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Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty

Arcturus System


a part of Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty, by VindicatedPurpose.

The very fringe of colonized space, the Arcturus System is a binary star system with twelve planets orbiting the two stars.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Arcturus System, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Arcturus system is a multi-star system, specifically a binary star system composed of two stars. The primary star is a yellow star, with the companion star a blue star. The Arcturus System is the very fringe of Federation space, and thus it marks the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim worlds.
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Arcturus System

The very fringe of colonized space, the Arcturus System is a binary star system with twelve planets orbiting the two stars.


Arcturus System is a part of The Milky Way Galaxy.

4 Places in Arcturus System:

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Jessica MacPhearson [10] They dont call me "Hyena" for nothing.
Eli Colter [7] Federation Marine Corps Captain - F.S.S. Salient Marine Detachment Company Commander
Nathan Crane [1] Federation Marine Corps First Lieutenant - Operative/Engineer aboard the F.S.S. Legacy
Terrence Kamatsu [1] "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"
Adrian Ives [1] Federation Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel - Commander of the F.S.S. Legacy and its crew

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Character Portrait: Nathan Crane Character Portrait: Adrian Ives
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Two weeks before the Salient's arrival in the Arcturus System
Aboard the F.S.S. Legacy

Nathan was in the stealth frigate's armory, he was inspecting, or rather scouting for a pistol to his liking. He gripped one in his hands, as he held it before him while he closed one of his eyes. He was pretending there was a target to be shot. He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. It was standard protocol that weapons were not pre-loaded with a magazine.

Nathan continued sifting through the other hand guns in the armory, part of him was searching for something usable, the other part was searching for statement...oddly enough. Nathan rose from his kneeled position, intent on finding a fitting weapon, but until then, he decided to report to the bridge.

Adrian, was in the Bridge, standing at the helm, overseeing the bridge crew, while they monitored the system. The Commander noticed Nathan's arrival, to whom he nodded. A large holographic image of the planet of New Sidney was brought forth to display. It was a three dimensional render of the planet that was off the Legacy's starboard side.

"We just arrived in the Arcturus System, it will not be long before we deploy." Adrian stated.

"I suppose we should get suited?" Nathan asked.

"No, we'll maintain orbital observations of the planet first," Adrian replied, statistical readings popped up beside the holographic display, "I want to watch this closely before we jump in. We have to minimize casualties, as a special operations force."

"Got it, chief." Nathan sat at his station in the bridge.

"Would you like up to the minute reports sent to your communicator, Commander?" the A.I. unit known as T.A.U. spoke up.

The A.I. was a holographic projection appearing beside Adrian, its orange flames flickered constantly.

"No that won't be necessary, T.A.U., I wouldn't want my communicator to be flooded by the minute..."

"With useless information like another baby being born," Nathan added.

Adrian glanced at the operative, "Let's maintain surveillance, and then we'll make our next move."


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Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston
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Aboard the F.S.S. Salient

It was near the end of their first day in the system. The Admiral sat in his seat, worn and withered like the ship, which was expected to require repairs for quite a few weeks. Despite this, Aronimus knew he had responsibilities to take care of. It was all clearly defined on his holographic monitor which glowed mildly onto his face.

A - Funeral for Fallen Servicemen
B - Reorganization
C - Meeting with Task Force 172 Command Components

The ordeal had not even begun, but Aronimus knew that by the end of it, he would be but a shadow of his former self. He felt no regret or fear for it, it was his duty as a Federation Admiral. A sworn servicemen of over thirty years. He was a flag officer, charged with the guardianship of the freedoms of the Federation people. All of that crap didn't matter now, he was fighting a war. He tapped his fingers on the seat's armrest, while he sat with one leg crossed over the other. He poured himself a glass of scotch, the transparently orange liquid swirled in. He took a long and slow sip, trying to savor it for what it was worth. He thought about sifting through recent news feed about other happenings within the Middle and Inner Rims, but he decided against it. Then he lurched forward and tapped a key on the haptic interface of his monitor, which blinked in response. He was instantly plugged into the Salient's main intercom, which broadcasted throughout the ship.

"Attention all personnel, naval crewmen, marines, and pilots alike," the Admiral began.

