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Elizabeth Waltz

If you have ever piloted a ship, you know my name. Infact, my name is most likly plasterd on the side of your engines.

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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient”, as played by Mathew Littlepaw


Name: Elizabeth Waltz
Nicknames: Ms.Waltz, Beth, E.Z.
Birthplace: Earth
Occupation: Engineer


Head: Most of the time: A pair of blue/black welding goggles, given to her by her father.
Body: A black and tan jacket with the words "Daddy's little Engineer" on the back of it. A pink undershirt below that.
Legs: A pair of black denim jeans, covered with pockets for holding tools.
Feet: Most of the time: Nothing.
Hands: A pair of black fingerless cloves.
Face: A very pretty smile, a soft pink blush, and a scar on her lower left side lip.
Hair: Short hair, dyed different colors often, mostly red or pink. (Naturally red)
Eyes Genetically dyed red.


Ms.Waltz is the exact opposite of what is expected of the daughter of a trillionaire nuclear-engine designer. Born on Earth to the nuclear physicist, turned nuclear engineer, Elisabeth Waltz has been prepped for running of her fathers company. But her only interests lie in engines, there maintenance, and the making of them. Elisabeth has always had a love for all things with an engine in them, and her personality reflects this.

Being a very smart girl, who loves reading, shopping... As long as it involves engines/engine parts.

Pie (mostly Key Lime).

Bears (mostly Space Bears).
People touching "her" engines.

"Daddy wanted 2 things in life. A son to be an engineer like him, and one to become the worlds greatest boxer. Well, he got me and big sis. But sis is fighting for the title next month!" - Elizabeth.


Elizabeth isn't a fighter, but doesn't mean that is apposed to it, she uses her knowledge to make the the ship better, stronger, and faster, when ever she can.

Weapons:Elizabeth, in a pinch, carry's her fathers 1968 S&W 45. Magnum. Other than that she has no weapons.

Other: The only things Elizabeth carry's on her, are micro welders, auto-drills and other equipment to fix nuclear engines. Also, her fathers lucky wrench witch he used to build his first nuclear engine.


In order to understand Elizabeth, one must first understand her father. Alexander Waltz is probably the most known name in any shipyard in all of known space. The Waltz Nuclear Propulsion Engine was the first engine ever made to travel through space at speeds above light, also known as hyper-speed. Waltz Interpreters currently grosses about 1.3 Trillion dollars a year, all of witch Elizabeth herself commands.

Born on Earth to the great Alexander Waltz, the first man to build a nuclear powered engine suitable for space travel, Elizabeth is the spiting image of her father in, at least in spirit. When she was 10 years old her father, Alexander Waltz, was killed by Pro-naturalists. From the day he was gone, she was prepped to lead fathers company. Meetings, meetings, meetings, and more meetings was something, day in and day out was something that she didn't want to do. After leaving what vast amount of wealth she didn't need, and her company, to her older sister, she left home and enlisted.

So begins...

Elizabeth Waltz's Story

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The setting changes from Infirmary/Medical Bay to The Milky Way Universe

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Elizabeth Waltz

Location: Pirate Frigate Brig

"HEY" She yelled at the man retrieving his belongings from the container.

"Over here!!" Elizabeth swung her arms through cage bars at the man.

Elizabeth had been stuck on this ship longer than Ulric, though she did not know the exact time, but from her emanates she has been stuck on the ship for around 2 months. She stood there, trying hard to break the arcane iron key lock that held her cage shut. Having been on the ship so long, and being a girl, she was treated like dirt. When she arrived, the brig was to crowded to put another prisoner in, so they shoved her into an iron cage used for dangerous animals, and didn't bother to move her when room was available. With tears in her eyes she reached for the man as the alert blared, her body beaten and scarred.

As the man turned around to face her, he found that she was wearing nothing but a ripped and cut shirt that barley covered her breast. The rest of her body naked. Everything that the shirt didn't cover she tried to cover with her hand.

"Please.. Help me out of here! I--I can pay you anything you want to get me off of this ship!" With a gasp she reached farther and farther through the bars at the man she had never known, who holds her life in his hands.

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Ulric Kercheskoi

Pirate Frigate

Ulric looks back at the girl while she introduces herself to him, doing the most she can to keep some civility about the two of them and all the while keeps turning back towards the door as she rallies behind him.
"My name is Kercheskoi.. but my friends call me Ulric." He brings his head close to the ports glass and takes one last look before pressing the switch and opening the hatch. It opens into a badly damaged security compartment the lights dimly blinking every few seconds only to hold a steady beam for a minute the go back to blinking again. The compartment itself does still have much of its items intact, there is a set of monitors located at the back end with someone seated in front of them. Just seeing the person there startles Ulric and he hits as best a offensive stance as he could muster in his moment. Only to realize as he approaches that his actions where unneeded the person is completely still and unresponsive, closer inspection showing that a piece of ruptured conduit had blown out of an adjacent wall and pierced his chest.

Keeping a close watch on Elizabeth Ulric saunters over to the dead pirate and brushes him aside letting him fall to the deck with a solid sounding thud. Ulric looks at the young woman and decides to turn the body over so he wasn't just staring up at them with blank eyes.
Ulric looks at the monitors in front of him six stacked one to one on top of each other, thinking this must of been a remote viewing station for selected sections of the ship. He goes to climb down underneath the console and repair the damaged feed to the screens only to look down past his legs and see that there where a set of four security lockers against the forward bulkhead.

"Elizabeth.. Can you try checking the lockers for weapons or anything that we can use, I need to fix the feed for these screens and maybe I would be able to check the logs to see where they stored our possessions." He worked diligently as he spoke and every twist of a wire or rip of a cord sent sparks cascading over his mask blackened faceplate.

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Ulric Kercheskoi

Pirate Frigate

After several seconds of diligent work Ulric would look down between his arms to see if Elizabeth as he can also hear her crack the lockers open one after another. He gets a periodic jolt to lash down over his mask as he completes the circuit and proceeds to scramble up into the seat, sliding the keys closer to him.

