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Reterec Smithy

"Here we go again....".

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a character in “Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


"Reaching for the stars"


Name (With Preferred Pronunciation): Reterec Smithy (Re-ter-ek Smi-thee)

Age: 24

Place of Birth: Earth

Gender: Male

Occupation: Soldier

Rank (If Applicable): Corporal

Appearance: Image

Height: 5'11

Weight: 210 lbs.


General: He is loyal to the man who had his back, unless he was given a good reason not to. He doesn't talk much about his life before the military, and it will take a few drinks and some prying to get anything out of him about it. He didn't even put his history, at least anything detailed, in his dossier. He clearly wanted to cut all ties with his past. And sometime during this, he gained medical skills.

Likes: Saving People, his siblings, caring for his friends, protecting innocent people, supporting his family, a good drink

Dislikes/Phobias: His family dying while he is gone, drinking too much, and giant spiders

Quirks/Idiosyncrasies: He often looks at a coin, sometimes for good luck, sometimes when he is thinking



Standard Marine Uniform and Armor.

Raider Plasma Assault Rifle, Standard Issue

Striker Pistol, Standard Issue

Pocket Knife, Personal item, approved for use and handling.

Some Medical Equipment

An assortment of other personal items as well, including a lucky coin.


Brief Background History: He is not very forthcoming about anything from his past. However, based on Police Reports, Complaints filed, and the little he did write, they knew he was born about 24 years ago, and that he has a younger brother named Kallen, and an even younger sister named Luna. Apparently, they were repeatedly beaten on by their father. Reterec began to learn medical skills as he treated everyone's wounds, being the older brother. The beatings only started after their father started drinking, which was after their mother died, which was during the birth of Luna.

Meanwhile, both of his younger siblings were bullied, so he started playing a more protective roll. He protected his siblings. Eventually, their dad got worse, and Reterec defended them from him. The Police were called by the neighbors, and they arrested the father. The Brother was old enough to care for them until his brother was old enough to take care of himself and his sister, so he left to join the Military to make money and to give his siblings the space they needed from him, so they could learn to take care of themselves.

Now, there were DEFINITELY better ways he could have done this. He could have called the police much sooner, and not have endured so much torment. Joining the Army to give them space maybe wasn't the best idea, but he believes it has helped make him a better person. And it has led him here, to this ship. Along the way, he found a coin that after he found, he was promoted to the rank Corporal and given the assignment on the ship, which he thinks is much better then his previous posting.

Since then, he was part of a boarding team onto two spacecraft found, and discovered some sort of strange device while on it. He plans to get it checked out with one of the scientists on board.

So begins...

Reterec Smithy's Story

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Aboard the F.S.S. Salient
Day One

Reterec was maintaining his weapons, making sure they were up to shape. It had been two weeks since the encounter, it had been a rush to get out of there. He put everything back, momentarily feeling like he had forgotten something, and then shaking it off. He made his way to the cafeteria, ready for the all clear, when he passed an observation deck. Iridosis Station. It was large, and he could see some of the repair crews moving outside.

That's when he took out something from his back pocket, a messenger. He played the last message he had gotten. "Hey, this is your brother speaking. Just letting you know, just got a promotion! I know you have been assigned to some big thing and you cant talk about it, but are you sure you cant give me even a hint? Anyways, sis wanted me to relay a message. Next time your around and on leave, you better stop by! Anyways, I gotta go, reply as soon as you can!".

That's when he continued to the cafeteria, scanning the room, spotting a few people. Including Adriana. Reterec had heard the stories, and decided that he should probably not risk it. He wanted to get whatever rest he could before the next problem surfaced. He looked at the clock, and synced his watch. "It would be so much easier if time could universally run in sync" he sighed, sitting down.