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Jean Anthony Brocard (John Harris Davidson)

A Rebel without a cause, A criminal with no patience for money, a wanderer with no destination.

0 · 423 views · located in The Milky Way Galaxy

a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Name: Current Name; Jean Anthony Brocard. Real Name; John Harris Davidson


Age: 21 (He looks as if he is 23 years old; Earth years are used on Titan on the matter of age however a celebration of a Saturn year is considered to be a great event in a Titan's Life. Titans due to their accelerated aging during childhood are actually two years older then what they really are; this accelerated ageing is a side affect of the genetic alterations made on the children of the original colonies in order to compensate for the lack of gravity required for the growth of a human, this side affect was never corrected after the introduction of artificial gravity because of the complexity of such an operation and the already vast distribution of the alteration in the population)

Place of Birth: Sol System, Saturn sector, Titan, Shikoku "Great Britain", Milligan Colony. 70.089 S.C.S (Solar cycle Saturn) August 12th S.C.E: 2066.

Gender: Male

Occupation: depends on who you ask!
Officially Jean works as an assistant for researchers and scout/explorer/field researcher on GX-871A for Engrideo Industries however his main income has been and to some extent still is in other more devious markets… Jean is not a law abiding citizen, he is an excellent forger and competent hacker so he uses those skills along with other similar skills of fairly low public approval.

The law would call Jean a multipurpose criminal however Jean while gifted is still perfecting his skills and building up his connections. Wherever Jean is he brings the black market and other similar powers with him, it would be best not to entrust Jean with too many sensitive secrets!

Rank: assistant in his official job but in the underworld he is making quite a name for himself
Appearance: Jean is fairly healthy looking largely thanks to his years in the Foreign legion and the subsequent physical needs of his current job. Black haired and eyed and of medium hight Jean resembles his father however his personality is nothing like any of the Davidson family… so much so that Peter even when Jean (then John) was quite young began calling him Lucifer's bastard.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: normal (I really had enough of filling that one! I don't know what's normal!)


Jean is a trouble maker he always has been, danger excites Jean but he does not express that excitement by flying around in space shooting things and getting shot at like his brother… to Jean risking ones neck for some government is stupid but he is hardly one to talk after serving a few years in the French Foreign legion among other more sinister causes.

Jean is a charming fellow; he has to be in his line of business and he takes most things such his work very seriously however any respect he shows to an individual is normally faked to get into that person good books.
Jean has never respected anyone apart from himself and those few who can get things done; to gain Jean's respect is a feat worthy of praise.

Jean sees laws as guidelines meant to be broken by those who want to get anywhere in the universe, he sees authority as hypocritical sham ran by the high income who maintain their power by paying off mercenaries to keep them in power (such as the federation) and finally Jean sees most morals, traditions and codes of conduct as a waste of time.

Jean while he has no problem killing people who ask for it sees the act of one human forcing his will upon another as the greatest of corruptions and would never do so in an excessive way… exploiting the system is fine in Jean's books but that’s as far as he normally goes. Jean does cross it on occasions; he is still human after all and he is certainly not a beckon of morality.

Jean when young saw himself as a communist… mostly because it flared the excitement of a young boy who wanted to change the world. Jean however is slowly growing to see the communist cause as just another fallacy and at worse a lie made by other people to gain power and has since then cared for his own neck and is highly suspicious of any organized revolution.

Jean seems like the type of person who lives for the present however this is not really the case; Jean actually sees to the future and works towards making sure he has one, his name and prestige are important to him and Jean while barley what one would call organized is far more cautious then what he was when young and tries to see where his actions will take him. Jean does not value money so he does not bother saving it, to him it is the person he is and the person he will become that matter.

Jean does not particularly like the federation and when younger he used to hate it with a burning passion. Jean still dislikes the federation but generally he views the federation as just another petty cause that will one day be replaced by yet another petty cause, he appreciates the federation for giving so much room for the criminal underworld and suspects that the federation is part and parcel of that system.

Jean personally dislikes money and private property which is the reason why he has so few problems in stealing it and exploiting it however he recognizes that under communism's abolishment of private property he could not afford his daring and highly profitable life style and sometimes laughs at his own naivety.