"Most of the equipment they have must of come off the ship I was aboard and by the looks of it I was one of the only ones they took alive." He starts tapping on the keys working his way through several screens of information before he speaks again. "Thirteen souls lost.. all because some jackass didn't want to make anything near and honest living, but morning them has already been a foregone conclusion. Now all we can hope to do is make the score even."
He trails off as he speaks and starts to sift through video feeds until he finds one that catches his eye.

"There we go" He points
Select logs begin to roll by the lower screen and it logs where most of the looted equipment and other items are loaded into the aft section of the cargo hold. (Order of Lieutenant Matthus) scrolls besides over halve of the logs and Ulric began to remember that she was the one who lead the boarding party against his group earlier on.
"Better gear up then, because that's where we are going if we want to get out possessions back." Then a sudden red flashing light catches the side of his mask and he looks to see that its one of the other screens posting an intrusion on one of the upper decks.

Upon activating the screen he gets a feed directly from the bridge and he could see a group of soldiers rallied in there receiving fire from somewhere off camera. "Looks like our saviors are on board.. see the uniforms, Federation Marines."
He gives a quick thought about how to proceed, seeing as its been maybe fifteen years since his last and quite a bad interaction with them. But his rationality soon burns out as he knows that Elizabeth and himself are going to need help to get all the way off the ship.
Within a few more key strokes he is able to activate a consoles screen across the room and is able to impose some wording on the screen.. **Radio Freq 6, friendlies broke from confinement.. Need assist?** Doing his best to make sure they know as much as they need to he types again. Adding to the last message..
**Deck cam, eyes on you.. audio as well.**

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Ulric Kercheskoi

Pirate Frigate

After Elizabeth made her stand to do her best to stay and take back what was rightfully hers, Ulric was more then willing to help get the two of them to the cargo hold. Picking himself up he makes sure the assault rifle is ready to go cleaning as much as he could from the barrel of the weapon. Ending by wrapping the sling over his shoulder and tucking the it under his left arm, but not forgetting to check the other dead pirates body for more ammo.
The cold corpse was more then willing to part what little rounds where left finding only two spare clips on him, Ulric had the mind to share the rounds between the two weapons. In this fashion he and Elizabeth would both have two and a half clips ready to spend with the rifles.

"Alright Elizabeth I know this will be hard.. but if you stick with me and keep calm, I promise that we both will be getting off the ship alive and intact." He pauses and thinks for a moment as slowly starts to look down at his arm and leg.. "Well.. as intact as we both are now." He stave's the effort to give a small laugh in that moment and picks up the handgun only to press it back into her hands.

He reaches past her to grab the shotgun as well as the two grenades from the locker along the wall.
Examining the grenades he looks at Elizabeth.. "Elizabeth I must as you to please be careful with these.. I'm handing one over to you for any emergency but understand that you must not use this in close proximity to me." He says as he places one in her other hand, rolling it so the clip and pin face upwards.

Ulric sets the other rifle next to her against the wall and palms the shotgun after fully slinging his rifle to his back.
"But first of all we have to help them." Pointing at the monitor on the wall.
"They are stuck at the bridges entry way which puts their exit through the enemy.. Leaving them to that would be akin to letting them die."
Ulric sets himself back up at the desk and begins to type away...*Help is on the way ETA -- 9mins -- flanking from aft* As he hits enter Ulric stands and presses the switch for the door, leans his head out keeping his gun at the ready.

"Alright I know you may not be ready but I need you to be... Now lets go."
Ulric steps out of the compartment and starts heading towards the bridge forward of the ship, doing his best to cover the whole corridor for Elizabeth to follow.

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With a deep breath, she slowly stood up and gripped her pistol, then started walking behind Ulric down the long corridor. "I'm right behind you..."

Suddenly from behind came a crunching noise, the sound of metal twisting and bending. Then, after just taking a few steps from the locker room, the whole room suddenly disappeared, leaving only the vacuum of space. With a gasp Elizabeth grabbed the side of the wall, on a ledge large enough to hold her. With the alarm blaring *Warning! Hull breach! Warning! Hull breach!* for a few moments before the large air lock, just a few inches below her feet, closed and sealed the leak.

With a hard gasp she brought another full breath of air into her longs, then got back up to see Ulric in front of her, also unharmed. "...I-I just signed up to work on engines... Not any of this... Shit." Slowly she started walking forward again, holding her gun with shaky hands. Her face seeming to be just a straight blank look, unsure how to feel after that...

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Ulric Kercheskoi
Second Pirate Frigate

Ulric and Elizabeth had made it only twelve feet down the corridor when the sound of straining metal could be heard over the rest of the ship. He was calm to try and figure out the direction of the sound knowing that they where actually quite close to the ships port side. But his attention was grabbed when the sound snapped and he soon found himself being pulled back the way he came. Ulric was able to clench onto one of the bulkheads supports for leverage but was unfortunately more then a foot away from grabbing Elizabeth's arm as she began to slide as well.

Were it not for the bulkhead seal door coming down to close off the compartment she would have been spaced through the jagged tare. He gives her a small inspection as she stands making sure she was uninjured or still had all her equipment with her.

"Its okay the ship will do its best to equalize the pressure in automation." He says as he turns his attention back to the other side of the corridor. (bip-bip) He gets and message on the comm and stands at the ready as he listens in.. *Negative, rendezvous near Alpha Hangar.* His head kind of tips as the message reaches him. But quickly realizing what an opertunity this presents he goes ahead and responds.. "Affirmative will meet.. Avoid port side, compartments closed due to structural damage." He depresses the switch and turns to Elizabeth.

