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Mei Hoshigaki

"Let's play a game. How about Chase?"

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a character in “Naruto: Twisted Fate”, as played by LightANDDark


Name: Mei Hoshigaki
Title- Shark Quenn
Nickname- Mei
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125
Mei is a girl who often would be found enjoying a good fight or game. She is extremely competitive by nature, and wishes to win at anything she does; from sparing, games, or even a food eating contest. She hates losing, and will even begin to self-hate or lash out at others, although the lashing is rare. She does, however, respect those who give their all and can keep up with her domineering nature.

Being born in the infamous clan ‘Hoshigaki’ would put a lot of pressure on anyone, let alone Mei. She was named after the greatest Mizukage, so obviously a lot was expected of this girl. The first thing expected was to become the new host of the Three-Tailed Beast, Isobu. Her mother, the Mizukage, is the one who sealed it in her at the cost of her father’s life. While most of her clan have blue skin, the only blue part of her was her hair, which made her odd, even amongst her own.
Growing up, Mei was always expected to learn a new technique and master it before she even knew what was going on. She didn’t even really have any friends, until she was placed on a team, and even they were slightly intimidated by the girl, even though she was 7 at the time. Due to her lack of friends and constant training, whenever she had free time, she would most likely be talking with Isobu. They proved to get along quickly, as Mei’s nature proved to be strong enough to amuse Isobu, and at times, she would appear to be controlling him, as she does not ever seem to quit.
A small group of people in her village began to fear her, due to her power, and also because she seemed somewhat insane. Although this group would do nothing against her, due to her mother’s position and also because she seemed like she would kill any of them without a second thought. They never did anything, but they looked at her differently, and treated her differently, which she knew about.
This group grew as one day, Mei and her fellow jinchuriki went on rampages, destroying and killing. She hated that, she saw what was happening, but couldn’t stop herself, not matter what she did. When she asked for answers, Isobu said he felt the urge to destroy and couldn’t help himself and killed. This included her team, who were only trying to keep her calm. The group wanted her to be killed, but she wouldn’t have that.
She left with the help of her mother, who told her about the village were the last of her kind were going. As she arrived, she didn’t hold the rampage against herself, as she had no way to control herself, but her heart feels guilt.
Ever sense arriving, she made a vow to kill whoever made her go on that rampage very slowly. She has been getting used to the new village, and is waiting for her time to hunt again.
Origin Village: Kirigakure, The Village Hidden in The Mist.
Rank: Jounin
Role: Jinchūriki (Three-Tails)
Clan/Bloodline: Hoshigaki

Academy Graduation Age: 7
Chunin Age: 11
Jounin Age:14

Weapons: Basic Ninja gear a Senbon
Chakra Natures Known: Water and Fire
Kekkai Genkai: None
Tailed Beast: Isobu, Three-Tail
Summoning: None

Chakra Level: Immense
Chakra Control: Advanced
Hand Seal Speed: Lightning
Agility: Fast

Ninjutsu Proficiency: Master
Taijutsu Proficiency: Experienced
Genjutsu Proficiency: Basic
Additional Skills: Sealing

Releases and Techniques List:
Water Releases:
  • Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave
  • Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks
  • Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique
  • Water Clone Technique
  • Hiding in Mist Technique
  • Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
  • Water Release: Water Colliding Wave
  • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet

Fire Releases:
  • Fire Release: Flame Bullet
  • Fire Release: Running Fire
  • Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique

Other Notable Techniques:
  • Tailed Beast Mode
  • Shadow Clone Technique

So begins...

Mei Hoshigaki's Story


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Mei Hoshigaki

Uhggg.... Why are you up now? spoke Isubo, talking to Mei in her own head, while said woman was out in the middle of the night in full combat gear. It was not uncommon for ninja to wear combat gear when on night missions or traveling, but Mei was in the Hidden Rain, not a mission. I'm training, what do you think I'm doing? She spoke back to him in her head. Isobo might be a tailed beast, but even he came to fear Mei a little bit. She was always on 11, never quitting anything, to the point of self-destruction. He admired her training, but it was the middle of the night, and he knew training in secret was sometimes necessary, but she honestly over did it. I know you want to be the best and shit, but get some Kami-damn sleep. I’m bored watching you practice the same move over and over again. Whined Isubo. Mei blew him off and set up her tactics one more time.

She was in the training fields of the village, so it was highly unlikely that anyone would see her at this hour. She liked the hidden Rain, it was similar to the Mist, large metal buildings, although they were fewer in the Mist, and most importantly, it was damp everywhere. In the Mist, it was foggy, so condensation created that effect, here however, it was just rain. It made her feel at home a little bit. But she shook the thought. Her current training involved killing an enemy without using water, and only the Hidden Mist Jutsu. She was good at this, but she needed to get better.

The training dummy was in the middle of a clearing, standing at a typical stance of an enemy. Mei then used Hidden Mist Jutsu to create the large field of mist and then she would focus Charka in her feet, increasing her speed. She used this to hop from tree to tree, and every other time, she would throw Senbon at the target. Senbon by themselves weren’t that dangerous, but when used at high speeds and correct targeting, deadly is what they were. After five minutes she came down and saw her target looked like a porcupine needles almost everywhere. It was a definite kill, and each spot hit would disable the target, she was indeed raised by the Mist.

She collected her gear and heading back to the compound, getting a long deserved sigh from Isubo. She reached the compound and went to bed, with Isubo saying before she fell asleep, Perfect as always Mei. Just remember to be a girl in between killing things. She smiled and fell asleep.

When she awoke the next day, Isubo complained about sleeping in, to which she yelled at him. She open her fridge and got out some Dumplings she had been keeping from a shop in the village. She loved cold dumplings, and so did Isubo. She geared back up, tied her headband around her forehead and headed out. Not many people actually knew her that well. It wasn’t like this was a vacation, but even her guardians seemed slightly disinterested, and she knew that was because of her. She wasn’t the easiest person to get along with, she was always high maintenance and she knew it.

She made her way into town and actually bought a dress from a store, something she would never wear in front of anyone, it was sleek and red, and she just wanted it. Returning to the compound, she wondered if anyone would try and catch her if she ran off, most likely her guardians and maybe the jinchuuriki, but most other people wouldn’t out of pure fear. She smiled at that thought, others had come to fear her a bit, and she walked into the compound feeling a little better. Isubo rolled his eyes at her.


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