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The trials have begun.

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Back in the late 17th century, in the colonial state of Massachusetts, the Salem Witch Trials began.
Woman who acted suspiciously were sent to their deaths for being thought to be witches.
Many who were mortals died. Many who were witches died.

It is 2050. And the trials have begun once again.
Two years ago, the government discovered that witches still resided among the mortals.
They are immortal, magical, and incredibly strong.
And the government will do anything to tear them down.

In 2049, the first witch was captured and tortured for information.
She died two weeks after capture. No information was able to be gathered.

Later that year, the government built a witch concentration camp.
As of now, only five witches reside in the camp.
But the camp spans over many miles of land and they are hard to track.
Therefore, each witch has been assigned a guardian.

These guardians are responsible for collecting them whenever testing is to be done.
The government hopes to extract the genes in the witches that makes them immortal.

Will you be a guardian? Or will you be a witch?

It is your choice.

But, no matter who you are, just remember this.


Witch 1: RESERVED. The elemental witch. She has lived for an unbelievably long time and is thought to have been one of the few witches to have survived the Salem trials. She has developed control over all of the elements and communicates almost completely through telepathy. Due to the threat she presents, she is kept in a room made of a certain mineral that negates her elemental magic. The only way to get in and out of the room is through teleportation that is controlled on the other side of an observation mirror. When she is sleeping, she can sometimes project herself into others dreams. She appears to be twenty.
Guardian 1: He remains in the observation room almost twenty-four seven to makes sure that Witch 1 isn’t doing anything suspicious. He is cold to most people, but seems to have taken a liking to her. He is a little rough around the edges, but is actually a really nice guy. He doesn’t believe that it is morally right for the witches to be held captive. He is twenty-five years old.
Witch 2: RESERVED. The knowledge witch. She is rumored to be the daughter of Witch 1, though she is considerably younger than her ‘mother’. She is incredibly intelligent and has no need to read or be taught. Just by merely looking at something or someone, she knows everything about them. While she does not pose much of a physical threat, she is the most rebellious of the group and is always looking for a fight. She appears to be about eighteen.
Guardian 2: Out of all of the guardians, he is the kindest. He goes out of his way to try to make Witch 2 comfortable. However, whenever she gets to being rebellious, he can be very demanding and rude. All in all, he’s very loyal to the government. It is thought that he is related to the man who is controlling the operation. He is twenty years old.
Witch 3: The healing witch. She is a personal friend of Witch 1 and serves as an aunt to Witch 2. Like her niece, she is not a physical threat, but is extremely powerful. She has the ability to heal any living thing back to full health. In the case that a non-living object is broken, she can mend the break, but cannot restore the entire object. She is extremely peaceful and often serves as the negotiator between the captive witches and the government members controlling the camp. She appears to be twenty-one.
Guardian 3: With a stoic face, this guardian isn’t someone to be messed with. He is very cold and hates the witches because one of them killed his daughter. He only puts up with his job because he knew Witch 1 before he realized she was a witch. While he would never admit it, he is extremely protective over Witch 3. He is twenty-six years old.
Witch 4: RESERVED. The psychic witch. Out of every witch living at the camp, she is the youngest. She is best friends with Witch 2 and is the sister of Witch 5. She is the communicator between the witches and Witch 1 through psychic connection. Aside from Witch 1, she also reads the minds of the government workers, the guardians, and anyone else around the camp. She is also capable of telekinesis, but it is generally controlled by her emotions. She appears to be seventeen.
Guardian 4: If you are looking for someone with a sense of humor, this is your guy. He is very laid back and doesn’t really try to do his job. Only when he is called to do something on duty does he actually try. He likes making other people laugh and wishes for equality between the mortals and the witches. He is twenty-years old.
Witch 5: RESERVED. The captivating witch. She is the older sister of Witch 4, of whom she is extremely protective over. She is the friendliest with their captors, but is considered by them to a big physical threat. She has the strange ability to make people do what she wants. This can be through verbal command or even physical language. In a sense, her ability is a form of mind control, but one that can be overridden. She appears to be eighteen.
Guardian 5: Despite his orders, this guardian is extremely involved with his emotions. He lets them sway his judgment and tries to do the right thing no matter the consequences. He is both emotionally and physically drawn to Witch 5, but he doesn’t view her as human and doesn’t think that witches deserve freedom. He is twenty-one years old.

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Question - were the older witches around during the Salem Witch Trials? (I'm assuming not because of the current year of the rp.) If not, about how old actually are the older witches?

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Witches 1, 2, 4, and 5 are all now reserved.

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This sounds incredibly cool! Could I please reserve Witch 5?? :D

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may i reserve witch 2?

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