"Alright I think we have a change of plans now.. We should hit the cargo bay now and grab our things before any more of this ship collapses in on itself. The other team will be meeting us above that section in hanger Alpha.. So I suggest we get done before they arrive."
He reaches for a door console at the edge of the bulkhead and begins cycling the locks in different compartments. Doing his best to open them a path to the cargo hold and eventually off the ship.
His path will take them down one deck to get directly to the hold and as he presses the last button a side port opens leading to a ladder-well leading up and down to sections of the ship.
He steps halfway into the section and peers down the narrow vertical shaft and looks back at Elizabeth.. "Alright its clear.. We should be good to move, besides the other team will be some time seeing as they are almost near the head of the ship" He walks fully inside and begins to travel down to the next deck doing his best to coax Elizabeth along with him.

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Ulric Kercheskoi
Second Pirate Frigate

The relocation towards Alpha hanger was going well for both Ulric and Elizabeth, Periodically he would place himself at a riveted section on the bulkhead and make sure she had room to move up. But he to was becoming aware of the sounds coming from around them on the hull of the ship, little of it was giving him an indication of any failings.
"Ulric...A-Ask who ever your talking to where we are! If there in the bridge, they should be able to get a visual!" Elizabeth asked with a strange and tensed hesitation to her voice "In the brig, the pirates were talking about a-an asteroid belt that they needed to pass through! Ulric! I think w-" Her words where to late on the subject as something large collided with the outer hull.

Elizabeth was alright when she fell forward only to start floating back up from her fall, while Ulric was quick enough to reach for an overhead conduit keeping himself pressed against the deck.
Letting go of the shotgun he reached out and took Elizabeth by the shoulder so she could bring her closer. When he was sure she wouldn't float away he was able to retake his weapon and begin slowly moving down the corridor once more.. "Come on.. we aren't far from the hanger as is.. only about ten more frames now." Ulric gave a small gesture with his shoulder towards the door at the far end with a stripped display above it. (Hanger SectA)
"That collision must have knocked the gravity centrifuge offline.. Just wait till we hit the hanger and I should be able to reboot it with some luck."

Ulric reaches up and switches on his comm.. "We have debris striking the port hull, if you have someone who can take care of that it would be most welcome. Also loss of gravity throughout a majority of the aft compartments, will be trying to rectify that soon." The audible click signifies that he releases the button along his collar.
Ulric looks around and counts the frames as he goes trying to understand the size of the ship, turning to Elizabeth as he gets the idea in his head. "My best guess would be that the ship has another gravity centrifuge further in the forward compartments, and if that's the case then we are lucky. You'll know when we lose that because the whole ship will swaying in orientation, but lets jut hope that doesn't happen"

Several seconds of weightless floating leads the two of them to the hanger door and Ulric sets his shoulder into the frame of the hatch. Doing his best to watch the corridor behind them as well as the port hole in the door. Looking through he can see the hanger is empty of personnel and only two ships where still docked.
One was a light strike ship by the looks of it and the other was a heavier gunship, in his mind the gunship would be the best suited for getting him and Elizabeth out of there. However the only fault in his plan was that he didn't know how to pilot the damn ships.
He looks further back and notices a command console near the rear of the hanger seated next to the cargo lift.
"Alright Elizabeth.. We are going to make our way in nice and easy. Just stay calm, watch your corners and we should make it out of this mess."

"Are you ready?"
Turning his head to her.

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Ulric Kercheskoi
Second Pirate Frigate

Ulric peers out alongside Elizabeth and drags his vision over the people in the hanger, thinking that he must be going blind to miss them in the first place. Elizabeth was right however, seeing as there was several on the ops deck while other men worked with something on a higher loading gantry. "Not quite.. look" He slightly pointed with the barrel of his shotgun towards the higher group. "Their loading everything they can into those shipping containers and so is that group down below."
He drew her attention towards four of the pirates using a loader to get the cargo onto the heavier ship and while trying to do so the other busied themselves with trying to retrieve the free floating boxes as well.

He makes sure to look all around the group and sections of the hanger until something catches his eye.
There was secured section of crates off to the side of the ship and he began to recognize them as some of the reserve crates from his ship. This began to give him the idea that maybe in their hurry to grab as much loot as possible the pirates had almost everything in the hanger. "Alright Elizabeth.." He said sternly "They may actually have our things up in this hanger or better yet already loaded on to that shuttle, and I do not fancy the idea of them getting away with any of it."

"But still all this gives me an idea, wait here until you see the signal and don't worry you'll know it when you see it."

Had she been a bit more trained in combat or any other type of skill other then just a mechanic he would have contemplated bringing her along. But Ulric just left her to hide away near the hatch as he grabbed the rigging on the bulkhead and began to use the lack of gravity to his advantage. Gliding up along the beams he was shortly able to reach the ceiling and began to pull himself along it, each pull from his hands making him float silently over head.
Where it not for the recent combat he would have been spotted but thankfully now many of the lighting fixtures where damaged and non operational. Just doing this made him think of better times among his countrymen, doing such things to serve a great purpose everyday.
But now he did have a great purpose and it has been a long time since he could revel in such a moment. Lifting one hand he switches on his comm... "twelve contacts in Alpha hanger... loading for departure, be ready for gravity in forty sec's.. out"
Ulric is able to bring himself down slightly towards the console and rights himself giving a small breath of relief at the realization that he wasn't noticed. Diligently now he begins to work of the console passing screens of interfaces and several open commands. Looking on he see's that the centrifuge isn't off line but just in a hard standby, still just spinning its rings and not emitting. But the thought did hit him that just turning on the gravity could have some adverse effects to the ships integrity especially if he just directly booted it.

(click) ~What are you doing?~ Came from behind Ulric in a harsh tone and turning his head he noticed two armed men floating several feet away and maybe more so higher then himself. The one dominate pirate jousted his rifle towards Ulric again and spoke.. ~I said what are you doing..~

A smile formed behind the glass of Ulric's mask as he pulled up on the console to press himself against the deck. "Nothing.. nothing at all." He gave a quick flip of his thumb and hit the final key on the console causing sharp jar in the ship and in retrospect the gravity came on even more sharply, throwing anyone one who wasn't ready to the deck. Some much harder then others..

