was a proud and stout nation, and everything about the Stone's very nature was molded into the earthen buildings of the Land of Stone. Ame...well, it felt like the exact opposite of Iwa. And it wasn't too surprising. The qualities of the Rain were different from the qualities of the Earth. made her quite homesick. She had grown up in Iwa, and it had been the only home she'd ever known. Ame wasn't too bad in of itself, still didn't feel like home to her. It probably never would be...

But would that be so bad? After all, she wasn't going to spend the rest of her life in Ame, was she? Kaoru rather hoped not! It was dangerous to venture outside the protective walls of Ame right now, of course, and trying to go back to Iwa now would probably get her killed. Still...she wanted to go back home one day. She was still a proud Kunoichi of Iwa, and she was still loyal to her Village and to her Tsuchikage father. The current political climate prevented her from going back home, but perhaps one day, things would be different. Maybe things would die down, after a few years or so, and she could finally return home...

Maybe it was naive of her to believe that. But still, it was something to hope for, something to achieve. As long as she had some sort of goal, she had a purpose in life. And at the moment, that was enough for her.

"Have faith, little one. I am confident that you will return home one day." the voice of Kokuo rang demurely inside her head, projecting confidence to her.

Kaoru didn't answer it, and felt a flare of annoyance that it invaded her thoughts. But the Gobi meant well, and it had been nothing but kind and cordious to her since being placed within her body. And their thoughts were largely shared between them both now, too. So it wasn't right to scold him over listening in on thoughts he couldn't help but hear. Even if he was a bit noisy at times. Kokuo truly did mean well.

"Thanks, Kokuo." she replied at last, mentally smiling at the Tailed Beast. "I appreciate your reassurance."

"You are welcome, Kaoru."
the Gobi replied, a pleased note in his tone.

The young Kunoichi continued her way to the compound, and eventually arrived. She wandered over to the small metal building that was, essentially, her new home, and walked inside. She moved into her bedroom, and picked up a small book that rested on her nightstand. Now that she was done training for the morning, a little more relaxation couldn't hurt; and besides that, the novel was quite good, too. She was eager to finish it.

Kaoru opened the book and continued where she had left off.