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"Who am I? What is my purpose?"

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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, as played by Nyte


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Freelance Bounty Hunter

Rank (If Applicable):
He was a Marine at one point





Nomad often described as the "quiet type", preferring to avoid long conversation. Nomad looks at the world in grey, there is no such thing as "black and white morality" to him. Everyone is good and evil to various extents, something he believes to have learned after his experimentation. Often he looks at himself as someone who isn't human, a being who walks the galaxy after "death" (when he was turned into a cyborg). Having little concern for dying, he has no problems taking big risks in a battle because of his lack of concern for his own safety. The closest thing he has to a goal is to one day learn who he was before his memories were wiped.

weapons, combat, travel, freedom, justice

being a cyborg, whoever kidnapped and experimented on him in the first place, manipulators,

As a cyborg, he can be subject to an occasional 'glitch', mainly his computer can start acting weird at times. As mentioned before, he has very little if any fear of death.


Cybernetic Suit:

His special suit of armor has many advantages that assists him in battle. His armor is mainly composed of an unknown yet state-of-the-art metal that can deflect standard bullets without a scratch. Explosions will obviously do more damage but it takes more than just one to have an effect. His armor has the ability to 'self-heal' if he gets injured and stays out of harms way long enough, further making him a formidable foe. His helmet also has a computer built in it, allowing him to help identify people and places as well as assist him in battle. On his wrist, he has a communicator to speak to others over distances.

Overall, his suit is top-of-the-line technology that many only wish they could have. One area of weakness that he must look out for however, is his neck. The neck area is less protected than the rest of his body. While the rest of his body can withstand virtually any shot, the neck is more vulnerable.

Nomad has an ever-changing, ever-growing arsenal of weapons at his disposal. His weapons varies depending on the target. His main weapons are:

-TAR-36 assault rifle (successor to the TAR-21)

-M97 handgun (successor to the M9)

-Retractable Wrist-Combat Knife

Various other items that depend on the mission/target.


It is known that he was born on Earth in 2062 and joined that Marine Corps at the age of 18. He was considered a fine soldier by his superiors. One that could always be counted on in battle. It was likely for that reason why he had been drugged and kidnapped for an experiment. The idea was to create a new breed of soldier with him as the guinea pig for the test. His memories were wiped out and his body was changed. He was no longer strictly a human being. He was a cyborg now.

The experiment may have gone a little too well for them. Nomad wanted to escape, and he did so by overpowering his captors and escaping the lab through brute force. After his escape, he began to aimlessly wander from place to place. It was for that reason why he calls himself "Nomad", he doesn't strictly stay in one location. Eventually, he put his new found abilities to use. Nomad took up the role as a bounty hunter, finding the scum that exists and ending them dead or alive. Nomad considers himself neutral, but aligns himself with who he thinks is on the higher end of the "karma meter".

So begins...

Nomad's Story


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Character Portrait: Leos "Ace of Diamonds" Cydus Character Portrait: Nomad
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#, as written by Nyte
One week before the F.S.S Salient enters the Arcturus System
Somewhere in the forests of Trangelis

Nomad was on a hunt, a search for a fugitive on the run. His name was Gino Marcelli, a conman/thief who fled to the deep, rich forests of the planet after stealing his millions. He might have been able to have remained undetected, if he was a little more careful during a brief stop at a small town called Odyssey. Someone saw him and reported him to the authorities, but he made his getaway yet again. It would only be a matter of time until Gino is caught. Nomad's built in state-of-the-art tracking computer was examining every possible and plausible location he could be within the forest.

After what must have been about an hour, his tracking computer spotted a man lying dead on the dirt. His computer identified that the corpse was indeed Gino Marcelli. A quick examination revealed that the cause of death was poisoning. The bastard had no experience whatsoever in the wilderness, now he became another victim. It was a shame really, his bounty is only half the amount dead.

With his built-in cell phone, Nomad contacted his employer, White Crow.

"I found Gino, but let's just say that nature found him first."

"I see. Well then, I have a new bounty for you. You may have heard of the pirate Leos "Ace of Diamonds" Cydus. A mutual friend of mine would be willing to pay top dollar for him to be captured and turned in alive. It's funny, you and him might have been able to get along if you two weren't on opposite sides. For certain reasons."

White Crow had an air of professionalism but he wasn't above making deadpan jokes like that.

Nomad ignored the last part, "Understood. I'll make sure check into that."

Nomad ended the call. He had a long day ahead of him, returning to Syntere and turning in the bounty for only half the pay. He wasn't particularly fond of interacting with people. After all, it's rather difficult to be sociable when everyone gives you weird looks to your non-removable armor. He wanted to just get to some hideout as soon as possible and be done with it.

He'll get to the Ace of Diamonds eventually. On that day, he'll find out who has the better suit.