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Name: Kira Hyuga
Nicknames/Titles: Title- The Grim Reaper
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 110
Personality: Kira is not cold but that is how she wants people to perceive her, cold and collected at all times. In truth she is actually quite fragile and refuses to make connects in order to keep herself from losing another important person. Her mental state is kept in check by her distance from other people. In combat she is decisive and precise, never wasting an attack or opportunity and shows incredible intelligence and an ability to adapt beyond that of the normal person. Outside of combat she is a loner and she generally spends her time practicing by herself and only interacts with others, even of the Akatsuki, when she absolutely has to. Of course her distance makes her loyalties rather shaky, her goal not having a clear path and she has no qualms in betraying those she has no use for.

History/Background: Kira was born from the love affair of the head of the Hyuga main house and his mistress, a relationship that was viewed harshly by the entire village. Her mother raised Kira alone for several years, raising her in poverty but Kira was happy and she quickly grew to love the ninja arts. Her happiness was ended at the age of five though when it was discovered she had prodigy level talents as a ninja, the Hyuga clan 'adopting' her into their household now that it was obvious she would be of some use. Despite being adopted she was treated poorly, not allowed to see her mother and trained coldly, kept at a distance by every single member of the clan. Her inner child quickly vanished as she was thrown into intense training with no room for coddling as they called it. Before long she was seen as a machine and was mastering abilities far beyond her years. Her late start wasn't an issue as she graduated the academy faster than most students and without flaw, though her time there was as a loner, by herself.

Her life continued down that road, the young Hyuga easily making her way to Jounin rank and earning some degree of recognition for her prowess in battle and especially her mastery of the Byakugan. As Kira's successes compounded she eventually got to the point of being announced as the next head of the Hyuga clan, her skills surpassing the others in the clan. It wasn't taken well by any of the clan and she found herself facing more hatred than normal, though by that point she no longer cared. That didn't stop the seriousness of the harassment from getting more extreme and she found herself under new threats, life and death threats that didn't cease after a few months or even years. It was in her early twenties that it escalated to its peak, her father, the head of the Hyuga clan was terminally ill and she would soon be in power. So it all went to hell then as more than harassment she was soon the target of multiple assassination attempts and for some time it was only hired ninjas, men of skill but nowhere near her level. Then, after all else failed she was attacked by members of the main house, her step-siblings getting their hands dirty. She killed two of the three of them before being found by other members of the clan and immediately accused of starting the conflict.

Kira was forced to flee and she was accused of crimes she had not committed. With that her heart hardened and she finally came to the conclusion that people were garbage and untrustworthy, she stopped believing. For some time she traveled, taking jobs for hire and the more they paid the more likely she was to accept them, no matter what that entailed. Her reputation grew and before long she received contact from a group that claimed to have a cause worth fighting for and who wanted her abilities to further the cause. While she believed none of it she was interested and she wanted to hear what was so worthy of her attention and she accepted the meeting, finding herself face to face with ninja with reputations equal to her own, and not in a good way. At first she had thought about leaving but she heard them out and she found herself intrigued by what they were trying to accomplish, not entirely agreeing with their goal but having her own that could be furthered by helping them as well. With that in mind she accepted the offer to join them, working with the other ninja in the Akatsuki organization to further her own needs. She wasn't entirely sure it was a perfect match but she didn't question orders and got a reputation for getting the job done even among the Akatsuki, a picture perfect member, almost too perfect. Regardless, she always did her job, quietly and without question.

Origin Village: Hidden Leaf
Rank: Jounin
Role: Akatsuki
Clan/Bloodline: Hyuga

Academy Graduation Age: 8
Chunin Age: 9
Jounin Age: 13

Weapons: Standard Ninja Tools and a Katana
Chakra Natures Known: Lightning
Kekkai Genkai: Byakugan
Tailed Beast: None
Summoning: None

Chakra Level: High
Chakra Control: Master
Hand Seal Speed: Slow
Agility: Lightning

Ninjutsu Proficiency: Experienced
Taijutsu Proficiency: Master
Genjutsu Proficiency: Poor
Specializations: Kenjutsu

Releases and Techniques List:
Byakugan Techniques:
-Gentle Fist
-Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven
-Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
--Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms
-Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
--Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher
--Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm
-Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body
-Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists
-Palm Bottom

-Dance of the Crescent Moon

Other Techniques:
-Shadow Clone Technique
-Chakra Flow: Lightning

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Kira Hyuga's Story


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Tsuro Hozuki

It was another rainy morning, water flowed past Tsuro as he stood on a maintenance path at the point where a large storm drain released into one of the canals that fed the excess water into the large body of water that surrounded the village. True to it's name, the Hidden Rain Village was subject to almost daily rainstorms. Tsuro found that he didn't mind it nearly as much as other people might. After all, the feel of the rainwater falling from the heavens to land on his skin was actually rather soothing, much better than the miserable desert that characterized the Hidden Sand. He allowed himself to enjoy the sound of water flowing by and the feel of raindrops hitting his face for a few moments as he levelly surveyed a row of buildings across the canal before turning and walking back the way he had come. It was a bit of a walk back to the maintenance shaft that led up to the abandoned warehouse the Akatsuki were using as their base of operations in the city, and the underground storm system was labyrinthine enough that most people would get lost after spending much time down there. Kira had been a major help in mapping out the system and helping familiarize the rest of the Akatsuki with it such that they could now navigate the system without difficulty, a fact that would no doubt serve them well in the days to come.

