A shy Neko

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a character in “Neko-Go-Round”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Angie Age: Sixteen

She has short grey hair along with white greyish ears and tail, her eyes are a light grey like her hair and she has a small cutesy face. She always ends up wearing baggy tops which slip over her shoulders and are too long on her arms so she clutches the sleeves in her hands. She has a small scar on her right thigh from a past abusive owner when she was a 'kitten' which she ran away from. She keeps it hidden under her clothes as she is ashamed of it.

Angie Loves to play, she runs around chasing her owners and her fellow Neko. She is shy around strangers hiding behind someone she feels safe with, this is because she is afraid of people not liking her and punishing her for bad behaviour. Otherwise she is too trusting of the people around her and can be extremely gullible when offered a tasty treat.

  • Eating rabbit,
  • Playing with a ball,
  • Being with the people she loves and protecting them.
  • Her head being petted,
  • Being praised,
  • Ribbons or Lace,
  • Sleeping with someone nearby.
  • Her tail brushed

  • Being shouted at,
  • Being made fun of,
  • Eels,
  • Sleeping alone,
  • Being left alone,
  • Her tail pulled,
  • Going to the doctors/vets
  • Water
  • Loud noises I.E fireworks.

Ultimate Weakness: Water, especially being stranded in the middle of it, I.e a boat. Stomaches taking a shower though, won't take a bath as submerged in water. She doesn't tell anyone though as she likes to keep the troubling parts of herself secret so as not to be disliked.
She is also terrified of lightening and clings to the nearest person no matter who they are stranger or not.

Opinion on life as a pet:
She hasn’t really thought about what her life could be like not as a pet, all she wants is for someone to care for her, she is scared of being abused as she was when she was a ‘kitten’ so does her best to please others even if that means living as a pet.
Really though she would like to be thought of a person.

Favourite toys:
A fluffy ball with a bell inside which rattles when it moves
Anything she can chase

Favourite food:
Rabbit and Lamb
Secretly she adores eating sweets more than anything.

Favourite member of family: TBA

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