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Naruto: Winds of Change

Shinobi World


a part of Naruto: Winds of Change, by Leocedus.


Leocedus holds sovereignty over Shinobi World, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The primary continent where the Five Great Nation (now Four Great Nations) reside.
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Shinobi World is a part of Naruto: Winds of Change.

5 Places in Shinobi World:

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Amarante Aoimura [0] "I'll unite the world and lead Amegakure to peace as its Heroine of Justice!"
Hukararo Kenami [0] Thirty Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf

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Arc I: Whispers of Treachery

This tale begins in a time of confusion nearly 100 years after the Fifth Great Shinobi War has ended. Rumors are circulating throughout the villages and over the Internet about recent terrorist events that have been appearing. Bombings in The Hidden Cloud, kidnappings and disappearances from many nations, mysterious tellings of a group known as the Shojuko, and sightings of strange creatures affiliated with violence throughout the shinobi world. These stories and accounts are beginning to make the populace of these nations ask questions of their government, putting pressure on the Kage and other leaders to give them answers. The Kage are all on edge as they try to find out who or what is responsible for the unrest and balance their normal duties along with these pressing issues.

Meanwhile, the Shojuko are on the move. They are still looking for more members but are acting in secret and running from the Anbu of multiple villages hunting them down. They have the upper hand, but stealth is still their strongest weapon. They are searching for something, or someone, and it does not seem like they will stop at anything to reach their goal.

Far to the East on an old island, a temple lays silent but for the sounds of shinobi training for combat. The four guardians of this temple know it used to be the ruins of the Jinchuriki haven, but now it is used to keep the Biju and Medo Geza statue hidden from the world. The old sage who holds this statue captive in his seal senses it might be time to set things in motion. He considers sending one of his guardians to the ninja villages, and set the hands of fate to their beginning.

For now, the ninja villages know little of the situation and life goes on as usual. People come and go, things are bought and sold, life continues as it always did, only now you hear the rumor hear and there about things stirring in the dark. What part will you play? Well, now is the time to decide. Arc I:Chapter I: Set the Stage