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Isaac Dimitri

"Any war can be fought and won by a single man or woman."

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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, originally authored by Sibrand, as played by Selene Durlan


"Search and destroy, that's our plan."


"Even the strongest of leaders will watch their own downfall. It's just a question of when and how."

Name (With Preferred Pronunciation): Isaac Dimitri [Eye-zik D-mee-tree]

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Aboard a cargo ship from Earth bound for Mars.

Gender: Male

Occupation: Federation Armed Forces - Marine Corps: S.O.C - Commander in chief of the 35th Tactical Response unit in the 87th Marines Regiment.

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Appearance: Isaac is standing at the normal height of an adult male with a slick and lean muscular body produced over his years as training and being in the military. His eyes are dark green with a slight touch of grey. He has always kept his face clean shaved, but he’s not hairless; His red hair has a buzz haircut and he likes to keep it that way.

When it comes to scars and tattoos, Isaac can honestly confess that he has no tattoos and the scars he has, he earned through stupidity in his early years in the military. He has broken his right arm twice; Once when the dropship he was on crashed and the other when he decided he could armwrestle with his arm that was still healing. The last time he broke it, he had to go through a surgery and implant bolts to keep his right arm together. The scar running across the back side of his left leg and the front of it comes from the splinter of a grenade. He earned it when he accidently signaled the enemy, thinking it was reinforcements. A grenade landed dangerously close to him and he got out of range of the blast just in time to catch a splinter from it. The metal piece shot straight through his leg, but luckily it didn’t damage any of his nerves or muscles too severely.

The other scars along his body are small bruises and cuts not worth noting, but there’s one scar that he never reveal the story of; This nasty scar runs across his face, from the top right corner and down through his eyebrow, the top of his nose and then ending on his left chin. Whenever someone asks about it, he tells them to mind their own business.

Height: 187 cm - 6'2"

Weight: 210 pounds (W/O Armor) - 250 pounds (W/ Armor)


General: Cynical, realistic, utterly determined and loyal are four of the many things to describe Isaac. He is often the silent one who thinks before acting or speaking his mind, letting his team mates talk as he analyze the situation or the conversation. However, he can have a wild side when his adrenaline is pumping, but he doesn’t let it affect his judgment.

Although he has earned his way up through the military ranks through his set of skills, some would call his determination a liability as it can sometimes make him unstable and do evil acts for the greater good; As an example - In a pressed situation with little time to spare, Isaac would not bat an eyelash before killing one of his own to complete his mission. He’s been called ruthless, cold and calculating by his team and other officials. Command has punished him several times through demotions and threats of dishonored discharge, but they would never be able to deny the stunning results and success that he has produced during his years in the military. They would usually give him a harsh lecture on trying to restrain himself and then reassign him to another team. He is often sent alone on missions though.

Over time one can only hope that he will abandon his ”antihero” attitude to gain the trust and respect of his fellow soldiers.

Likes: Cleaning his weapons, hand-to-hand combat, explosions, and impossible odds. He hasn’t found any reason to care for women or alcohol yet.

Dislikes: Narcissistic and arrogant individuals, Being observed, disloyalty to the Federation, failing, and being aboard a ship in space.

Quirks/Idiosyncrasies: Isaac collects the dog tags of his fallen brethren. Only Isaac knows If this is to mock them, honor them, or a way to seek forgiveness from the dead.


Constantly Under Development

Equipment and tools goes under the jurisdiction of what he is wearing and using during both live fire exercises as well as in field operations. Therefor, this section will include what his suit is built of, what’s installed in it as well as his weapons.

At the start of his career Isaac sported a normal M-119 Standard Issue Marine Armor Suit, but over time he has had it modified severely; The armor platings of his entire body suit has been upgraded to thick Sirinum, formed to fit his armor and helmet. The armor is infused with a thin layer of liquid Crelium crystals that serves to establish an interface network in order to contain an A.I. - This was requested by Isaac to Command and accepted because of the results Isaac has produced in past solo missions while working with other A.I.s.

Various other standard and unique upgrades has also been made to his armor that will be listed below:
- Bio-Gel Injectors
- Neuro-stimulants
- Slots for additional ammo clips and increased grenade capacity
- His gauntlets has each one long titanium blade built into both arms which extends just barely above the wrist of each hand. These blades are used for close combat or on missions requiring his blades, such as on jungle covered planets.
- A gauntlet communicator has been installed into his left gauntlet, linked to his helmet’s interface network.
- A private developed A.I. issued by Command. This A.I. is combat based, but can also operate with non-combat based systems fairly well. It has been installed into his network interface.

Isaac wears a M-119 standard Issue Marine Combat helmet specially designed to adjust to his A.I.s combat capabilities as well as enhancing the interface network to increase the other systems effectiveness. It's equipped with the same technology as a normal helmet as well; A Tactical-HUD system and target-acquisition systems which are effectively improved by the A.I.s automatic calculations. The hub of the communication systems are being handled through the interface network.

