Titus Oswin

Hail Father Stalin!

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a character in “Nazi Occupied America.”, as played by Erickson


Name: Titus Oswin
Age: 24
Faction: Communist
Background: Once a member of the US Army, Titus fought to the bitter end against the Nazis. For several years after he struggled for democracy yet again with the democratic rebels. However, upon one of their raids, he stumbled across a small red book that taught him true power resided in Russia and their great Father Stalin. Titus quickly turned his cloak on democracy for the Red Menace.
Personality: Titus is resourceful, using the battlefield against the enemy. However, the strategies fly over his head, and he relies on his higher ups to make them for him. New things interest him, and should he fail to master them he can grow annoyed and hostile.
Likes: Reading, Praising Communism, Cheeseburgers
Dislikes: Shooting Practice, Long Meetings, Nazis


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