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The Exons

They're easiestly the weirdest family in all of Mystic Circle

0 · 264 views · located in Mystic Circle

a character in “Neko-Go-Round”, originally authored by SaintAndSinner, as played by RolePlayGateway


Brief Description: The Exons are by far the weirdest family on the block. They're the Adams Family of Mystic Circle. Well, not that freaky. But by Mystic Circle standards, they might as well be. They don't conform to the social rules of the block, well at least not all of them. They're positively wealthy, solely because of their inheritance. But they don't act like your typical aristocrats.

Haru Exon
Kimiko Exon
Kai Exon
Umi Exon
Eiji Exon

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Haru Exon: Father

Age: Forty
Species: Human
Appearance: See Photo One

Personality: Haru is a very laid back kind of guy. He is very easy going and although he came from money he never got wrapped up in the froofy life style of the wealthy. He's always been very down to earth, especially since marrying Kimiko. He's very good natured and has a great sense of humor. He lets his kids do pretty much anything they want. He has a very lax parenting style, the kind usually found in parents with less money. But really, all he cares about is his children's happiness. As long as they're happy, that's all that matters. He doesn't have a real job because he doesn't need one. He spends most of his time with Kimiko and the children.

-Music of all kinds
-Spending time with his family

-Oppressment of people (he doesn't consider nekos 'people.')
-The stuffy lifestyle of most rich people
-Seeing his family unhappy

Kimiko Exon: Mother
Age: Thirty six
Species: Human
Appearance: See photo one

Personality: Kimiko is a free spirit. She is all about inner balance. She's all about being at one with nature. She's very zen. She is always calm, partially thanks to her breathing excercises. She spends a lot of time outdoors and dresses in very exotic ways, kind of like a hippie most of the time. She, like her husband, allows her children to do anything they please. She's all about their happiness, all about staying zen. She encourages them to seek spirtual fuffilment, as she does other people. She often pesters her stuffy neighbors with ramblings about the importance of being at once with nature

-The outdoors
-Cooking (vegetarian food only)
-Breathing excercises
-Chakra channeling
-Spending time with her family
-Seeking spirtual fufillment

-Kimiko is one of those rare people that doesn't really dislike anything. She's cast all negative energies out of her life. She has no problems with anything, within the realm of possibility

Kai Exon: Eldest Daughter/Child
Age: Eighteen
Species: Human
Appearance: See photo two

Personality: Kai is very out going and bubbly. She's always talking about something. She is easily amused. She has learned to find the little joys in life. She loves dressing up in lolita fashions and is absoloutly boy crazy. She loves cute things of course. Animals, babies, rainbows, unicorns, blah blah blah. She loves people even more though. She is physically incapapable of being alone, since she's used to her family always doing things together. People either love her or hate her. She's just one of those people. Either people love her for her bubbly personality or find her highly annoying.

-Dressing up
-Cute boys
-Playing with her Nekos

-Scary movies
-Animal abusers
-Being alone

Umi Exon: Second Eldest Child/Eldest Son
Age: Sixteen
Species: Human
Appearance: See photo two

Personality: Umi is easily the most normal person in the entire house. He's much more reserved then the rest of his flamboyant family. He's not exactly shy but he cares what people think about him, unlike the rest of them. He dresses nicely and tries to avoid drawing unnesecary attention to himself. He loves his family but is a little embarassed of them sometimes. He's usually accompanied by his older sister Kai. Or more accurately, he is usually accompanying his sister Kai. He usually lets her do all the talking when they're out. He is just her silent escort. This, among other reasons, is why many people mistake him for being shy. He's not afraid to say what he's thinking, he just doesn't feel the need

-Listening to music
-The outdoors
-Taking pictures

-Lots of attention
-Being embarrassed of his family
-Being embarrassed by his family
-Going shopping with Kai (although he always does)
-Being judged

Eiji Exon: Baby of the family
Age: Two
Species: Human
Appearance: See photo one
Personality: Eiji is the simplest of the Exon family, simply because he is just a child. He is your typical toddler and enjoys toddler things. Animals, touching things he shouldn't, his toys, cartoons, throwing food. Ect. He is a very curious little baby and is already following in his family's footsteps as a nature lover and animal lover

So begins...

The Exons's Story