Jean sees Federation authority as a sham and has no problems exploiting its weakness for his own benefit and sometimes wonders if maybe one day he can help bring a better world… but as soon as these thoughts cross his mind Jean dismisses them as idealistic nonsense.
Jean would not shed a tear when the federation finally dies however he wonders what would replace it? Jeans experiences in revolution and counter revolution have aged him beyond his years however Jean still wants to do something and change the situation but he has no idea what he should do...

Likes/ Dislikes/Phobias : gambling (while cheating) earning money (by thieving) and a whisky (if possible not paying the bill ether )
Jean likes being on the move moving from one world to the next however he distrusts the unknown and normally stays in one place for a while once he gets there. This is generally the reason why jean finds new worlds so appealing and enjoys exploring empty worlds where civilizations petty scheming is irrelevant and where he is free from any law apart from his own.
Jean likes history but grows tired with philosophy, appreciates violent tunes such as rock but gets fed up with slow music such as classical, enjoys exotic foods but is put off by a norm. Jean's likes and dislikes change direction like the wind because he simply finds it boring to stay on one side for too long. Jean hates order, he hates complacency and he hates people telling him what to do with his life like religion.

Quirks/Idiosyncrasies: Jean tends to move violently with his hands when he is talking about something which has him emotionally engaged, Jean always curses when any one mentions god or makes a prayer, Jean never sleeps in a normal position and tends to both move and talk in his sleep, Jean chews his fingernails when nervous and also has a tendency of scratching and opening his wounds like a little kid


Tools/Equipment: Jean has a rover supplied to him by the company along with a few pieces of equipment for his job. Otherwise Jean does not really have possessions he considers worthy of note apart from a fearsome looking long knife/ short sword he affectionately names lullaby, the other half of an old ww1 coin he and his brother cut apart when they were kids so that if ever one of them needed the others help he could send a messenger baring the coin and so the brothers would know the message was genuine, a sub machine gun Jean personally dislikes but appreciates for its rate of fire and a heavy necklace baring a runic stone jean simply considers cool.


Brief Background History: Jean was born on Titan the second child of his family, from an early age Jean was disappointment to his highly traditional family and soon grew fed up with it. His anger at his life led to him living an increasingly criminal existence as his way of taking vengeance on the titan culture that oppressed him.

Jean grew to develop a number of skills and as his idealistic dreams grew began to get noticed by the Titan radical party eventually joining it and working as a forger and later as one of its youth organization leaders.

Jean was at one time involved in an attempt to steal weapons from a federation depot however he was captured by the guards and for a time taken to prison however he escaped and returned home.

The damage to his reputation was done and his family (apart from his brother) had all but disowned him unable to suffer the shame of his conduct. Jean fearing arrest by the authorities after having his name reported to the police by his father escaped Titan and made his way to Earth. Jean changed his name, created a false identity and joined the foreign legion (while lying about his age… the Titan aging mutation aiding in his story) attempting to escape his family and the authorities.

For two years Jean fought for a cause he didn't give a damn about until in one battle he was badly wounded in a raid against a pirate cartel, as was costume in the foreign legion Jean was able to apply for French citizenship under the provision of Français par le sang verse (French by spilling blood) however the truth about his identity was discovered and he was quietly dismissed from the legion (the legion respecting Jean's service but also embraced by the affair) Jean by some bureaucratic error was able to keep his French citizenship and officially assumed the declared name he had taken in the legion (Jean… his original name was John)

Jean was only 17 however his appearance and his identity card both claimed 19 years of age and so Jean suffered no limitations on his actions. Jean supporting himself in petty criminal activity soon found himself involved in smuggling weapons for numerous insurgencies and soon began working for them directly until his eventual capture after a year of this business. Jean was placed in a federation internment camp and exposed to his so called crimes and those of the insurgence Jean thought this was a load of lies and once he was released he rejoined the efforts of the insurgents.

It did not take long for Jean to see that there was truth to the federation claims as insurgency after insurgency turned on the very people it was supposed to protect. Jean saw not the bands of freedom fighters he had once saw but a growingly centralized and authoritarian organization which was as bad or even worse than the federation and after taking part in one last insurgency finally had enough when he was ordered to execute a man for wanting to call it quits and return to his life… Jean instead chose to shoot the man who had given him that order and went on shooting him until he ran out of ammunition.

