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This story was marked as COMPLETED, but still has characters pending approval! You might be missing some of the story.

Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient

Sub Generator Room


a part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient, by VindicatedPurpose.

The backup to the main power core unit is located in these smaller yet similarly efficient generators. These sub generators can take over for the main power core while they control the FTL Suspension Drives.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Sub Generator Room, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Should the main power core ever fail or meltdown for any reason, these backup generators, located in different sections of the ship, can take over the duties of the main core. These sub generators are self-sustaining like the main core, relying on the solar panels of the ship as well as the deuterium fuel cells.
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Sub Generator Room

The backup to the main power core unit is located in these smaller yet similarly efficient generators. These sub generators can take over for the main power core while they control the FTL Suspension Drives.


Sub Generator Room is a part of F.S.S. Salient.

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Character Portrait: Atomsk Dunaway


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The wide corridors did not have many available covers aside from a few metallic crates, but even those were only there temporarily. Atomsk moved forward slowly, he held his stun pistol directly in his line of sight, as they neared the sub-generator rooms. They finally arrived at the very corridor in which the video feed displayed earlier. Three bodies lay motionless on the ground, several blood stains in their torsos.

Atomsk lowered his pistol at the sight of them; he motioned one of the marines to check the bodies. The marine approached them and crouched down; using a pair of fingers he attempted to search for a pulse. To no avail though, he went through the three bodies, and he shook his head back at the commander.

“This is Commander Dunaway to the medical bays, we’ve got three personnel, KIA. Sub-generator corridor F, request that you send a crew down to retrieve the bodies…” Atomsk clenched his jaw as he said this.

“Let’s keep moving,” they arrived minutes later in the sub-generator rooms. The spacious room had four large cylindrical turbines that hummed quietly due to the cold fusion. The only lighting in the room was the light that shone from through the small slits on the turbines. The energy inside was providing the lighting. However, the room was stark grey, the dull coloring that most engineers were attuned to.

Atomsk turned his attention to one of the generators as he waved his hand, a signal that prompted the marines to fan out with their weapons drawn. Perhaps the intruder was trying to sabotage the power system, Atomsk didn’t really like it, but he would’ve done the same if he was a pirate. The generator was slightly damaged, with a hole pierced in through the covering, the result of small arms fire. A bullet was probably lodged in the machinery, disrupting its routines as it blinked out of sync from the other generators.

“This Commander Dunaway to the engineering quarters, we’ve got a damaged generator in the Sub-generator room F. I need someone down here to take a look,” then Atomsk sharpened his glance as he noticed a shadow slither in the inner halls of the generator room.

He took out his stun pistol and quickly pursued the shadow, until it reached a dead end. Or rather, she reached a dead end, the pirate turned around. She had a pair of emerald eyes that stared down Atomsk like daggers, while her auburn hair was tied back in a single pony tail. A pair of tech goggles was strapped to her head, but they rested against her forehead. She had a simple utility jacket, with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of shorts that revealed more than they covered.

She had a weapon in her left hand, and was about to raise it at Atomsk, who quickly reacted by pinning her arm down with a burst from his stun pistol. The shock reverberated through her body though, and she trembled violently for a few seconds due to the electrical vibrations before dropping to the floor. A minute after, the armored marines rushed in, their metallic boots clanking against the walkway as they secured the infiltrator and dragged her off to the Barracks for interrogation.