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Hukararo Kenami

Thirty Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf

0 · 190 views · located in Shinobi World

a character in “Naruto: Winds of Change”, as played by Leocedus


Clan Name: Kenami
First Name: Hukararo
Title(s): Hokage, The "Pervy Puppet Master"

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location of Residence: Leaf Village
Affiliation: Land of Fire

Personality: As stated by his title, Hukararo is a pervert. He chases after woman in a vulgar fashion and usually fails in his endeavors. He is an outgoing character on most occasions and even while in combat will have an upbeat attitude. Though when push comes to paperwork Hukararo is a lazy childish brat who finds anyway to get out of his work. Around people Hukararo is a kind happy soul who enjoys walks through the Leaf Village interacting with the townsfolk.
Likes: Peace, Meditation, Smoking Reefer
Dislikes: Judgmental People, War

Goals: Lead the Land of Fire to be the first nation to legalize Marijuana
Drive: Hukararo is often inspired by nature, and is driven towards his goals by his overachieving personality

Theme Music:

-Great Scroll of Puppet Summoning, a giant scroll similar to most animal contract scrolls that stores seals aiding in Hukararo's summoning of tools and his puppets.
-Great Scroll of the Void, a giant scroll similar to most animal contract scrolls colored pure black and holds a seal to an alternate dimension that can store a nearly infinite amount of objects inside it.
-Forbidden Jutsu Scroll, a giant scroll similar to most animal contract scrolls that holds a secret jutsu derived from Kakashi Hatake's Raikiri.
-Kunai, throwing daggers used by shinobi for centuries.
-Shurikan, throwing stars who's design is as old as Ninjutsu itself.
-Paper Bombs, sealed explosive devices normally attached to Kunai.
-Poison Paper Bombs, a sealed tag that summons a cloud of toxic gas.

-Jugango, Puppet of Deception: One of Hukararo's puppets, this deadly tool is often disguised as Hukararo himself to fool opponents. This puppet sports extendable arms with climbing claws and a Chakra Storage Tank that allows it to use low ranking jutsu. Multiple Hallucinogen Gas Bombs are hidden inside launchers around this puppets chest,

-Cinaco, Puppet of Energy: Seen as a large fat puppet with four arms, this powerful tool of destruction has many hidden Hallucinogenic Needle Shooters in and around the torso, as well as one in the mouth. In the center of it's chest is a Chakra Canon able to focus power from the Chakra Storage Tank, and can also be powered by Hukararo himself. All six limbs of Cinaco can extend up to 30 meters just like Jugango and have extendable claws laced with Hallucinogenic poison liquid.

-Daiconate, Puppet of Fear: A strange puppet in design, this large scorpion is over 10 meters in length with a height of 3 meters at the top of its back and 8 meters at the top of its tail. The pincers of Daiconate are able to channel lightning chakra from its three (3) Chakra Storage Tanks, the tip of its stinger able to do the same. Its stinger is also able to poison its targets with Hallucinogenic poison if the target isn't dead from being impaled. A seal is placed inside the scorpion to allow Hukararo to reverse summon himself inside the armor plated puppet to offer enhanced defense. An array of missile launchers are placed under the armor plates on the back of the scorpion that when detonated expel clouds of hallucinogenic gases. Finally, two grappling hooks can be fired from slots next to the eyes of the Scorpion to help stabilize the large puppet.


Water Style:
-Waterfall Basin, summons a large waterfall of water from a location in sight or from the mouth.
-Water Bullet, launches a ball of water from the mouth at high speeds.
-Water Wall, uses nearby water or expelled water from the mouth to create a defense of water.
-Water Prison, traps a target in a sphere of water. User must be touching the sphere.

Earth Style:
-Rock Spear Cage, Raises spears of stone from the ground to impale or trap a target
-Mud Slide, turns nearby ground to mud and moves it downhill at high speeds.
-Mud Clone, creates a clone of sticky mud.

Lightning Style
-Emotion Wave, causes electricity to course through the hands that can flow into a person or water source.
-Heaven Bound Raikiri, An intensified version of the Raikiri invented by Kakashi Hatake many centuries ago. (Scroll only)

Appearance: Hukararo is a 6ft 7in tall tanned skin young man with sharp features. His hair is unusual in a black emoish style with red dyed tips. His eyes are a dark brown color which are almost always behind his orange tinted round glasses. He has two rings peircing his lower lip in snake bites, silver metal in color. For clothing he usually wears a black sleeveless shirt with a long back and white trim. His pants are standard baggy black shinobi flak pants with a kunai pouch tied to his right leg with bandages. More white linen are wrapped around his entire left arm and his ankles that go down to the black shinobi shoes he wears. While traveling he wears his Hokage hat either on his head or set on his shoulders behind his head, but only wears the robes that with it when meeting other kage.

Face Claim: (Pending)

Hukararo was born in the Land of Lightning, but moved with his parents after only a year to the Leaf Village. His younger years were normally spent "Playing Ninja" with the local children and hoping to be accepted into the ninja academy. On one of these ninja games Hukararo stumbled upon a secret. He was up on a roof top trying to find some of his friends who were hiding when he discovered a hole in the buildings wall behind a tree branch. Entering the hole Hukararo found himself in the hidden back room of the library where stacks of scrolls were kept. He looked through a few of the scrolls curiously, finding several on specific jutsu and even one that was pure black in color. Taking the black scroll and a few others he began to practice his jutsu.