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Ulric Kercheskoi
Second Pirate Frigate

With the press of the last key there was a sudden pop of euphoria in the air and the sudden gain of weight followed closely behind. Ulric was not one to waste such an opportunity so close at hand stepping quickly into a sprint to capitalize as best he could, small box's and large crates crashing to the deck with the thud of armored bodies along side.
The falling pirates where not in any situation to say otherwise as the first and lowest of the two made a sudden and dramatic contact with the decks metal plating. But Ulric was in no mood to play safe bringing as much of his foot to bear, stomping on the side of mans head causing a sound not unlike a battered watermelon to draw out. Reeling back at the same time with his modified arm and bringing as much force into a punch as he could muster directly into the others chest. Knowing full well that his armor could take the force and still knowing at the same time that the ribs behind the plates could not.

The throws of chaos that could be heard throughout the shallow hanger compartment reverberated against one another as the remaining pirates attempted to make sense of the situation. The three above where making a great presentation of a target as Ulric pulled the shotgun around and gripped it within his right hand, pulling the barrel up setting them down its sights.
This moment was one of the few that Ulric was happy about his current physical condition, seeing as the cybernetic sections of his chest and arm where not prone to giving away with shock. Each pull of the trigger gave a quick jar of force that only hit the cusp of his arm and continued nowhere else.
The rounds shot that left the gun where capable of tearing only through soft flesh and light armor, for that the pirates would have been grateful. But unfortunately for them the small barbed pellets had the nasty habit of finding any imperfection in a mans uniform. Tearing into the edges of exposed fabric and entering in between armor sections, but most notably of all ripping into the skin of a mans uncovered face.

Each pump that reloaded the weapon only gave way to more pellets entering the targets and added to the amount of misty red that exited in its own attempt to escape the carnage. Within a few seconds two of the men where without a doubt incapable of breathing threw only the usual holes but the third was not so unlucky. He saw the instant of pain coming his way and hit the deck finding a less then polite term to describe feces.
When the pirates finally got orientated they began to muster an offense, returning fire in the mixture of heavy rifles and hand held pistols. Ulric took a dive behind a large crate of foodstuffs doing his best to keep both the good arm and leg from line of sight. (ssst--“This is Captain Colter, I know this may be a little too late, but who am I speaking with? If you didn’t read the previous message, we’ve altered the rendezvous point to airlock R91. Do you read?”--sst)
The message came through clear enough for Ulric to understand even with the succession of founds pouring into his cover.

He pumps the last three shells from his shotgun and cast it aside sliding the assault rifle around himself with the strap pressing his comm switch once he firmly grasp the weapon.. "Name Ulric... and I read you" (shnak---) a shot rips threw the backside of his crate and comes close to grazing the top of his head as he speaks. "Engaged in combat with remaining contacts.. receiving small arms fire."
Ulric goes silent for a second as he looks back to get as good a glimpse of Elizabeth as possible but to no avail. She was being hidden from his view by a small wall of service crates. He raises his arms for a moment to fire several rounds towards the pirates direction, this act garners some sounds of entrapment with each ricochet and near miss but Ulric returns to his position and continues.
"If you must then go.. found a ship and we could use it to escape."
Just make sure to inform your allies about us... Ulric out"

Ulric takes his time and bides for a moment to act as he allows the men to unload their weapons into his cover.

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(Sorry everyone! I havnt posted in a wile and im really sorry! I just have been dealing with some stuff at home, but now im ready to get back into it!)

With a gulp she watched Ulric move away from her, witch made her both scared and anxious. She held onto the pistol tight, and tried to keep her breathing under control. She made sure not to look into the hanger for fear someone would see her, and just stud with her back against the wall in zero gravity, ajusting herself if needed so she didn't float somewhere she didn't want to be.

Suddenly as the gravity turned back on, she fell to the floor. Sense she wasn't expecting the gravity again, her feet were only loosely on the ground. After a moment she stood back up and looked around the corner to see the chaos. There was only one person that could have been responsible for that, Ulric... She thought to herself with a smile. She looked over at Ulric one last time to see him under fire, and knew she had to do something. Bringing the pistol around the dd\\corner she lined up her sights with a pirate advancing towards Ulric, but suddenly she felt a hand rap around her head and block her vision. Swiftly she was pulled back away from the hanger by another pirate. As he dragged her away she grunted over and over ULRIC! ULRIC! ULRIC! to no avail.

Frantically she grabbed onto the side of the hall, but the pirate kicked her in the back to make her stop struggling. Again she reached over the wall and found a lose pipe. With a swift yank she pulled the pipe off of the wall, and swung it back to hit the pirate right in the head. Sense the pirate scum was wearing a helmet, she heard a crash of glass as she hit him with it. She finally broke free of the pirate and turned to face him, seeing that she had completely broken the glass of the helmet he was wearing. Again she grabbed the pipe to defend herself encase he got back up, but that wasn't the case. She looked down at the pirate with a gasp to see blood with the broken glass on the floor.

After a few moments of disbelief, the pirate started to wake from his slumber. Even though she was disgusted thinking she had just killed a man, she griped the pipe again, remembering all of the pain people like him caused her. Filled with rage, she raised the pipe up high into the air with both hands, and sent it crashing down onto the pirates arm, shattering the bones inside of it. The pirate let out a scream, witch made her even angrier. Again she raised and dropped the pipe onto the pirate, this time his other arm.

"THIS!" She shouted down to the man, "IS FOR ALL OF THE THINGS Y-YOU DID TO ME!!" Again, she brought the pipe down onto the pirate, this time from the side into his helmet, making it come off of his head to reveal his face with a vein of blood running from his forehead to his mouth. Again she struck him with the pipe across the moult, breaking all of his teeth in the proses.

As the pirate pleaded for his life, she let out a feral scream and brought it down one last time into his face, crushing his skull effectively killing him. She panted as she looked down at what she had done, and turned back around and started to cry as she walked down the hall again to get her pistol. She leaned against a wall and started to cry harder, part of her happy for taking her revenge out on the pirate, part of her ready to die for what she had done.