Jean escaped to the jungles of that planet and waited for the federation counterattack and then once the shooting was over surrendered along with the man he had been ordered to kill. This time Jean remained imprisoned for two years for his part in the insurgency and was only able to leave once he sneaked in to the camp commandant's office forged his own documents of pardon and release and hacked the federation archive changing his profile and removing his past.

Since then Jean has returned to a petty life of crime however upon reuniting with his brother by chance gained a contact for a job offer in the Acturus system. Jean left to the system and became quite the odd job man for a time, keeping a suggestion form his brother in mind Jean began saving money (!!!) for entrance to the Pioneer academy and also gained an apprenticeship with a scientist working for Engrideo Industries and was recently offered a job in the company as a scout and field researcher in the companies outpost on GX-871A. when the revolts began Jean while hardly a repenting man decided against having any part of it and decided to instead went on with his double life of scientific career and crime.

Jean secured leave and traveled to Iridosis station hoping to meet his brother Peter and thank him for aiding him in his attempt at a new life upon hearing that the Salient; the ship his brother was stationed on was arriving to cut down the insurgence.

Relations: Peter Ray Daivdson; (note Jean is not aware of his brother's death) Peter Jean's older brother had always been there for him even when they where not on the best of terms. Jean has had a love hate relation ship with his brother but ever since they encountered each other a few years back and Peter helped Jean seize a chance at a new life for himself Jean has gotten over his past resentments with his brother. Peter and Jean where only beginning to rebuild their relationship when Peter was once again called for duty however both promised to stay in touch and to some extent they did.

Jean has not made contact with his parents in years and they have not made contact with him but that is hardly their fault since Jean has been living under a false identity for so many years now.

Jean is not the type of person to forgive and forget and has stubbornly refused any suggestion from Peter to renew relations with their parents, mainly because Jean is too proud to do so and has no intention of groveling to his father for forgiveness and likewise he has no intention of hearing his father groveling for his forgiveness.... Jean might loath his father but he always respected his stubbornness if nothing else.

So begins...

Jean Anthony Brocard (John Harris Davidson)'s Story

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(Co-written with VindicatedPurpose)

Two weeks before the Salient's arrival in the Arcturus System
Engrideo Research Station

Roman met the others in the main laboratory, it seemed everyone was gathered around for a meeting of sorts. Roman took a seat next to nobody, the seat beside him was empty, it was set out to make sure there were enough seats for everyone. Doctor Ronald Rinehart was sitting at the very front row, his bulging glasses and red hair could not have been missed, a colleague and friend of Roman. He was an expert in paleontology, digging up bones and what not. Of course, his field of research relied on existing or pre-existing sentient life, and at present they had not found much evidence to support either. To his right was Doctor Elise Tannenbaum, she was an expert in marine biology, and it was the planet's fifty eight percent that intrigued her. She was physically fit, for she was constantly occupied in the field. Though a researcher, she was attractive, if Roman could not think of another adjective. She had long blonde hair which she kept in fine condition, along with her face.

Professor Ludwig Junkers Lothar, the head of this research station stood at the very front of everyone beside the large holographic screen. He was a tall, and bold man in his late forties, baring a beard and glasses. He had special a sense of humor one that nobody else found funny.

"How wonderfully romantic don't you think, sir?" Said Jean with a chuckle, it was irony of course; the jungle could be hell and Jean should know since he was the sod who got assigned to gather specimen's and map the area.
This was going to be a mass "raid" for a change so Jean would not be going out alone, but Jean wasn't looking forward for this trip. When he was alone it was quite marvelous, but add a few rampaging doctorates to the expedition and a mostly peaceful pilgrimage can become an anarchy the Vandals would be proud of.

"Indeed?" Roman questioned Jean, who was a relatively new face to the scene, he had transfered this week, and was getting acquainted with everyone. Roman was not the suspecting type, and though he was a professional, he welcomed the younger man.

"As everyone knows, this will be our first trek into the wilderness," Lothar spoke with a loud and calm bass voice that resonated through that single lab alone. Everyone started cheering and whooping in ecstatic joy, to which Lothar replied with a solemn smile, "I understand everyone's quite excited for this, but we must stay professional. We have a 'mission' after all."

