Jason Miles

"The reason why Jason works so well in the field is because maybe, he's already broken

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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, as played by Endgame


"Search and destroy, that's our plan."


Surname: Jason Miles
Gender: Male
Occupation: Marine Black Ops
Status of health: Living
Rank: Colonel (Ranking charts for all ranks is here: http://www.militaryfactory.com/ranks/index.asp His rank is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonel_(United_States) )
Date of birth: 12,15,2062
Place of birth: Lancing, Michigain
Death: Living as of present
Age: 28
Height: 6'3
Weight: 216 pounds(W/O armor) 270 pounds (W/ armor)

Appearance Notes:

Jason is pretty much a normal guy in all ways. He has sandy brown hair and a pair of deep green eyes and is built like an athlete and is in peak physical shape. He has an imposing effect on other people making them stand straighter in his presence. He has a typical marines tan from working in the field, and has a very chiseled face giving him a rock solid look. He is usually clean shaven and usually has his hair in the typical marine buzz cut.


b]Personality Notes:[/b]

General Traits:

Jason is the kind of person you'd want to have in a pinch, he is calm under pressure and is always a driven leader. He seems to have a tough personality but he uses this to hide the pain of war. He is caring about his men and is very driven person. He likes a challenge and will fight for the things he believes in. Also Jason is a very loyal person and will stand by those who he choses to stand by forever. Jason may seem like a marine grunt at first but as it turns out he is very intelligent and is very quick thinker and an excellent military strategist. His has the kind of personality that makes people want to follow him. He is a very relentless person and will go down swinging if he has to. Though he is just a soldier trying to do the right thing for his country, he has a darker side of him. Jason suffers from PSTD or post-traumatic stress disorder after the black ops training and field missions he went through it would be impossible not to. This makes him suffer terrible nightmares that make him somewhat anosmatic, meaning he can't sleep well. It can also make him mind relive combat situations making him aggressive, untrusting and short fused to almost everyone around him. Also all his training has made Jason somewhat paranoid of everything always waiting for the next battle. This training has also made him somewhat anti-social and it makes him want to stay out of the spotlight and social interactions. Because of his training they trainers have stripped his self-image bare, so he thinks of himself more of a machine than man, though he understands his own mortality and how he can die just like any other crew member and he will make mistakes but does his best to correct them in the event they occur.

Likes: challenges, honesty, getting the job done right, freedom, a good person, winning
Dislikes: losing, lairs, failing at something, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, narcissists
Quirks: Jason as pre-mentioned suffers heavily from post-traumatic stress disorder


Battle Suit Data:


A good soldier needs a good battle armor to boot so the designers at the marine black ops station designed a prototype armor that would work in any situation and be adaptable to that situation if needed. This armor made out of Polycrystalline, Sirinum, and Refractive Crystal Plating and is state of the art for its time. This armor is highly complex and runs using the best of systems. It is rumored to be the best battle armor to date. It comes with multiple systems and such to help a soldier get the job done.

Weapons Data:

b]Always changing and growing[/b]

-Battle Suit

- M24 Combat tactical assault rifle


-M99 Rail sniper rifle


- Two M5 Pistol's


- M1 Dura-steel tactical knife

- Four pairs of damaged dog tags

And other items depicting on mission


Brief History:

Jason was born in Lancing, Michigan on the 12,15,2062. Jason had a fairly decent childhood, most of his time was spent playing with his father, a Marine Lieutenant and then his father went off to war. Little did Jason know was that the trip to the airport would be the last time he saw his father, after that his father was kill when an IED mine exploded under his transport vehicle. When told of this Jason became very reclusive to the rest of the world and stayed inside often. When he was old enough he joined the Marines at the age of seventeen, upon entering he was asked a series of questions. Then after answering these questions, he was offered a choice, one was to take the normal and just become a marine or the other was to join a black ops unit that was placed in live fire, high danger missions in the attempt to make a better soldier, he chose the latter of the two. He was taken to military base on earth and learned the basic marine training there and was taken to another base where he was meet by four other recruits and they were trained together in the most hellish conditions possible. This training slowly but surely broke its trainees and wiped their personal options from them, most people who know Jason say this is how he survives his missions... because he is already broken. Jason and his unit served and many frontline missions before the other four died during a classified mission. Fearing for their soldiers mental health Jason was sent to serve on the ground offensive at New Sidney for a time period to drive these memories out of his head and to clear his thoughts.

So begins...

Jason Miles's Story

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#, as written by Endgame
Location: New Sidney, The Arcturus System
Unit: 87th Marines Regiment
Time: 05:00 Zulu time, Hours in to Operation RIPTIDE: 21:05
Time Stream: 2 months before Salient's arrival in system

The sky seemed to light up as the dawn hues climbed over the sky of New Sidney it was an every bit beautiful as a man could ask for. Now below this is was a different story. Marine base 193 was alive with action, its activity like a living heartbeat, pounding away.

Military personnel swarmed the area, preparing for operations at the base. Transport drop ships were warming up for their daily flying runs as their pilots sluggishly moved toward the cockpits of their craft.

"Dust off in five minutes, all marines to assigned transports" the stations AI chimed through the inter com.

Jason moved to away from the radar console he was at and moved towards the arms lockers. He watched as all the beakers moved back and forth trying to ready his body armor for combat "damn that's a lot of people just to set up one god damn suit don't you think Martian."

Martian was one of the beakers and one of Jason's "friends" to be honest his higher ups did say to trust others but not friendship among co-workers with others.

Martian turned from the control panel laughing and started up in his Irish accent "well now look who crawled out of his hole. Your suits a pain in the ass my friend" he said putting a hand on Jason's shoulder before walking him over to the black suit hanging from the wall "had to reboot her without you.... it got pretty nasty when auto defense shock system came on."