Slowly she stood up, her upper body covered in blood, and walked to the hanger door. Carfuly she looked through the door to see Ulric still pinned down. She raised her arms to him to let him know she was alright, then put them back down to not alert the pirates to where she was, and that she was ok.

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Ulric Kercheskoi
Second Pirate Frigate: Hanger

Ulric looks up one last time to see that Elizabeth is actually still where she was and what seems to be small flecks of blood covering her. He understood at that time that she had mostly likely run into her own problems but Ulric could not ponder that much longer because he soon heard one of the pirates call out.. ~Grenade!!..~

This was followed by the familiar clacking sound of metal bouncing along the same surface, and then it rolled right around the side of Ulric's cover. He looked down on it as if by cue when he first heard the call and readied his arm, pulling back and rolling over his own hip crossing the explosive with his own body scooping it up it the same motion.
"Cook it next time Dumb ass!!" He belts out over the an echo of silence in the hanger and chucks the small device back. As in a defiance of sheer stupidity one of the pirates stands as if trying to answer or at least see what the commotion was about, only to have the grenade peg him in the face. Ulric's visor lights up with the shine of the explosion and several screams of death can be heard crying out when the blast clears, but those voices die down as quickly as the flames did.

Reaching out to get Elizabeth's attention Ulric lets her know to stay still for a moment as he returns his sights to the loading rack from earlier. Making sure to stay silent he brings his rifle back up to his shoulder and waits..
Slowly a form begins to show itself as the one surviving pirate begins to work up the courage to check the area his shaking frame betraying his position even more. His eyes scan well enough to meet what would be Ulric's gaze if his sight could break the mask and terror has only a moment to overtake him before a singular bullet rips into the front of his nose and paints the bulkhead behind him.
"Okay its alright now Elizabeth come on out.." Ulric directs her way as he looks over past the blast riddled boxes.
Ulric begins to slow as he get several steps away and re-shoulders the rifle getting ready to open fire, hearing some labored breathing along with hushed tones on the other side. Peering slowly over the last intact box he see's one of the pirates is still alive and mostly coherent trying to speak into his comm unit.. ~Hanger 1 is lost.. (geh) proceed with detonation.. I repeat proceed with detonation.. (cough) respond dammit.~ The man gives an exagerated gasp of air when Ulric kicks him over on his back and readies the rifle on him. However the use of a weapon is easily lost upon this man when Ulric see's that he is missing several bits from the explosion. Most of which are key to using a firearm involving a dominant arm and several digits.

The man stares at Ulric in what a defiance he can muster in his state as Ulric kneels down to his level. "One question.. Detonation of what?" The man stays tight lipped as he attempts to wriggle away in defense, but Ulric grabs his shoulder and yanks him back to his original spot.. "You have two options.. one is to die slowly and painfully in this hanger or one of the corridors on this forsaken ship. Or two it can be quick and painless with some of your honer intact.. if you even have such a concept." Saying this Ulric leers at him with a cocked lean to his head "Now once again detonation of what?"

There is a deep uneasy silence as the man contemplates his options and breaths a lasting sigh as he looks back.. ~...A series one M2 charge..~ "Where?" Ulric replies.
~Deck four on the cores reactor... its on a timer without one of us to detonate it... thirty minutes, maybe forty if Captain Matthus was feeling generous.. but she rarely is such.." The man gives a cough of blood that liberally drenches his already heavily stained chest and Ulric stands aiming back to his head...
He waits for the dying man to close his eyes one last time before pulling the trigger and ending him for good.

Ulric places the mans arm over his chest and walks towards the gun ship that the pirates where loading, going up the ramp into the rear of the ship. He looks around at the stored cargo trying to spy his own equipment and eventually he spots it, a large red container shoved in one of the side chambers.
He clears some smaller boxes off the top and opens the lid to see his equipment still inside and ready to be used. He goes about putting his engineering gear on letting the plates and latches snap into place. The gear was quite allot to put on so quickly but he was not willing to lose time now as he started to slide the chest gear over his mask and secure it to the rest of the suit.
His body was now finally covered from the environment save for the reach of his cybernetics, cycling the valves on his suit it completely pressurizes and the dressing is complete as it finally connects with his mask. Lastly he grabs his satchel and the rest of his equipment.

Ulric steps back out from inside the ship and looks to Elizabeth as the jumps on the loading ramp.
"Alright Elizabeth now its time we part ways.. but don't worry I don't plan on dying here." He places a hand on the small girls shoulder and slides the frame of his mask back to expose his face. "Do your best to take this ship and leave, those others from the other side of the comm should have a ship nearby that can help.. just remember the name Colter."

Not wanting to waste much time he smiles and slides the mask back into place as he leaves her and goes to the service lift at the back of the hanger pressing the switch on arrival to make it lower.
Clicking the comm once more as he loses sight of Elizabeth.. "Colter.. Ulric here, I have some bad news. Their is an explosive on board and its primed... But you already knew that didn't you?"
Ulric kept a small amount of tension in his voice as he spoke.. "That was most likely the whole reason for evacuating the ship... but it wont work. Even if you get off this ship the ensuing shock wave will rip everything within a thousand metes apart. The lift bottoms out at the base of the shaft and Ulric spies the entrance to the core.

"I can't stop the device but I can re-purpose it.." Every thing goes silent for a moment as Ulric contemplates his next words. "There was a girl with me.. Elizabeth, if I can't make it then she becomes priority.

Ulric out."

He approaches the shielded door and begins to release the clamps holding it.

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Bucher Pete

The light blue glow of the Bucher Pete’s holographic interface and control consoles shone on Ray and Eli as they watched the armada slowly come into view. The vanguard was led by loose fighter packs that would attack like hounds on a single prey such as the Salient, or Ray’s lone gunship for that matter. Fortunately, they were already within range of the Salient’s docking bays, so they were in the clear.