At the age of 5 he was accepted into the academy. At this point he had discovered that his primary chakra nature was Earth. He had also kept the Void Scroll, the black scroll he had found, a secret as it could open an alternate void dimension where he could store anything he wished. He learned the basics of being a shinobi in the academy, and with this knowledge increased the quality of his jutsu. He continued to return to the library in secret to learn more hidden jutsu from the scrolls there. Eventually he came across a white and yellow scroll tied closed with a sealed rope. It took him several years at the academy before he learned how to unseal it. The jutsu within was a lightning style jutsu, so he decided to safe it for a later date.

After graduation from the academy Hukararo was teamed up with two other genin and given a sensei. Little did he know that his sensei would soon become the 31st Hokage. His sensei used a Chakra String jutsu to control his opponents bodies as well as his ninja tools and a single puppet he had made himself, along with other various jutsu. Hukararo became transfixed on this kind of manipulation and constantly nagged his sensei to teach it to him. He agreed and so Hukararo became a Puppet Master.

After 2 years of being a genin Hukararo had constructed his first puppet, and his team had been accepted into the Chunnin Exams. The first stage was the hardest for Hukararo who lacked the intelligence to get through the written examinations. But he pulled through the mental pressure as did his team, and so went on to the second stage. The survival portion of the exams was much easier for Hukararo who excelled at stealth and execution style combat. He easily won his team through the second stage. The third was interesting for Hukararo. He was pitted against a Hyuga who instantly could see through his puppet jutsu, and so easily defeated him. He watched his team mates fail as well, and realized just how much he needed to learn.

For the next 6 months he trained furiously and discovered his secondary elemental chakra, Water. He began to find teachers for this new medium immediately and learned much on the subject. It was in this time that he was also introduced to Marijuana, a plant that would become a strong influence on his life. He smelled the herb for the first time while walking past a Gentlemen's Club in the Leaf Village. This smell was strange to him, and he instantly investigated. An older man, upon seeing his interest, gave him a puff of his joint to try. He liked the feeling it gave him and decided to partake in the herb from then on.

At the next chunnin exam, Hukararo had an easier time getting through the first stage, having smoked marijuana just before gave him the feeling of calm and so he was able to outdo the stress and get through it with ease. The second stage however was much harder this time around, the teams well prepared for stealth tactics, and Hukararo nearly was killed by an enemy teams assault on their camp on the second day. Luck was on his teams side however, and he was able to get through the second stage. The third where he had failed before was also hard for him as it was last time, but in the end his enhanced skills won out.

The second round of his third stage took place as it always had, in the arena. His opponent was strong and fast, but he eventually won the battle using a combination of all his fighting styles. He did not become a chunnin just yet however, the Hokage at the time wished him to prove his worth one last time. He went out on a mission to retrieve a stolen property from the Leaf Village that enemy ninja were currently escorting out of their lands. Leading a team of four ninja, he caught up with the enemy shinobi only to find the stolen property to be a girl around his age. Awestruck by her, Hukararo defeated the shinobi with his teams organization and brought her back to the Leaf.

Having become a Chunnin he now had a goal to win over the girl he had rescued, but she seemed to have no interest in him at all. He tried as many things as he could, but she did not want him as he did her. Having given up he was surprisingly given a mission to rescue that very same girl once again, the same group of ninja who had tried to kidnap her months ago wanting a second chance to ransom her off. Only then did Hukararo learn she was the Hokage's granddaughter.
Tracking them down once again Hukararo engaged the enemy ninja, but in the battle one of them slit the girls throat. Hukararo killed the ninja and reported back to the Hokage that the mission was a failure. Shortly after, the Hokage died of heartbreak.

Later that month, Hukararo's sensei was named the new Hokage. While he was of course thrilled his old teacher was now the leader of the country, both deaths weighed heavily on his conscious. For the next few years he was deep into his marijuana smoking habits, and did very little of anything. He taught at the academy and trained the future students, but even that could not lift his spirits. It was not until he was told by his comrades that he should take a vacation that he took a step in the right direction. Leaving the Leaf Village for some time away from home he traveled into the outlying towns in the Land of Fire, practicing his jutsu and meeting new people.

It was during his travels that Hukararo accidentally used the reverse summoning jutsu, instead of the summoning jutsu for one of his puppets. He was transported into a far away land, called the House of the Living Puppets. It was here that he met Lord Gionavi, King of the Puppets. The king was a gigantic living puppet and was callous towards Hukararo, but decided to teach him a thing or two about senjutsu, how to channel it and use it safely, and how to sense nature chakra around him. The training took a little over a year, and Hukararo banished the idea of ever learning Sage Mode or becoming a full fledged sage in any way, but senjutsu was useful so he kept that knowledge. He also found that he had a third chakra nature, Lightning, and allowed him to learn the hidden jutsu on the scroll he had nearly forgotten about after all this time.

Returning to the Leaf Village filled with new knowledge and hope, he became a Jounin and was recruited into the Anbu Blackops. He was young for joining the secret organization, only 17 at the time. But he was accepted with open arms, and was able to continue fighting for his country. He stayed in the Anbu Blackops for well over 5 years. It was around this time that his sensei, the 32nd Hokage was assassinated. Hukararo vowed revenge on the assassin and set out with a team of Anbu Blackops to kill the murderer. They found the shinobi hiding in a nearby town, where Hukararo slaughtered him where he stood. After that, the Elders named him the next Hokage. He was surprised about the choice but accepted their decision, glad he was the one who took his masters place.

So begins...

Hukararo Kenami's Story