Professor Junkers gave Jean the eye, the normally light-hearted man was not in the mood for jokes. Jean shuddered half with fright and half in amusement, if the professor's new theory did not prove correct Jean could look forward to a month of hiking and of collecting information until the professor got it right.

Jean noticed Roman and nodded; since Jean arrived he had found Roman to be fairly sane unlike the rest of this fine collection of "exceptional" people. He stood up as Lothar nodded to him, so it was his turn next; This was his second address to the crowd, Jean actually enjoyed giving them a lecture... it saved him getting theirs.

"Thank you, professor" Said Jean, all those titles where quite aggravating. A few years ago Jean would have never used them but now? Jean needed this job and he was prepared to swallow his pride for once.

"Some of you may be unaware of my expeditions into the jungle, I have been conducting a number of scouting missions to more accurately map the area and assess the area for dangers. So far I haven’t encountered anything that may threaten our expedition, but I recommend that breathers be used for the time being."

Jean opened a three dimensional picture of the area map and began moving the hologram towards the eastern jungle. Technically the entire planet was a jungle, however, since the establishment of the facility the jungle had been divided into directions based on the position of the facility.

"As a result of Doctor Rinehart's request I have chosen East sector G3 for this first joined expedition. This area has more readily accessible soil which will allow for Doctor Rinehart and his team the opportunity to make their first excavation." Rinehart smiled at the mention of his name.

Jean signaled to Roman, fortunately Roman had volunteered to make the weather report saving Jean quite a headache in addition to his already guillotined state of mind. Roman was a bit surprised by this sudden appointment, but he stepped forth ahead of his colleagues to join Jean near the hologram.

"Right then, as we have all seen for weeks now, the planet can be quite troublesome atmospherically. Let's face it, it has been raining since the day we got here. Luckily for us, the past two days have cleared up to reveal a stark beauty in the landscape. We predict that it will remain the case for a couple of more weeks before the monsoons set in again. We should make the most of this window of opportunity." Roman smiled slyly.

As he said this, the sun glittered against the lab equipment as its rays poured through the oval viewport behind Jean and Roman. Lothar returned to his position in front of the gathered scientists and crew.

"Thank you very much gentlemen, you should take your seats," Jean and Roman returned to their seats as they were followed by a wave of applause.

"Well, now, with Dr. Durant's behest, we should really make the most of this window. So, everyone get suited, breathers, whatever equipment necessary. We'll meet in the east wing exit," and with that everyone stood from their seats and dispersed to their respective work settings.

The setting changes from the-milky-way-galaxy to GX-871A


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(Co-written with Colonel_Masters)

They had been lucky that the climate was relaxing, the heat and humidity had taken a break and given the research group some breathing space to actually do their jobs. They had been about half an hour into the trek, and already most of the scientists were in awe at the spectacular surroundings that had revealed itself, unsheathed following the torrential rains that had battered the planet in the previous weeks. Doctor Rinehart and his specialists were leading the trek, with Doctor Lothar somewhere near the front. Lothar was busy keeping an eye on everyone, making sure that they nobody got lost. Rinehart for his part, eagerly led the way using the data that Jean had procured.

Meanwhile, Roman engaged in a conversation with Professor Isoroku Hidei and Jean. Professor Hidei was an old man, but he had an adventurous spirit. He was shorter in stature than most of the other professors. Although his eyes were small, there seemed to be an exuberant spark in them. That coupled with his bald head and his constant smiles made him an odd figure in the camp, but no one questioned his ability as a microbiologist. Hidei walked with his hands clasped behind his back as if he were on a simple stroll through nature, and Roman thought that Professor Hidei had the right idea. It was simply just a walk through nature, even Professor Lothar couldn't stop for two seconds to keep track of a fellow scientists without averting his gaze to some other miracle of nature.

Jean was once again surprised at how calming these jungles could be. An hour of walking seemed to pass in an instant, yet each breeze of wind felt like an eternity. Despite this being no lonely journey like those he had embarked on so far Jean still felt as if he was being absorbed by the jungle's vastness. Only the presence of two colleagues disrupted this meditation, Jean thought he would grow irritated of their chatter, however, unlike other examples of mumbo such as Lothar's he actually liked what he heard and was thus tempted to join their conversations.