“Just get us home Ray,” Eli couldn’t say much more.

He would’ve told the pilot to calm down, but the sight of such an innumerable foe would make blood drain off the face of the inexperienced and the fresh out the academy recruits that were the majority of the crew on board the Salient. Most spoke of seeing action, others invoked titles that proclaimed their battle scars, but…they haven’t see a fleet such as this.

As for the Salient, it maintained many light weapon systems, most of which were concealed beneath panels that would unsheathe the cannons used to take out the hornets of light craft. Most personnel were relatively safe behind its thick neo-steel plating, the most durable and advanced alloy of its time on a ship such as the Salient.

The neo-steel was a new alloy that was only found on five ships in the known galaxy, one of which was the Salient, the other four were its sister ships, the Neptune Class Battlecruisers. The Salient, however, would be the first to see actual combat and square off with non-Federation ships.

“We’ll probably have to prepare for a Code Red,” Eli patted the pilot on his shoulder, before leaving the cockpit. He could only trust in the Admiral’s ability to steer them out of this, if such a fate existed.

As Eli returned to the troop bay, he pulled out his assault rifle from the overhead storage, and looked to the other Marines.

“Alright boys and girls, get your weapons ready.”

“What for?” Weifert asked.

“As our current situation stands, we’ve got a large force of pirates amassing against the Salient, and they’ll probably try to board the ship, so once we get off report to the Barracks to receive orders.”

Eli strapped himself into a seat and awaited the arrival. Then he received a message, from the survivors on board the pirate frigate.

"Colter…Ulric here, I have some bad news. There is an explosive on board and its primed... But you already knew that didn't you?" there was a pause.

"That was most likely the whole reason for evacuating the ship... but it won’t work. Even if you get off this ship the ensuing shock wave will rip everything within a thousand metes apart. "I can't stop the device but I can re-purpose it… There was a girl with me…Elizabeth; if I can't make it then she becomes priority. Ulric out." Eli’s mouth stood slightly agape, before he issued a reply.

“Colter here, don’t worry about the bomb just get the hell off the ship. Ulric? Ulric! Son of a bitch.” Eli swore as the communique died.

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Ulric Kercheskoi
Second Pirate Frigate: Power Plant

Ulric was not about to let such an act go without challenge knowing all too well that when this device goes off it would be an affront against him. He mulled the information over in his mind as he tried to remember what it was about this whole thing that was so similar to him from another time.
His boots made heavy sounds that resounded with sheer echoing power due to the space within the corresponding shaft. But in time he found himself looking on the next door too the core system for the ship and it was in here that he didn't know what to expect, and as his hand felt the empty space at his back he knew what was next on his list to retrieve.

Taking a few breaths to steady himself he begins to cycle the locks on the door and readies his rifle, stepping in advancing toward the core was his only real concern. Ulric's eyes began to search from side to side and corner to corner as he moved doing his best to cover each vantage point that could be used against him. His sights where soon on a more pressing matter within a few moments as he stared directly at the device. Its casing was a lit diagram of tubing and diodes that displayed a circular dial of red dots, each dot slowly disappearing only to lead to the next dot in succession doing the same.
In the center of the dial was a rather blatant numerical readout with the numbers.. (8:34) counting backwards on the screen.

Laying his weapon on the console next to him Ulric sets to opening the casing and begins inspecting his new objective. Doing his best not to agitate the bomb with some slight poking and prodding, he thumbs through several fiber optic wires doing his best to catalog them in mind.

A single bead of sweat is rolling down his forehead and he is starting to be ever more grateful that the inside of the mask is fog proof. But this wears on him even after searching through several wires and capacitors his mind grows heavy with impending though and finally Ulric looses patience with spite in the back of his mind... "You can stop skulking.. I already know your there." His words are met with the sharp jab of something metallic being pressed against the back of his mask, this was most likely his own gun seeing as he was lax enough to leave it around like that.
The offender jabs him once more causing him to drop a section of wires and the bomb gives a slight warning before normalizing again. Standing Ulric takes a chance and locks his communicator on and slyly places his arms behind his head.

"I would guess that your Captain Matthus..." Ulric says as he turns to face his captor and is taken back when he realizes that the pirate is actually a woman. Little was left to question as his head tilted in a moment of bewilderment and only when he noticed the name Matthus set underneath her uniforms makeshift rockers did he get the idea.
The woman was quite a specimen to behold her frame was taught and well trained as she stood there defiant of Ulric's imposing figure looming over her as he stood. Her blonde hair was pulled tight into a bun in the back but the recent battle within and without the ship has caused it to split and fray in some sections. He deep emerald eyes threatened to piece straight through him as the scowl of her brow threatened to become permanent with its severity.

She threatens with the barrel of the weapon as she steps back twice and levels the sites in Ulric's direction... ~I don't know you... so that means you damn well don't know me..~ "No.." Ulric returns "I was expecting your father Bryten."

An expression of rage rips across the young woman's face as several small veins flare up across her lightly olive toned skin and she attempts to strike him with the butt of the rifle. Ulric is deftly able to grab the rifle along the body and pull it away from her and the girl swiftly pulls back with equal speed and pulls a smaller handgun on him. Ulric doesn't show much interest in her as he drops the rifles mag and cycles the last round out of the chamber.
~How DO You Know That Name!!!~ She screams at him in an act of tyranny using her position as a means to coax more out of Ulric. "I guess that makes you Angela.." Ulric says and this makes her eyes go wide and he see's a small opening within her form.
Not wasting a chance Ulric charges his left side into the girl using his hand to deflect the barrel of the gun and checking her midsection with his left arm with two rounds cooking off from the weapon. This sends her into the railing on the compartments walkway and Ulric squares off with her once more when she regains her composer, she quickly scrambles down and pulls a long blade from her boot.