Returning to the warehouse base, Tsuro left behind the sound of rushing water and was left only with the sound of the rain pattering down on the warehouse roof. He had finished briefing the Akatsuki members last night. They had gone over what plans they could make, though there wasn't a lot they could do but wait for the right opportunity to present itself, and perhaps lure their prey off away from others. That would require more on the fly planning and exploiting those opportunities as they arose. It had been almost a week since they had infiltrated the Hidden Rain Village, and they hadn't been idle. Other than setting up their hideout, they had conducted general recon of the village and their targets. With this, they had learned a good deal about the opposition they faced. They now knew that each jinchuriki had a number of personal guardians who would doubtless interfere in their attempt to capture them. Over the course of their surveillance they had acquired some good information on both their targets and their guardians that would help even the playing field, despite their numerical and geographical disadvantage.

Now that it was time to get moving, Tsuro gathered up his gear, strapping his short samurai sword and his ninja tool pouch to his waist before donning the black and grey poncho and wide-brimmed straw hat characteristic of the village's civilians. Tsuro gave the final brief to the other members of Akatsuki. "Alright, this is it. Our recon phase is over, if you have an opportunity to get the jinchūriki or kill their guardians, take it. We're at a disadvantage numerically, so work as a team. Strike hard, strike fast, and get out. The tunnel is clear, time to move out." Moving to the entrance to the storm system, Tsuro pried open the cover and indicated the other members needed to move out. "Kira with me, let's move."


The rain was already falling at the jinchūriki compound as the day began. The compound was an austere place of low, grey, stone buildings, with the exception of the wooden house the ninetails had built for himself. It was set up as a designated safe zone for the jinchūriki so that they could sleep without having to worry about catching a knife during the night, guarded by Hidden Rain shinobi.. As far as the jinchūriki and their guardians knew, it was a day like any other.


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Character Portrait: Tsuro Hozuki Character Portrait: Kira Hyuga

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Kira Hyuga

The Akatsuki organization had become Kira's life, it wasn't the perfect fit but she could see her own goal being accomplished with help from the skilled members within the Akatsuki and for the moment that was enough. Besides, since joining she had come closer to her goal than she had ever managed to get on her own. With that being said she was focused on the Akatsuki mission as well, for the time being it was the priority, as for the moment she could further her own goal no more. Her own goals had to wait, she had to wait for the right time to take action. As far as timing went it was convenient timing for her mission to be put on hold, the Akatsuki forces had recently moved into action by infiltrating the Hidden Rain Village and surveying the last remaining Jinchuuriki and their guardians. It hadn't been difficult to infiltrate the village and mapping it out had been even easier for Kira, her eyes and skill set allowing for easy navigation and recon in the otherwise congested and industrial village. It hadn't all been easy of course, they had taken great pains to discover certain things and to establish a true presence in the area, a secret base not exactly being easy to find. Well easy maybe but not one that provided secrecy as well as being centrally located and allowing for all of their needs to be met. Easy or not they had done so, they had found a warehouse that suited all of their group and individual needs, or at least that was true for Kira. She had a little area to herself in the compound and inside was a rather dull and unimpressive room, though there were a few secrets here and there. Kira didn't need much, only privacy, so it didn't matter to her, she was more interested in things such as secrecy and base security than luxuries and if she, which had been taken care of.

Kira didn't look after the details of base security herself, she had been the scout and cartographer of sorts, making maps with specific targets routes and key locations. Tsuro had taken care of that aspect of things. Tsuro, the leader of the group, he was an odd man not because his manner was different or awkward but because his motive was murky. Everyone who had joined the ranks of the Akatsuki had a clear goal, one that they had to make a least partially clear before they joined, the man in charge was much more vague about his reasons. He was steadfast to the cause which was all she could ask for, not to mention capable, but she still had some curiosities that hadn't been sated. She would figure it all out in time, for now she listened as that leader prepared his gear and began to speak, her own equipment being readied long ago. "Alright, this is it. Our recon phase is over, if you have an opportunity to get the jinchūriki or kill their guardians, take it. We're at a disadvantage numerically, so work as a team. Strike hard, strike fast, and get out. The tunnel is clear, time to move out." She had assumed they would be taking action soon, she had done as much as she could for now as farm as scouting and preparing went, she was ready and so it seemed Tsuro was as well.

"Kira with me, let's move." Her eyebrow raised when her name was called, she hadn't expected to be paired with Tsuro but she didn't say a word, a simple nod being her confirmation before she followed him out of the compound. She watched him closely as they made their way to the heart of the city. She had a feeling he was wary of her, she hadn't done much in terms of solidifying relationships or getting to know the other members during her brief time among the Akatsuki ranks. Perhaps that was the reason the man had chosen her to partner with him, a strategic decision to watch over the more mysterious of his group and ensure no nasty surprises awaited him. He would be bored if that were the case, as much as she liked laying traps she didn't have any in store for him and that was no likely to change anytime soon. It was amusing though, the thought that she wasn't trusted. There was the possibility she was completely wrong, in which case none of it mattered, but she liked being pessimistic, her life had proven that being optimistic only allowed for more devastating things to happen and she was done allowing such disappointments to blindside her. However her attention shifted once she laid eyes on the compound, the buildings all belonging to the targets they would be crushing over the next period of time. A smirk crossed her lips beneath her mask as she eyes the lone wooden building. The Nine-Tails. She found him to be an arrogant one, not that his arrogance was completely undeserved but it was a nice weak-point which he made so obvious. Things were becoming fun.