"A funeral will be held for all recently deceased crew members who lost their lives since the time we departed from Callisto until now. Personal belongings of the deceased should be gathered and prepared for delivery back to their relatives."

He took a pause, a simple sip of the scotch.

"Admiral Weston...out." He reclined back into his seat, the back of which retreated under his pressure. It was the first time in perhaps eternity that the Admiral had done so and released a repressed sigh that had welled in his lungs.


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Character Portrait: Atreus "Silver Eyes" Eturrer
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#, as written by Rulke
It had been some time since Atreus had time to himself, after the initial jump the ship had been irreversibly damaged and he was now pretty much dead in the water, this was worsened by fact that they were wanted and the cloak module was thrown together from schematics they had taken from Courtney cabin, nothing that advanced, it had only been in BETA testing phase and her model was non-serviceable making it all the more impossible due to this. Nonetheless they could perhaps progress somewhat, repairs had been a grueling affair since they were also trying to keep the ship in flight, which was even more impossible with most systems running at half or quarter capacity.

In all this there was shining light, there was a back-up to MIRANDA it had just taken a week or so to replace the fried drive. Even in the clear progress, there were still clear major issues, the thrusters were pretty much barely ticking by and any major exertion would destroy them completely, and Courtney may have been a genius but she had not imagined such excessive damage, the girl had many theories or ideas on sheets of paper, but half the stuff was untested and the Captain did not feel right using so much 'questionable' hardware on a ship with his whole crew, thus everything she had written had to be tested and that wasted even more days, all in all it was likely they would need to land soon. The rations were running low and so was morale, there had been no communication since the failed maneuver and skirmish in the Milky Way. Everything had seemed to be going so good, just so much screw ups to account for, not to mention they needed Courtney back, not because she was like his daughter, but because he needed someone who map drives and locate flaws in design easily.

Sighing he turned on MIRANDA point and said, "I estimate four days until boosters can be used to traverse space and land on anything, what's the situation with other areas?"

The AI would listen and nod, "I estimate 90% of all systems are in critical state and calculate even repairs you are doing now are merely just stellotape and glue, this ship will literally fall apart if it does not land within a few months."

The Captain groaned and said, "Very well... keep me informed and chart course for nearest planet we can use as beach head, preferably Non-Federation land, I would rather not be caught with my trousers down, if possible."

"Planning course, checking scans, come back in a few hours, I can't overtax the system."

With that he would walk towards his main room, open a drawer and pull out a bottle of whisky; for emergency. Well if there was ever one, this was certainly it... that was for sure. Popping the cap he would take a glass and pour a little in, taking a sip and sighing in defeat.

This was not how it should have been...


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Character Portrait: Aronimus Weston Character Portrait: IRU-6K "LilleT" Character Portrait: Max
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Max experienced a slight Anomoly detection following a new connection being added.

He attempted to connect to this new connection, which seemed to be running on outdated software. However, when he saw the registered hardware and structure, he had a momentairy...pulse...of some kind, turning white, yellow, then back to blue. "K-9...THE K-9....". He soon rectified his observations though. "Wait, no, based off of the model of that. Not actually K-9 from Doctor Who. No, that wouldn't....where is this data comming from?". It was like a switch he couldn't turn off now that he flicked it on. Random, unprocessed data. Trace remnants. But how?

He had to focus. Actually, he already was focused. "Who are you? What is your reason for being here?". He could tell whatever this thing was, it had some sort of damage or bug. "Listen, just don't harm us, and we won't harm you. Sounds good?". He alerted the Captain to his discovery at the same time. That's when the location came up for the position of his hardware on the ship.

He then sent a message to the captain, saying "We have found another Artificial Intelligence. I don't think it's hostile, it hasn't done anything hostile. But I think we need to revamp security for the Salient". Max then looked back at this new digital entity. "So, can we be friends?".

Though there was something else Max was feeling too. And he turned grey in color for a moment from it. He was jealous. He would very much like to have his own, physical body. It's why he liked appearing in hologram form whenever possible. It was as close as he could get.

Plus, he heard chocolate tastes really good. He really wanted to know what it tastes like.

He then asked Weston "You need me to do anything else, Sir Captain?" in his usual, silly way.