His weapons:

H&K M38-K Assault Rifle

H&K M24A Handgun

H&K M67-F Pulse Carbine

4x Military Grade Grenades

Two 30 cm long Gauntlet Blades


Brief Background History:
Born on a freighter, Circa April 21th, 2064 S.C.E.

Isaac was born abroad a ship freighter loaded with cargo heading towards the colonies on Mars from Earth. His parents fled from a life of criminality and debt on Earth when his mother was close to giving birth. Isaac grew up on Mars and considered it his home, but often enough he would look out in the horizon, towards Earth. He wished that he would some day be able to see the Heart of Humankind for himself.

At the age of 18, he joined the military and thrived in this line of duty quite well. However, after a mission went horrible wrong and Isaac had been left alone to complete the mission by himself, he was given the chance to join the ranks of the Special Ops Capable unit. He accepted it and from that moment on the majority of his missions and activities has been censored for public eyes as well as most military officials. Only High-command and the higher military echelons has access to his files.

One sure thing is that Isaac joined the Special Ops as an optimistic idealist and today he’s a cynical realist. Like most men, his many years in the military and the things he has witnessed changed him, and not for the better.

So begins...

Isaac Dimitri's Story

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#, as written by Sibrand
Location: New Sidney, The Arcturus System
Time: 05:27 Zulu time, Hours in to Operation RIPTIDE: 21:32
Time Stream: 2 months before Salient's arrival in system

”Here we go again”, Jacinto whispered, followed by a few chuckles from the nearby marines sitting strapped next to him. An entire platoon was sitting inside a Charon dropship heading for what Colonel Miles had described as a ‘Recon mission’. Jacinto knew better. However, since he was still considered the rookie of this platoon, namely the 35th Tactical Response unit, he kept his mouth shut, especially around the lieutenant. The platoon commander, Isaac Dimitri, sat at the very end of the left side. He was sitting closest to the metal patch that would open once they were close to landing. Men of the 35th Tactical Response Platoon praised Isaac, but Jacinto had read everything except for the censored bits of his lieutenant's files and he had come to distrust the man. He didn’t even want to guess what the censored bits of his files were.

”I hate flying," a voice came trailing down the line of seats. It was Trycen, or as most of the marines called him, ‘Holyman’ as he always prayed before every mission and it was always to a different god. ”It’s not the because of the fact that we could crash at any second, no.” The entire dropship went silent, except from the engines, as everyone was waiting for the point. ”It’s because I’m stuck here, in a confined space, with thirty-eight of the Federation's biggest idiots!”, Holyman let out a hearty laugh and most of the platoon joined in.

While his platoon was having fun, Isaac was too busy making sure all his systems was online and ready once they landed. He had a lot more to cover than his men seeing as his systems was a bit more upgraded, but he still sported the same outfit as them. 

”All systems are online and ready to go. Want to test them?” The female voice inside his helmet almost whispered, as if anyone else but he could hear her. Three years ago, Isaac finally got his request accepted by command and the development of his private A.I. began. Beatrice, the female A.I., was the result of the Federation's hard work.

”Test them? What do you mean?”, He asked, already knowing the answer.

”Well, we could see how fast and accurately you can place a bullet between Holymans eyes as we land.” Isaac raised his head and shifted his attention over to Holyman as he continued joking with the rest of the men. The lieutenant gripped his rifle slowly, made sure to put the safety off and that everything was in place as he let the rifle slide into place under his arm and steadily in his right hand.

”Do it.” She whispered, her voice drowning in anticipation for the incoming kill. However, Isaac let his rifle slide back down from his armpit and into its place beside his seat. ”You’re no fun anymore.” the A.I. stated with a grudge to which Isaac simple smiled slyly. When he saw the lamp above the docking ramp crack to life with a bright yellow color, the entire platoon went silent. They knew what the lamp meant; They were close to the landing zone and as soon as that lamp turned from yellow to green and the boarding ramp opens, things would get rowdy to say the least.

The lieutenant unsheathed himself, picked up his rifle with his right hand and took a steady grip of one of the lines hanging in the roof of the dropship as he rose up. He turned to face the rest of his marines. ”Alright, men. This is nothing more than a standard mission, the stuff I know you apes can handle.” There was no laughter; Lieutenant Dimitri wasn’t known for his humor, ”As long as you follow one simple rule, even if this isn’t an assault, we’ll all come back alive." The ship took a slight turn and slowed down. "Fern! What’s my rule?” Isaac pointed with his rifle at the marine across the ship.

”Don’t try to be a hero, sir!” The marine shouted as the sound of engines rose to levels of deafening proportions. The ship was about to land and the lamp just behind Isaac lit green and the boarding ramp lowered itself. ”And if you break my rule?!” Isaac shouted back at the marine.

”Then you’ll shoot us!”

”Correct! MOVE OUT!”, Isaac finished his little briefing and jumped out from the dropship followed by his marines.