Ulric just tilts his head and looks at her... "You can just go ahead and give that too me as well..." He jokes as he tosses the pistol over the railing and into the lower section of the core. ~Shut up~ She returns.
Ulric stood in direct conflict with her hoping that his open comm would catch as much as he was able to draw out from her.

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Before Eli could get a response from Ulric, there was a click in the comm. channel, forcing Eli to pick up the call.

The voice of a young woman filled the air around the comm. unit. "This is Elizabeth Waltz, does anyone read?" There was a gap in the transmission.

"Repeat, this is Elizabeth Waltz, on board a pirate craft. Any nearby vessels, do you read?"

Eli paused, that name sounded so familiar. As Eli looked on, he noticed a label on the underbelly of a resting fighter craft. The label had the word “Waltz” on it. Of course, she was the daughter of the deceased CEO of the Waltz Corporation. Her name was literally plastered throughout the news during the time of his death, which was approximately around the same time the Salient departed from Rust City, Mars.

Her sudden presence puzzled Eli, who wondered what the heiress of a multi-trillion dollar corporation was doing out here in the middle rim worlds…on a pirate vessel?

There was a girl with me…Elizabeth, if I can't make it then she becomes priority.

Eli understood now, she was the other prisoner that Ulric referred to. He quickly dispatched a response in case her channel might die.

“This is Captain Colter, United Federation Marine of the F.S.S. Salient. You were the other prisoner on board the pirate frigate? Never mind that now, our ship is directly in view just fly to it I’ll tell the guys at control to let you have clearance. You might wanna’ hurry; more pirates are on the horizon.” And with that, Eli closed the comm. and resumed Ulric’s channel as he walked to the control room of the Salient’s hangars.

In a couple of minutes he was in the domed room superstructure which rested at the very top of the Salient’s hull. The dome regulated all incoming and outgoing traffic through the hangars, by monitoring docking speeds. Should a ship come in too fast, they would have to throttle down in order to dock in the hangar otherwise they might collide with other inactive fighters and gunships. If not that then they would have to spin and do a go around and attempt to re dock in the hangars on the opposite side of the Salient.

As Eli stepped into the room, he saw that everyone was on their feet rushing back and forth. The control dome realized that they were under attack, and they were prepping the fighters or scrambling them on a second’s notice.

“Ah Captain, what can I do for you?” a gruff looking man with a grizzled chin, probably in his forties, approached Eli toting a warm smile. He was the control director, Victor Keschek, and he had known Eli from the start of the trip, as he was one of the first crew members aboard alongside the Admiral. Command had handpicked a number of experienced officers to keep the recruits in line on this mission. Victor and Eli shook hands for a bit before the Captain got to the point.

“How you doin’ Vic? I’ve got Elizabeth Waltz coming in on a pirate craft, she’ll need clearance,” At the mention of her name, Victor scoffed as if the Captain was playing a joke on him, but then he saw Eli’s countenance and realized he wasn’t kidding.

His mouth dropped agape, “THE Elizabeth Waltz? The one from Waltz Enterprises?” he scrambled over to the control console, “What the hell is she doing out here?” he pressed some keys on the haptic interface that glowed into being when he approached it.

“She was prisoner aboard the frigate I was sent to clear. Chances are she might have been abducted by these bastards.” Eli’s face descended into a scowl as he thought about those words.

Victor glanced at Eli “Yeah, no kidding, they were probably going to ransom her. She commands the entire fortune of the company, anybody with that kind of wealth is bound to have some enemies, and maybe some captors...”


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After spending only 30 mins on the coms, she got a response. “This is Captain Colter, United Federation Marine of the F.S.S. Salient. You were the other prisoner on board the pirate frigate? Never mind that now, our ship is directly in view just fly to it I’ll tell the guys at control to let you have clearance. You might wanna’ hurry; more pirates are on the horizon.” With a gasp, she fallowed the captains orders and took the controls of the small shuttle, soon finding the Salient only a few miles away.

Slowly she inched the ship towards the larger one. Since the ship was a shuttle, it didnt have any sort of auto pilot. Only manual piloting. Slowly she brought it around and propelled forward towards the ship, finally reaching it in just a few minutes. "This is the F.S.S. Salient, we have you." Someone broadcasted out to her. She sighed in relief as she gripped her chair and was pulled in by the ship, responding; "Thank you F.S.S. Salient... Have a medical team on stand by... I... Iv been hit."

Only a moment later, the ship pulled into the hanger. She gripped her side lightly from where the bullet grazed her. As the shuttle touched down in the hanger, she unlocked herself from the pilots chair, and stood up. Holding her side as she walked to the rear of the shuttle, opening the cargo bay door to be met by the crew.

Three men rushed to her, helping her stand up as she was about to faint. The trauma of the events finally getting to her caused her to start to cry, both in relief and in happiness. The three men put her in a stretcher, not knowing the extent of her injuries, and pushed her through the body of the ship. Over a loud speaker a woman announced: "Trauma team be on stand-by. In coming code-56. Priority package. Dr. Bergman report to medical bay."

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Marcus Bergman - Medical Bay

"Trauma team be on stand-by. Incoming code-56. Priority package. Dr. Bergman report to medical bay."

Marcus arrived immediately. Dr. Mackenzie's quarters were adjacent to the medical bay, as befitting her status as chief medical officer.

He waited in the medical bay, recounting the events of the last few hours.
He and Faith had gone to the Hyena's illicit party. They had had a... time. What little conversation that passed between the two was passed in between bursts of binge drinking and comments about how stupid the crew was being. And that was the game. Each time they saw something dangerous, moronic, or immoral they took a shot. Marcus lost the game in short order, but Faith plowed on regardless. Her final shot was a toast to her own alcoholism. She then put her head down, and refused to move until the alarms began to sound the arrival of Silver Eyes' fleet, partly because she had passed out as wave after wave of alcohol hit her system.

Marcus had to escort her to her quarters once the party had officially ended with the crew scrambling to collect their loot and get to their stations. He left her puking into her toilet. Doubtless she wouldn't be up and ready for action for quite some time.

