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From the beginning of time, people have never believed.

In what, you ask?

...The Spirits. Ghosts, ghouls, whatever you want to call them, they are all around us. We Necromancers of the Black Order have been calling them and using them since we began. We also are used as Mediums for those who want to talk to lost loved ones. Why? Because it is in our power to, and it helps society as a whole.

But in later years, most of Society shuns us for our abilities. They are scared of us, say that we have no right to act as "God".

It is not our right that we claim, rather our duty!

...But I am getting ahead of myself.

The Elders of the Black Order called for an act of secrecy many years ago, to protect those of us left after the people began to kill us off. Now, our numbers are few, but still, we do our work with pride.

But now, one of our own threatens not only society, but the world as a whole. They want to make the people bow down to them, or kill them if they don't, using the undead as their weapons.

Help me, please! I cannot stop them by myself. I am calling out to not only my brethren, but to people as a whole. If you do not want to see your world destroyed, then by the Spirits, help me!

All right, let's get this party started!

There are a few different types of Necromancers, giving them different types of abilities, but all can raise, talk to, and be possessed by, the dead. Here are the classes:

Black Necromancer: By calling the dead, they have complete control over their legion, no matter what.

Cybernetic Necromancer: They can call and control not only the dead, but machinery as well, allowing them to reinforce their dead with armor and false limbs, so to speak.

Healing Necromancer: They raise the dead and call upon their energy to heal people and fellow Necromancers, using the spirit's lost life-force.

White Necromancer: They are able to only call and hear spirits. They cannot raise bodies, or control the dead, or even see them. Generally only used as mediums, they are intel-gatherers, and even their brethren look down at them for their lack of ability.

Now, I will be accepting up to as many people as apply. Someone must step up and take the role as the bad guy. Not everyone has to be a Necromancer, so be creative! Also, I will be accepting no more than two of each Necromancer at first, so we don’t have too many of one class.

1. Christine Walker - Cybernetic Necromancer (TwiliXDragon)

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Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

What era in time are we talking? Present day?

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

I always like Sword wielders, if you remember Locien I made him wield two blades. So maybe a warrior class of person. i wonder if I can still make a main character..... I'll think about it I'll be right back though. Gotta do stuff.

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

Well, since Necromancers are the main thing, you are welcome to create something else :3

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

I'll see what I can do I'll talk to silent and stuff and since she's the GM Im sure she'll straighten it out. Amyway I've been trying to think up a good char for this RP. >.> I want to be something nice but idk if I should be a necromancer or make a different character class.

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

Get Sench to pull the stick out of his ass, and sure, I'll come back. He needs to realize that it's not his role play, and it doesn't have to be one-hundred percent perfect and logical.

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

I noticed. I wish me and Silent would make you come back but I guess there's no way of doing that. :( Anyway that aside, I need to think of a character.

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

Of course, Fire. BTW, I'm quitting War of Elves. I'm sick of everything you or I do being wrong to Sench, apparently he's the GM, not Silent. I'm done.

Re: [OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

Can I join in this???? I don't know what as yet.

[OOC] Necromancer: Black Magic

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