Jason chuckled looking at the armor in front of him, the most advanced the federation could build. There were others at a time but now they were destroyed... Jason looked at it before taking it off the the wires and briskly put it on. "So how's the family Martian"

Martian looked at one of the consoles "there good, the kids miss me through, but I get to web chat so you know...."

Jason nodded before slipping on his helmet and letting the visor close "don't know what I'd do without you Martian, and thanks for the reboot" he said before heading towards his weapons locker and grabbing his weapons his weapons.

Jason then gave a half salute to Martian before heading outside to the landing pads and stepping inside one of the waiting drop ships as it dusted in off and pulled slowly into the air. Jason stared blankly ahead with the other marines seated next to him. They all seemed to know this was just another recon mission, and they'd treat it that way, no but's, if's, or and's about it.

(beaker is slang for scientist, like beaker from the muppets show)

The setting changes from the-milky-way-galaxy to New Sidney


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Task Force 172 Command Center, Areca
Time: 05:12 Zulu time, Hours in to Operation RIPTIDE: 21:17
Time Stream: 2 months before Salient's arrival in the Arcturus System

A haughty chuckle and a short sip, "Bolshevism, pure Bolshevism." Leslie Montgomery cried, "To think that the planetary miners are begging the government to do something about the corporations. Madness!"

He swung around in his seat, putting aside his glass of chardonnay in his seat's armrest as several marines greeted him while stepping into his command center.

The Command Center for Task Force 172 was situated within Areca, primarily the outskirts of the city where the entirety of the troops were stationed. Patrols would often circle the city's streets, alongside the planet's militia, the New Sidney Guards. The Federation Security and Peacekeeper Corps provided light support, maintaining law and order in the city. The windswept lands remained as arid as ever, as the gunships lifted up slowly, whipping up dust into clouds. Montgomery's command center was lit with the diffuse light of the holographic interfaces and screens, which only served to magnify the shadows of the personnel directly in front of the screens. They observed and typed away as Montgomery walked up to the tactical war map screen, and leaned against the control panel from which the war map was powered.

"What 'ave you got to report?" Montgomery inquired with his almost natural English accent.

"Colonel Jason Miles is moving out again, on recon. Something happening near Tobruk."

"Tobruk? What happened there?"

"Not sure Commander, several units answered a call," the marine shrugged.

"And Miles had to personally lead? Impudent fool! What if he dies there? I'm not making any appointments in the field!" Montgomery had forgotten how quick he had climbed the chain of command, or perhaps he remembered it all too well.

It was approximately three months ago when the entire chain was blown all the way down to him. Insurgents had managed to infiltrate their forward operating center and detonate high degree repulsor explosives. The shock wave ripped apart the senior officers and destroyed multiple facilities such as the barracks and the arsenals, while Montgomery was busy filing paperwork in his quarters. The attack scrambled available marine units as they took up defensive positions in preparation for an assault. Nothing came, it was another saboteur attack, and when the dust settled, Montgomery found himself at the top of the chain as elected by command, because he was the only senior officer remaining.

"Reconnaissance? Mmh," Montgomery tapped his fingers on the panel, then instinctively turned to an aide, "Wilfred, patch me through to the Colonel."

"Yes sir." the aide clicked away on his haptic interface panel, he nodded once to the Commander once the deed was done.

The setting changes from new-sidney to The Milky Way Galaxy

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Character Portrait: Jason Miles

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#, as written by Endgame
(Co-written with VindicatedPurpose)

Location: New Sidney, The Arcturus System
Time: 05:18 Zulu time, Hours in to Operation RIPTIDE: 21:23
Time Stream: 2 months before Salient's arrival in the Arcturus System

Jason’s comm buzzed with the normal military chatter as the drop ship circled over the lower provinces of the city. The people stopped and stared silently as the metal monsters flew over giving off their low hum to all who stopped to listen.

It was unusual to see this hustling, bustling part of the city quiet. Whatever happened must have spooked them. That’s just about when his head piece received a call from Montgomery.

"Colonel, give me the details of your patrol. What exactly brought this on?" the Commander's hard boiled tone was fortunately mitigated by the light static over the comms.

Jason motioned for silence in the cabin before addressing Montgomery “Sir, I believe there are weapon and troop shipments going in and out of the shipping complex down at the docks. It’s only reasonable to suggest that things are going south in the area. Also I have Intel that dictates that the ringmaster of the operation himself is at the complex as we speak, preparing for his counter offensive.”

Jason pulled up his data screen “Also we lost contact with the facility at 08:00 hours yesterday. I have through the essence of pivotal data, taken the incentive to lead a small task force to deal with the operation.” Jason then quickly pulled up another bit of data “These are high Rez pictures of the shipments in general caught by are drones in the area.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. Jason looked out the window as they caught a bit of turbulence.

"Was that really necessary? Couldn't you have sent a Captain out?" Montgomery remained silent, "Don't answer Colonel, just deal with it quickly and be back. Montgomery out."

The marines in the cabin braced themselves for the bumpy ride as they came in towards the docks. The shadows of massive ships covering in the drop ships in a thin layer of shade.

The pilot’s voice came over the speaker, “Sir, we’re in range of the drop zone, should we press ahead?” Jason gave the green light on the pilot's HUD's and the drop ships swung left towards the LZ. Jason then took to the matter of his troops, who had been briefed, but needed an update. "We're heading in hot, so get ready to come out swinging" he said through the comm with an erie calmness in his voice. He cocked his rifle and waited for the landing.

"This is Charlie 1-5, we've been hit, repeat, we've been hit. Unknown projectile, we're goin' down," static followed that message, as everybody on the comm channels heard the broadcast.

"Sir, what do you advise?" the pilot addressed Colonel Miles.