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Dustin Acer

Dustin is a shy tall man who is skittish around new people especially around women.

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a character in “NEL”, as played by AVerySneakyFox


Dustin Acer is 5'10" and skinny with a thin lean build. He has long dirty blond hair and he usally lets it droop over one of his eyes. He has blue eyes, with a twist, one is a light baby blue and the other is a deep sapphire blue. The sapphire eye is covered by his hair. Dustin is a very shy and skittish person. New people and women who are beaitiful and or flirting with him make him so shy that he can barely get words out. He is good freinds with Vaze Helios his only freind after his family was seperated from the ERI. That happened 12 years ago when he and Vaze were eight. He relys on his revolvers that he is deadly accurate with to help fight against the ERI.

So begins...

Dustin Acer's Story

Dustin and Vaze had both entered the room via the portal. Vaze entered firts and looked around before being knocked over by Dustin. Vaze hit his head on the ground and rubbed as he stood up, "Dammit Dust, why the hell would you have to do that..." Dustin scratched his nose, "Sorry Bruv but I was exited." Vaze waved him off and he he seen Damian Nel, "Ah so your the one who asked for help I'm assuming"

johnathan got up "where the hell am i

Damian looks at the three of them.
N.I.O: "Beggars can't be choosers."
Damian scowls.
Damian: "I'm Damian Nel. I got the name of this universe from the ancients, it's a long story but i'll fill you in but for now we have to move. ERI are attracted to the radiation this portal puts into the atmosphere." Damian hops around the stones that have occupied the observatory and now are part of the scenery. He begins leading them to the sub on the lower level.

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Damian: "It's not far to the lift off of this rock but I believe Eri are already on their way."

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Damian leads Johnathan, Evelyn and Dustin to the edge of the lower level.
Damian: "N.I.O I need a bridge."

In the distance above the subway entrance the howling of Eri Wylves can be heard.

N.I.O: "Commencing calculations."
A light blue hard-light bridge is materializing slowly but surely towards the subway entrance.

An Eri is spotted 30 feet above the bridge, it growls at the group and is making its way towards the bridge.

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Character Portrait: johnathan Character Portrait: Damian NEL Character Portrait: N.I.O (Neural Interface Object) Character Portrait: Dustin Acer Character Portrait: Evelyn Stone
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Damian: "Can't go any faster?!"

N.I.O: "Hey you try making the calculations to operate and create hard-light technology out of thin air sometime and see how it works out for you. For now shut up and let me concentrate."

Damian: "Everyone brace yourselves for a fight by the time we're done this bridge the Wylves will be on us."

Damian reaches to his right side pocket and pulls out an old combat knife.