"It's quite a sight," Roman nodded, as they heard exclamations of surprise and awe at the aesthetic barrage constantly leveled against them. In the jungle, they seemed to be more like tourists than laboratory experts and professors with their khaki dungarees instead of their usual stark white lab coats. Everyone had a breather of course, the atmosphere was still being tested. Scientists were a paradox of sorts, they were people who were adventurous and ready to explore, yet they did so cautiously.

"This jungle is old…very old. It is full of the ghosts of distant eons like a graveyard of ages past. It is so lonely to be out here in this wild yet I am drawn to this place as if remembering a long forgotten dream." Jean had not noticed he had spoken aloud, but saw no reason to take back his words. This was a discussion of the jungles; what could be more fitting than his own raw thoughts? Roman looked to Jean as he said this, and pondered on his thought.

"It does that sometimes." Professor Hidei chuckled.

"The planet seems to be teeming with life," Hidei said, as they passed more of the trees with whip-like leaves curled along the ground. They passed by some cone-like planets that fanned out and then retracted the petals in a repetitive manner as if they were breathing like humans.

"From the tiniest grain," he picked up a sample from the ground. It was a minuscule, yellow shelled creature, tugging along endlessly on Hidei's finger until he returned it to the soil.

The professor pointed at some giant creatures with massive featherless wings that flapped by overhead as the tall sprawling grass swayed around them, "To the largest creatures."

Jean was astonished at the strange "birds" he had never seen such a sight in the jungle during his journeys. Where did such a creature come from?

Roman finally spoke, "There are more worlds out there that may hold such untold beauty, I feel a bit saddened that I may not live to explore them all."

"Don't be, what beauty you have surveyed here will do. A wise man once told me, don't cry because it ended, smile because it happened." Hidei, taking his own advice, gave Roman a warm smile, to which Roman could only chuckle at.

"We have hardly even begun to emerge in this galaxy….there are still plenty of worlds yet!" said Jean excitedly as he attempted to capture a visual record of the strange creatures.

Jean allowed himself to enjoy the moment and forget the past, forget the future. Roman might be an odd sort but he was the right sort of odd sorts and his words where worth thought… at least here and now. Doctor Tannenbaum met them and joined the conversation, with a visual recorder in hand. She was keeping track of the entire trek on the device, filming bits of Roman, Professor Hidei, and even Jean.

"It's just so...I'm at a loss for words on this world," Elise scanned the area with the recorder, "To think that it was only a month ago we arrived here amidst the heavy storms which rather soiled our views."

"Indeed," Professor Hidei agreed, "Such a fascinating landscape, perhaps it is a dream," Hidei gave a nod to Jean as he chuckled.

"Blast and bother," said Jean as he attempted to get a Satellite linkup going so he could identify their location. The small comm fuzzed with interference and Jean was getting at least a dozen errors every few moments.

"Seems like we are near the dig site." said Jean as he finally got the comm to work, he was quite angered. He had asked the repair crew to fix up his comm…couldn't they do anything right?


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(Co-written with Colonel_Masters)

Afternoon had reached the trekkers, and they were in the middle of the jungle. They were several hundred klicks away from the lab, one would guess.

"I suppose we can set up camp here for the next three days?" Professor Lothar propositioned to everyone.

The area they had chosen to set up camp was a shady spot, in the middle of dense vegetation, but there was enough space to set up the temporary habitation units.

Jean shut the Comm in disgust and broke into a brisk run in order to catch up with the others. Had he been informed of the imminent buggering of his puter he would have brought a full printscan of the damned jungle with him.

Jean looked down at the Comm one last time trying to make out his readings and nodded. "Well sir, there are some issues with the Comm at the moment but if memory serves I think our target area is only a few klicks to the west so we would be well placed for further investigation."

Roman watched the young man run up to Lothar with the news, he was waiting for Lothar's reaction. He expected one of two things, either for Lothar to yell at Jean, or for Lothar to yell at the comm. What came next, was a combination of the two.

"Blast it man, can't you fix it?" Lothar was a man who was quick to lose his temper.

