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Harikēn Arashi

"Like a lightning from a clear sky"

0 · 475 views · located in 100 years after Naruto died.

a character in “Naruto: Your Destiny”, as played by nltniko


Name: Harikēn Arashi
Age: 29
Gender: male

Birthday: 13/1
Height: 5'9
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood Type: A+

Village: Village Hidden in the Clouds
Rank: Raikage
Classification: S-rank

Academy Grad. Age: 9
Chuunin Prom. Age: 14
Jounin Prom. Age: 16

Personality: He is a very calm person, doesn't seem to care about anyone else, but he actually do. If anyone were to make a threat to his village he would immediately go out to stop the person. He also have no problem with killing, but tries to avoid it if possible. He enjoys training the younger ninjas and helps where he can in the village, even though he is a Kage and have a lot of work to do.
History: He was born into a clan where there wasn't put the highest expectations into him, but when he became a Genin on the age of 9 that changed. At age 17 he was already a Jounin and had trained a team. At age 22 he joined the ANBU and undertook many missions. At age 27 he became the Raikage.
Clan: Arashi
Chakra Type: Fire and Lightning
Kekkei Genkai: None
Description: Image
Signature Techniques:
Lightning Armor: an armor of lightning which also greatly increases the users speed
Tatsumaki Suramu: A spehere of lightning in the users hand. (Imagine a Rasengan make of thunder)
Fire style, Mist Blaze Dance: The user blows a high flameable gas out of his lungs towards the target.
Goka: the user sends out a huge fireblast from his hands which burns everything in it's way
Great Dragon Fire technique: a Massive Dragon of fire is shot from the users body
Flame Armor: An armor of fire. Can defend against most Taijutsu and also boosts his Fire Jutsu

So begins...

Harikēn Arashi's Story

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Character Portrait: Harikēn Arashi
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#, as written by nltniko
Harikēn was sitting surrounded by paper work. Most of all, he just wanted to get it over with, but he still had to focus on it.
After some hours working on it, he decided that was enough for the moment. Then he went over to talk to his second in command.
They started talking about that Harikēn, would personally go with a letter to secure peace among Konahagakure and Kumogakure, so that there wouldn't break out a war, and there would be no missions that could start a war between the two countries, and that the second-in-command would lead the village while he was gone.
Then he packed some things and started a trip to Konoha.

When he arrived at the gates of konoha he decided not to go straight to the Mansion, but instead went for some food, and a place to rent a bed.
After that was done he walked around in the village a bit, and admired how flat the village was compared to Kumogakure.
Sometime later he waked up to the Hokage mansion, and asked to speak with the Hokage

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Character Portrait: Tsuki no Ressapanda Character Portrait: Harikēn Arashi
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A red haired female ran up to the roof and stood next to Tsuki. "Lady Tsuki, the Raikage is here to speak with you." She said, a smile on her face. Tsuki turned and walked off the roof and downstairs. She sat down in a meeting room, and sent her assistant to guide the Raikage up to her.

Tsuki relaxed slightly, and stretched her legs out. She then realised what she was wearing. She was still in her bedclothes and a coat. No matter, she would just have to make a fool of herself.

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Character Portrait: Tsuki no Ressapanda Character Portrait: Harikēn Arashi
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#, as written by nltniko
the red haired female came down to Harikēn and told him to follow her.
When he came up to the hokage he couldn't help but smile a bit when he notice she were in bedclothes.
"Sorry, if i disturb your sleep, but i have travelled some way, to deliver this letter to you. It is regarding the future of both our villages."
Then he laid the letter on the table.

"You can give me the answer when you've given it some thought. I will wait stay in the village some days anyway. I must admit, it is quite beautiful. See you soon."
he then exited the room and started walked down through the town