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Setsuna Miyamoto

"When life gives you lemons, peel it, eat it, and ask for another."

0 · 29 views · located in Japan

a character in “Neet Detectives”, originally authored by Cienpher, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Setsuna (Setsu) Miyamoto
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen, turning Sixteen later this year

S/O: Heterosexual
Love Interest: Her life’s a bit too hectic for things like that now…

Job in NEET: An unwilling, but efficient assistant. She has her input on the cases every now and then, but she mainly ends up helping with odd jobs or such.

Personality: Setsu is the sort who puts a lot of thought into each of her actions. Even before she came seeking the help of the NEET Detectives, it was an agonizing thought process with many concerns involved. Whether she regrets her decision or not, she’s not quite sure… However, despite being a thinker, she is also a bit of an optimist and tends to reach for that small, one in a million chance. Although this could be seen as a positive trait, it might be a reason why she doesn’t know when to stop in Black Jack… This was also the reason she decided to come to the NEET Detectives for help, in case by some small chance, they would be able to solve the mystery the professionals could not. However when it comes to chance, she will never do something that could possibly endanger someone else, although she throws herself in harm way a little too easily for the average high school girl.

Setsu is also a little stubborn, but when she has to do something, she will do it diligently, albeit a little begrudgingly if it was forced. Although she doesn’t necessarily have a bad temper, she can get irritated easily – more so now because she is worried about her best friend. Maybe once she gets a little used to the detectives, she’ll loosen up a bit. Those closer to her describe her as a worrier, fun to watch, and a great deal of help. Anyone can tell that she’s a kind person at heart, although she can say quite the smarting words when she feels like it.

She is also somewhat superstitious, and although she denies it, will probably be seen sulking if she happened to break a mirror. Setsu isn’t the kind to cry, even when she gets hurt, but she does sulk quietly quite often. However, when she’s feverish or extremely exhausted, she has a tendency to cry over the slightest things. It’s sort of her way of overreacting to things in a weakened mental state.

Sour foods – Setsu is one of few people who’ll actually peel a lemon and eat it. She loves that sour feeling, even though she can’t help but squeeze her eyes at the flavour. Her favorite food is sweet and sour pork at an authentic Chinese restaurant.

White chocolate – She isn’t fond of dark chocolate, is okay with milk chocolate, but absolutely adores white chocolate. Quite a comparison to her previously noted fondness for sour flavours.

Riddles and Puzzles – She loves lateral thinking and logic puzzles. She refuses to take hints and often lingers on a riddle for until she solves it on her own. She will hold a grudge if someone else tells her the answer before she asks for it.

-Gambling with candy
-Different Cultures

Ghost Stories – Be it a movie of blood and gore, the undead, or a psychopath on the loose, Setsu could always sleep at night dreaming of cupcakes and angels. However, if one threw a vengeful ghost into the mix, she’ll be jumping at any shadow. However, things are a little different now that her best friend is missing… when she watches a movie with a kidnapped victim, she can’t help but worry about her friend…

Liars – If she finds out someone’s been dishonest to her, she will hold a grudge. She rarely lies herself, and only does so when she feels it is truly, vitally necessary, and she will always feel guilty later. However, if someone consistently fools her with little lies, she will hold it against them… although that might just be because she’s a little gullible.

-Spicy foods
-Long periods of Silence
-Lame jokes

Drawing – She’s actually quite good at it too. Anime or realistic, either style is fine with her, she’ll just do it when she’s bored. However, she isn’t as good with pen than in pencil, and is utterly incapable of using paint or ink.

Movies – Setsu used to enjoy movie nights with her best friend, watching old and new films together whether they were good or bad. With a batch of microwave popcorn, she used to like to discuss and critique movies with her best friend. Now that her film buddy’s gone, she doesn’t do this much anymore…

Piano – She learned as a child and found it a nice way to express herself. She plays adapted versions of her favorite songs rather than classical pieces by Mozart or Bach. She has been told she’s quite good, although she thinks otherwise.


Role: Student

History : Setsu lived a fairly normal lifestyle compared to some of the NEET detectives. Her father was a journalist, while her mother stayed home taking care of Setsu’s younger brother, only writing an occasional short story or two which was published in a magazine. Setsu lived in the same neighbourhood all her life, and knows her way around the city fairly well. She met her best friend when she was young, and they had been close ever since. However, things had grown restless in the neighbourhood with all the disappearances. Her father’s articles all shifted over to topics of missing children and deaths. Trying her best to ignore it all, Setsu warily moved on with her life… until her best friend disappeared. Now she’s even considering searching for the culprit herself, and thus Setsu found and asked requested the assistance of the NEET detectives once the police made it clear that they didn’t plan to do anything more.

Secrets and Other: “My secrets are mine.”

As for other, Setsu is a cheerful girl who has just been hurt by her best friend’s disappearance. Thus, her stronger exterior is just a front to protect her terrified, worried self on the inside. She is a bit of an extrovert, really, but due to recent events she’s pulled into herself. She’ll let herself come back out after a while.

On a different note, Setsu is fluent in English since both her parents once lived in America. She takes Spanish as a course in school, and is rather good at that as well.

So begins...

Setsuna Miyamoto's Story