Serenity Summers

"I'm what you might refer to as a street cat, this will just have to be something else I have to adapt to. Something else to deal with."

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a character in “Neko Sentence”, as played by ChildOfNone


Name- Serenity “Silver” Summers
Age- 17 years old
Role- Sly Tongued
Species- Neko
Gender- Female
Orientation- Exploring Options (Which just means she’s unsure since she’s never really been in a relationship.)
Crush- TBA
~She’s a highly skilled liar or “actor” as she likes to call it. She has no tale tell to show she’s lying or anything that might give her away and it helps that she doesn’t look like much of a threat.
~Serenity is great with cars, learned the mechanic trade from her grandfather and father and has taken it up ever since. She can name, fix, take apart and piece together just about any car in existence.
~Her privacy
~Her personal space
~Cars and motorcycles
~Secretly loves plushy/stuffed animals
~Being ignored
~Judgmental people
~Heights (Though she’ll deny this little fact)
~People not believing her when she’s telling the truth
History- Serenity is the oldest of four children. The youngest, Felicity is three years old, and the middle children are Timmy and Tommy, twins, the age of eleven. Her family has always been classified poor though they always seemed to have enough to survive but then after her grandfather died he left an auto shop for their father and enough money to lift them slightly from the slums. Their mother died days later after giving birth to their youngest but they remember her fondly for being the light in their otherwise dark and gloomy life. After her mother died, Serenity retreated more into herself. She’d always been a bit of a loner but the blow of her mother’s death really did a number on her. Before, when they were still classified as “poor” Serenity made it her job to be the bread winner of her family. She use to go out and pickpocket or con money out of people. Her parents always just assumed it was from her job as a waitress or the few acting jobs she landed. She’d actually started roaming the streets at a young age, she met people who helped her, for a price of course and she went from there. Even after the family started earning enough for a little extra things Serenity kept up her end on the streets. That’s actually where she met the team and from there, as they say, its history.
Personality- Serenity is a bit of a loner though most can’t see that since she’s such a good people person or at least she acts like it. She actually likes to be on her own most of the time and hardly talks unless she’s spoken to. Still, if the job calls for it she can be the chattiest person to ever grace existence. As her job requires it, she’s an excellent actor and an even better liar. She can sweet talk her way out of anything and has a very quick thinking mind. The fact that she’s a good liar doesn’t technically mean she likes lying. Actually, Serenity takes pride in the fact that when she’s not on a job she is very honest and blunt. To those who really know her, they’ll see that Serenity is actually really caring, kind and quite the dare devil when she’s up to it. Oh, and let’s not forget her infernal temper; it might come slow but once its there its there.
Anything we can’t see in the picture- Serenity likes to wear varied colors of the same outfit (In Picture) most of the time but you will find that once in a while she goes out of her way to “pretty up” as most girls like to call it. Her tail is, for the most part, black just like her ears except for the very tip which is a pure white color.

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