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Elizabeth May Brumm

(WIP) "Look in to my eyes. Now, tell me. What do you see?"

0 · 186 views · located in the Salem Camp

a character in “Nearly Witches”, as played by Dreamalot106



Name: Elizabeth May Brumm – Originally named Lisabeth Malene, Eliza changed her name to Elizabeth May so it would not be as uncommon and therefore less likely to be remembered.
Nickname(s): Eli May [Eh – lee], Eliza, Liza – Eli May was Eliza’s stage name before she was captured and brought to the concentration camp. Sometimes her guardian calls her Eli May just to irk her and rub in the fact she’s no longer free, or so she thinks. Eliza was her chosen nickname because of how close it is to her original name; the same especially goes for Liza. Liza emerged after she took the nickname Eliza. It is easier to say and used often when she’s being talked to or sometimes even about.

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual – Eliza found that she couldn’t be picky when it came to seducing answers or actions out of someone and very quickly adapted to a two-way lifestyle.

Age: Physically – 18/ Actually – Even she’s lost count of the years.
Birthday: February 13 – It makes sense that Eliza is a captivating witch, having been born the day before Valentine’s Day. She always makes a big deal out of her birthday whenever it happens to land on a Friday.

Societal Status: Ostracized
Position in Life: Not as bad as it could be considering she’s practically being held prisoner and has a twenty-four-seven babysitter.

Ethnicity: English – Originally from the United Kingdom, Eliza left home and came to America in search for a new start. She had messed up big time at home and was very lucky to leave the superstitious countryside behind with her life. She no longer has the British accent she came to America with, an effect of living decades in the melting-pot country.

Location: The southern end of the encampment. – She has her own small setup there and prefers to move through the camp only when she has to or when she’s meeting with one of the other witches.



Color – Dark, dirty blonde with natural highlights from the time she spends outdoors.
Length – About mid-back in length.
Texture – Fairly thick, loose curls.
Misc. – Eliza normally wears her hair pulled back out of her face and eyes but down around her shoulders. When she does put all of her hair up, it’s in a braid or loose, high ponytail.
Shape – Large, almond shaped with upturned outer corners.
Color – Amber – Eliza’s eyes faintly glow whenever she uses her power on someone. It’s barely noticeable though unless one is looking closely or she is in the shadows or dark.
Lashes – Long and thick upper eyelashes that brush against her cheeks whenever she closes her eyes.
Height – 5 feet 6 inches
Weight – 134 pounds
Body Shape – Hourglass
Distinguishing Features – Eliza has a faint scar on the left, back side of her neck. She rubs her thumb over the scar lightly whenever she thinks.
Clothing/Dress – Eliza’s choice of fashion is a little strange. Instead of wearing classic, what’s trendy now pieces, she’s always wearing either avant-garde fashions or chicly retro ensembles. There is very little medium in between except when she’s dressed down for the night, getting ready for bed.
Makeup – Eliza’s makeup is heavy but not overpowering, her eyes her focus. She very rarely shifts the focus elsewhere on her face because it is mostly through her eyes that her power exists.


+ Cherries
+ Dark chocolate
+ Mystery novels
+ Toying with people’s minds
+ Getting free stuff
+ Red lipstick
+ Freedom
+ Her guardian
- Pineapple
- Spearmint
- Snakes
- Books about the supernatural
- Being treated like a prisoner
- Being unable to socialize freely
- The government
- Her guardian

Power Eliza has the ability to bend people’s will to perform her own agenda. She has to be making eye contact with the person when she tells him/her what to do, but the order itself can be relayed verbally or physically. Meaning that if she already knows what she wants someone to do, all Eliza must do is catch the person’s gaze and then brush her hand against the other’s. However, she has found it easier over the years to chat someone up amiably and then pass along her order, whether by physical or verbal communication didn’t matter.
Weakness The drawbacks to Eliza’s power are that she has to be making eye contact with the victim while she takes control and that a well trained mind can ignore and override her command.
General Disposition


Mother – Location unknown.
Father – Deceased.
Sibling(s) – One younger sister, also in the concentration camp.
Childhood Years
Between Then and Now
For the past decade, Eliza has been searching for information on the whereabouts of her mother. She had no interest in finding the woman who had abandoned her and her sister so many years ago until she received a package in the mail. It was a collection of letters. The letters were old and starting to yellow, one corner of the envelope nearly falling off, but Eliza recognized the distinctive handwriting immediately. The letters explained why her mother had left the family; she was in great distress and feared for her life. Apparently Eliza's mother had heard rumors that the government may have been planning another witch in the not too distant future. Well known for her healing brews and tonics, Eliza's mother was scared she may be an immediate suspect should the rumors turn out to be true. So she fled. The last letter was dated twenty years prior to when Eliza received the package.

The bitter resentment Eliza had built up towards her mother for abandoning them vanished and was replaced by a new feeling - determination. Eliza decided then that she would try and find her mother. Using the addresses labeled on the letters, Eliza retraced her mothers her mother's steps. She used her power to will answers to her questions out of owners and long-times patrons. Eventually she ended up working at a dance club near where her mother's last letter had been addressed. It was outside the club one evening when she tried to make a man her minion for the evening that she was captured. Apparently news of her asking hard questions during her search had reached some top governmental ears and their eyes were turned on her. After several months of observation the government men had the confirmation they needed to move in on Eliza.
Present Year

So begins...

Elizabeth May Brumm's Story