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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, originally authored by Nekohina, as played by OrphicTrumpeter


"Reaching for the stars"


Name (With Preferred Pronunciation): Adam


Place of Birth:Unspecified location

Gender: N/A

Occupation: Ship AI

Rank (If Applicable): N/A


Looks like a normal human when he projects an image. When he moves, the hologram can come apart and grow blurry in places. He tends towards a younger boy appearance over an older man, mostly to compensate for the projectors used. When projecting an image, if he starts working on something, his left eye glows. Otherwise, he's just a terminal.

Height: varies with holographic projector

Weight: No digital scale


General: Adam understands a little bit about humans and their interactions, but not enough to come across as an actual human himself, usually. He can be sarcastic and sassy, but doesn't understand more subtle human interactions. However, Adam isn't too worried about doing that.

Adam knows he is extremely smart, but understands enough about humility to not flaunt it. He has no actual use for praise outside of "thank you for a good job" and "you did well," and focuses more on error reports. Every now and then, he will say something that teeters on the edge of bragging, but usually he's just trying to get a point across. He assumes that the rest of the crew recognizes his genius. He dislikes being marveled over, however.

Adam would probably describe himself as a hard worker, but he doesn't actually think he works hard at all. The concept of hard work to him relates mostly to the cyber attack on him, when he struggled to beat back the intruders. Therefore, all other endeavors which are easier than this don't register to him as "hard work". Maintaining the ship isn't so difficult that he would call it hard work.

Adam currently is worried about the side effects of his cyber attack.

Likes: working and efficient ship, being right

Dislikes/Phobias: cyber warfare, being wrong, not understanding "simple" concepts

Quirks/Idiosyncrasies: When left to his own devices, will try to optimize the ship. Treats everything like a mathematical simulation. Goes through phases of being interested in humans and not being interested in humans.

Tools/Equipment: The ship and everything it's wired into.

Brief Background History:
A.D.A.M is as of yet the most advanced AI built to date and is designed for parallel processing using the quantum spectra of 48 different quantum particles, this means he can use one process of "yes", "no",or "maybe" all at the same time across all 48 particles simultaneously. This means he can fit 144^48 computer processes within 48 processes and as he's capable of doing billions of processes at the same time he has a lot of mental "free time". As of now A.D.A.M is 2 years into his expected 20 year run time, in his two years of operation he was programmed with all the information mankind had to offer specifically for this mission so any and every eventuality can be addressed. His performance on this mission is meant to be the test of technology and maybe bring about a whole new generation of AI. In part 1 he was the victim of a rather vicious cyber attack, he's since taken exception to the event and is eager to never experience it again.

So begins...

A.D.A.M.'s Story

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Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston Character Portrait: A.D.A.M. Character Portrait: Max
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F.S.S. Salient
Day Two

Aronimus stood at a balcony in a firing deck of the Salient. He had received some minor message from Max, referring to some new A.I. The Admiral thought about it once, perhaps he was referring to the T.A.U., or A.D.A.M. However, his mind was too focused on the current occasion to worry about it. He was overlooking various sorts of personnel dressed in their formal apparel.

This was no banquet or honorary ball of sorts, no, it had no festivities to it. It was a day of solemn reminder and respect. It was a day of mourning. The marines, the sailors, and the non-military personnel came to pay their respects to the deceased and the people who gave their lives so they could stand there that day. For the admiral, he had seen many of these funerals over the course of his career.

But he'd never gotten tired or weary of them. He had worried that should he ever lose sympathy for fallen soldiers, he would become another Aronimus Weston who was alien to him. That was something that he would not allow to happen, despite the fact that he prided himself on his partially rigid adherence to reasoning and the military code of conduct.

They were gathered in the firing decks of the Salient, canisters filled with the ashes of the fallen were loaded into tubes and prepared for ejection into space. Long black banners were hung from the bay's overhead gantries.

It was time.

The Admiral made his entrance onto the platform overlooking the firing deck, positioned behind the soldiers, as they watched the tubes beings loaded into the launch tubes.

One of the master chiefs spoke aloud, "Honors...ten hut!"

As Aronimus spoke, the speakers carried his voice not just around the entire bay, but throughout the ship to crew-members who could not attend the ceremony.

"We must never forget the actions of fellow servicemen and women," Aronimus said, "Liberty, is a privilege, not a right. It must be fought for, and defended, everyday. Not an inch of ground must be given to those who oppose it."

"These men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice, and in doing so," Aronimus paused, "They will ensure the continued survival of our Federation. They are not just soldiers, they are heroes now."

The deck remained silent, as the marine band played the anthem, and the guards gave their gun salute for all who perished. Outside of the ship, fighter wings who had lost men flew in a "missing man" formation.

"Honor. Duty. Sacrifice. These are what make soldiers. Death will never diminish these traits within these fallen heroes."

The hatches opened and the tubes were ejected into the silence of the void.

Aronimus took off his cap and placed it upon his heart and closed his eyes for a very long time.