The paramedics rushed in the injured girl. She was a pretty little thing, despite the fact that she had fainted and was bleeding from a bullet wound. That was good for him- she wouldn't make a fuss while he fixed her up.

Marcus looked at one of the paramedics while he did his work. "Why am I doing this, exactly?"
The medic stared him down. "Aren't you a doctor?"
"I'm a Virologist. My job isn't to patch wounds."
"Well you seem to be doing it right. Where's the chief?"
"Puking her guts out..." Marcus finished patching up Elizabeth and started to leave the room, headed back to checked on the drunken beauty. "Put her on a bed. You may need that for some other incoming patient."


When Ray's ship came to dock at the Salient, Adriana didn't get off. Instead, she took out all of her gear and put it back on. The mission was a success, but now the base was in danger. There ain't no rest for the wicked, she supposed. Once fully armed, she disembarked and took off for her station in the lab. She stopped short at the entrance, catching her breath as she beheld her lab.

Everything was in ruins, shattered on the floor. At first she wondered who would bother to sabotage her, but then she remembered the cause. Someone had fired her canon. HER particle canon. How dare they!? She gave a grunt of anger, and swept some broken glass off a counter. She had only come in here to do some maintenance on Stanley, but now she had cleaning up to do. And then she had to go check on the canon, because whichever unauthorized prick used it probably didn't use it properly. It was a finicky thing, being a prototype and all.

After wasting too much time taking note of everything broken and sweeping all the now garbage into the incinerator, Adriana hurried down to the engineering center, which contained the interface and access to all the parts of the particle canon. She was horrified to find eight hundred ninety-seven alerts open on the computer. It was going to be a long day...

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Eli had returned to his quarters after leaving the Hangar Control Tower. He was battered, the mission aboard the frigate had shot his nerves, and he knew he wasn’t ready for another go yet. Luckily the pirates weren’t even close to send boarding parties onto the Salient. He had already detached himself from his operation equipment, no longer donning a weighted combat suit. Now he was relaxed in his black t-shirt and cargo pants. The pair of dog tags hanging from his neck, jostling for eminence on his chest as he walked.

He was heading towards the Mess Hall to find something to eat; he had worked up an appetite, considering he hadn’t eaten lunch today. He didn’t expect many people to be in the Mess Hall, they’d probably be in the Bridge or the Observation Decks watching the fireworks. At least he’d have some quiet time, after the hell he went through today.

His squad had disbanded and dispersed to various places. Adriana was probably in the Engineering Center, tending to the main cannon. The Sarge and the two privates were probably in the Rec center, cooling down after the mission. It was good to have some R&R, especially when their first day sent them out on a mission that was life-threatening.

Somewhere in the middle of his path to the Mess, he stopped himself, and retracted his steps. He decided instead to head to the infirmary. He sauntered along the sterilized corridor of the Infirmary, as the medical crews were busy operating on wounded servicemen, inside the zero-g surgery chambers. He passed by those chambers, and approached the many recovery quarters. One of which was occupied by a celebrity.

A holographic strip, located above the blast door, with running letters read out “Elizabeth Waltz.” The Captain raised his ID card, and swiped it across the holographic interface module. The door opened with a sliding swish once the module had clarified his identity.

Eli walked in, cautiously. The room was, like the rest of the infirmaries, sterilized free of any speck of dust or invisible micro-organic pathogen. Of course, the rest of the Salient was just as clean, but the infirmaries were kept at peak cleanliness, thanks to the androids that waxed, buffed, and washed the floors, and bulkheads.

Elizabeth was standing by a port view, watching the battle outside, with her back turned to Eli. She could only watch, for the sound of cannons and torpedoes were silenced by the thick layer of plexi-glass. Her multiple lacerations were healing now, as the nanotech lasers patched up the wounds. Eli could only wonder about her experiences aboard the pirate ship.

“How are you feeling Ms. Waltz?”

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"...Where is he...? Where is Ulric?" She asked plain and simply, her arms crossed one over the other. "I want a status report on him... I want to know if hes alive o-or not..." She did not turn to see Eli, nor did it seem she even cared she was naked, though she was turned away form him.

Her stay on the ship so far had been boring. Filled with sleep, and tests after tests. Slowly she turned to Eli and grabbed her robe, throwing it on to cover herself up. As she looked at him her face was blank, with her long blonde hair neatly tied up in a ponytail on the back of her head. "I'm sorry sir... Where are my manners..." It was a 360 change from her simply starring at the window with a blank face, at least now she showed emotion. With a sigh she walked over to Eli and reached her hand out to him.

"Elizabeth Waltz, but i think you already know that. What is your name...?"

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Before Eli could respond to her first inquiry, he shifted his face away from her as she turned, so as to avoid staring at her nudity. After she had slid into her medical robe, decently covered, he turned back to face her.

"Captain Eli Colter, ma'am..." he said.

He paused when she continued staring at him in the eye. From a glance, Elizabeth seemed to be fully recovering, all her wounds, cuts, and bruises were nowhere to be found on her body. It seemed that the nano-biological surgery had succeeded in patching her up, no scars were visible. However, the way she cradled herself belied this appearance, and Eli didn't know what to do.

Then he sighed and looked away momentarily before responding to her first question.

"He's still on the pirate frigate, I don't know what he's doing on there. Maybe he's committing sui-," Eli paused as his view reverted to her. Her eyes were worn and she looked very distressed.

"Maybe he has something planned with that bomb on there, but I don't know for sure," he paused.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Eli tried to console her as best he could, but it was very hard to maintain the facade. Things were happening now, and uncertainty loomed on the horizon. If she had asked him to guarantee that Ulric would be safe, Eli would not have known what to say. He couldn't make promises that he couldn't keep. That had been his moral ever since Mars. Back then, he could simply tell his squad mates they were going to be fine, and that would have been enough. After many missions, he said it freely, and even promised that they would get home safely. Mars shattered that invulnerability.