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Artemis Rune

"Keep that doctor away from me! I- I have a wrench and I'm not afraid to use it!"

0 · 306 views · located in Big Bear Lake and Los Angeles, CA

a character in “Natural Born Killers”, as played by Kaire23



[size=85]Given Name: Artemis Rune

Alias: Natasha

Nickname: Miss. Fix it

Employer: Alex Ryder

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Birthdate: June 28th

Rank: Mechanic

Birth Place: New York, New York

Current Residence: Big Bear Lake, CA, with Alex

Heritage: Middle Class

Education: College, Auto Motive Technology

Accent and/or Other Known Languages: English.

Favored Weaponry/Firearms: 2 9mm Pistol

Weapon Nick: Mara and Eris (Destroyer/Death and the goddess of destruction)

Skills and Talents: Artemis LOVES messing with anything. She might take things apart and make them better while putting them back together for the fun of it. She loves designing and making them is her favorite thing to do though. She's very fast at building and is also a speedy and is a good idea to have around for quick get aways or when you need to lose someone. She isn't all that good with her aiming though so she needs some cover.

Years Trained: Ever since she was 5, she started messing with mechanics. She never went anywhere without her handy wrench after that.

Strengths: Being able to lose anyone in car chase or keep sight of someone in a car chase. She is also able to fix anything she sees.

Weaknesses: Scared of Doctors, Failing, and isn't that good of a shooter.

Transport: Koenigsegg CCX
AKA "Baby"

Work Attire: All of it is black leather with a zipper down the front.

Outward Appearance: Artemis has long black hair and usually wears her black leather jump suit whenever she wants (Which is usually all the time) She actually bought multiples of this jumpsuit so she would always be able to wear it.

Height: 5'6"

Build: Skinny

Handed: Right handed

Smoker or Non-Smoker: Non-smoker

Scars or Tattoo’s: On her face minus the little jewels.
On her stomach. She also has the belly piercing.

Physical Weaknesses: None.

Personality: Is usually a happy girl. She often is friendly with the other co-workers and tries to make everyone be friends with each other. She loves hanging with both the engineers (The Mechanic and The Programmer) She often speeds ahead in her thoughts so when she's finally done talking, she may say some random stuff that you won't understand. She tries to be friends with everyone but avoids Arisha because she's afraid of doctors.

Likes: Speeding, tinkering with stuff, making cars, High tech stuff, sweets, and video games.

Dislikes: Doctors, Failing, dresses, and veggies.

How They Met and/or Were Employed by Alex Ryder: Artemis knew Alex when she was young but then suddenly moved when she was 15. By this time, he already figured out she was a good driver and mechanic. One day, when she was leaving school, she was greeted by her old friend. He asked her to work for him and she immediately said yes without thinking but never regretted it. She is very loyal to Alex and will do anything for him (at least, mostly anything).

History: Artemis' farther was a racer while her mom was his engineer. They both showed her their jobs which influenced her greatly. They later both died due to a driving accident and she had to move out of New York. She later went to college and was found again by Alex. She drives to remember her father and fixes things to remember her Mother. She holds them both in high esteem so whenever someone says she's like them, she's happy for the rest of the day.

Personal Possession(s): Her lucky wrench. It was her mother's. She may also use this as a weapon some times and will never let anyone borrow it or use it. If anyone uses it without her permission, she will be mad at you for ,possibly, a week.

Most Used Phrases/Quotes:
"Ooo~! What do we have here!? I could make something outta this."
"Come on Baby, we can make it out of here alive!"
"Keep that doctor away from me! I- I have a wrench and I'm not afraid to use it!"
"NO! Do you see that! That is a scratch! Don't worry Baby, I'll have you fixed up in no time."
"Come on, just a bullet wound. No need to go to the doctor.... Right?"

So begins...

Artemis Rune's Story

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#, as written by Kaire23
Artemis had a smile on her face. Now, this wasn't an unusual trait, it was just she was happier now that she was fixing a car. Not only was she fixing a car, she was fixing her old friend that was now her boss' car and she loved it. It was going to take some work but she was perfectly fine with it. Deciding to take a tiny water break, she leaned away from the car and whipped her forehead, unaware of how much motor oil and grease was on her hand and now her face. Noticing how dirty her hands were, she quickly washed her hands, scrubbing a lot until her hands were some what clean. She then walked back out and grabbed her water bottle and took a drink before getting back to work.
"Hows it going on your side Eliazar?" She questioned.

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Character Portrait: Artemis Rune Character Portrait: Eliazar Albillo
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#, as written by Kaire23
Artemis nodded slightly as he walked out. She smiled slightly as she finished fixing what she was working on. She picked up her lucky wrench and moved onto the next thing that needed her attention. She smiled as she figured out the problem and started to repair it. She really just wanted to speed around in baby but she knew she still had work to do.