Jean would normally have given the good doctor the almighty fuck you, but he found controlling himself not too difficult. Like everything this was a game, a play and he was acting the part of the loyal footman and the professor was acting the role of the royal asshole.

"No sir, its not the Comm which is the problem; something is interfering with the satellite uplink, once we set up camp I will be able to bring our more powerful systems online"

Lothar huffed, "Fine, you said we'll need to continue a couple of more klicks before we reach the designated site, right? Well then, let us continue. Once we arrive, you'll need to get the systems online." Lothar continued along, propped up with a hiking stick.

A couple of minutes later they had finally arrived at the designated spot, it was cleared of trees as expected. Though, the larger towering flora overhead kept them shaded. The little flowers and their curved petals sheathed glowing little orbs dotting the stigma. Large cone-like plants with thick red and interwoven leaves resembling an Earth bromeliad swayed before the wind. Roman noted the little orbs nestled within the plant's core, they were sacs filled with a glowing liquid, and some gaseous substance.

The scientists set to work establishing a temporary field post from which they could make and record their observations.

The setting changes from gx-871a to The Milky Way Galaxy

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Jean had departed the camp apparently on a further scouting mission along the route however this scouting ended where his official occupation did.
Jean had navigated his way into the interference area where nothing short of coincidence could find him however Jean was not about to risk even remote coincidence and paused to examine if he had been followed.

GX was an interesting place to work on; it gave scientist and colonists alike the freedom from civilization they so craved and the chance to forge something new that was truly their own. Pirates, smugglers and other desperados also found the freedom of such a virgin planet invaluable with Jean being no exception.

Since he had begun his work on GX Jean had been carefully building up a hidden cache for his business arrangements. By delaying the report on the planet's human life sustainability he was able to keep the others in the base for a sufficiently longer length of time to complete his little "store house" among the caves.

Satisfied that he had not been followed Jean continued his journey towards the cache. So far he had mainly done small jobs such as supply local pirates with energy cells and trade off promising local flora and life forms to the smugglers while the stuff remained forbidden material by law. There was some good money in these transactions but Jean had mainly started it to make it clear to the other "gangsters" that he was running the show on GX... Three unlucky brigands had learned that the hard way and where now decorating Jean's "Red room" after he had blasted their sorry asses to kingdom come.

The planet was indeed rich with resources and fortunately the great area of interference seemed to have blocked the scans of the Mega businesses when the system was being colonized many years ago. Jean had been able to penetrate some of the interference from the caves and discovered by scanner an underground deposit of Uranium ore.

While this was way beyond the league of goods he normally shipped out the money he could make out of it was far too serious to miss. Jean doubted he could mine the ore on his own even with mining robots but so long as he could keep this claim to himself he would eventually find some way to extract and sell the valuable material.

Jean reached the caves and entered them using waypoint markers primitively chiseled into the rock to find his way to the cache. Most of the goods apart from the power cells and local material where mainly odds and ends he had found off old bases and ships and what he had acquired by the more infamous smugglers who could not afford to risk a shipment to the populated planets so instead dropt goods of here for pickup by local runners.

Everything was here apart from drugs because Jean just didn't do them. There wasn't really much of a moral reason for that but Jean had always been careful with the drug barons because they were more likely to kill someone then sneeze.

There were quite a few weapons waiting to be shipped off to the Insurgents in the cache but surprisingly most where not bound to new Sydney but to the other planets in the system with far smaller Insurgent problems. Jean guessed that the NS Insurgency had by now developed its own weapons industry which was amusing considering the NSG where so short on supplies they had turned to more unorthodox methods of acquire them.

Jean got to work sorting out tomorrow's shipment of local plants which seemed to produce some potentially very interesting alcoholic beverages … or anesthetic if that failed.
It took a while to pack everything to the delivery container since the plants had to be treated gently as to keep the highest quality possible. Most of the goods where disguised inside old and worn food containers as an attempt to make the cache seem like an abandoned old storehouse in case someone came sniffing around.

With his work for the day done Jean left the caves, it took him a while because the cave network was quite immense with his cache being only a room in a city compared with it.
As he walked away Jean saw what seemed to be storm clouds in the distance… which was strange since his satellite report hadn't shown any build up whatsoever.